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Cabinet Government:

It has been said that the constitution of the government is to formulate a government cabinet and to govern the governance of the country. The cabinet ministers of the Prime Minister and other ministers have been recognized as the “cooperative in the constitution of 1958.

It is entrusted with the responsibility of national policy and national policy governing the government.” The government is fully responsible for the execution of its functions, and the president plays the guardian in this regard.

If the President of the cabinet is ex-officio Sasananiti and the governance of the country and under dhanamantri mantrisabhakei to be responsible to the people.

Cabinet and cabinet:

There is a difference between the cabinet and the cabinet meeting in the current French regime. According to the constitution of the fifth republic, the relatively small organization of the cabinet The Cabinet is formed with the President, the Prime Minister and all the cabinet ministers.

On the other hand, large bodies of the cabinets or cabinet ministers The cabinet is formed with the prime minister and all the ministers of the state regardless of a cabinet minister, state minister, the deputy minister.

According to the constitution of the fifth republic, the cabinet is stronger than the cabinet. The country’s prominent and prudent leaders are French cabinet members.

They are the judges of important issues of national policy. He did and decided. Besides, they also decide on matters of confidence. The Cabinet also decided to cancel the national meeting. The President presided over the Cabinet meeting.

There is a difference between cabinet meetings and cabinet meetings. The cabinet meeting held in the chairmanship of the Prime Minister held. Is. The decisions that are made in this meeting are determined and the decisions related to governance are lawful. In a meeting of the cabinet.

So it is easy to understand that the French President can take an important role in governing the country’s affairs. This role of the French President was denied in the previous constitution. In this case, another significant issue.

Need to mention. As the president of the cabinet, the president is the partner of the cabinet decisions. But her For the French President there is no liability. The French Prime Minister has to be responsible for the national meeting for him. And the Prime Minister has to resign after the opposition’s resolution against the government is passed.

In order to determine the regime of governance, the general rule of the cabinet is that the General Gale However, subsequently, the French President continued this trend a little bit.

This trend continued later. Presently cabinets meetings are rarely held. The cabinet now arranges the cabinet decisions to be effective. In this case, the cabinet is motivated through the intercommunal committee. The constitution is responsible for determining the governance of the country and governing governance.

In reality, cabinet policy does not determine the decisions taken by the cabinet and the president serve as the parliamentary agent of the French President.

The President conducts the rule of conception. The cabinet headed by the president is the main source of the real and theoretical decision taken by the council of ministers. It became visible through blood cloning, that the idea of cabinet and cabinet was in Great Britain *

The system is contrary to its idea. Because the size of the cabinet compared to cabinets in Great Britain is only included in the council of many tune-up ministers. Parliamentary Deputy Secretary, Attorney General, and Salasar.

Ray ministers are included in the cabinet. Parliamentary Comptroller and Vice-Chamberlain were given the status of cabinet members.

On the other hand, the cabinet was formed with some ministers, senior, experienced and certain trustees of the wife. The Prime Minister cabinet and cabinet both chaired 4. Generally, the main policy makers and policy-makers fall in the cabinet. Cabinet meeting

Cabinet or cabinet structure:

According to the Constitution of the Republic, cabinet or cabinet in France is composed of all levels of the minister, state minister, the deputy minister. The cabinet meeting presided over the Prime Minister. So the prime minister is the president of the cabinet of ex-officio.

The cabinet members are usually limited to 25 to 40 in a specific constitution regarding the size and categorization of cabinet and cabinet size in the constitution of the fifth republic. Cabinet The existence of a few-class minister is observed.

There are several ministers in the government’s main offices. The number of alcohol is limited to 15 to 20. Moreover, a reference feature of the French cabinet structure Some special types of ministers include inclusion in the Hall.

From the former Prime Minister and prominent politicians of the country. Some were included in the cabinet. Generally, senior states leaders and politicians and former prime ministers are given such status.

Many times they are not assigned to any special office. Then they were called uninterrupted ministers. This method is followed in keeping with the principle of determining the policy of people with experience and specialized knowledge.

According to the constitution of the cabinet members and the fifth French Republic, the President appointed the Prime Minister. And according to the recommendation of the Prime Minister, other ministers have been appointed.

It is desirable to appoint a leader of the party with the absolute majority in the national meeting or the leader of the alliance. But in the constitution of the Prime Minister Nayef, No restriction has been imposed on President.

