Cabinet Dictatorship British Cabinet – The Cabinet and British Politics

Cabinet Dictatorship British Cabinet

The most powerful of the various departments of government 9 all the powers of theory

The cabinet is entitled to the full power of the cabinet of the dictatorship of the cabinet, in view of the many disciplines of governance governing. The regulators and regulators of the system. There are a government policy and a car at the center. The cabinet administers and controls the government and coordinates the work of the 8-part. In a word, the cabinet is the executive agency. So, in this system, the cabinet or cabinet is the main center or power of power, so the cabinet of dictatorship is a cabinet in this system.

One of the cabinet’s governing functions is called the center of life. Gladstone.

Works as the Lord of the Garland. We get the dictatorship from British rule. In Britain

The stool is entrusted to cabinets. The cabinet of the British regime

And so, Gladstone said praising the cabinets for the versatility and expansion of the cabinets, “In the modern political world, Assassination. But it is not for its dignity, but for subtle functionality.

UK cabinet system:

A system developed by law in the cabinet system, on which the whole is the center. The governance system is rotated. But the British cabinet system constitutional customs and customs. Based on the basis. So there is no legal force in its decision and policy. Here the king’s power is limited. The cabinets or cabinet ministers used all the powers of the king. Various authors gave different descriptions to explain the importance of cabinets during British rule. The cabinet is an instrument, which centers on the whole of the political instruments.

The cabinet is a kind of embarrassing sign and a shield, which is interpreted by the Department of Justice and the Law Department as the cabinet, the cabinet is that of Britain. There is no doubt that government and politics are the brains. Center her The whole administration revolves, the law and order division of the department is preserved.

Now theoretically controlling the censorship cabinet, but in reality, it controls who (parliament). In Parliament, the power reduction mentioned in the book, it is now parliament to support the cabinet work

Lie down Presently the parliament has become an imitation organization.

Humbly echo the Lord’s voice and humbly obey the Lord, cabinet principle and red. So the dictatorship of cabinets is now finally established. In the British cabinets, the meaning of the situation of its growing dominance and influence has actually been interpreted. Dissatisfaction of cabinets in the absence of cabinet

Reasons for the emergence of dictatorships in cabinets.

The reasons for reducing the power of Parliament and increasing the capacity of cabinets can be divided into two categories.

(A) Internal causes and

(B) External reasons

Increase in publicity and the number of the electorate, such as newspapers, radio, television, film etc. are used in the form of zygotes. As a result, there is an awareness of the political, economic problems of the country and it is closer to the people. And as a result, the dominant cabinets

Due to the emergence of the party system and reducing the importance of the parliament, the party and complexity increase. The parliamentary government that the government, its success or failure did not lead to solidarity and unity. After the general elections in Britain, the majority of the party that formed the cabinet of the party leaders.

The cabinet is sure to be a member of the majority of the Commons. Official members of the cabinets neatly e Is to be compliant. The general members of the governing body can not refute the directive and decision of party leaders. The party members do not want to do any such thing, so the team is forced to take extreme action against him.

Increase in party discipline and the current political party is well-organized because of its influence. The policies, regulations, and discipline of the party are strictly observed. Each member is bound by party discipline and chain. The member team can adopt a harsh arrangement in disguise of discipline. Even the unity, solidarity and discipline of the party to expel the members from the party, nowadays, campaign for the campaign to carry out election expenses, people also get the basis on the basis of the party. Political ambition,

The key to the team. Members of the cabinet are the leaders of the team, so Sangasawa Sang-ha. There are considerable prominence and authority in leading cabinets on members.

Prime Minister’s leadership and the Prime Minister’s power are immense. In the parliamentary government, he is the leader of the ruling party, the leader of the parliament, the center of cabinets. He is the holder of the real power. His power in parliament and cabinet is immense. The dictatorship of cabinets should be multiplied by personality.

Has become dictatorial of the Prime Minister. He is the Cabinet Steering Wheel. He organized the parliament through party discipline. Leadership to maintain party unity and discipline. | 5. Establishing overall control over the legislation enacting legislation and legislation. Is doing Almost every law proposed by the parliament is a cabinet proposal. British Commons has an impact on Commons. Because of the majority of the cabinet’s confidence, its legislation is easily imitated. Cabinet

Members of joint responsibility and cabinets rise above individual differences and formulate governmental policies and present all the decisions before the parliament. In front of the parliament, the cabinet was formed as a united and durable entity. Ministers jointly consolidate power by doing parliament or ministers collectively. Commons access is responsible. When a minister’s collapse, the cavalcade falls. So

The reasons for the increase in the power and influence of the cabinet, and the transfer of the powers conferred by the Vested Abilities and the transfer of the empowered and empowered legislation. Law is the most important power of parliament.

Some power related powers were handed over to the parliamentary division. The rules governing the rule of law by the law regulation, etc. Prospective law says. In the regime of Britain, this empowered power law = Being, As a result, the scope of the cabinet authority has been enlarged.

9 In the financial sector, 9 has so far been established. The general public meeting of the government demanded the allocation of the government’s expenditure to the government. But in any case, the budget and other issues should be covered under the light of the government rules

Legislative Assembly = The lower house of the legislature commonsense. If the dissolution of the Commons did not break the power, and if there is a difference of opinion in favor of the uncertainty

In the case of reducing the importance of the Commons and now the cabinet for the financial sector

An annual budget is presented by the government to British Commons. No proposal can be raised on income. The British Commons can accept or reject the demand. Due to the reduction in the allocation of expenditure, the amount of allocation cannot be increased. In addition, the Commons Saver. It is not possible to take a financial decision and make any decision as to the deadline for discussion. The general members are indifferent. Becky strengthened control.

