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Definition of Feudalism:

Summary of the long period of the medieval period, the contributions of Yoga to the defense of the previous war, not only in the magnitude of the magnificent period, but also in various dimensions, not only is the concept of various ideologies, but also a sign of a prominent era.

It is a traditional ancient state of the state, such as urban state As the medieval state was developed, the medieval state On the one hand the church versus state based on the development of the information has been samanta

This border tantra was developed by the Border Datta on the side of the monarchy, which influenced Europe’s social and political life, and the medieval economy was largely controlled in the field of border theory, by judging the Marxist viewpoint, the emergence of this border theory is a storm of social development, and many say that socialism is one of the medieval societies Definite speech.

In the medieval socialism, two clear systems were meant to be very clear, the two of them are Samant Giri, the land slavery is the feudal valley, where the zamindars will be loyal to their inaugural ruler Raja. The zamindars, in that case, In exchange, the right to enjoy zamindari On the other hand, land was the system where their condition was to acquire ownership of common land, as slaves, they worked hard to obey zamindar orders but did not get any status.

Apart from the above two meanings of feudalism, there is another meaning in this regard, in this context, in connection with the ownership of land and related to irregular rent, it is said that feudalism was a kind of mutual agreement in which the landlords could deposit some of the land, and in exchange they helped provide mainly the help of zamindars of the common man. Feudal customs Mutual contractual.

Many have said that while feudal theory explains feudalism tune marginalized with the natural natural state of the Roman Empire, as a tribal society, the compromise organization, socialism, the large government, due to the collapse of the permanent army, due to the collapse of permanent army, the social upheaval of the Mughal Empire, If there is a preference for love, then there is a strategy created by the prince.

The origins of socialism:

Due to the duration of socialism, its impact on the subject matter of the geographical boundaries, it was not possible to identify the emergence of middle class society in the medieval period. The meaning of the medieval period is that of social-political person state relations. The feudal principle is so closely related to the relation of religion that researchers consider to be extremely difficult to find in history. From 476 to 15 years Jantar as a group thought.

One of the main features of medieval feudalism was the conflict between the state church which reached the stage of confrontation and created an uncertainty of extreme chaos between the state and the financial system. Other developments in establishing the ultimate chaos of the existing political and economic system had long been divided into small structures.

The land was dependent on the basis Ownership and Land Acquisition of Harhamesa originated in the medieval period so that all the real estate came under the influence of influential people, so instead of relying on non-state-level state administration, they increased themselves by building their own security system, some of them prepared the military. It is easily assumed that medieval Based on the agricultural system to save the emergence of socialism Ilata played a crucial role in the lack of safety of these two elements

Due to the emergence of feudalism, many people say that when the great Roman Empire breaks down, only a small number of small energy units can be born, but the power to keep them weak but the power of the next generation continues to grow, though the influence of the church remains.

The influence of kings and churches:

The main features of feudal theory and its two influences are influenced by the influence of the king. The Church’s influence is the church. The fear of religion over ordinary people; Paradoxically, the superstitious worship was thrown into the ordinary. It was not given to the kingdom. The priests were forced to provide wealth. On the other hand, it becomes a repository.

Father’s relationship with the son:

The common man of the equanimity had fallen prey to a divisive expatriate who preached himself as God’s representative. He could give people the right to take away the sins of the people. The devotees of Jesus Christ followed them, who had established God as the father of the people, their children, the survival of the Zamindar Promised.

Global perspectives:

In the era of feudalism, agriculture was the only proprietorship of land owned by the ownership of the land, the lease of life came true and the only king came to the king, but all the land was leasing and the conditions of the lease were invested, the agricultural land of the king was divided into huge large sections and responded to the masses. Provided by the king, Baya was the main receiver That’s the same as that


According to the promise of paying tax to the king, the feudal lord could have inherited the property of the land according to the conditions of the contract, and on the occasion of Shahabagi or regular tax payment, by paying regular tax to the king of the life, the economy was almost entirely based on agriculture because it was said to be out of agriculture. The common people accept the feudal King’s music.

The relationship of worship to the Lord:

The king responded by sharing nicotine in the small parts of the state, as well as the feudal lords of the feudal lords who were given the same kind of lease to the people of the masses. The name was called the Bait on the mass count, there was almost a lot of transaction between the night and the way In this way.

Bin Bin Bin inaugurated in such a way that he could enjoy his conditional agricultural land The land provided security co-operation; In this way, till the end of the original till the original land was traded, there was an affluence of worship in between both of them. The same person could be Lord of the Garden of Paradise, the same property was divided in small parts several times. Attacks on the court of the Lord.