As a result, the President can place a person close to a political person in the cabinet of his trusted person, according to his recommendation. The fifth republic

The first president, General DE Gaul, often employed many of his trusted people as cabinet members. This trend continues in the next paragraph. Thus, the President’s control and authority were established on the government.

According to the Constitution. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s signature petition If the President wishes to appoint the Prime Minister and other ministers as per his will. Accordingly, the signature of the Prime Minister became a mere formalization.

If a member of the parliament is appointed in the parliament, he has to leave the parliament member within a month after taking oath as the minister. No minister can afford to pay a resolution on parliament.

But ministers can participate in the resolution and debate in the parliament session. In this case, the Parliamentary and Non-Conventional Policy has been adopted. In principle, the principle of an inconsistency has been followed in the formation of the government and the legislature.

Even though the government was made responsible jointly to the National Assembly, they were not given the membership of the legislature, although the benefit of participation in the debate was not given to the proprietorship.

Many people called this system of restraint, “The Galilean Innovation”. The Gaul wanted to establish Presidential status and influence the parliament. The government formed by the politicians can turn its political rivals. The chances are that the stitches are as follows: For the sake of which he may not be able to join the section.

Curse of instability. As a tool to liberate the government, she was in favor of the weak parliament. His purpose was to state affairs. Keep the management out of politics. French

This system has affected the role of the cabinet appearance. This cabinet does not have any comparisons with the parliamentary system of the cabinet.

The functions of the cabinet are of a different nature. In the original proposal, the cabinet of the President of the United States is more like the cabinet. The idea behind the introduction of a new section in the French cabinet structure was that the ministers had the only ministership as state leaders. But his plan. Successful and not successful.

Because in the workplace it has always been seen that every minister is with no party organization. Connected Because it was impossible for the ministers outside any political party to do so. So, in the formation of a politician-free government, The failure of the gallon has become clear.

Indeed, politicians have got dominance in the cabinet. | From a review of the political history of the few years from the beginning of the fifth republic, it is known that in most cases the members of the National Assembly and the former members are appointed from the ministers.

But the Senate members cannot be made ministers, or not. However, fewer ministers from the Senate have to be nominated. Is there.

It is necessary to mention the context that not only the members of the cabinet are not accepted by the current and former members of Parliament. Some members of the French cabinet were taken from within the people of intellectuals, professors, government employees, technicians, etc.

In the cabinet, the ratio of members of this class exceeded a third of the time. By 1958-1971, the largest government was formed in 1969. There were 20 state secretaries in this government. The government was formed in 1962.

Four state ministers, 17 ministers, and four state secretaries. That government was formed. There are three state ministers, 8 ministers, 18 state secretaries and 4 deputy foreign secretaries in the government of the mills. Was there. Most of the ministers were a deputy or former deputies from France in 1966.

In the constitution of the cabinet and in the constitution of the fifth republic, the term of the cabinet or government was not mentioned anywhere. Fifth Under the Article 8 of the Constitution of the Republic, the Prime Minister is appointed by the President.

The Prime Minister submitted his resignation letter. He can accept the resignation. According to the Prime Minister’s recommendation, he can appoint and dismiss ministers.

Whether the President can dismiss the Prime Minister as per his opinion is controversial. However, on the basis of common experience, it is possible that the prime minister has to leave the country if he has created a barrage with the President.

If there is any condemnation against the government in the national meeting, the government has to make the resignation. In spite of being President of Colas Gail, the stability of the government was spoiled

There has been a massive change. But there has been a slight change in 21 times. 1, and in the fourth republic the government’s instability was created apart from one.

At the beginning of the fifth republic, France was known as the country of the weak and unstable government. Dore Pixels , The new president, Judge Papadu, commented that a country is unbeatable in France.

After the emergence of a permanent, very centralized and powerful government through the provisions of the Fifth Republic in 1958, the concept of the French people. Many people think that the idea of instability is apparently not as much as it seems. Despite many government and reconstruction, many ministers have got a place in each of the next cabinet. On the other hand, between 1959-1971

Although the stability of the council remained, the minister’s reversal was a regular casualty. This is an idea in the Ganges! The Prime Minister has changed in the fourth republic, the ministers have remained stable, the prime minister remains stable in the fifth republic, but the minister is changing.

