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Constitutionalism Definition:

A complex word used. It does not seem possible to mean any one word. Explaining the meaning of this – Constitutionalism is a stable democratic process for sharing power among the elite groups of deeply divided VIC groups.

Conservationism can be effective between Israel and Palestine, which is a government system that ensures the distribution of proportional representational political and institutional power among the religious-based ethnic groups “whose best example is Lebanon.

Definition of Constitutionalism:

Conservationism is a type of government where promising groups are concerned. It is also responsible for coordinating the representation of people in strictly divided communities. Often it is seen to be used in the sense of sharing power, though this is its strategic form. The goal of Conservationism is to ensure the stability of the government, the sharing of power on the question of existence, the existence of democracy and the passing of serious problems.

When it is known as the current genre, as seen in Lebanon. In any region or country, an ethnic populace (cultural) or a process in the party or formula to share the power of formulas. Constitutionalism says.

We can call consensationalism a divided and democratic democracy.

Conservative democracy can be seen as a coalition of all those nations or nations. Everyone, regarded as religion, culture, ideology, anthropological distinction, communal spirit, is considered suitable for a seemingly stable democracy. Does conservationism have two central characters?

Larger coalition regime and secondly, fractured autonomy.

Representatives of the members of the members of the group, under the larger coalition regime, participate in the decision on intergovernmental interests. Everyone else is free to decide on the subject matter of self-government.

In this case, when the concept of consensual is found in science, then Arnd LizFert presented it as a separate concept in 1960, and it is currently on one side. Analytical, on the other hand, has been considered as a quality determinant. Some of the components were supplemented. | Based on this, some countries gain a different form or structure and victory is in it

Strict social division such as:

Ideology, religion, ethnicity, class, language, etc. are generally seen as a hindrance to the establishment of stable democracy. But when these functional divisions are connected in such a way, the conventional risk factors of different parts are controlled by them.

It is considered that there is a pressure in situations that have a moderate impact on social conflicts. If social divisions and pressure are together, then the possibility of the democratic political system becoming rather weak is created. But it seems that it exists and has been established. 0 Constitutionalism’s stratification

If you are not connected to social divisions, you can cause internal coordination for conflict in the arithmetic field.

From a lot of detailed analysis, it should be divided into four characteristics, one government must be a coalition government, but it will be a confidential autonomy, which all members follow the autonomy of Central Ground Policy. Types of Susan Government. But in the whole world, the example of the existence of this commercial democracy has increased by 4 Grape.

It was doing good work because of the conservation of commercialism. In 1947, Colombia was 195, Africa was in 1994, in Cyprus and Lebanon

Its consequence is not due to the failure of association-ism, but for its success.

Chil Tadpri’s wishes were over. Where in Colombia from 1958 to 1974, Malaysia was in 1955 and in the south. Till this time, it has been considered as an ideal set-up approach.

And Lebanon’s research was stopped due to civil war. Some wise men The European Union considers it to be a legitimate democracy.

The reviewers of Casualism have different grounds on the broader concept of it, wishing it does not even have a clear model of the coalition government or divided autonomy, even defining the definition. So, all the elite always have some issues with some context and there is some debate about the class division of the Consociative States. The classification question is about It is not as if it has coordinated between Swiss religious society and class divisions.

After that, the ideal local-ism in the context of the conceptual-ism and actual majority theory. Most of the political systems are limited to this.

Lipset’s and other writers, with the help of elaborate nobility in the framework of that social regime, argued against it that the democratic coordination. Even in the absence of those divisions, LizFert does one of the democracies, when the division of different glasses such as ethnic, religious, linguistic divisions

He underlined another popular concept in some literature. 1 Promotes the development of coordination/division coordination, or otherwise deeply diffused. Etc. cannot be subdued. And it shows that these opinions and even uses, especially in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. These disturbing countries can embrace each other rather than those called lizofutted democracy.

Characteristics of Conservationism:

The share of the share of the minority groups is unable to stop the majority of the sake. If a group is a John The former group will be blocked.

Representation is dependent on population. If a C is a social representation of 30% of the entire society, they are civilians

Occupies the title. | It creates an idea of its own personality and is different culture and Impressions of Community Guild Declaration.


From the earliest times to the modern political organizations, political developments started to flourish, as well as in the constitution or the rules. That is why political organizations and organizations and politicians are always related to the development of the constitution. You want to limit the government to most of the constitution.

The government’s activities have been limited and regulated by the constitution of the United States of America, United States of America. Basically, there is a set of rules in the constitution or rule of law, which can be done through the government system and it is possible to make the government accountable.

Constitutionalism is a creditable achievement in the modern world. This is a recent achievement and it did not achieve complete stability. In fact, it is a complex method of making changes in systematic means and there is no reasonable reason that the necessity of change will be eliminated in the near future. The plan is going on continuously and the outline of change in constitutionism

Provides ideas. Now we have to see how this change comes in the system of government and constitutional government or the systematic government has defined the constitutional or systematic government in the dictionary of social science; in this way constitutional government or constitutional government can understand the system of effective and systematic restrictions on the ruling rulers of any political society.

In the Encyclopedia Britannica, it has been stated that the constitutional government is defined as the existence of a constitution that effectively controls the pre-empowerment of state power.

Different sections or posts will be controlled in such a way that each of them has to be controlled and interconnected by each other in determining their wishes. ••• Contemporary rules governed in the contemporary world.

