Consequence of the Two Party System | America’s Two-Party System

A consequence of the Two-Party System:

In the US political system, the consequences of the two-party system are discussed below: First, who, Bernstein and Murphy mentioned two consequences of the two-party system of the United States.

Being two main parties here, it is very possible that any one party from these two parties will win the presidential elections and the majority membership of both the congressional seats.

The fate of the US electoral system is that it is possible for a party candidate to be elected president, but the other party is able to occupy the majority of congressional seats. However, this has happened only once since 184.

In addition to facilitating the control of the government by a political party, the two-party system makes almost unnecessary pressure on the party leaders to achieve that goal. For this (IE, to gain control over the government), the majority of the majority of the gain is profitable.

As a result, a political party can not focus solely on one’s interest except for all other interests; Can not depend on one part of the country for victory. As a result, the majority of the masses have to collectively compile the majority of the villages.

For example, the republican party brought together economic interests of the northeast of the country, farmers and small towns in the middle west and mental workers, professionals together in the country (collected interest). Among the various dignitaries, the democratic party has accomplished the same work.

Taking special programs for small groups or with special interests. There is a possibility of their own union. But it is not possible to take a final position on behalf of two major parties. There are only two competing teams in the workplace.

As a result, it is almost inevitable that a team will certainly achieve the majority. Moreover, there is a tendency to exaggerate the victory of the victorious party in this system. This is not always true. But the strong tendency of generating the majority lies in the system.

The two-party system is restricted to bourgeois politics by the party’s reciprocity. The main political parties – the Democratic and Socialist Party – are confident in the current sociology-economic and political system and none of these two parties There is no conscious ideological commitment.

But both parties are covertly committed to the existing system. Therefore, the continuity of the existing system is prolonged due to the political party’s commitment to being limited to these two groups. So then To restrict political tolerance between the existing bourgeois system and to increase the stability of the system. The main result of the two-party system.

The social basis of public support in the United States bilateral system is also distinct. It is commonly thought. That is, the middle class and the under-privileged class usually fall into the social base of the support of the democratic party.

On the other hand, the General Party is generally considered to be rich, highly educated and highly respected class group in social status. The minister of the opposition

Leaders usually come from this gateway. However, the difference in social radicals is largely retrograde. Because both parties are actively seeking support from all sections of society.

Another issue is clearly evident from the analysis of the US political system. The democratic party’s view is more liberal than the government. The opposition party is reluctant to limit the government’s power. These groups inspire progressive tax system and social welfare schemes. Democracy Party is the largest businessman and industrialist

In order to expand the scope of the sector and to take social welfare program, the Storytellers generally consider the patrons of the big business and industrialists of the ministers and patrons of democracy and common people.

In this case, another issue should be mentioned. In the two-party system of the United States, the democratic party’s financial support and financial support comes from workers’ employees and interest-oriented interests in the liberalized ideology. On the other hand, the socialist party’s fund is favored by the rich artisans, such as the rich class.

Party programs and democracies and the general minister

There is basically a two-party system in the US. Democratic and Republican national parties are very strong in national politics. Indeed, these two parties are national teams, some small groups of small minorities It is seen that their role is very insignificant.

Demacritic and Republican parties are both combination of so many different class people – who are stunned to think that. Among different groups, there are people with differing views. Some of them are overwhelming, some moderate, some liberal, some conservative, some believer, some doubtful, moderate or atheist.

Basically, this is why the group of Chhat Chhat Group has been formed in both groups. There is no such opinion among these groups. Rather, there is a full well-being of expressing an opinion among them.

But in the larger and important matters, such as in the presidential election, these groups have expressed their opinion in the initial stage, but in the last phase, they work together in a cosmopolitan environment.

This is done keeping in mind the party’s interest. Apart from economic interests, these groups are united and Keygen has power in the party system. Actually, the political parties of the United States are very different.

There are different religions, nations, gaetshits, different regions, ideals and various social and economic levels of the country’s whole people. In order to achieve their respective interests and objectives, they have gathered together in two major national groups.

The main policy of the Federalist Party was to establish the dominant position of the central government, and in contrast to the recognition of the Federalist-based party’s policy as the principle of independence and sovereignty of the federal government.

Be done Thus, there is not a big difference between strategies and policies between Democratic and Republican parties, both out of the Federalist Party.

Ideally, the Republican Party is known as a powerful national government supporter. This group effectively spreads the economy, on the contrary, the Democratic Party believes in the economic rights of the states and expresses interest to curb the federal and central government’s authority.