At that time, the military was obliged to provide military assistance in exchange for the security of the people’s lives. If the truth is broken, then if the Lord disobeys the right to fail or fail to secure the worship of the Lord or if he demands additional taxes, then he could withdraw loyalty oath by leaving the property.

Feudal conflict:

A notable feature was that they enjoyed the right to manage Taluk almost independently under the king and engaged in long-term conflict with the neighboring border, the zamindars did not have the central law enforcement force in order to establish establishment and security in the form of their own influence on so many energies as a result of calm and zamindar The instability exists How

The condition of the scholars of state-minded scholars, called the state’s lack of power, could not be established in the medieval age, because of which many scholars blamed people’s separateness against the back, and many of them did not agree to blame, but within 50 days the situation was severely intense.

Zakidars’ arbitrariness:

Zamindars influence of a central government Many people did not own the zamindari of the state zamindars feudal lord knows that the law enacted judicial system governing all affairs related to governance governed by an independent sovereign state. They used to preserve all the provisions of the notes printed law.

The judiciary exercised all the arrangements to protect the security of the nizhny talukdar and the subjects Build up They had their own declaration of civil criminal justice, and their declaration was in compliance with the respect of the people as the law, so many Pandits said that it was a tyrannical zamindar who, according to a zamindar or convergence, had to face the settlement challenge of the zamindar or the king They refused to do so because the medieval zamindars did not own the frontiers of the border For the sake of interest, they became the real power-keepers, and they became real power-bearers

The significance of feudal theory:

Although feudalism is thrown into the history’s history, the development and the significance of the world civilization is very much a bit of an archaic period. This is a great documentary evidence for him. Now we will try to analyze its significance.

The feudal information is the source of the theory of the constitution:

Many critics of Samant Datta have found the birth identity of the modern constitutional theory in the modern nationality and territorial colony. This is the first time in the discussion that the feudal masses have practically independently enjoyed their zamindari through the practice of law and court security and after independence of full independence If the thirst is awakened then they are related

Administrative decentralization:

The responsibility of administration was made feudal in the equitable era, and the responsibility of the administration became feudal, in which the upper subordination-based relationship was established, subordinate at every level would be accountable to his direct subordination authority, to loyal obedience to him, losing manhood due to the inability of the rebellion. Thus, a responsible continuation from Radha to the marginal farmer D This initiative by about accountability and responsibility in the rough way.

As a result of the strong state being being managed, the king gave his feudal songs to the devotees towards the movement of liberation, and many more small and the latest landslides had established multilateral exchange of communication, and after the end, Radha himself also took the form of a well-organized state of mind. Could not have been able to make a decision Isadera had to rely on the advice of the Representation of the People dependence on the practice of democracy started and it was omnipresent in Europe.

 The origins of the national state:

The scholars have unbelievably admitted that the struggle between the Lord and the Lord is not always going on in all directions. In many cases, the tyranny of opposing extreme despair prevailed in such a manner that in such a small part, the regions were gradually united and formed a national heritage.

 Congenital respiratory system:

At the lowest stage, they opened the landlords and their small tiny masters, the king-zamindar, the feudal lord sub-parallel Lord, and the masters of some of the lower classes reached the intolerable level of persecution on the peasant landslide at the end of the rituals and on the perennial level, and in the feudal era, its intensity had decreased quite a bit. Seminars in support of the rights of the kings On the threshold of the upcoming classes of exploits run by priests plains.

As a result, the King was able to represent God, in the interest of maintaining stability in the society, they were all organized to live in a superstitious way.

Social security and patriotism:

Many historical conceptions that the development of socialism was born of patriotism in the public. The feudal lord had prepared the public security system, and in order to safeguard hereditary manhood, the rule of declaration of his right of authority before the death of a feudal babe was conducted, therefore, there was a feudal democratic exploit ant, but those who exploited the persecution of others Keep the face unsafe What simantapura wearing the responsible behavior towards them was used to watch as a farewell and a feeling of waking up in the middle of the samantapura.

The history of state philosophy is the important significance of the medieval flower, because most of the time in this chapter was the supremacy of the four or the state.

Which was the source of the Days of the medieval Emperor, the epicenter of the medieval emperor, and the expression of excessive self-expression, could not in any way accept the subordination of each other; Always the Conflict Association It was important that medieval state thinking made this conflict between them.

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