Aristotle Fundamentally Change Philosophy | Aristotle’s Contributions to Philosophy

Aristotle Contributions:

In the history of Western history, from the earliest periods of modern history to the modern period, and to the very end, the philosophical philosophies of which have made human life and nation deeply among them, were born in the greatest ancient era of Greek philosopher Aristotle, but he was pioneering in thinking and future generations.

Government context for the practical and logical analysis of political science, he is known as the father of the political science. In the field of political science, he is known as a very bright star, although astrologer has various Hellenic elements, he has some special characteristics of thought, whose values ​​are eternal; these characteristics are eternal established in the seats of political science. A Various references to Aristotle are discussed below.

The introduction of scientific method:

Aristotle has helped to compile many valuable information and the foundations of modern political science and state theory, especially the state that he introduced the logic or scientific method in his research work, undoubtedly the discussion of fundamentalism has led to the discussion of science in the first phase. This method was later followed by Darius IKEA did not follow his political education, but it definitely has to be the most reliable method is an important contribution.

Political science has the status of individual science:

Aristotle firstly gave political science an independent science from ethics to honor political science in an individual science, and he thinks that there are so many sources in the air that no natural science has ever called true science as the greatest science.

 Realistic philosopher:

Aristotle was a realistic philosopher. He was not as imaginative as Plato. He created state-state governance. Under his contemporary and posterity society state, the background of current and past events was realized in all the ways in which he mentions the truth of the state and government. It was accepted as the statutory of 1958 countries here in the states studied, wrote about the rise and fall of his knowledge invaluable resource stock.

The normal organization of the state:

Aristotle believed that a person could not live in a human life except in a natural or natural institution and state, according to him, people are mostly political creatures and it is the nature of the nature that cannot live without being a member of the state of the state, he firmly declares that man It does not live in society, it is either a god or an elite family of animals Described it.

State human kind organizations:

Aristotle states that the origin of the state from human instincts and social trends has led to the close relationship of human life with state life, so he described the state as a human kind of organization. He said that focusing on living a better life could be the only job of expanding empire and wealth. It will create an environment which is not only for the knowledge of the people Ike to increase the integrity of the justice that can stimulate.

Follow the mid way:

Following the approach of political and governmental analysis of the politics, the liberal morality of politics and the role of the polity in the government’s analysis, he took the position of middle class in the middle of the middle of the month, in the middle of the middle of the plateau, and his middle-minded combination of moderate morality has been celebrated everywhere. Moderate political indicator of political balance.

 Establishment of the rule of law and order:

Establishment is an important contribution in the form of systematic governance and the establishment of the rule of law. Aristotle expresses the opinion of the state not to delegate the power to the person or person to the law, but as wise as a ruler, it is possible to rule on behalf of the person without leaving the law.

Not the beginning of the establishment of a well-established system of government in its ideology With respect to modernity, the importance of modernization has been attributed to the systemic rule. Under the Act of the real government of the law, all the rules of the world presenting all the rules of the Antarctic locally presented Aristotle systematic ism. St. Thomas teaches that catholic Europe should teach a lesson and teach people and people it comes from near to the seventeenth century there has been progress in the formula.

It is seen in modern times that the implementation of this concept of SAL has been deeply realized by the geographical and economic conditions of the country which is influenced by the geographical and economic conditions of a country. It is active in the modern state system that the climate of the country’s climate is directly reflected in the geographical location of the state.

Understanding the principle of self-governing He had never been biased in centralization of state power, because he wanted to create autocratic tendencies, mainly for the sake of public welfare, it was necessary to keep the power independent separately. It was first mentioned by Aristotle, the power of the modern law governing power.Whether or not it is necessary for education to achieve the good qualities of a good citizen Aristotle realizes that the truth is very important for modern times.

Government classification:

Democracy priest Aristotle the democratic ideal system would not recognize the claim that sense, the representative democratic system, the priest considered leaving the legislative few wise men of the people’s collective opinion of more value has as ideal citizens to build a state of the education system, the introduction of the Party.

The relationship between state authority and independence:

Political studio’s biggest contribution is that he is the first freedom and state authorities in connection with a translated ties necessity deeply appreciates the freedom that Aristotle state authorities law unconditional loyalty mentality meant that he firmly believes that the government and the freedom of establishing good relations cannot be Having a stay Seal is not possible to establish the idea of ​​a sophisticated concept of the stall.

 The basicity of thought:

Aristotle’s thought, originality is especially memorable is a political observation testing comparative method for all kinds of basic matters set, etc., is currently the most widely discussed of the author for his wise teacher said that many countries universities Aristotle politics today, textbooks, the position of the all thoughts to the full development has been achieved In between This book is an extraordinary professor of politics that has starved the book helps students to expand.

Permanent government system:

These talks is evident that rastracintara the history of the Greek philosopher Aristotle outstanding contributed Still, her thoughts that error was not to say many critics, and his philosophy is also critical of the sometimes dry chronicle called Still Aristotle’s contribution undermines there is no Through his political ideology, he is in the next generation He has been able to leave the impact, so he is called the father of political science for his deepness and universality.

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