The Republican Party consists of the North American state legislative and democratic party, the Southern Farmers. Made up of communities. The Democratic Party was a supporter of slavery, but the Republican Party was a supporter of the system

During this time, the Republican Party became popular and it was supported by the industrialists and businessmen as a result of the “import duty tariff policy of the group.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party adopts the policy of drafting the tax and as a result, the people of the southern part of the agricultural capital have endorsed him, and the agricultural head is the slave-worker

Naturally, his male domination policy created protests in the southern region. In 1861 civil war resulted in the eviction of slavery. After the end of the Civil War, the slave system was abolished by compiling the constitution and with both the Republican and democratic parties, The main disagreement was ended.

At present, in the United States of America, there are two types of opposing groups, but there is no special difference between them. | None of the two groups of Republicans and Democrats believe in the extreme doctrine.

According to the needs of the people, both parties determine government policy. Both parties are willing to introduce justice for their people through their political activities.

In the case of domestic policy, they are maintaining their independence. In the case of social security. Democratic groups favor equitable benefits and unemployment allowances in all areas through social security law.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties are trying to protect workers’ rights. Both parties are also willing to strengthen macroeconomic security through the United Nations.

There is enough support among the Republican and democratic groups to support all the freedom-loving countries, to provide financial support, to strengthen political and economic aid support among different countries.

But the difference between them is noticeable when they are corrupted. The Republican party, which emphasizes the extent to lower taxation, but the democratic party favores more taxes.

Above all, both parties in the United States are rooted in capitalism. However, the Republican Party thinks that the more the government gives better capitalism to its path, the better it will be.

And the democratic party thinks that capitalism itself will have to adapt to the social, political, economic and technological developments of the United States.

Political parties’ activities in the United States:

In other liberal political systems, political parties in the United States are also no exception. The role and importance of the political parties of the country are important in the US democratic regime. Democratic Party and the General Assembly, the center of American politics US state power is in a certain process.

Electoral Activity:

The activities of the US political parties are largely selective. In the United States, four-year presidential and vice-president, two-year-long members of the US House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate members are arranged for election.

Governors of the state were also elected. To achieve success by participating in all these electoral competitions, the main task of the political parties and the main goal of grabbing government power is the main goal.

Both the Minister of State and the Democratic Party are responsible for the selection of candidates in the interest of election success, election campaigning, and related election-related activities.

In order to win elections and take possession of government power, the parties have always tried to get support from the voters. In front of the Vatadatas for the participation of large two parties in the electoral conflict. There are two rival candidates. As a result, choosing a representative for the people is also easier.

Problem Selection:

United States Democrats and the General Teams Chooses important problems in the problems and the way to solve those problems. Informs the public and makes viable promises. On the eve of elections, people get the benefit of expressing their views about the selected issues. The party’s attitude to sorting out problems and solving problems is influenced by Metadata.

Formation of government:

Like any political party, the two main unethical parties of the United States win the election by defeating the main goal. The winning party constitutes the government and the c-Bhat team is descended to the role of the elite.

But the United States is ideologically in the democracy and in the opposition, so in reality, both parties are deciding mutual understanding with internal and external decisions. After the election, the President took the responsibility of the government administration and organization of government administration.

So the majority of both chambers of the grams are enacted in the form of legislation, selection of committee members’ etc.

Protect the between government departments:

The US regime is established on the principles of power-lifting. So the rule of law and the law department is largely isolated here. But good governance is possible without mutual cooperation between law and order division.

No Disagreement between the two departments, eliminating the separation between the United States political party law and governance division. Do it. In the United States, there was a conflict between the President and the Congress, instead of cooperating with the party system, and there was stagnation in the administrative areas.

Public opinion and public opinion is one of the political parties of any country. Important work There is no exception to the political parties in the United States. Both the Democrat and the General. The party has tried to bring public opinion on various issues in and around the Congress and on the eve of elections.

Both parties play an active role in creating public opinion through radio-film-television, newspapers, music, bookstores etc. Political parties try to attract public opinion about the internal affairs of Congress and external problems.

Discipline between the government and the people:

In the United States, the political parties have the responsibility of protecting the government and the public in order to protect. The party kept the government informed about the lack of publicity, demand, honor, etc. They also make people aware of the government’s actions.

In fact, the party system composed the bridge between the government and the public. Congress members spend maximum time in solving the issues related to the government departments of the residents of their constituency and supplying government information to the public.

The members of the US Congress took an active role in resolving problems in the bureaucratic phase, that citizens should not be harassed for no reason.

