What is a Constitution? Constitution Definition

Constitution Definition:

Is classified. There are two bases or criteria for the classification of the constitution.

Can be divided into 2 Such as

(1) The written constitution and

(2) The unwritten constitution.

According to the nature and extent of the registration of the Constitution and the basis of this constitution,

Constitutional system: Based on this methodology, the constitution can be divided into two parts. Such as

(1) the Constitutional Constitution and

(2) Representational Constitution.

The two constitutional constitutions Written in writing and governing the rule of a state. When one or more documents are recorded in the rules, they are written in a written constitution, in writing, essentially written in the essentials of the state. | Professor Gate said, “When a document is all fundamental to the government administration system, When it is included, then it is written as a written constitution.

Not on the basis of tradition etc. Since the end of the eighteenth century, the constitution of the Vole Constitution has been composed in various countries, almost all of the written constitution. The most beautiful of the written constitution. The example of the United States Constitution of the United States Apart from this, the constitution of India, France, Russia, Canada, China, Japan, Bangladesh etc also wrote.

The basic rules governing the unwritten constitution and governance of a state are based on customs, rituals, and customs. When the road gets up, then he calls it an unwritten constitution. Most aspects of the unwritten constitution are based on customs and customs. Such a constitution cannot be created. Professor Finaar said that while lawmakers have not officially bribed the constitution and consequently the constitutional law cannot be separated from other laws, then it is called an unwritten constitution.

So, the unwritten constitution is created through historical evolution. The Constitution does not condemn the unconstitutional constitution of the Constituent Assembly or Convention. Thus, we understand the constitution, which is not written in any document. Jennings said, “If the constitution does not mean a document written to any organization, then it must be said that the invention of the British Constitution has been done, there is no document. It is said that the British constitution is an unwritten constitution.

Improved Constitution:

If the law is passed in accordance with the constitution, it is necessary to pass the country’s general law, if he is in the same processor the same process, if it is subject to change in constitution, amendment or amendment, then he will speak to the constitution. Constitutional Constitution Any complex or different to modify or alter the constitution. The method is not to resort to. According to the general lawmaking and modification procedure, the constitution can be changed or modified.

The Constitution can be amended by the minimum majority of the members of the legislative assembly. So if the constitutional law changes, amendment or amendment, according to the law of the country’s common law, then it is called a constitutional constitution. This constitution is the same level in the constitutional law and general law. Great Britain, New Zealand etc. Constitution of the country is well-established.

Dictating Constitution:

In order to change or amend the Constitution, it is necessary to adopt any special or complex procedure without the procedure of passing the common laws of the country; it means the use of a vicious constitution, special procedure, without the rules of passing a general law, if there is no alternative or different rule in the constitution to amend the constitution, amendment or sovereignty of the country It is written, but it is an alternative or different to the constitution The rules or procedures are complex procedures. For example, the United States Constitution is unconstitutional. Because America can not conceal the constitution according to the laws of the law.

  1. The clarity and written constitution are obvious. Because most of the provisions of this constitution are clearly written. This constitution is easily accessible to the people.
  2. The people’s expectation reflects that the written constitution is created through a special agency or committee. He always looks after the committee so that the constitution reflects the aspirations of the people of the country.
  3. Stability and written constitution are stable. The provisions of this constitution cannot be easily changed. Because of which, the constitution remains stable during any politically unstable state.
  4. The use of the federal government system and the written constitution is divided between the powers of the federal regime. Very useful Because of the written constitution, it determines how the central and provinces will be in the federal regime.
  5. Regarding the relation between governing and governing the governance of governance and governing the constitution relating to governance
  6. The fundamental rights of the people are preserved and the fundamental rights written in the basic rights of the people remain unaffected. It is written in the constitution. These rights are enforceable by the court. As a result, people are afraid to violate any section of the constitution because of the people.
  7. Holiness is created: People think that the written constitution is sacred. Whose constitution the judiciary acts as the protector of the constitution.
  8. The judicial system dominates and promotes the judiciary’s dominance in the written constitution. Written
  9. Fear of divisional intervention is written in the written constitution, the power of all departments of the government is recorded, due to which a division of the government does not interfere in other departments.
  10. Awakening the political consciousness of the people and writing all the rights and duties of the people in the written constitution, which is why the political consciousness awakens among the people.