The absence of cabinet members and the issue of government’s absence in the fifth Republic Constitution. Have there. As per section 23, no minister can hold any government office during his tenure. 2. No minister can be a member of the government or government-managed organization’s board of directors. No member of the government can act as a lawyer in any court.

These systems are meant to keep the cabinet members free from corruption and ensure their neutrality and independence in the role of responsibility. The Cabinet Secretariat and all the ministers in France have a private secretariat or cabinet secretariat. Ministers of this private secretariat are administrators and politicians.

Nayeg power of the secretariat members is entrusted to the ministers. They are responsible for the minister. Theirs. The working time is dependent on the minister’s tenure. The cabinet secretariat system has been adopted.

The idea is that the Cabinet Secretariat consists of ministers’ personal and political friends. As a result, no ministerial outreach does not extend to the outside. As a result of the jurisdiction and complexity of ministers’ activities.

This is a lot of criticism. At present, 80% of the Cabinet Secretariat is the State Tenant Employee. Actually, after their ministers in the administration.

The functions of the Cabinet Secretariat are divided into three categories

(1) Specialize

(2) Administrative

(3) Political

The Cabinet Secretariat advises, to make an in-depth decision-making concoction, considering the political will-will of the minister, the senior employees and members of the parliament, and their interpretation.

Priyeg took responsibility. Therefore, the Secretariat is also instructed at the same time, political head or minister of different departments. It is advisable to approve of the will and where there is a need for special knowledge. few people.

Again, the cabinet secretariat is distraught suspicion about the activities of the minister’s department and is inhibition of arbitrary power.

Cabinet responsibilities:

In the constitution of the fifth republic, the French cabinet members have to be responsible for the nineties, the National Assembly. The nature of this responsibility is collective. If the Prime Minister pays resignation letter, then the entire cabinet has collapsed.

But in such a situation, the President can break the national meeting and order a new election. Here, as the British and Indian parliamentary system, the French Ministry of Law acts as a joint body.

Every decision of the cabinet was made as a collective decision of the whole cabinet to bring down the meaning of the joint responsibility of the cabinet. The Cabinet Division and the President’s Cabinet in the United States constitute several departments. Legislative member.

They are not members of the President of the Cabinet cabinets. At present, the cabinet departments of the President are: Foreign, Finance, Defense, Justice, Home Office, Agriculture, Trade, Labor, Health and Public Welfare, Housing and Labor Development, Transportation, Energy, Education.

Previously the post and its category cabinets were included. At present, this office is one. Performed as a public corporation. The President has nominated cabinet members from his own party.

Cabinet functions:

In the Constitution of the Fifth French Republic, the powers and functions of the Cabinet, such as the previous other constitution. Has been mentioned. In France, the power of the government is uniquely constituted for the difference between the head of state and the government.

Has been there. Besides, the power of the government and the President’s power have been independently constituted to establish dual governance dyarchy. There is a consolidated governance division in Great Britain.

Here the head of state is king power. But he is involved with the government. Along with the state chief, he is the official head of the government. To observe. But the role of the head of state and the government in France is different because the performance of the government’s power has become significant.

In the third chapter of the French Constitution of 1958, the government’s functions under section 20-30 have been enacted.

Functions on policy-making:

Defining policy on the most important tasks and responsibilities of the government in the constitution. The power of policy-making is entrusted to the government. Has been there.

Defining the principle does not mean the ability of the country’s internal policy; The policy of international affairs also implies that the following national policy says all types of France The principle means. The cabinet meeting led by the Prime Minister was discussed in all the issues.

In order to implement its own program, the government can permit parliament to give its right to power for its right to entrust the government. Odin issued for the parliament when the power was transferred to him.

The matter of that ordinance will be cabineted. However, it is constitutionally mandatory to bring together the state council. Ordinance will be effective after the official gazette has been published. If the bill is not sent for parliament’s approval, then it will be canceled. Ordinance can amend Parliament by law.

In some cases, the parliament has been entrusted with the ability to create its own initiative:

Again, the jurisdiction of parliament was regulated by decree. In those cases, any existing legislation made by Parliament can be resolved through the decree after consultation with the State Council.

The government enacted the law for the implementation of blue. But the power of the government is limited in legislation. In many cases, the government has to take the opinion of the state council and anywhere or the constitutional council.

