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Definition of Nationalism:


In modern times nationalism is undoubtedly an important political model. It does not exaggerate even if it is said to be a major controlling force in modern world politics. It has been useful to change the national state system. Together with the rise, this ideology has shaken world history. It is also the most dynamic force of change and activities in world politics.

Nationalism Definition:

Let’s discuss the definition of nationalism. The meaning of the meaning and nouns from the ‘Nation’ is the nationality ‘nationality

Definition of the Mall and the long history of historical evolution has resulted in a community life that is called the national community. On the social side, the national community is called the national society and the political relationship is a state of affairs. This national state is by national sentiment or nationalism.

G is educated. Nationalism means the sense of being a member of the Sangs-an or belonging to it. Such consciousness is often referred to as national consciousness and it refers to being a member of a member of a public-based state with the fate of its members. Nationalism refers to such ideology which seeks to support the nation-wide state as a standard type of political organization.

True and self-contained definitions of documentary definitions and nationalism are still found today. However, the political scientists have made several suggestions and ideas in the endeavor to determine its definition by continuous inquiry. Below is the definition of nationalism given by various political scientists. Nationalism is not a material or mechanical feeling, but one. Spiritual and emotional feelings of type.

Nationalism is a kind of biological, spiritual entity and in this case, any effort to give mechanical explanation breaks into experiments.

Nationalism is an idealism about the concept of nationalism and the other is the idealization of a political organization within the national state.

Due to nationalism and patriotism, in the old-fashioned emotional combination of patriotism, by the past historic environment, the mentality of the masses, supported by the spirit of consciousness, the determination of living together, is the psychedelic mindset that determines the establishment of their general government.

Nationalism is a manifestation of the intimate, important and dignified feeling associated with a particular homeland. The nationalism is the result of political social, economic and spiritual consciousness in a particular stage of history; The main condition of the people’s mind and mental unity is the main conditions of people living in a particular geographical area.

Nationalism patriotism and foreigners Coordinating between being skeptical. Patriotism is derived from similar values and encourages foreigners to suspect the idea that they are not the holders and carriers of the same value. Firstly, the unity of value is the well-known environment and love for places,

Nationalism is a kind of mental state that is spread among a large number of people, and that includes the entire population, the national state is an ideal political organization and nationality is all creative, And think of the source of economic welfare. Thus, the ultimate loyalty of the human being has resulted in its nationality, such as its own life that has been embedded in it and its welfare has made it possible.

Nationalism A kind of idealistic movement for the acquisition and maintenance of a separate independent government on behalf of a governed and some of its members realize the concept of the real or the underprivileged nation as other resources.

Nationalism is usually a kind of mental unrest in the mass mobilization and this unanimity separates the community from the rest of the human society.

By either, they want to be independent, or they want to remain a state or a person in their choice or express interest in the same state to be dominated by one or more nationalities. In the face of nationalism, the national emotions and exaggeration of the modern mass symposium and homeland A two ancient elements. Some of the special qualities of human dignity They should be saved for their interests and welfare. To do this, that’s the way Jainism is going to fall nationalism.

Nationalism is a mental conception, a kind of mental attitude. Nationalism is such a mental feeling that a particular human being is aware of their social, cultural, political heritage, language, literature, living, culture and things, and teaching them differently from others.

Origins and evolution of nationalism:

Considering the origins and evolutionary aspects, nationalism is not too long. For centuries, the concept of nationalism related to nationalism has evolved and developed. In the fourteenth century, the viscosity and indirect presence of nationalism were noticed.

But fifteen at The first motivation of nationalism came in the sixties. But the real nationality is in the form of grain. Develops fully. Nationalism in the eighteenth century, and at the end of the nineteenth century and in the first half of the 20th century.

When reviewing the history of ancient times, it is seen that the first time in Hebrew and Greek civilization. The idea of nationalism has been developed. Various tribes of the evolution of time have been created and theirs. The separation occurred in between.

Because of the establishment of the Raiman empire, this isolation could not be strengthened. In the Middle Ages, despite the religious and political unity among the people of Europa, the same people of the same generation had not yet become a nation.

But when the king’s authority is established in the battle of power between the church and the king, then the united national state under the leadership of the king arises. Anyone who is flooded with the update, it is the unity of the national consciousness. So the history of the rise of nationalism lies in the era of renaissance.

The first policy-based national state has pronounced the mantra. The national politics of the nationalism of the people of its own rule of national public affairs was brought to the conclusion of the public governance system. In this sense, nationalism is fully developed, at the end of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The horrific manifestation of a tyrannical and cruel tyranny is expressed. Innocent people

It is inappropriate and the rule of international justice is in disbelief. In order to establish oppression and oppression of the oppressed masses of the monarchy, the people have argued and discriminated. Thus, the theory of rights of the National People’s Republic of Europa emerged.

After the French Revolution of 1789, the concept of nationalism gained its fullness and emerged as a specific political doctrine. The idea of dictatorship developed. The meaning of nationalism is fully understood through the French Revolution. After the French Revolution, the concept of nationalism gained a clear identity. Contemporary French Revolution. Philosophers proclaim the revolutionary theory of people’s rights, independence, and sovereignty.

This resulted in the spread of patriotism and nationalism among the French. Democratic ideology and nationalist ideology of the French Revolution gradually increased in Europ and various places in America. The nationalist movement created a mass movement. Thus, in the Age of Renaissance Nationalism was created, and consequently, it resulted in French Revolutionary Democratic Consciousness and revolutionary rights and independence. Through its initiative, Italy’s unified and independent state. Established as.