The written constitution cannot be easily changed, it acts as a barrier to social and moral progress. Written in conformity with the possibility of change and the change of the era, the written constitution. = Can not change. As a result, the people changed the constitution through revolution.

The essential and written constitution is incomplete. Because the constitution cannot be comprehended in this constitution. It is written only in the main sections. The constitutional delays and written constitution cannot be easily changed. This creates delays and obstructions for the deliberate version of the release.

The judiciary gets the ultimate power: the judiciary is the guardian of the written constitution. Do it. As a result, the judiciary of this constitution gained more power than other departments, not the absolute protection of freedom. The written constitution often does not serve as the proper mark of independence. It is inherently rooted in the nature of the constitution and the main fault of the written constitution. It is unable to keep pace with the progressive mentality of society.

Changes in national progress, changes and amendments to the written constitution As it is time-consuming, it is termed as a barrier to national progress. By considering the characteristics of the constitution and the incitement of the constitution, it is said that the quality of the written constitution is more than the quality. Currently written in most countries of the civilized world. There is a general tendency towards the constitution. So the written constitution of the present world is appreciated and accepted.

The progressive and unwritten constitution can be easily changed. The constitution changes with the progress of society. Therefore, the unwritten constitution is helpful on the path of progress.

The possibility of revolution in the constitution is less likely because the unwritten constitution can adapt to changing conditions.

Popularity and flexibility are the main attributes of the unwritten constitution for flexibility. The Constitution is popular. Because the government can easily approve the constitution in favor of the public’s unwillingness.

Unrecognized Constitution of the Constitution, at any time, the delay or barrier to any version of the constitution, is the unwritten constitution of conservatism. Because this constitution is changed in the society, the freedom of the constitution is won by the freedom of the constitution, it is said that the unwritten constitution protects the civil liberties.

It is more important than the general value and the country’s overall interest and practical judgment of unwritten support. The practical value of the Constitution is more than that. The use of the situation of the situation 4 Unacceptable constitutions can easily solve the crisis. By consolidating the national heritage, the constitution has flourished based on the various sections of historical evolution, it contributes to the creation of national heritage.

Representation of public opinion:

In an unwritten constitution, it is easily reflected in the opinion of the people because this constitution has developed into the lives of the country and countrymen.

Difficulties of an unwritten constitution.

There are some disadvantages to an unwritten constitution.

The ambiguity and unwritten constitution are unclear. Because the clauses of this constitution are not written. Because of which, this constitution is not easily accessible to the people.

Lack of stability and unwritten constitution change easily, so there is a lack of stability. In the case of the constitution, it is exposed.

Any unauthorized sections of the constitution can be easily changed. With the politically unstable situation, this constitution becomes unstable. Unconscious and unwritten constitution for the state-run regime is unpopular for the federal regime. Because of central rule in this regime through the unauthorized constitution. The power between the government and the provincial government cannot be divided. It is unclear how the relationship will be.

The relationship between rulers and rulers is unclear: governed with the ruler in an unwritten constitution

The basic rights are not recorded and the basic rights of the people are not recorded in this constitution. As a result, people cannot be aware of their fundamental rights.

Can the government be authoritarian? Because the unwritten constitution is unclear, the government can interfere in the rights of any people. As a result, the government could become authoritarian. The judiciary of the state is poor, and the state’s judicial system is relatively unwieldy.

In the end, most of the countries in the world are unworthy of the blame – the unpublished constitution. Partisan interference is frightened 4 Who is the power of all the departments of the government in the unwritten constitution? In this, a division of the government can interfere in other departments. The lack of political power of the people and all rights of the people in the unwritten constitution Written, political consciousness is not awakened among the people.

I can think of the characteristics of the unwritten constitution and the sense of humor that the present. Most of the catharsis has not been accepted by the Constitution. Because the unwritten constitution is more than the reconstruction. But there is no way to deny its importance. Because the unwritten in Britain. But the constitution of the other states was constituted on this constitution.