The draft draft of the law is an important duty of obligation. Experience for the draft of the bill and the need for specialized knowledge. For this reason, the State Council was entrusted with the responsibility of making a draft of the law raised by the government.

The government can entrust the authority to issue an ordinance to Parliament. The responsibility of the Ordinance examination was entrusted to the State Council.

Administration Affairs:

Many other administrative functions have to be performed just like the government of other government of the French government. A lover for the management of modern administration.

Organized administrative framework For conducting this framework, the management of the administration of the administration of the administration of various departments, skilled, experienced and specialized knowledge officers of different levels. Other level employees do not change.

Because they are responsible for their own error and other political administrations in other matters. But a feature of the French political system is that the difference between political and non-political administrations like Great Britain is not clear here. Here the administrative staff assist the government in administering policies and administration.

Many of the bureaucrats have become ministers and members of the National Assembly. This trend is increasing. Among the members of the National Assembly between 1973 and 1981, 31% and 53% of the deputy bureaucracy respectively.

Selected. So the bureaucrats play the role of administrator, while on the other hand, the policymakers and preachers. Of it. As a result, a collision between politicians and bureaucrats has developed. Many people can achieve the position of deputy or minister for loyalty to the political master. The government becomes a part of the political patronage distribution.

There is a system of giving power to the constitution. The Prime Minister can transfer some power to the government ministers. In this situation, the ministers can issue rules about their respective departments or departments.

Many rules were framed and delayed before its time. As a result, the will of the legislature is also interrupted. In 1960 the ‘Guide Line’ law was enacted. But due to delay in the act, smoker dissatisfaction between the farmers of 1961 was created.

Administrative administration could not be implemented without any direction from the divisional department. The policy of delaying a large bureaucratic machine in the process of prejudice has created an unintended obstacle in the conduct of the parliamentary government.

As a result, the functioning of the Gaul administration in the fifth republic has increased, the efficiency and dynamism of the bureaucracy, the increase in sloughs has increased. Prolonged moderation in policy and rules has increased due to the speed.

The power of sanctioning martial law has been entrusted. But the government is in war if it is obtained from the parliament. If the government has imposed a military law through a decree, the clerk can stay for more than 12 days.

In order to call Sham Session through decree, the President has to sign the decree. That decree is important. But The Gaul did not agree on such a decree, because in such a decree, the power of the constitutional government can be considered from two perspectives.

Namely, a constitutional aspect and the legal aspects of the rule of law. If judging from the constitutional point of view, the power and power of the Prime Minister and cabinet are diminished, it is important from many ways.

In this modern country, this power is only desirable from the government side. But from the real past, it will be morning to judge that the President’s betrayal in many areas of prejudice in favor of the government.

The dominant power is to suppress the power of the government. The dualism of the governance department is responsible for the manipulation.

Cabinets seemingly | Although dominant, the president was the chief policy-maker at the time of The Gaul. The Gaul itself has acknowledged the President’s authority and its subject. He mentioned that the President is the sole authority on state authority.

You can delegate that power to the government. A concept has become clear through his remarks. The powers conferred by the power of many powers. It has been proved through experience that after the Algeria crisis, he played the role of policymaker of the state.

The meaning of this Instead of the political leaders, intellectuals, technicians, skilled personalities, have been placed in the government of the former bureaucracy. There is a conception that The Gaul takes this path to keep the government free from the everyday political barriers.

Moreover, the ministers can not be members of the legislative assembly. This system is against the basic principles of the parliamentary government.

Moreover, Representatives of the government are the basis of the government and they will form and administer the government, the policy has been rejected. Programmers and policy makers among all members of the government comprising of equal political political minded people

There is no possibility of unity and solidarity in France. The foundation of the joint responsibility of cabinets becomes weak. As a result, he had to resign when the elected deputy was made a minister.

He is free from the responsibility of the electorate entrusted to him. Get rid of political and election-related commitments. Become dependent on the President. Because his patronage is the only way to get the ministration.

The provision of appointing deputies and senators and forcing them to join the Legislative Assembly, has created an incompatible situation from the parliamentary government.

This is incompatible. Although there was a political debate on the method, it was not possible to get rid of it. However, from 1962, the technicalists in the government. Even though the number of politicians increased, no politician was appointed in the important posts.