Party delegation performs this responsibility on both national and regional level in the government system. Many Congress members may not be so active in the legislature, But the lack of self-selectors always kept alert about the campaign and took an active role.

All members of the government and workers at the government level to discuss the people with the government. Took an active role. In this way, the party is in the process of disarming the government and the public in the US political system. Takes an important role.

The democratization of the capitalist system Both the US Democrats and the United States are both hostile to the communist ideology and supporter of capitalist ideology. So both teams are the US.

The United States proletariat plays an active and important role in preserving society. Both parties are active in preserving the communalism and the traditional property-relations of the country.

National unity:

The majority of voters in the United States support. For Pa, each team prepares a consistent plan between all the gates and classes and it is in reality.

Trying to find A large number of US-based party groups are involved in social, economic and geographic interests. By doing so and building national unity.

Stabilizes the political system:

The ruling United States Democratic Party formed the ruling regime. The factions of different tribes, gates, social classes, and religious communities. Organize interests. In this way, the mass-based government created and the political system was stable.

Authorship of the interests and liberal democratic system in the United States. The main parties in the political system, the two parties, are responsible for self-employment.

The group collects important demands and calls it a collective of interest. And the authorization of the interest means to convert from demand to an alternative method of action. Both the Minister of State and the Democratic Party take an active role in coordinating their interests in order to get support from all parts of the country.

Political parties present the statements of different interests organized to the government. According to Almond and Powell, the political rights of the political parties are done by destroying this.

In political parties and political culture and political parties, there is a specific conception and opinion of the current political system, and each team tries to disseminate their ideas to the public.

The two parties of the United States and the United States and the Democrats, favor the current political system. Both parties took an active role in maintaining the existing bourgeois political system.

Finally, the role of political parties in the US helps to make the country’s political dynamic, dynamic and democratic.

Comparative analysis of US and British system:

The importance of the party system in both the United States and Britain is undeniable. In both countries, the party system One of the main pillars of the democratic system is considered.

In the context of comparative representation between the United States and Britain’s political party system, there is a similarity between some of the organization’s organization, nature, and characteristics in both countries and in contrast to some of the contradictions.

Below are the comparisons between both of them similarities are the following similarities between the United States and Britain’s party system.

Historical succession Britain and the United States party system carry the historic succession of their respective countries. Both countries are part of the liberal democratic system.

But unlike the United States of America, liberal thinking and sculpture flourished in Great Britain, but later in America, it has yielded liberalism.

In both the countries, the party system has achieved the current form and Chatham with a long evolution. Both countries have developed themselves in the form of liberal democracy.

To achieve power in a democratic way, commitment to public opinion, the public sovereignty of the public, the universal proportion of adults, election time elections, citizens’ political rights It is important to emphasize the importance of freedom of the judiciary, and the policies of the major political parties of both the countries. Has become a radical element.

The parties’ system of both the countries came from outside the constitutional framework and the party system of both the countries. The boundaries of the Constitution arise from outside. No system of the constitution or any law enacted by the legislature constituted by the law was formed.

Written in the United States Constitution. But there is no specific mention of the party system in that constitution. The economic, political changes and the spread of democratic management made the political party an essential one.

The parties, through the formation of the competing economic owner class.

There was a lure of competing political parties to preserve the interest. Democratic and Republican parties have emerged as a result of Sinai’s involvement with the United States. In Great Britain, parliament did not cause any party system through any law. The socio-economic and political changes and necessities are a party.

There is an agreement between the thickness of the political system and another important feature of the US and the British party system. After all, in both the countries, the main political parties have been acknowledged by the legitimacy of the existing political system and have come to political supremacy.

The political system operates in its functioning and within the framework of the political economy, they act. Democratic and Republican leaders in the United States are the main two political parties. Both recognize the legitimacy of the current political system

Has done Through the specific method of the constitution, they participate in political power, political competitiveness and political activities.

Their goal is to capture power in a peaceful and democratic way. Politics of maintaining status quo politics. Political aspects of conservatives and workers’ parties in the UK From the dominant team.

The conservative party is the protector of feudal and vested interests. But both have support for the existing democratic system. The two parties want to be in the political power by holding elections in a peaceful manner.

In order to get involved in the government, they restrict the politics of occupying power within the democratic framework. In two countries, the elections are going down. The only way to form the government.

Political Participation and the main inspiration for political participation in the party system in both Britain and the United States. Only during the election, the political party does not inspire the electorate to participate in political participation; Other times also inspired the participation of important political movements.