The Prime Minister’s power and the British Prime Minister to break down the lower house of the legislature and the British Prime Minister

The ability to break the session commissions help to increase the power and influence of cabinets

By breaking it, the power of advising the Prime Minister for the election was helpful in spreading cabinets. Commonsense serious about government policy among the ruling party

If the Prime Minister can show democracy breakdown. Political

The ruling party members expressed their loyalty to the government in fear. The discomfort of the prime minister’s sudden move to demolish the lingering awakening

Creates bizarre uncertainty. The Marathi team is always organizational and emotionally, and in Ranee.

It is not ready to choose. Prime Minister’s power to break the session. In the presidency, the British Cabinet was able to get the support and support of Commons.

The role of the cabinet in determining policy and presently the cabinet principle is set. Has turned into the center. The British Commons The British Political Stage But at There is no time to review and decide on all the policies of the government on the stage. Commons or time is limited. He does not have any time to negotiate all aspects of government policies and activities. In Gaza, the government has been transformed into policy-making and commonsense policy-compliance agency.

Parliamentary Rules and Parliamentary Rules have helped in spreading exclusive domination of rules and cabinets. The main focus of the seminars debate. Commons’s main right to review government policies and programs, its activities, and error-fixes.

But every party. And the willing members are deprived of full-fledged education. The time of the discussion is about every issue. Have been cremated. Each party decides to speak to their speakers. As a result, there is limited control in each section.

Increasing the work of the government: Nowadays, the power of the government has many In addition to protecting law and order, the government is now Kalyan The welfare state is the state and its interior. Its purpose is to achieve the highest welfare. At the same time, the government has expanded.

Non-party candidates cannot really be impressed. Currently, the election is very expensive. It is not possible for the candidate to bear the expenditure on behalf of the candidate. Success in the election depends on the promotion. Promoting the promotion at that stage is no frustration. For this reason, no member of the party wants to create a situation which is reached at the final stage. Because of this, Britt

Prior to that, the legislature played the role of the mainstreaming of government and public inclusion. The role of British Commonsense has diminished due to the emergence of various professional organizations and vested interests. Those organizations directly with the government

Previously the Commons carried out the responsibility of informing the information provider for spreading information. There is no doubt that there was a qualitative change in international politics. First and second. The need for Japan, the liberation of the people of the colonies, relating to the national liberation. In this, economic and commercial perseverance made Great Britain’s international peace. As a result, the British government has the nineteenth year of international affairs. More initiatives have to be taken to think

There have been a variety of establishments. The cabinet problem can be divided into lawful and pragmatic problems. Apart from this, there are a few more solutions, below are Aguella.

The existing system and the function of parliament, as well as the legal solution and legal solution. Understanding the rules of the rules. According to many experts, the lack of confidence in the corporation.

Impact on the government through suspicion proposals, adjournment proposals, resignations etc. Offer, condemnation at

maybe. The contemplation of the opposition party influenced the opinion of the electorate. In the meeting, the ruling party could overcome the proposal of the braid party with the help of the majority. c Be warned about the Bhavali response. The regime prevailed in the general public. It can build up its mind, now the government is not ready for any respite. The elected representatives expressed their desire, speech, and hopes of the various organizations of the people.

Commonsense Great Britain’s Demonic Representation Cabinets can understand the nature of public by censoring members of the Commons. Cabinets maintain political support. Be careful about that. In order to control the power of censorship and increase the power of the cabinet in the Commons.

It is necessary for the members of parliament to increase the scrutiny and debate. Growth time during the discussion in common sense is always lively. Members of the community are very dependent on the speaker’s view of a lot of commons. The ruling party or the speaker should be short of time or any other excuse. The government can not immediately stop the criminal proceedings and take legal action. Loved to do.

T The parliamentary commissioner and the parliament made the posts of the Communist Party of 1966 to establish control over the government. Members of the Commonsense are in their constituency.

Because of the political solution and the nature of the party system, the lawful system of Parliament alone can not prevent the arbitrariness of the cabinet, the political system is far more effective to stop the overriding prominence.

The provision of public opinion against the cabinets was not a permanent solution for the protesters in the cabinets, political demonstrations, propaganda, memorandum of ministers to the public. Great political power of Great Britain It is not possible to control arbitrage in a method which is believed to be arbitrary.

Quality improvement of the members and professional endowment resources 0 – Commonsense debate for dictatorship and the intensely and professionally motivated members of the community to achieve the quality of the quality can restore the dignity of common sense.

The Prime Minister’s Dictatorship has been transformed into the exclusive dominance of the sovereign power cabinet of Parliament by analyzing the rule of Great Britain. But for nine decades, the unimpressive influence of the Prime Minister has increased rather than cabinets. Has become a dictator.

The cabinet was actually converted to powerless formality and the prime minister’s untimely dominance was established. Because of this, many governments called the rule of ‘the Prime Minister of governance’.

In the above scenario, it must be acknowledged that cabinets have the power. But the cabinet dictatorship is not autocratic. It is respectable for public welfare and public opinion. The cabinet is conscious of their duties and responsibilities.

It is to be faced with constant scrutiny, to be careful about non-existence, to be careful about public opinion, to look after the party’s unity and solidarity, to be careful about keeping the electorate in the favor.

That is, public opinion has to be paid. In fact, cabinet dictatorship is not just dictatorship, it is advisable to increase cabinet capacity for the public interest. When the cabinet supports the support of the majority of the members in the censorship, it becomes unanimous if it is not restrained by public opinion, the dictatorship is even more intact than the previous dictatorship.

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