The joint responsibility of the ministers is broken by the powerful President’s influence. Many times the President has decided after consulting all the departments after considering the views of all the members in the meeting of the Council, without encouraging the decision-making system.

The president did not have any respite with the Prime Minister. Cabinet | To overcome disagreements, The Gaul introduced the system. Later it became an established method.

The government’s power has reduced in principle and policy. The cabinet now has the President’s own Secretariat as the principle-setting central. With the help of his senior staffers, he set the policy. Implementation of the cabinet has become a mere formalization.

Many people think that the role of the government of France is not yet parliamentary. With the establishment of absolutist supremacy over the president and the government, since the time of The Gaul, the government has turned the government into a semi-president-ruled government.

Poppadom points out, “The presidential election on the basis of the universal franchise has expanded the president’s power and authority as the head of state. A comparison between British and French cabinets.

In the fall of Britain, the liberal democracy and the dictatorship of the parliamentary government and a special revolutionary movement in France, which has led to the fall of human rights and democratic development.

Like the United Kingdom, the liberal liberal democratic system has been established in France, but in different countries, different types of government have been established. Even though the parliamentary system was introduced in the United Kingdom, France’s regime is located between the parliamentary and the president-ruled regime.

Comparative comparisons between the cabinets of the two countries due to the generality are both observed and respected. However, the contrast between the cabinets of both the countries has become more apparent in comparison. Below is a comparison between the two countries


The similarities between the cabinets of both Britain and France are present, as mentioned below:

  1. Parliamentary in law and order in both the countries of Britain and France.
  2. Prime Minister of the government has been appointed in both the countries. The head of state is Queen or King in Britain. He rejected the Prime Minister. President of France is the president. He rejected the Prime Minister.
  3. In Great Britain and France, the government is responsible for the popular rooms in the legislature. The Government of Great Britain and France are responsible for the Commonsavans and the National Assembly respectively. The government has to resign after losing the confidence of that room. That is, the stability of the government in both countries depends on the support of the majority of the popular rooms of the legislature.
  4. According to the advice of the Prime Minister in Great Britain and France, respectively, the queen and the President appointed the ministers. The prime minister’s role has gained prominence in this regard.
  5. The Prime Minister’s resignation in both countries is considered as the resignation of the government. The death of the Prime Minister is thought to be the death of the cabinet. In this case, new ministers have to be appointed with new ministers. | 6. The popular rooms in Great Britain and France can propose a non-confidence offer and a condemnatory proposal respectively against the government. If the proposal is accepted for the majority of the government, the government can take back the trust vote in the lower house of the parliament in both the countries by resigning. The government has to resign if the proposal is rejected.
  6. The Prime Minister is the center of state policy in both countries. The policies of the government led by the Prime Minister are determined and implemented. He is largely responsible for the success and failure of the government. The head of the government has to take responsibility for taking the government policy and program into and outside Parliament. Like the British Prime Minister, the French Prime Minister also presided over the cabinet meeting. He took the responsibility to coordinate between different government departments and ministries. The prime minister decides to distribute, redistribute and exempt the minister from his duties in the head of the government. The head of the state gave him formal form

The initiative was taken in the proposal. Both of them have reserved for the government and the Gastritis within the legislature. The Prime Minister is the Chief Advisory of all the President. On the advice of the Prime Minister, the President decided to dissolve the meeting of the executive session, convene the special session of the parliament, and decree on the issue of national security, decision about national defense, suspicion about constitutionalism of any law, sending the bill to the council, and apologizing.

You can make the post of President of France and the President of the nation. The Minister is the Queen’s Chief Counselor. Following the advice of the Prime Minister, the dissolution of the queen commonsense, ambassador, commercial representative niag, honorary title distribution election day, persecution of parliament

The British Prime Minister saved the Gastritis between the Queen and the government. The French Prime Minister also maintained the anger of the President and the government. In both the countries, the head of state is informed about the policy, its implementation and other matters.

The prime minister’s responsibilities in maintaining the Gastritis

Quite the queen, if not too general:

There are some fundamental differences in contrast between the differences and the similarities between the governments of France and Great Britain. Differences are taken down to the bottom.

Source and fundamental differences and the formation, existence, power and functions of France established by the constitution written by 8 There is no place for constitutional customs here.

