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Constitution of the United States:

The United States Constitutional Characteristics feature is very important. There are some basic features of the US Constitution. Below are the important features of the US Constitution

Recommendation of the Constitution: In the American Statute written and accepted in the Philadelphia conference in 1787, a proposal was first introduced. According to the suggestion, the American public is the source of the constitution.

The constitution was written and accepted by their conception. It is mentioned in the suggestion, that means that the people of the United States form a more successful political establishment, the establishment of justice, internal peace discipline and joint defense system and the welfare of the masses, to get the blessing of our independence for our next generation. We have enacted and established this Constitution of the United States.

Foreign Government and Politics But the opinion of the reviewers, the people of the United States, who are refrained from the proposal, are not the symbol of the people’s sovereign will and power.

Because the Philadelphia conference was not representative of all parts of society. Representatives of the main vested interests have influenced the activities of the constitutional conference.

As a result, the interest of this class has been reflected in the constitution. Because the people of the country did not have any representative, their intention was not reflected in any constitution.

The prevalence of the constitution and the dominance of the constitution in the United States is well-established. US Constitution is the basic or supreme law of the country.

The President, the Congress and the Supreme Court, including the President of the United States, have to make certain powers and jurisdictions to be accorded by the constitution.

If any law enacted by the constitution is considered invalid. The main law of the country and the Constitution of the United States. The constitution is the source of all state power. The US Constitution states that

But many analysts believe that the power of judicial process and legality of the government’s activities and legality is entrusted to the Supreme Court. Therefore, the Supreme Court has expanded the legitimacy of legitimacy so far, which has resulted in the Supreme Court’s prerogative rather than the dominant constitution.

The Constitution of the United States recognizes the sovereignty of the people and the sovereignty of the people. Specifications The United States Constitution has started in the United States People ‘ The Constitution Such speculation suggests the clear recognition of mass civilization.

According to Lord Bryce, the sovereignty of the people of the United States has become the basis and basis of democracy.

The suggestion came from the fact that the general public and the legal and moral grounds of the Constitution of the United States, James Madison noted in one of his newspapers that the United States government system is determined to protect the responsible government of the people and its powers are obtained directly or indirectly from the public.

The people are sovereign here. The place for travel in the world to Torvill idol worshipers, and also the place of the people in the US regime. ”

However, there is a good deal of criticism of public opinion on the general public of the United States Constitution. Professor Beard reviewed the constitution of the United States, Japan, Ireland, etc.

and showed that people are not the source of the constitution; In fact, the constitution reflects the ideas of its writers.

He also showed that in the Philadelphia conference of 1787 there was no representative of the common people of workers, peasants, etc. In the US Constitution, its true worshipers have reflected financial interests.

The hope of the common man was not found in the constitution. For example, there was no representative of the negro community at the conference’s conference. Moreover, there was no attempt to involve the public with the provision of the presumption of the Constitution.

So, this Constitution does not reflect on the sovereign power of your people. The United States Constitution is the earliest written in the world The constitution is still in force. This constitution, created in 1787, was documented in various documents, in 1788 it was written. It was confirmed and it was effective in 1789.

Similar to other written constitution, this constitution is also a special organization. Written and accepted by The basic rules, procedures, rules of governing the US governance, the power of the center and states, their correlation, the power of government departments and their relationship are recorded in the constitution. Basically, according to these written basic laws and procedures, governance is regulated and managed.

Relevant constitutional:

In addition to the written rules and procedures of the United States Constitution, some of the unwritten rules and procedures have been developed. No “, they also took an active role in managing the management

These unwritten laws and regulations are constitutional customs. Constitutional ratinaatoh, with the changing times, favorable for the protection of the constitution, the constitutional principle of the party system of the President’s cabinet related customs mother

The skin is not less than the law. These are the two influential laws of the law to remain effective for a long time. Ag and Ray said,

The Constitution and the United States Constitution officially dilemma. To figure it out, complex or special methods are to be followed. Section 5 of the constitution is mentioned, Makin.

In addition to the support of two-thirds of the members of the Central Legislative Assembly of both the Congress for a constitutional amendment, three-fourths of Trinamool Congress support is needed. Because of the complexity of the sanitation system, the US Constitution has changed in just about 200 years.

Judicial interpretation of the constitution, the personality of the United States Due to the leadership of the President, constitutional custom, etc., the constitutional mechanism of the constitution did not cause any inconvenience.

So, one of the characteristics of the revolting US Constitution. The United States Constitution can not be changed in the general legislative process like Britain.