Prepared and written constitution by a special organization or committee. On the other hand, the unwritten constitution is made by the evolution of society. There is no need for a specific authority to create this constitution. The constitutional difference is a constitutional constitution, but the unwritten constitution is in a transitional nature.

In terms of power conservatism: the power of the Constitution is based on the principle of autonomy. Remains. And in the unwritten constitution, the power conservatism does not exist. From the direction of change: It can not be changed easily by any section of the written constitution.

But any section of the unwritten constitution can be easily changed. From the point of Recognition: Most of the written sections of the written constitution are recorded in one or more documents. But most of the unauthorized sections are not recorded in any document.

By clarity: The written constitution is quite clear, precise and easy. But the unwritten constitution is unclear and in many cases, it is not specific. The judiciary has the prominence of the judicial department and the written constitution. The judiciary acts as the guardian of the constitution in this constitution. On the other hand, the legislature dominates in the unreleased constitution, the judiciary does not have the preference.

The general law and constitutional law and written constitution distinguish between common law and constitutional law. On the other hand, no such difference is made in the unwritten constitution. The law of the highest law and legislation and written constitution is the highest law in the country.

The government is bound to act according to the constitution. On the other hand, in the unwritten constitution, the state’s supreme authority is in the hands of the legislature. The legislature can suspend or cancel any part of the unwritten constitution at any time.

Political Institutions and Organizations:

Special and safe havens have to be adapted to follow the special procedures and the written constitution. But because the unwritten constitution is easily variable, it does not have to follow the complex approach. In the end, it is said that such a difference between written and unwritten is very unscientific, irrational and unrealistic. Differences between written and unwritten constitution in Professor Gate are not standard, fundamental.

The difference between the written and unwritten constitution is not quantitative or diminished. There is also an unwritten aspect of the written constitution, such as the written constitution of the unwritten constitution. But the constitution

Can not be denied practical. The unwritten rice is based on the statutory part of the written constitution. On the contrary, the written part of the unwritten constitution is thus formed.

Improved Constitutionality:

There are several qualifications or benefits of the well-established constitution. They are as follows

  1. The progressive and well-established constitution of the progress is helpful in progress. Because the role of the Constitution is very much in the constitution.
  2. The main attribute of the dynamism and the well-established constitution is its variability and effectiveness. Adjustable condition.
  3. Reflects public opinion and reflects public opinion in the well-established constitution. The constitution can adapt to the political stream.
  4. Supporting the development and helping the progress and progress of this Constitution. It is very convenient for the developing society.
  5. When an emergency occurs in a state of emergency and the Constitution is well-established, it is easy. An emergency is possible.
  6. The possibility of revolution can be easily changed to a lesser and well-established constitution. So people do not have to revolt. Therefore, the constitution of the well-being helps avoid revolution. It is a non-anonymous. It can be said that the constitution is complete.
  7. A complete and well-established constitution is unwritten. The details of the constitution in this constitution
  8. The version does not delay and the amended constitution can be easily changed. For this reason, there is no delay or barrier in the required version of the constitution. It can be easily absorbed.
  9. The malignity of the government and the well-preserved constitution of the government has all the malpractices

This makes the Constitution a matter of content. It is easy to change any section of the constitution of a stable and well-established constitution. As a result. In a state of political unrest, the Constitution of the Constitution becomes unstable.

The unprivileged and well-established constitution of the Lula government is the constitution of the federal government. Jaggies Because it distributes power between the center and the province through this constitution.

For non-human rights, the basic rights are not recorded and fundamental rights in the constitution of the constitution. Peoplcannotot is aware of their fundamental rights. There is a fear of divisional interference and not in all the departments of the government in the well-established constitution. As a result, one division can interfere in other departments. The lack of political consciousness of the people and the people of all in the well-established constitution

And the duties are unwritten. As a result, political consciousness is not awakened between them. 8. The birth and the well-established constitution of adverse concepts can destroy the tall ideas about the existing constitution in society. The constitution of the constitution for the prevention of aggravation and frequent change. Works as a barrier to progress.