On the contrary, constitutional customs and formal laws in the form of the structure, function and the source of the cabinet and the basis of the rice and foundation. The actual prime minister’s niege, tenure, power in the cabinet, has been fully developed on the basis of traditional law, constitutional customs.

As a result, the Prime Minister’s power on the one hand is obvious and obvious, there is no legal specificity and property in the power of the British Prime Minister. However, the Reform Act of 1832 and the State Minister of State Act 1937, the Prime Minister has been named as the leader of the majority of the Commonsas and the first Lord of the Treasury Department respectively.

There is a difference between the difference between the Yemeni and the acceptance of cabinet members of both the countries.

After the general election of General Neg and the general elections in Great Britain, the Prime Minister nominated the Leader or Leader of the majority party of the Commons. If there is an absolute majority in the party, the queen can not take any consideration for the Prime Minister Niazg.

If there is no absolute majority of the party, then he can use self-determination. | On the other hand, the President of France has been appointed by the President. There is no constitutional constitution that he will be a member of parliament. Not in the direction. In addition, if a President of the parliament is appointed by the President, then he has to resign before taking the oath.

As a result of which the Prime Minister of France, which has the power of the British Prime Minister, is deprived of it as a member of Parliament. If the British Prime Minister is not a member of parliament in Nayeg, he must be a member of the Commonsasses within six months of being nominated by the Prime Minister.

Differences in the selection of other members: The Queen of Great Britain’s government is nominated. They are Become a member or member of ¬†Masova and Lordsws. If a minister is not a member of any parliament in the time of his nomination, he will be a member of any parliament in six months.

The difference in political precision is the appointment of ministers from the government of a particular political entity of the government of Great Britain.

The Prime Minister made the head of the ruling party as party policy and program. He took the lead role in the implementation of the party’s given party program. Bhatdata has his political responsibility. The prime minister of the party has to answer all questions of the electorate in each election.

On the other hand, the political character of the government of France is not specific. Because in addition to the President Politician, he has appointed ministers from among the ex-tech writers, intellectuals, former deputies and senators.

As a result, in many cases, there is a problem in the field of politics between the ministers and the political opinion and the unity among the programs. If there were arrangements for the ministers from the majority of the deputies in the national meeting, then the government could be formed on the basis of a specific political opinion.

Differences related to displacement:

In the case of degradation, the differences between the cabinet of both the countries are also visible. Differences in the prime minister’s deportation? In Great Britain, the Prime Minister can quote the queen on her own will.

As long as the Prime Minister is confident of the majority of the Commons, he remains in office. Even the Queen ministers can not force the Prime Minister to step down by forming a pressure or pressure on the Prime Minister. But De Gaul regarded Nayaga of Prime Minister as well as his voluntary power. With the President Shiva Delmas has to resign as a result of the ban.

Differences in the degradation of other members? In Great Britain, the Queen can depose a Minister only by the recommendation of the Prime Minister. But the Gaul demanded the right to self-power for the removal of a minister.

Have done As a result, the President can deny the leadership of the Prime Minister. This method is considered to be the joint responsibility of the ministers on one hand and the fundamentalist of the parliamentary government on the other.

Differences in case of cabinet consultation:

King or Queen of the United Kingdom is the systematic ruler. So the cabinet, especially the advice of the Prime Minister, he performed all the tasks.

But an innovative system has been introduced in France. Theoretically here is the national policy in the hands of Prime Minister and his cabinet. Although the President has the responsibility to set up and manage, the president presides over the meeting of the cabinet, because he is very easy.

Ability to influence cabinet decision on related matters. So, French President Cabinets did not work according to the advice; Rather, the cabinet prescribes and manages the President’s policy.

Differences in the role of Prime Minister:

The prime minister’s dominance and authority in the United Kingdom Even if they are the Prime Minister’s assistant, they will play important role in policy making, governance governance etc. Do it.

Though the British Prime Minister is in the middle of the cabinet, he is considered to be among the top-rated people. Any decision taken in the cabinet is accepted by the majority of the grants.

But in the center of France, due to the provision of the Dwight-governance authority, the Prime Minister cabinet presided over the meeting.

The cabinet, chaired by the President presided over the important tasks such as determining the policies and decisions of the government, in principle, to determine the policies of the government, policy-making, policy implementation and governance related affairs.