In summary, there is no similarity to the procedure for ratification of the Constitution of the United States and the process of passing the general law with the conforming process.

Loyalty to adopt special procedures for the constitution of the United States Constitution. That is why the United States Constitution is in the form of a dysfunctional constitution.

The short constitution and the United States Constitution are the world’s shortest constitution. There is no detailed explanation for the constitutional principles of the US regime.

The United States states dossier aides The Constitution of the United States did not increase the size of the Constitution. In 1787 the Constitution There were more minorities.

The size of the constitution was not more than 10-12 pages printed. The original constitution, contained in the Philadelphia Convention, had only seven sections, including 1 suggestion. Subsequently, due to different sanctions, its size increased slightly.

Got it Even after 26 times, the number of words in the Constitution has not crossed 6000 (six thousand). In the light of the short form of the US Constitution, constitution makers defied only the basic principles of governance. They did not elaborate them within the boundaries of the constitution. * 7.

Federal Regime 4 United States Constitution United States And this is the federal nature of the constitution, the most important features of the Constitution The distribution of power between centers and territories to the federal regime.

the written and irreconcilable constitution and its predominance, the authority of the federal courts, dual citizenship, basically mean the four featured attributes of the regime. The US Constitution guarantees the requirements of the federal regime properly. Central

Actual federal arrangements have been adopted in the distribution of power between the government and the state governments. C, F. Strong described the United States Constitution as “the most complete federal constitution in the world.” According to him,

But the modern writers say that the United States government and the real United States government are increasingly increasing the power of the federal government compared to the state governments, and some features of the Century Concentrates are gradually being published. Fear of war and war, financial crisis, public welfare

Due to the spread of activities, economic planning, improvements in the system of geography, improvements in science and technology, the role of the court, etc., the power of the central government of the United States has been greatly increased.

The capabilities of the Constitution of the United States In the United States, a wide variety of capacities are observed in many countries of the world. The Mother Constitutionalism wanted to be empowered in such a way that three departments could perform separate tasks separately from their respective fields.

According to Article 1 of the US Constitution, all powers of legislation will be hand in hand. According to Article 2 of the constitution, the entire governing power has been entrusted to the President.

According to Article 3 of the Constitution, the United States judicial powers will be subject to the Supreme Court and its subordinate courts. That is, these three departments independently perform their departmental responsibilities.

No department can interfere with any other department. The constitution of the legislation is incorporated in the constitution as a special policy. Therefore, this feature of the constitution is called one of its main pillars.

But in the workplace, the full capacitance was not possible in the United States. There Congress is dependent on the president. Again, the President often relied on the Congress and sometimes the functions of the President and the Congress were controlled by the judiciary.

So it is not possible to implement this policy strictly. In order to prevent any section from being authoritarian, they gave a division to interfere in other departments. And that is why there is a violation of the principle of mutual control and balance.

Regulation and balance policy: In addition to the legislation of the legislation, the ‘control and balance policy’ has also become a constitution of the United States Constitution. The implied form of the ruling policy is ‘the principle of mutual control and balance’.

The constitution of the Constitution of the United States does not allow the principle of ’empowerment’ to be inadequate so that every division can play a role in the activities of other departments and maintain a balance between the whole regime under control of them.

For example, Congress makes laws, but the President can donate ‘veto’ under that law and Congress can specify two-thirds of veto.

The President will consider signing the foreign treaty, but if the contract becomes valid, then the Senate will have to follow. The Supreme Court can accept laws passed by Congress and signed by the President as a non-constitutional legislation.

But the President gave the judges the respect of the Senate. According to Lord Bryce, this kind of power flows from different sources of public sovereignty. Nothing can be over but the coils cannot be printed. Whenever there is a fear of printing the bulb, the judiciary will turn the dam’s face.

It is said in the wake of the ruling that the government departments perform only their respective tasks,

According to the rules of control and balance, each division enters the other area beyond its boundaries. The result is a result. Inconsistencies and conflicts Due to this, the United States government system have been specially assessed.

It is called today. For the social welfare state, essential joint responsibility and single leadership have been destroyed in one form.

President-ruled regime: The US Constitution has established the President-ruled regime. The President of the United States, the President and Chief of the Government, both the legal and practical judges, Possesses power.

Under Article 2 of the Constitution, all the powers of the governing body have been entrusted to the President. He directly used this power. He is the supreme head of the governing department, while the chief of the state.

The establishment of the governing department on his sole authority and leadership. Subsequently, the cabinet system developed to help the President It did not in any way undermine the President’s constitutional ability and influence. The cabinet is merely the president’s advisory body. Members of the cabinet are only subordinate employees of the President.