Lord Bryce said to the judiciary that the judiciary would be the judiciary of the judiciary because of the independence of the judiciary in determining the meaning of the constitution.

It is possible to consider that the constitution of the Constitution is not accepted in most countries of the world. Because its blame is more. But there is no way to deny its importance in any way. Lord Bryce so noticed the quality of it. Said that “the well-educated constitution gets, but it does not collapse.

Dangerous Constitutionality:

There are several attributes of the democratized constitution. Below are those features that are considered below. Constitutional and written constitution or f clear and strong constitution. Therefore, the constitution is clear, specific and very strong.

Reflections of the people’s hopes and expectations and the two constitutional constitutions are made up of knowledgeable people. They always keep track of the hope that the constitution reflects the hope of the people of the country.

Stability and the unconstitutional constitution cannot be easily changed. As a result, in the politically unstable situation, the two-constitutional constitution remains stable.

It is possible to preserve constitutional balance and make constitutional rice in the two constitutional constitutions. Is. The government cannot alter its own will and amend the Constitution. The basic rights are preserved in the provision of preserving the fundamental rights and not in the two constitutional constitutions. Because the basic rights are recorded in it.

The prevalence of the judiciary and the judiciary acts as the guardian of the  differnational constitution. The political consciousness of the people awakens and awakens in the durable constitution = political consciousness.

The government cannot tolerate gender discrimination in the constitution of autocracy and in a repressive constitution. As a result, the government cannot be arbitrary. Preserving the interest of the minorities and controlling the interests of the minorities plays an important role in protecting the interests of minorities. In the constitution, the constitutional law is given more honor than an ordinary brother.

Difficulties of the two constitutional constitutions:

There are some disadvantages of the two constitutional constitutions. Those difficulties are as follows: The two constitutional constitution creates problems.

  1. The hindrance of progress and the impoverishment of the two constitutional constraints Because through progressive society, he tried to change the constitution.
  2. The possibility of revolution and the drought-prone constitution cannot be changed. So people revolution
  3. Wrote the unfinished and vicious constitution. But the details of the constitution of this constitution are not recorded. Therefore, it is possible that the two constitutional constitution is incomplete. Delay and obstruction in the constitutional version of the Constitution.
  4. Version delays and vulnerable constitution cannot be easily changed. For a while
  5. The judiciary gives the supreme power to the judiciary and the constitution of the two constitutional parties. This division also intervenes on other departments. Does not work as a safeguard.
  6. The right to freedom is not a safeguard and a two-constitutional constitution is quite right for independence. Can not adapt to political and economic changes.
  7. The stagnant and unconstitutional constitution is incompatible and unstable. Such a constitution is not in favor of the social, unconstitutional constitution.
  8. Unemployment in emergency situations or emergency situation

Differences between the Constitutional Constitution and the Sustainable Constitution

Understanding the definition and nature of the unchanging and unconstitutional constitution, both of them are analyzed.

The constitutional provision of the constitution is simple, the simplest form of constitutional constitution. It is possible that the constitution of the legislation can be amended by a well-established constitution. But the system of the evolutionary constitution is complex. The special method is to be used for the constitution of the two constitutional constitutions.

In constitutional law and general law and the well-established constitution, constitutional laws and salt laws are almost given equal status. On the other hand, the difference between the constitutional law and the common law is distinguished between the two constitutional constitutions.

Written and unwritten and well-educated constitution can be written and unwritten. But the repressive constitution is bound to be written.

From the source: Constitutional law and common law source are one and the same in the well-established constitution. But in both the constitutional constitution, the sources of both the laws are usually different. From time to time and the constitution of the well-established constitution is unstable. On the other hand, there are two ways The constitution is stable.

From the point of view of change and the well-established constitution can be easily changed. But the vulnerable constitution cannot be easily changed.

Progressive and responsive and well-educated constitution is progressive. On the other hand, | Reactive nature of the two constitutional constitutions.

In the case of the possibility of revolution and the constitutional constitution, the legislature is generally sovereign. But because of the unstable constitution, it is more likely to revolt or revolution. Remains.