The president is able to influence the Prime Minister and his cabinet in many ways. According to his wish, the Prime Minister and his cabinet did the work.

In relation to the difference in law enforcement role and the right to power legislation in the United Kingdom, the cabinet resigns. Because there is no power-conservancy, cabinet-members prepare the draft of the law and they are the people of the government bills. They can be actively involved in debating the bill or accepting the VAT.

Members of Parliament are not members of parliament. Without cinema, cabinets play an important role. The difference between the issuance of the country, directive etc. and the order in which the cabinet in the UK, of

But due to the after deciding to rename the last hundred, the king or the queen know it is saka and the king or queen is the systematic ruler.

Unable to submit the Ordinance to parliament for passing the Dash Ordinance, etc. 

Able to make a grand decision or to enforce various sections of the law. After all, the Parliament of the time, the Prime Minister and his The ability to issue the Ordinance to the Nation can vary.

The differences between dignity and the UK cabinet are so important that they are equally important and respectable, that Gladstone has described Kabynate as an ‘eccentric one’ which is between the King or the Queen, the Commons meeting and the Lord’s meeting

Marriott commented on the coveted capabilities and importance of British rule in British rule. The whole political system of the United Kingdom is rotated on the edge of this key.

On the other hand, the role and status of the cabinet is far more important than the cabinet-council in France. Although the constitution is heavily loaded and has many important powers in its cabinets, in reality, they are according to the President’s wishes.

Perform tasks:

Cabinets and cabinets related difference? The Cabinet of the Cabinet of all-level ministers in Great Britain The cabinet is made up of some of the senior and experienced ministers. The Prime Minister called the meeting of both the cabinet and the cabinet and chaired the meeting.

On the other hand, in the meeting of Prime Minister Cabinets in France and in the presidential meeting of the President. There are differences between the cabinet and cabinet of Great Britain and France.

The cabinet is composed of different level ministers in Great Britain. But the cabinet is formed by some senior, experienced and special trust ministers of the Prime Minister.

The government’s policy on reducing the British cabinet, the Center of Poo-ran ‘The meeting of the entire cabinet is not called if there is no special laxity. On the contrary, France is composed of all the ministers. Cabinet Council.

The cabinet council is formed with the Prime Minister, Cabinet Minister, State Minister, Deputy Ministers. On the contrary, the Prime Minister and The cabinet is made up of cabinet ministers. The President presided over the cabinet meeting. But the President of the Prime Minister.

In special cases, the Cabinet can entrust the responsibility of the meeting. The state policy was adopted and accepted at the meeting of the cabinet. Both the President and the Prime Minister are present in the meeting of the cabinet.

As a result, if there is a political and programmatic agreement between them, the cabinet decision can be taken fairly. The role that cabinet plays in Great Britain, has been entrusted to the Cabinet in France. But in Great Britain.

The Prime Minister’s single role has been prominently highlighted in the government policy-making because France is not like the governing body. No of its There is no rival.

But in France, the President and the Prime Minister can become mutual rivalries. . Differences in self-disciplinary power and the ability to oust a minister from the President in France himself Claimed as self-deterministic power. The removal of members of cabinets in the United States includes the president’s self-determination.

Finally, by the similarity and contrast of the government of France and Great Britain, it can be said that there is a qualitative change between the two governments in practice, whether in theory or not, in fact. The government of Great Britain is now called the ‘Prime Minister-Hashish Sarky’.

The main reason behind the increase in power and influence of the Prime Minister The national and international situation, the party leadership, the prime minister’s secretariat and the role of special advisers expand the Prime Minister’s personal power center.

On the other hand, the influence of the queen on the official head of the regime has been reduced. His position is basically a ‘flawless witness’ or an ardent chief. On the other hand, the position of British Prime Minister has changed.

Yet the Prime Minister is now the Chief Minister in all government activities. The official government of France has changed. During the presidential procession, the system, which was established in accordance with the parliamentary system and the characteristics of the president-ruled government, did the same as the President-ruled government.

In fact, it would have been a feature. From the point of view of practical experience and experience, President Zoroastrians have been clearly reflected in the regime of France.

However, the president is now deprived of the contemporary influence of the gull. Many think that the government’s influence is increasing as part of the French regime. As a result, the Prime Minister’s line of upliftment has been going upward.

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