Agustin’s Two Sword Theory | Doctrine of the Two Swords

Agustin’s two sword theory:

According to the Christian saints, the state church is not entirely two separate parallel institutions, but in one unified condition, only one aspect is the spiritual father, the other is the role of the candidate or the worldly and its priests act as the control of the spiritual paranormal life of the people, whereas on the other hand the peace of the candidate’s political life .

Nature of Two Sword Theory:

During the medieval state thought Army was one of the extremists, who worked exclusively for the independence of the church. He tried to set boundaries for the spiritual power he had prayed, so that he could force the mutual aid on the basis of co-operation, so he tried harder than he did more than that. Preference.

This theory is the first proof to explain the fact that fasting is fast, it is said to be the fastest information. He says that under the clergy and the priest in religious matters, he has nothing to teach, and on the subject matter of the world, the laws which are in force in the society are bound to obey the magic However, Gina’s officials, rather than the officials of the world’s relatively superior organization The importance of this is more important because they have to be accountable to God for the actions of all the people including the ruler of the state,

But the ruler does not have to make any request. The ruler of the ruling is dependent on the state priests for his release. At least the priest needs peace and order so that the discipline can be properly performed and peace. According to the priests, they want to know the laws Continues.

Arguing behind this information as the two sword information of Agustin, their community believed that because the source of all the power of the infantry is a unique source, he gave the Emperor a sword as a symbol of credit, and another gave the sword aid to each and every person, Spiritual Life Will Lead.

If it was possible to identify the extent of the two capacities of the two swords theory, there would be no conflict and conflict between them, but it is not possible to define the limits of the nature in terms of reality, and it has never been anybody,

so that the church starts to suppress the state The power of interference has started, which is the beginning of the clashes in the centuries after the century The patient’s fever continues for more details, he said the conflict between the end of August.

It is said that the two characteristics of the medieval state are the key features of medieval state theory. The main points of this theory are the chief lord of the world, the king or the emperor is the leader of the spiritual world, but subsequently applied to others such as lamp, the main clan of two theories is said to be that in the spiritual world.

City of god:

The most famous book of the city, city of god, after the Roman Empire was torn apart, there was a great deal of national unity and solidarity, when the external nations came to the extreme end of the Roman civilization and culture and the rise of Buddhists by severe attacks on Christianity, Renowned founded on the foundation of the son Empire foundation Augustine.

City of God The significance of City of God:

Agustin’s overall philosophy of City of God is a perfect reflection on the state of God. His versatile contribution of state-of-the-art originally published by anybody, which greatly influences the whole state of medieval state, the significance of this book is analyzed below.

City of god Symbol of unity:

The books that were written in the fifth century were a special status of city of God, during which time there was a clash between many deities. He wrote this book about the supremacy of the highest Islamic religion in the country, he mentioned in this book that the religious sentiments of the people If not, then the book cannot be established based on justice Talking about it, it can be said that the city of god is because of the overall unity of the Trust.

Unity and solidarity were one of the components of the prosperity of any state, and this idea was firmly rooted in Agustin, because he imagined a united state under the Christian church.

City of god is the symbol of honest and dishonest:

If the City of God is mentioned in the heavenly worldly city, then it will be wrong to judge if the scholars think that these two cities are not heaven or the equivalent. The church president is actually the members of the heavenly city, the struggle for conflict between the city and the eternal city is going on forever.

Even today, the conflict has not ended if the city is called Augustan god of the devil, many gods and goddesses Christianity was ruined by the influence of chrome Bird-man.

He was a troubled Christian, he felt very sad, because of the influence of goddess Devi and the invasive United Nations invasion of the Roman Empire, in the city of heavenly candidates, the heavenly city civilization and all the good symbols are in contrast to those The candidate’s city and they were the generation of minds.

Religion and politics:

Another noteworthy aspect of City of God is the idea that many people have discussed this approach only in the direction of the Parthia, but recent critics do not believe that Parthia is considered to be a concept or subject.

In the world of misguided people in the world of misgovern, in the middle we have a beautiful happy medieval Augustan state which has kept Christianity aside the work is not only with politics but with the importance of politics only the values ​​of religion will be neglected and it will weaken the basis of any state.

This fear is Augustan think of the place where he wanted to give preference to the state of Christianity in the state of city and God wanted to say that the character of the person to make society beautiful, religion is more than politics.

Values ​​are more needed Augustan’s rise to value and addiction to religion, because of which he has written the City of God, the revival of the two will be based on religion based politics.

We talk about grace nowadays and do not think it is Augustan near state power. He used to say that every person should know what is Christian religion, if there are any holes in it, then there is no religion in the mind, no morality will be awakened, anarchy and disorder will not appear in the people, loyal to the Christian religion. If he is loyal to politics, then he believes that politics is the religion of politics Gave rise.

Plato wanted to build an idealistic state of the imitating group of the ideal state of the state. The citizen of this state would die of religion, and in the bonds of this impartial relationship, he will engage himself in labor-intensive development of the state,

he never wanted that the state be completely controlled in church, the moral and spiritual Others will be controlled The other person can work independently, the city of god has expressed it in many ways, it is not possible to say that the state is completely real from the whole independent protein of this verse, but he has maintained balance between them.

Establishment of state peace and order:

Augustine thinks that the primary responsibility of the state is to maintain peace and order, when the state and people are disturbed by Christianity, chaos and chaos arise, people of the world’s world can get peace for the sake of material gain, but the people of the financial city seek peace.

Anarchism was seen in the society as a result of the attack the people should be religiously motivated, the state will be based on religion; the religion will maintain state peace and order after the removal of scriptures, people are quickly chilled and behave in chaos.

Bridging the bridge between disasters:

The ancient era of Plato Aristotle Savior was busy with the philosophers of Nerviest; they were busy with the idea of ​​Christianity or any other religion.

Their state-of-the-art philosophies did not have a clear impact on the thought of Christianity; they started winning songs from the ideological state of Plato. Bodhidharma put him on Augustan’s state.

He thinks that peace will be justice, the real scholarship of any kingdom and the essential god for it

The Christian religion carries the message of God that he took state information in the campaign and implementation of the church, or wrote a bridge in the city of god policy disaster.

Finally, it can be said that Augustine’s city of god is a very significant aroma of the city. The importance of religion is a remarkable preparation, using august in religion as a tool or medium. City of god wants to establish peace in the society and peace of peace and discipline, which contributes to the founding of the Roman Empire.

The city of god has its political views on the one side of the classical era Change starts at the beginning of the current era of the Middle Ages, the entire process of thinking deeply light.

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