Every political party agrees that the team that has succeeded in encouraging more people to participate in more than any other party, the team achieves popularity.

The role of political gatherings and the British and American system move in order to mobilize the public politically. In each country, every political party has mobilized the public from the political point of view and strengthened the foundations of their political support.

Political socialization and US and British political parties are one of the most influential media of political socialization. Political parties adopt the strategy of citizens to adopt a political ideology.

Through political socialization, the role of conservation or change the existing political mindset among different political citizens of both countries. Political parties in both countries have expanded the political culture of participating. In the United States and Great Britain, the political parties have tried to coordinate modernization with tradition.

Effective two-party system and theoretically, the party system in both the countries can be called a multi-party system. In fact, conservatives and workers in Britain and Democratic and Republican parties in the United States are limited in electoral competencies.

Although the other parties, their role is very minor. The US-party system is called the effective two-party system. Is called. In Britain, the struggle for electoral politics is limited only to conservatives and workers’ groups. Through the last three elections, it has been proved that other parties are unable to take any positive role in the political field.

Jigger with the vestibule gathering:

Various beneficiaries of the US and British party system, Demonstrations are displayed in the galleries and organizations. The relationship between them is extremely intense and deep.

In the direct support of the political party, other professional organizations including the Labor Sang, Mali Sang-ha, the teacher organizations have been formed. Vulnerability

Helping the political party in the field of gesticulate elections, campaigning, campaigning, collecting money etc. The leaders of the political parties are also motivated to protect the interest of these gait-his at different levels of government.

Compared to Great Britain. In the United States, the greed of the self-made ghetto has gained much more, but the political party has a vested interest in it. Thin relations have become an important feature of the political culture of both the countries.

Political parties have become a vehicle for political compromise in both countries, due to the political altercation and another aspect of the British and American system. The political party runs a continuous campaign to bring public opinion on its own.

Keeping the public informed about national and international events. Provide various information to influence public opinion. Political parties are the main parties in the legislature and the public.

Political leaders present public demand and problems to the government and the law department and inform the public about the government’s statement. During this election, this role has become more widespread.

The main parties of both the countries believe in political status and the main states of both the United States and Britain. The parties believe in the status of the existing political system.

There is no fundamental difference between the Republican and Democracy groups in the US, in social, economic and political matters. Both continue to follow the principles of capitalist economy and democracy.

In Great Britain, while the Workers supported some of the reformative initiatives, and in favor of a limited expansion of state initiatives, like conservative parties, they have the right to maintain existing political systems.

Accepting the electoral war as the only means of taking power and taking on another important feature of the United States and Britain’s party system, the major parties in both countries accept election wars as a method of political empowerment.

Has done They are fully immune to revolutionary change. This election war is also conducted through the environment of mutual understanding. Because of the agreement about the fundamental price of the political system, none of the major political parties are such. No method which tends to undermine that price.

According to party organization and party organization, similarities are also observed between the parties system of both the countries. Both. There are regional and national organizations of the country in the country. Both organizations have an important role in electoral politics.


In the United States and Britain, there is a similar analogy in the party system. Despite this, there are many differences between the parties system of both the countries. The differences are as follows:

Significant differences between the role difference and the role of the party system in the political system of Britain and the United States are significant. Britain’s governance is governed by the Japura party government.

But the governance of the United States is not exactly the same. For this reason, the role of both the parties in Britain’s political system and the role of the two parties in the US political system is different.

In Britain, intimate relations between government and majority parties and parliamentary governance in Britain are common. Have there. The relationship here between the government and the political parties is very intensive.

The two parties in Britain are present to each other on the basis of their own program to become the ruling on the eve of general elections. The team that is in Commons.

The party leader became the Prime Minister by achieving a majority. He formed the cabinet with members of his own team. In this way, until the next election, the party government has governed the country based on the party’s program.

In Britain, The party’s influence is very high in national policy formulation. Here the government’s stability is on the support of a majority member of the Commonsassa. Dependent So the Prime Minister has to be careful to maintain party discipline as leader of the ruling party.

Political party relations with the government are not so close in the US system:

In the US The principles of power-lifting and the president-ruled governance are common. There is no party government here. Like the British government, the United States government is not formed or managed by a particular group. The President of the United States of America and the majority of US Congress members are not always the same group.

The tenure of the President of the United States is on congressional confidence. Not dependent. So the political party relationship with the government is not so close.

Here, members of both democracies and Republican parties are seen to be in control of government policies and proposals. Similarly, the members of the party that are not members of the president are also supported in the field.


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