In terms of sovereign power and in a well-established constitution, the legislature is generally sovereign. But the Constitution is the sovereign power of the constitution in the repressive constitution. In the case of fundamental rights and the constitutional constitution, the basic laws of the citizens are not recorded. On the other hand, created by the basic rights of the citizens in the dual constitution Rights are recorded in the records.

Reflection 4 Representation of Public Representation, On the other hand, the democratic constitution reflects the expectation and expectation of the people. In the case of fulfillment and the well-established constitution is unacceptable, it is an indispensable ‘constitutional constitution’. The distinction between the well-established and unconstitutional constitution is that it is very unscientific, irrational and unrealistic. The clear boundary between the two

Good Constitution Features:

Functions are controlled and managed. It is the country’s main and holiest law. Through 9, a national life and state forms are reflected in. The country’s constitution, which is 9th and ideologically the nation and the nation, is as exalted and ideal as the local. Therefore, the good of the Constitution is undeniable.

Good Structure and Strength in Social Economic and Cultural Improvement Now what is the key to the question, what is the constitution of a country is called a good constitution. In fact, there are some special characteristics of a good constitution. Below are some of the best features of the Constitution:

Explanation: Clearness is one of the characteristics of good Constitution. The principles and regulations of the constitution must be clear, specific and assured. Its main trend and. The policies should be clearly and clearly written so that they do not disagree with their meaning. It is written in lively and meaningful languages. Gives. So the constitution will be considered to be good, which avoids the language and words that are incomprehensible.

Briefness and abbreviations Another feature of good Constitution. It is recommended to subdivide its sub-section so that it does not involve unnecessary unexplained context. But that’s why the constitution should not be shortened only – it There should be a detailed set of details about the formation of various parts of the state and how the state power will be run.

In addition to making the constitution well-established, it should be ensured. If it were, then it was helpful to the political stability. As a result, the economy of the economy can be divided into a couple couples. If the constitution is permanent, it is sure to progress. The constitution should be noted in the constitution about the constitution of various political institutions, the process of the prior political power, the outline of the governance relationship, etc. One of the main features of sovereign power balance and the good constitution is sovereign.

The sovereignty of the legislature is better in the distribution of political sovereignty. The provisions play a special role. It is vital to protect the balance between the government and the people. The downside of public uprising or revolution is the inclusion of basic rights and fundamental rights, one of the best of the constitution. > Sugi The constitution must clearly describe the social policies. People in the Constitution

The rights must be mentioned so that the government can never undermine the fundamental rights of the people. Professor Laski said, “Good Constitution must be inserted into fundamental rights. The important features of timeliness and good constitution are timely. Social change With the change of society, the constitution must be timely so that the constitution can keep pace. The constitution must be consistent with the expectations of the people.

Written Constitution was written in one of the characteristics of the constitution and the best constitution. There may be many complications if there is no written constitution. The basic constitution of the written constitution is preserved. The federal constitution must be written.

National ideals and good governance and good constitution must be written in the national ideals, lakes and social heritage. Because the identity of a country, state and nation can be obtained through the constitution. Through this, the identity and authenticity of the nation are reflected.

It is not recommended that the constitution of the constitution and the method of changing the constitution is very simple or very misconstrued. If the method of change of constitution is very easy, it would be very difficult to distinguish between constitutional law and constitutional law. Again, if the constitution is very different, it will not be able to keep up with the change in society.

Public opinion will be reflected in public opinion and a good constitution. Good Constitution will be public holders and carriers. From time to time, the aim of the public will be to change the constitution and change it.

Priority of the judiciary:

To ensure the priority of the constitution, 8 will be ensured. For this, the judiciary will have to explain the constitution. The judiciary will be the guardian and protector of the constitution. Though social customs and custom based and good constitution are written, it will be respected for customs and customs. With the written part of the Constitution.

To compromise the customs, a constitution has to be very different, if it is to be good. In the absence of a good constitution, state system becomes chaos and the constitution of Britain is a good constitution. Therefore, the need for a good constitution of the state to make social, political, cultural and cultural progress is undeniable.

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