Cicero’s contribution to political thought | Political Ideas of Cicero

 Cicero’s contribution to political thought:

One of the most remarkable contributions of the three philosophers of the romantic plagiarist, Cicero is the one who gives a number of doctrines in order to establish the doctrine of Roman philosophy on how to strengthen the foundations of the ancient Roman Empire.

His references to state-wise Qualified concepts are the state’s origins and nature, and the constitution of the government, natural law has been admitted to the general martial law of the people.Due to genuine efforts, natural human equality has become a very priceless tradition of ideal ideology of cosmology.

 State Concept:

The concept of state-of-the-art doctrine is an arrogant price theory; In this case, following the footsteps of Plato and Aristotle, the state thinks that the state is a normal institution and a person cannot live without the state, in which people are essentially a political organism, Cannot live without a member of the state The person cannot have any opposition to the state in a rational way, because only one member of the state is able to achieve the ultimate goal of his life. He also believes that the state is the highest organization of the human race.

Therefore, the aim of any organization is to make the ambassador of the human being the highest organization of the people. It is possible only through the state.

The idea about justice and ideal state:

In his book, Cicero has written a lot about the ideal state of the ideal state of Plato’s imagination and has tried to establish justice in the United States, opposing the anti-story and Shasta criticism about the discussion of justice and ideal state, and if justice is not established on the highest ideology, then which country can improve?

No it’s his idea It is possible to establish proper justice in the only ideal state of the state; In fact, at the stage of state development, justice has been discovered, it is not possible to convert the ideal state of the ideal state of the Republic of Plato to the reality that it is possible to convert it into reality, and did not even think about its main The purpose was to make the right analysis of the state.

But the philosopher did not set up a state of imagination in the form of Plato; he wanted to establish the state on the basis of reality. He related his ideology closely to the development of the Roman Constitution. He added his ideology to the development of the Roman Constitution, increased and prospered, the constitution of the ideal state, and the contribution of different ideologies of evolution this alone is a philosopher’s extraordinary talents idyamana.

Concept about the constitution and government class:

Because of Roman imperial dictatorships, Roman rule followed the policies, and divided the government into two main categories, the general deformed real government, the general government of the monarchy, the elitist democracy, and described it as part of the government, because of the underlying weakness, the government has become distorted. In this case, he Bairatantra distort the nature of the investigation, the government called jonnop

Mixed Government introduction:

In the pure state, the monarchy, democracy, democracy, everybody is evil, because every government is rotated in a historical cycle that any government creates the source of corruption or chaos and life and

The only way is the introduction of a mixed government. This government will be formed by mixing three types of pure natural government.

Explanation of Natural Law:

His state government is not convinced that the most important contribution in the history of Western states is that its legal doctrines strongly believe that the whole world is controlled by a law only and all the creatures of the world under this law, even under the law, this law is called natural law, not natural Rather.

He has got it from rational to man It is natural law to say that the natural law is the reason that the natural law cannot be replaced by a natural law called a permanent transitional universal, if it goes anywhere in the world to claim it from the highest natural laws of the world, one should act according to the law. The creation of natural laws showing every condition less loyalty.

Giving all the speculations of the theory:

The only reasonableness is that people have been separated from animals by reason of rationality among all the people, although the dimension is not the same everywhere. He said that in the eyes of natural law, every person had equal Plato and installs, as the citizens of the city spoke a little about the last, did not do the last one state, all the people are equal and it is completely My common man hunts the common equality policy

Cicero has said that every member of a human race has described the truth to the people under the light of natural law, he said that people think so much like each other and no matter how much they think of each other, so how does the definition of human beings should be equally applicable to everyone? There is no difference in nature. That is the exact proof of this. Therefore, it is said that the child’s talk

Providing ideas about the world state:

Another noteworthy aspect of the state of the concept of the Commonwealth of the World, the concept of the Commonwealth is based on the belief that people live in different countries, but they live under one or the same law, and all people of the world are bound to have a common bond of logic, all of them under natural law The state of the state is largely a moral community Doing so that people live under the same conditions.

The establishment of Greek philosophy and the union of Roman states:

When analyzing the idea of ​​the state, it could be seen that he could not completely abandon the ideas of the Plato and Aristotle ideology on one side, and on the other hand, one of the state’s states in which he did not ask for the status and status of the German state, he did meet the Greek philosophy.

The establishment of mass sovereignty:

If Cicero finds another thing in the state-related thought, then perhaps it is the idea that the people’s interest has been honored by the masses, together with the masses formed the state called a state and a political establishment that the words of universal importance were later said that the children had laid the foundation of long ago.

In view of the above discussion, it can be said that the contribution of the dew of the state philosophy is not much like the one of Plato and Aristotle, but it is not absolutely worthless.

He said, “Certainly a scholar who kept his pundit in the politics of the room was not only a great influence but also the whole medieval period and one of the modern era A large part of his philosophy was explained to the public and people’s calls to the people Yang Trust activities should be conducted in this modern idea of ​​the baby.

we are in fact the child’s writings on the philosophy, the arts entire world is so much more valuable is found city-states, philosophical stonking appeared up in the universe with the idea himself and also very earthshaking it was able to Cicero.

In the end, it is said that the evaluation of the present state of affairs, including the provision of a state of the Roman Empire, has contributed a lot to this philosopher. We see his philosophies in tune with the modern era, so we need to learn about it.

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