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Contributions to Augustine:

Augustine has a significant place in medieval state theory. His notable work, City of God, was influenced by the city’s city. It was a far cry from a Christian thinker philosopher who could not spread the proposal. St. Thomas Aquinas Maxim off Panda, deeply influenced by the doctrines of thinkers, Augustine’s philosophy is very little organized. D But almost all the knowledge of ancient times was under his mind and through him the popularity of the medieval age was very popular.

Augustine’s writing was a murderer of thought, and since this mine, the Catholics take care of all the authors, the most notable aspect of his thought is the Christian concept of Christian Commonwealth, which has a historical philosophy and that leads people to his spiritual development, through the thought of the Christian Commonwealth’s concept of Christian thinking. One of the orders is incomplete It is considered as the first part of the medieval period, which is extinct in modern age.

Not only does the Catholic thought increase the thinking, thinking that this situation is controlled by the thoughts in control, Augustan’s state of mind, later influenced the development of Western nationalism in many areas.

 In the case of the fall of the Roman Empire:

One of the main objectives of the book ‘August in city of God’ is to explain why the decline of the era of the era of the era has given him a satisfactory explanation, but in doing so, he has expressed a sense of history, which has no relation to its fundamentalist’s, is responsible for the fall of the Roman Empire. He appealed to those who preach and propagate religion,

and three According to the development of the Roman Empire, such as Devi devil did not have rice, and Christian religion is not responsible for its fall, but by defining the status of a state by the will of the Universal Believers, in this case Devi does not have any role in the context of the fall of the Roman Empire, and explains that the collapse of the Roman Empire is far-reaching The purpose of the expansion plan is inevitable prevalence.

State theory:

Sent accepted the doctrine of Augustine state, that according to the principle of man’s dual nature, the state has two types, such as the candidate state, another is the state of the state, compared with the body and soul of two people, according to him, despite the difficulties of the candidate, as a guest on gross or physical qualities. The coveted deprivation of greed, lust and jealousy, and others, established on selfishness Who represents the soul of man in the state of the state, the strongest expression of humble modesty symbol on the road.

Augustine believes that the sin that begins with the fall of Adam, the consequence of his sin will be as long as the question of how long the candidate will pass on the earth, he was interested in a state where crime There will be nothing to say and the fall of the crime will result in all the divine joy of this state of peace He has established the supremacy of the state over the Divine dhyatmika facilities.

Human character:

In August, there are two parts of human life in which there is one body which is attracted to the worldly happiness, which attracts the rich man’s life. He says that the Creator send the people free, but some people may include the candidate’s meditation and cannot take full advantage of his freedom. Under the delusion of pleasure, the way of sin leads to the sorrow, the pain of suffering is not the other In the spirit of giving priority to their way of life.

Followed by the desire to enjoy physical pleasure, they are able to control their lives by financing them, and they get more peace than those who are victorious.

Sent Augustine believes that the state of the state is the actual representation of the church. He thinks that the church is the only organization in the world, the magic of the world is taken over by the health of the church that represents them, and it is purely in the nature of the human soul. So the failure of the church is the failure of the state government, Role head.

Slave tradition:

He thinks slavery as compatible with August. He expresses himself as a slaves for sin and makes man slaves as a punishment for crime. Therefore, the slaves should obey and obey the Lord without protesting, and compare the country with personal property. He argued that the country’s fate is not sin or anything else.

Property Theory:

Essential goods are the property of the property, property is the result of human rights, property is created due to the fate of the property, each of them will enjoy the property of their own needs and the necessary assets will be well-utilized and used by the society.

State and government:

He acknowledged that the state government was two essential components of worldly life. He believed that the state government is filled with people’s pawns. The state government thinks that the state government has been responsible for the crime of crime of the people. The state government said that since people have committed crime in the hope of enjoying worldly happiness, the state government is therefore required to control each and every standard.

Peace and justice policy:

It is believed that representation in the state of righteousness or rule of the state of righteousness is represented by a significant scholarship. He also speaks to children, without which no right state can be formed and without the state’s policy there cannot be legislation and peace should be there in the tone of the demand.

The concept of peace in a beautiful cemetery is generally not convincing to the idea of ​​separate peace from conventional peace, but Augustine’s peace-related concept is positive, because he believes in the establishment of peace in the world under the universal laws of universal state, I.e. Denoting that seeking peace.

The city of god mentioned the role of God’s will in the destruction of the birth of the state of the book; He believed in the divine doctrine of August, divided the people of August into two classes. They lost their soul in an accident, and in the nostrils of the naked body, he found the place of two cities for these two classes. The other is in the worldly world, the city’s low in the world.

The struggle was going on because of Satan’s ambassador so the clash between the 22s was inevitable, and in the positive direction of the two cities, we see that the city’s position in the city is not in space; the kingdom of heaven can be established.

Augustine’s idea about the statesman is that in order to be in power as a representative of the statesman’s regime, sincerity is inherent in carrying out the command of the statesman.

Whether the establishment of the kingdom of heaven was possible:

Augustine wanted to establish a state of heaven on the basis of religion; he was inspired by the ideal state of Plato. He believes that the role of ideal state is to maintain peace and discipline. If people do not understand the feeling of religion, then people behave in chaos, and according to the description of the Genetic Kingdom of August, Citizen Ra-hall is a devout and all kinds of property bonding.

It is not always clear from the organization that he has given many opinions about the organization of the kingdom of heaven, it is also emotional that many times he has reached the conclusion, and because of establishing Christian religion in the highest degree of dignity, he did not see the success of the founder of the realm of reality, but he continued in front of the noble purpose. And that’s the great background The truly exclusive sets.

Criticism of Augustine state philosophy:

In the state philosophy, the ideology of any thinker could not be established in his majesty, he had somehow been confronted with criticism and criticism. At that time, when he insulted the thoughts and beliefs of the state, at the time he was a state thinker of the medieval or Dark Age group, the criticism of his philosophy is presented.

He speaks peace through peaceful policies only one way, but the peace that is impossible without nature, he did not think. It is not possible for the whole world to say that God’s love for peace is possible.

The concept of the army is very conspicuous from the concept of religion philosophical viewpoint neither his slavery property theory is like peace It is not acceptable so it is not acceptable. He has strengthened religious fanaticism through discussions.

In many cases it is seen that he has lost out of reality in the state of Kampala. According to him, not only is there a Christian religion, religion can be established, it is a misconception of his, If the information is a result of sin, then the slave is responsible for both The idea of ​​two people of the city, a resident of Ben found out it does not exist.

By analyzing the background of the electoral discussion, we can say that the state views have been criticized, but a special addition to the medieval state thought, in this context, is an undeniable point of reference, and in the context of all the problems faced by the situation, Christianity is the Christian church He has had a lot to think about the church and the state, but the idea of ​​the Christian Commonwealth has made it remarkable in its rape.

Naturally, the great influence of the entire medieval period and even the view of the ability to see the resuscitation, has been seen as a universal phenomenon, which is why he is a pundit philosopher He is a s Try the great thinker of the city of god is suspended.

His philosophical theories were compiled by Shoshone, excavated, and had acquired many philosophical multi-gems of the later period. In fact, the flow of medieval thought flows through, and determines its speed thinking, the great contemplation of the era of Sharma, published his book and started a new era of new era.

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