And they are usually not systematic democracies or systematic democratic systems. Or both can be a combination. When democracy is said in the United States, it is said of constitutional democracy. Of course, there are many who believe that democracy is the rule of the Agatha; They do not see democracy in any constitutional way; They will undoubtedly be considered unreal theorems.

Constitutional government:

The constitution is the direction of a state. The government’s form is determined by the constitution. That is, the source of any kind of government is the constitution. So the constitution is not the creation of the government, but the government is the creation of the constitution. And this is the origin of the concept of constitutional government.

The progress of the systematic or constitutional government from the ancient Greek city of the ancient times to the present day has been continuing in the pace. So the idea of the constitutional government is not something new today. Constitutional government is the best and the best government in the modern world.

Definition of constitutional government:

In general, the constitutional or systematic government is loyal to the constitution. Under the constitution, the government is governed. In reality, the constitutional government means the systematic arrangement of Aareep, an effective constitutional restriction on the country’s government. But the government of a country can not be called a constitutional government only if there is a constitution. Because if the constitution does not come to a limit to the power of the government, then the government

Can not be a constitutional government. The real meaning of the constitutional government is that it is by law. Managed government is not a person’s intentional government.

Legitimate law and limited by law 4 say the constitutional government.

The constitutional law is not only the government of the constitution. It is governed by a lawful constitutional constitution: those who exercise governmental power are not controlled by them.

The Constitutional government means the government which is not governed by a person, but rather a law governed by the law, where the full reflection of the people’s independence and complete.

Characteristics of constitutional government:

Currently, there is a constitution in almost every country in the world. But the constitutional government will not be established only if there is a constitution. The criteria for identifying whether any government is constitutional

Such government is called a limited government so that the limits of power and constitutional government’s functions and powers are constitutional rules. And controlled and limited by public opinion. The government can not increase its capacity arbitrarily.

Not a person’s government and the constitutional government is not founded on the will of any person or giant, but it is founded on some obvious principles; Which are To be accepted by most of the people of the state and through which the functioning of government officials can be properly controlled. In this direction, the constitutional government is completely separate from the personal government.

The government of the law and the constitutional government is not the government of the law, the government of the people. This government has to show steadfast loyalty to the law. The US Constitution of the United States is mentioned.

Stability and stability of the functioning of the constitutional government cannot be changed frequently or privately. Moreover, the constitution, which is considered to be agreeable, will not be construed as a violation of the Constitution. After the participation and constitutional government system, the people can constitutionally digest the government.

Maintaining the dominance of the constitution in the constitutional government is considered to be the highest and fundamental law of N. The constitution is the constitutional government. Flaky The government has no jurisdiction against or against this Constitution.

Keep a close eye on constitutional prevalence. Equality and constitutional government are dependent on the different types of society’s balance. Through the political parties of the country, this will bring balance between selfishness.

The importance of the judiciary and the judiciary’s dominance of the judiciary is another important feature of the legislative government. The judiciary provides an interpretation of the law. It determines whether it is consistent with the constitution. So the judiciary is called.

Fundamental rights and fundamental rights of the people and the protection of minorities is another important feature of the constitutional government. It does not only protect the fundamental rights of the public against the autocratic activities of the executive department, but it is an injustice to the law department. Behavior and public health control also regulate.

Power transfer in a normal way: Power transfer in a normal way is one of the features of the constitutional government. Through the constitutional regime, power is transferred to this government system.

In the regime of Britishers, she resigned as soon as she received a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. In addition, when George Bush was defeated in the election, Bill Clinton took the power very naturally. Here someone is guilty of murder or Political vendetta does not satisfy.

Regularly variable and constant variability is another feature of the constitutional government. In this context, Professor Frederick’s commentary is about. Changing and enlarging is a terrible thing.

The democratic government and the constitutional government are the largely autonomous Bijas government. This government was established by the people. It cannot be authoritarian because it is constitutional. The government has continued the efforts of the majority community. Democracy is the main goal of the constitutional government.

In the decentralization of power and the systematic government system, it must be divided among the stalwarts. If all powers are concentrated in the division, then the power of virtually any restriction of that division gives centralized powers most of the time. Dictatorship and Responsibility One of the constitutional governments of the constitutional government is always responsible for the people and from the people responsible for the public interest.

The specific governance system and the constitutional government are not governed by the constitutional personal tastes. The structure, powers, and functions of the constitutional government are clearly and clearly defined.

Due to the dynamism and another feature of the constitutional government, this is changing, dynamic and dynamic. There is no breakthrough in change and mobility.

The constitutional government is the counting government. Democracy is the essential condition of this government. The main goal of this government is the establishment of rule of law and individual freedom. Constitutional or systematic sanctions in almost every developed world of the world is a strong step. Has been established. Political stability and progress in the constitution of the 21st century

The problem of constitutional government:

In the modern era, constitutional government is desirable in all the countries, but there is a lot for the government. There are problems. The future of the systematic government depends on these problems. Below are steps taken by the constitutional and constitutional government

War and war or war fears create serious problems for the systematic government. Because the government demands full power to take the necessary action to overcome this crisis. Do it. The government does not want to work from the constitutional restrictions. In fact, if the desire for war or war arises, the government is given emergency powers in every country’s constitution. So Many provisions of the Constitution were postponed. It also suspended constitutional rule.

The economic crisis and disaster and economic crisis in the country and various prevalent disasters cannot be complied with. The government has to take a lot of measures like its own. Regarding the constitutional restrictions of the countries in which the country is facing natural disasters and economic crisis.

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