The combination of direct and parochial democracy Paring states that the use of moderate or representative democracy in the United States is yet to be seen in democratic control of the insects. At all

Decide whether the law will be enacted:

By participating in the legislation and through the ‘Athabaskan’

Decide on the decision. Thus, a combination of both democracy and democracy is observed in the United States. 1. The idea of fundamental rights: in the US

The right of the owner is embedded. However, there was no fundamental right when the original constitution was introduced. Because of this, many parties did not believe it. So the Constitution is to be implemented

If the freedom of worship, freedom of expression, freedom of movement, accusations of freedom of movement, the right to be judged in the manner of the law, the equality of the law, the right to property, etc. includes the basic rights of US citizens.

Judicial preference:

Judiciary has been recognized in the United States. If any decision of the governing department or the law department is not constitutional, then the judiciary can make an illegal attack on the basis of unconstitutional or inconsistent proceedings through judicial review.

If there is a difference of opinion between the Central or the State Governments on any matter of the Constitution, the Supreme Court has interpreted it and that interpretation is considered to be final.

The responsibility of protecting the basic rights of US citizens are entrusted to the Supreme Court.

As the custodian of the fundamental rights and the role of the Supreme Court of America as the guardian of the Constitution, many would favor it to be called the third house of the legislature.

The Supreme Court has established itself above the Department of Law and the Law Department by its role.

The policy of limited government policy and the limited government in the United States Constitution has been recognized. Empowering the government in three divisions and the ‘mutual control and balance policy’ among them, the makers acknowledged the limited government’s demand.

In the power distribution system, the powers of the central government and state governments are restricted through the constitutional regime.

Limitation in the Different States on Central Government and State Governments in the United States Constitutional Constitution. Has been awaited.

In fact, in the US political system, the power of the three departments of the government and the power of the central government and state governments are specifically restricted. Again restrictions on government power have been introduced through the charter of rights.

According to the Marxist thinkers, the policy of the limited government has been adopted to ensure the free development of private ownership in the production system for the sake of the capitalist system.

The possibility of state intervention has been discontinued for the uninterrupted development of private ownership over the production of ingredients by restricting government power.

Liberalizing the liberal view of John Locke and Thomas Payne on the basis of the liberalization of the United States and the governance of the United States, the liberal views have been reflected. Different provisions of the constitution. Its features include political equality, multilateral system, overall adult rights,

The prevalence of bureaucracy, the vestiges of dignity, the right to personal property, etc., which are seen in the United States government.

Government-wise sharing of the share-sharing system is an important part of the United States government system. It was first introduced. In the case of government jobs and later it is extended to ‘contract’ tax exemptions etc.

In this process, due to the election of the new president, his party’s supporters took the lead in the form of major government posts, and the former office-bearers had to resign and the contract was distributed among party members. In the nineteenth century, this system was very extensive.

At present, because of the appointment of the job seekers, their scope has become very narrow and there is a lot of skill in the public work; The method of distribution of contract based on party basis has also been abolished.

Dual citizenship dual citizenship It is considered to be one of the key elements of the federal system established by the US Constitution. Every American countryman is also a citizen of the United States and one of the states.

Despite the dual citizenship, the United States has become a solid nation and has progressed towards prosperity. So there is no confusion between dual citizenship.

Two-chamber central assembly:

Style of federal rule According to the United States Central Legislature consists of two rooms. Its upper house name is Senate and lower house name representative meeting.

The upper house Senate, with two representatives from each state. Made of That is, the principle of equality of the states in the United States has been recognized. The Senate is known as the second most powerful room in the world.

Two-party system:

There is a two-party system in the US The main political parties of this region are named – Democratic Party and the General Party. There is no difference between ideological and agenda related to these two major parties.

The United States’ party system is inclined to call it ‘unclear bi-party system’. In the US-led system, the existence of a group based party like party system, party discipline, organizational stratification etc. is not seen.

Ban the title distribution:

The distribution and acceptance of all kinds of titles have been prohibited from the United States Constitution. The ban was imposed in section 9 (8) of Article 1 of the Constitution.

It can be considered as one of the rights of rights or equality of one of the citizens. Congress or. The legislature can not arrange for the distribution or acceptance of the law.

A specific nature of governance governing through the characteristics of the US Constitution Has evolved. These characteristics of the constitution were not completely new in 1787 when the constitution was created. The Constitution is new

No documents. The American people brought British political organizations to their homeland, established by some modification and tried to improve them in many areas, and tried to fit them with their own losers.

