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Criticism of Public Opinion:

Public opinion:

Despite the importance of public opinion in modern democratic governance, many have criticized it.

Most are illiterate and ignorant. It does not have an argument. They are influential people Some people believe their own ideology. There is no clear to the general public about this. No Again, public opinion that will always be kind, it can not be said either. Many times More than the welfare and welfare of the people affected by the thinking, there is more harm than good.

Thus, public opinion has been discussed in different ways. But the modern government can not deny that government. Limitations are true, but these are not real public opinion. Rather, the media’s fault is the fault of the public. If the media is good, well organized public opinion is also to be published and used.

Media play a key role in the formation of public opinion. The campaign is the key to public opinion creation. Tatiana. In any case, people in a lot of publicity when they win. With the help of publicity in the field of propaganda, many non-distinguished persons also acquired the knowledge of the wise and the peasants. Progress in science and technology in the world is as fast as the role of media is growing faster than it is.

Or it can be said that the progress of science and technology has indeed been in the power of promotion. Has been much more than that. Press or printing machine is the most powerful for promotion. Through this, people in the printed letters reach their speech to the people. What is the word of mouth? No, it can be easily achieved in the letter of writing.

It is possible to decide on its own opinion, so public opinion is created through these lessons. These include magazines, magazines, books, leaflets, handbills, pacers, alaikekta etc. Even Bhugenivov said about the power of the image contained in plaquette or cameras, once in a single picture by appearing in the picture. The human thought comes out as clearly and well-organized by its writings, and not through another. So, by doing this, public opinion is not as easy, but through other.

Its tides can be created, but they can float the logic and intelligence barrier. The press is the most efficient and effective tool in the passion of the media. The time-group class acquires ownership of these mediums and uses them for their sake. In the written form, in the written form with the aim of ‘realistic intellectual political leaders, such as’ socialism’ or political development, being released, in the liberal democracy, where the capitalist regime controls the state, there is a combination of print media. The palm of this class is also the tool.

Opinion wants to control:

Human thinking is deadlier than firearms. The evidence of this statement is proved when people observe various incidents. 1688 years since .s. John Lock’s writings have a huge contribution to the glorious revolution that took place in Britain and England. Kept it. As a result of his thought, the impact of the king on England was reduced during the revolution. And the sovereignty of parliament was established. In the case of the French Revolution in 1989, Rousse’s ‘Sasal Contract’ played a pivotal role. Thus, in the Russian Revolution, Leo Tolstoy, The effect of the writing is noticed.

Everyday news of the state and the society is not available only in daily newspapers, as well as its actual images are found. These stories sometimes stir up the readership in such a way that they become a good witness in the face of the scandal of society. Then in the 1990’s. The role that is being played through various media including the newspaper to oust the dictator Er-shad government.

It really is worth mentioning. Napieri Benepert used to say that the newspaper was the most popular print media. “I fear three newspapers more than one lakh bayants. Democracy is a truly representative ruling system. The more government that the government here emphasizes, the more fulfilling conditions of representation. Will be able to John Stuart Mill “Ideally speaking the government is a good government, like the message of food that is public opinion in this type of government.

Press has played the most influential role in the formation of this public opinion. After the invention of a printing press in England,a real democratic practice has begun. The newspaper itself Everyday, millions of people are creating the impact of the opinion on certain issues.

The practice of democracy in the country can be measured based on how much newspapers and newspapers are able to express themselves freely. Whether the newspaper is free or the control on the printing machine

If there is a fair trial against any powerful person or a very powerful government. If the government’s character is a pure democratic nature, then accept such a review.

They are interrupted by the free development of alladays. It is possible to organize public opinion arbitrarily. The newspaper is sincere in propagating its opinion and people give more importance and value to the spoken words than people’s words. Regardless of the fact that the Press is public in front of the public, sincerely honest, honest and pure to promote his opinion.

Pressing the beliefs in their minds can be presented to the public by presenting the true truth in front of the public. By knowing the press, the constitution of the known constitution creates a reaction and on the basis of its publicity, That’s why the autocratic government first came to power and attacked the media for the first time. Implement his full control over the media. Raiman Emperor Funk ordered the injection of his picture to get back his popularity.

The neutrality of printing machinery can play a very influential role in the formation and control of public opinion. With the addition of objectivity, it is very useful. If there is the free development of the printing industry in the country then there is no mention. Through the free, neutral and objective publicity of the government or in the party that can be true and true, it generates huge reactions and public opinion becomes strong. If all the printing presses or news media is one such role. But public opinion will flow itself to the right sector.

Media can work equally in the interest of the two categories of society. The rich class. Proper public opinion can not be created when obstacles in the publication of news or writing that are in jeopardy. The opinion made in this case is to include some artificial and planned ideas. That’s why public-like news, pictures of people’s happiness, sadness, and sadness are published through different. If it can lead to widespread reactions in public, it can create fair and fair public opinion.