Many countries of the world have been influenced by the United States Constitution to formulate their own constitution. Because the basic rights of the people have been preserved in the Constitution, it is a standard constitution.

US Constitutional System:

The constitution of each country is a historical document. Because through the constitution a historic time period is historic. Reflection on the situation. The main responsibility of the constitution is to solve the problems of society and its overall development. But the time

With the change of time, the social system and its problems have been introduced. Therefore, it is not possible to create social, political and economic health in a particular time and for special anesthesia.

For this reason, with the change of time, the constitution has to be amended according to the necessity of the time. So, with the change of time, in a peaceful way, the country’s constitution is written in all the countries of the world

A Constitutional amalgamation system is attached to the written constitution of all countries. So the constitutional regulation under the United States Constitution has been linked to the constitution.

The United States Constitution is a well-known example of written and incomplete constitution. The constitution is in double quarters. Because of this, it is necessary to adopt a very complex method to alter it.

The constitution makers tried to make the system of the problem complex. Because they believed the constitution was a fundamental law and the way to change it should be complicated than ordinary law. So they became determined to obstruct the path of fast and unconvincing societies and kept the US Constitution as immovable.

The Constitution of the United States is particularly unconstitutional, so far only 26 have been embroiled in the constitution.

The Constitutional amendment of the US Constitution has been described in Section 5 of the Constitution. Considering the importance of formal and statutory procedures for writing and constitution of the federal constitution, section 4 describes a complex and time-consuming approach in detail.

There are two stages of the US Constitutional Code. Namely: (1) Proposal resolution and (ii) ratification of proposals.

Proposal Proposal:

US Constitution Raising or bringing an ambitious proposal is a complex task. According to the US Constitution, the proposal may be raised in two ways. In this section, Article 5 of the constitution states that

Whenever two-thirds of the members of the Congress party feel loved, only then the Congress will have to bring a proposal to the state. Or,

If two-thirds of the state legislature favors the Congress, then a special constitutional conference will be held. Invite or offer a proposal for bringing an amendment to the proposal.

Secondly, the second was not used in two subjects in the resolution of the proposal, but the United States government has begun to propose a proposal for constitutional amendment on various issues at different times, but it is not necessary that these proposals have not been implemented due to lack of support from the majority of states, Two-thirds of the two chambers of the Congress

It is not clear what is right to interpret. But later this statement was accepted that two-thirds of the two members of the Congress are not meant to be two-thirds of the members of the Mat, while the quorum is proposed to be provided by the consent of two-thirds of the number of members present.

The number of current states is estimated to be 50, for the second issue, the proposal of 34 states to be provided under the ambit of proposals.

Assumption proposal suggests that, in the manner in which constitutional amendment proposals are proposed, it is recommended to officially support or envision the proposed proposal to legalize and implement it.

So if the proposal is accepted by any one of the two issues of the proposed amendment proposal. Assimilation can be presented for exemption. The power of conjecture is basically placed on the states. Assumption proposal is in two different ways.

Congress may send proposals for approval directly to the State Legislatures for conformance.

The Congress will decide whether the proposed constitution will be sent to the state legislature or to a special conference called for confirming the constitutional amendment.

In any case, if neither of the two methods is followed for conjecture, neither the spell will be effective unless it is not followed by three-fourths. That is, when three-quarters of the legislative assembly of the proposed constitution or three-quarters of the legislative assembly, or three-fourths of the fields.

Consequently, when the conference is conveyed by the conference, it is said to be effective as part of the constitution. At present, the number of states in the state is 38 states to agree with the consent of the state. Without the consent of the elected state, it can not be deprived of the right to representation in the Senate.

It is therefore seen that there are two methods for the proposal to be submitted and two methods for conjecture, but the second method of proposing a proposed proposal has not been used to date.

So the first method can be considered as the only method. On the other hand, other schemes were used in the first method except for the 21st session.

This means that the second method of conjecture suggestion is used only once. No time to suppress the budget proposal. Not set. After 80 years, there is also the precedent of being approved by the state budget.

But the US Congress suggests a time for conforming proposals. It has been decided that the resolution of the proposal will be ratified within 7 years of receipt unless the proposals are canceled. However, the President or state governors do not need the consent of the constitution.

Although there are two methods for raising and enforcing a constitutional amendment to the constitution of the constitution, it can be considered as the normal way of converting two-thirds amendment proposals by the Congress and at least three-fourths of the legislative assembly of the legislation.

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