Like print or media, public opinion So grow up The media’s special role in the formation of public opinion in the light of its meaning. Location. Due to the importance of the media, in the country of the country, it is fine and planned. Control is maintained. Because the propaganda often makes the false, fake, deceptive and misleading news. As a result, people are misguided and can not decide the right opinion.

Yellow journalism is characterized by the character of a person or organization, it is counterproductive to public opinion. Due to these reasons, the confidence of the newspapers or the media is declining. Therefore, the mass media coverage was narrowed by the formation of Kalakanoon. If not able to serve neutral and objective news, the true public opinion will not be reflected.

Again the newspaper will not be exclusive to anyone. All the monopoly in the exclusive advantages of the newspaper.

The freedom of writing is worthwhile like other freedom. For this reason, the freedom of the press will have freedom. Independent speech is the only one. Khan is through the media. Freedom of the media in the former conditions of the liberation. Only the production of income per head is in the production.

As a condition of the success of democratic governance, the essentials of strong and well-deserved public opinion are mentioned. The actual proposal is based on public opinion of democratic governance and public opinion

So, healthy, well-organized and well-publicized public opinion on the success of democracy. The excellence of the democratic government is dependent on public opinion. Democracy can not succeed without fair and vigorous public opinion. So there is a need for good and strong public opinion structure and publication. For this reason, special emphasis was placed on the formation of fair and vigorous public opinion. For the purpose of creating genuine public opinion, the following topics are mentioned as necessary conditions.

The prevalence of real education and pre-arrangement of well-publicized publicity is discussed as a well-planned education system. Without the spread of appropriate education, public opinion can not be formed. The illiteracy of the illiterate and ignorant people does not develop. As a result, people are conservative and superstitious and are driven by narrow mindedness.

It is possible to overcome all obstacles in the form of real public opinion by the spread of real education. Making a well-educated person socially aware Social conscious people can be inspired by the ideals of greater social welfare beyond the narrow interest of individuals. The well-educated people are made up of public opinion. In the lifestyles, the democratic meditation process is used. As a result, social welfare, fair and strong

Ideal educational institutions:

Ideal public opinion will not be reflected when standard education is not spread in the country. The educational institution is an ideal place for the citizens of the future. The education that is received by the students of schools, colleges and universities, and is inspired by the philosophies and ideals that are taught. So their future life is in the comfort.

In the next life, it greatly influenced and controlled their thoughts and activities. So the ideal educational institution is the best vehicle for public opinion building. But the education system can not expand if the education system is not engrossed in education. Many times the education of the country.

Anarchy, anarchy and chaotic environment prevails in the institution that there is a need for good education which is helpful in spreading uninterrupted education.

Publicity is more publicized and circulated by the ruling party. Th They can not write anything against the class Elite. Many times they are being controlled, so they can not hold any of these neutral and brave statements. Therefore, the machines must be free of impact. Many = By singing singly and singing some reviews. . So all of them must be neutral. Such a drama-movie

The people were informed. But the promotion will not be there. Promotional equipment is ideal if local newspapers or newspapers are more prominent. The dominant winter 4-propagated instrument is tightly controlled, so that it can not show up in front of the public.

Therefore, it is not possible to show machine time, some medium singular praise and some contemplation. So being neutral in all this is a picture that attracts people but can not be influenced, because pornography is more prominent for business purposes.

Independence of freedom of expression and freedom of expression is particularly needed in the form of a real public opinion. Real opinion can not be formed if it is not freely expressed. For this reason, the medium of public relations is the medium. Desperate freedom is essential. That is, there is a need for proper freedom of the media for the formation and publication of public opinion such as radio, film, television, newspaper etc.

Unity among the people:

Many people believe that unity about the purpose and purpose of the state is favorable for the creation of a fair public opinion. Organized public opinion becomes impossible if there is a ban against the people, race, religion, etc.Will read Because, in the public, the caste-religion-racial discrimination destroys mutual tolerance and co-operation and endangers the interests of minorities. Besides, the caste and the papatera. Judiciary and narrow divisions create division among people. In this situation, a healthy and vigorous public opinion can not be formed. So there is a need for unity, tolerance, mutual understanding among the public.

In the social life, for the sake of creating equitable and fair public opinion, there is a need for social and economic equality. Real public opinion can be formed in the country where there is an inequality in the social and economic areas of the country’s political system

Because in the social and economic spheres of the discrimination society, the groups of public opinion and public opinion control and use them for their own class interests. However, the correct information about important problems in contemporary does not reach the public. Like this Healthy and vigorous public opinion can not be formed in the financial system. Therefore, according to modern intellectuals, in the interest of fair public opinion, equality in all areas of social life


The well-organized political parties and the political parties are the true means of formation, but if there is a well-organized ideological party in the country, then no one is there. Can not create a favorable environment. Team system in most backward and developing countries.

Being indoctrinated and not being institutionalized:

Composed of public elected representatives. The election process will be free and fair. It is possible to deceive the public in a fraudulent election that constitutes the legislature. Not affected.

Tolerance and tolerance Another condition for the creation of a fair public opinion. There should be tolerance in people of all levels of society. Peaceful coexistence is not possible if one does not show sympathy with each other. To protect the national interest, the difference between all kinds of race, religion, culture etc should be forgotten. National interest Not available in the field. All kinds of divisions will have to be kept upstairs, if not, no real form of public opinion.

The role of political leaders, thinkers and writers:

Particularly mentioned in the role of political leaders, eminent thinkers of society and progressive writers in creating the right public opinion. The meeting of political leaders reached the people with the help of media media such as meeting society, brochure, newspaper etc.

Farsighted and well-thought-out opinion of experienced leaders politically educated and educated the public. Again, the people of the society, and the thoughtful writers of national and international national and international issues and problems, and public opinion public opinion were formed. Its effect-reaction on it is very deep. As a result of all this, the strong result is strong

Public opinion is reflected in public meetings and meetings. Therefore, the public need to be organized for public education. But most of the public meetings were held to confuse people. Demonstrate ideological speeches in the meeting-committee, if it is attacked in a cocktail, then public opinion will be run on the wrong path. People can get excellent knowledge in hearing. If the meeting-committee is absent of each other

The legitimate government and government is a tool by which the will of the state is formed and published. The state’s manifestation takes place through the government. If he is not valid he is And carriers. The government will not seek public opinion, because their power is not based on public opinion. Public opinion can not be formed with the help of such a government.

For the sake of fair publicity, there is a need to have social control over the means of formation and publication of public opinion. Public opinion based on the news and opinion that is reached to the public with the help of media, radio, film, and television.

So be sure to serve accurate and unobtrusive information and opinions. Unemployed If these mediums of public opinion formation and publication are under the control of a particular person or gaasti There is a danger of imposing distorted and biased information and opinions on the people. So public opinion The need for social control over the medium of formation and publication is undeniable.

Democracy is the vital force of democracy. It is essential to make good, vigorous and free public opinion for the success of democracy and to control governmental activities. “Awake and watch. The main opinion of Vo-democracy is a democracy. “If such public opinion is formed, then the public representatives can formulate government policy accordingly. As a result, they will get a good start on public welfare to eliminate the people’s lack of information. The country’s public opinion is as conservative as it is. The system is as well developed.

That is why free freedom of expression of public opinion in the democratic country. It is guaranteed. In reality, the basis of democracy depends on the independence of the people. Not only in the democratic country, public opinion in the modern dictatorship is also widely valued. The dictatorships always try to work according to their opinion and look after public opinion. Do it. However, democracy is essential in a democracy.

Methods of public opinion:

In the democratic rule, governance is governed by public opinion. But the method of public opinion or public opinion measures is not so easy. Public opinion is measured in various ways. For example: general elections, references, survey, interviews and opinions, reviews, non-recitation, newspapers or media surveys, movies and publications etc. These are described below.

General elections and general election in the form of general election and the best way of measuring or judging public opinion in the modern democratic state. By a general election, to a government, a Public opinion can easily be measured by the political parties and accordingly the government is formed in modern states.

Many times the countrywide or in some areas are verified or measured through surveys. This method was adopted especially in deciding whether to study or judge any political subject. This method of reflection of public opinion has resulted in 2 many political scientists being convinced However, this method is very time-consuming and expensive.

Measurement methods for this type are usually taken before the election. Public opinion can be verified or measured by taking interviews and feedback and by taking various media or direct interview views. This method is adopted with respect to the state’s important and controversial.

Public opinion measures can also be made about meeting political parties, or the situation, or national opinion on national issues, as well as the opinion of the people of the Gale table meetings and the rest of the civil society. However, this method is very approximate and hypothetical.

There is considerable debate about this method of non-voting and public opinion or public opinion verification. According to many, this is a best method. According to many, it is a rice. This method is used for. Method What he has done, legitimizing it after general military rulers took possession of state power

Newspaper or media survey and sometimes in newspapers and other media. Opinion on important issues is called. Thus, most political scientists believe that public opinion is verified or measured. Goes. However, in this method, partial and public awareness of the conscious section is measured or verified.

Signature sign is a method to collect a signature and verify or measure public opinion. Many people think of it. Originally used for public opinion. However, some public opinion can be verified in this manner. Character, publications and other forms of film making, the nature of the publication and the analysis and the use of it. Through public scrutiny, public opinion can be verified or measured. However, this method is largely the creation of public opinion

In addition, there are other methods of public opinion measurement. The opinions and opinions of educated people etc.

At the end of the aforementioned discussion, it seems that there are many such vehicles in public opinion, as well as many measures of public opinion measurement or verification. Many of these are again useful in public opinion and measurement. However, the general elections will be considered as the best and organized universal method of public opinion.

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