In place, a nationalist movement took place. As a result, the liberation struggle of the colonial species is strong. Then before and after the Second World War; And against the imperialism, the people of Asian and African countries have joined the Nationalist 8.

Characteristics or elements of nationalism:

The elements of which one community is transformed into united nationalism are called the elements of nationalism. Nationalism is not the key to any element, it requires coordination of the work component. Political scientists divided the seven elements of nationalism into two groups. Namely: (a) external elements and (b) thinks the self-elemental components. Comparative judgment has an undeniable emphasis on material elements than external elements. Below are the features of external and thoughtful elements.

External elements:

In the context of geographical proximity, uniform clan religions, and language-history, it helps in the formation of nationality by uniting the masses from the outside. Therefore, they are called the external elements of nationalism, but all other things are described as external elements, excluding the ideological aspect of nationalism.

The external elements of nationalism are described below:

Geographic Unity or Connection One of the key components of geographical proximate nationalism. Different nationalities of the world There are many clear geographical boundaries between the state and their national relation. Geographical unity was especially helpful. As a result of living within a specific range. It is easily possible to communicate closely with the people of the area and to communicate with them. As a result. The motherland feels that their motherland is awakened by this country.

To form a nation, a population has to live in a specific and adjoining land. Again, if there is geographical unity, that nation will not be the same. Even people living in different countries live

May be bound to the same national bond. Before living in Palestine, Jews lived in different countries as national masses.

Straining in line with the power that the new nation has made the most incentive to live together. Marley says, “Those who are glorified by the glory of their ancestors. Do not glorify the next generation. “Zimmerman raises importance on racial unity as a part of the nation’s formation and popularization of the nation. While

As society considers itself to be of the same lineage, the bond between them and the nationalism becomes stronger. Inevitably, as a component of the formation of the nation, hereditary identity is given special value. In fact, some of the best people of modern times have been formed with the people of different ethnicity. For example English, Holland, Germany etc. Despite being derived from the same line of the race.

National bond was not tied. Again in the United States, despite the diversity of many tribes, the idea was inspired by the same nationalism. Therefore it is not obligatory in the case of hereditary unity in creating nationalism.

Therefore, the essential elements of the formation of a nation to the hereditary unity 4 are considered to be fair, not correct. However, hereditary unity may be the first in the first stage to form a nation; This can accelerate the pace of nation-building.

Language and literary unity:

Language and literary unity serve as a useful factor in the creation of nationalism. The thoughts of the human mind are published through language. It is easily communicated to the people of the same spoken people. As a result, people can promote their culture and ideals.

Due to the similarity of the same spoken people, their own thoughts, and thoughts, etc., they consider themselves different from other people. As a result, unity, self-determination, and nationalism were created very easily among them. The bonds of linguistic unity play an important role in the development of nationalism.

So, in the light of the language, the literature and the carrier of the culture of a nation. But this idea is not correct at all. Because nationalism can be created not only in the languages of different languages but also in different languages. For example, despite the linguistic differences between the people of Switzerland and India, they are a nation. Even though the English and the Americans used the same language, they became two different ethnicity.

Religious unity and religious unity are powerful elements of nationalism. Religious unity works to create and strengthen national concepts. It is a great source of nationalism and based on this, many nationalities have emerged in different parts of the world. So religious unity is the motivation of the nationalities. Religion plays a strong role in the formation of nationalism.

Political or state unity and political unity in national politics and state unity The feelings of nationalism, such as motivating the creation of a nation, on the other hand, the state organization also helps in forming a nation. There can be unity of language, religion, and ideology of the nation, but if not a state organization, it does not become a nationality.

The only national organization is to separate people from one nation to another. Keeps it Nobody can become American, Russian or Bengali, etc., it must be through a political situation. National nation keeps the public in the nation.

When a person wants to take the nationality of another country after being deprived of his country, he has to take it through political organization. The national government is inspired by various laws to work on people without harming one another. It is, therefore, possible that a nation is mainly a political unit because its membership is given through the political organization.

State unity is indispensable for formation. This political unity is not necessarily an essential element of nationalism. Israel viewed society as a society formed. Before the Jews lived under different governmental governments, they themselves are of the same nationality

Economic solidarity and economic unity due to the fact of creation of nationalism. Because when there is an economic equality among the people, they are motivated to live together. When the economic interests of all people are one and the same, then the bonds of nationalism are strengthened among them.

This is proof of history. For example, it is possible to talk about Bangladeshi nationalism. Bangladeshis were united against Pakistan in order to achieve economic rights. Yet, this component is not enough for the formation of nationality.

The element is the creation of unity from conflict and conflict. Extremist and hereditary conflicts, great support for the development of nationalism in Kalayupe Urape. This results in insubordination, leadership, and digestive feelings

Increasingly, the war of 1821, the war of Mexico, and nationalism in the United States, in the same way revolutionizing the formation and establishment of various national states in Europa. Apart from this, nationalism became more prominent as the immediate consequence of the first and second world war.

Imagination or self-reliance and happiness and sorrow:

The common ideas about the expedition and the cosmopolitan spirit are considered as a gift to the national public. The unity-based consensus of external factors also helps in creating and promoting emotional maturity. In fact, mentioned in the formation of nationalism. None of these elements are individually essential. One or a few of them

Fear may be the cause of nationalism. In fact, the elements of the formation of nationalism have been reduced.

The essential elements of nationalism are essential elements of nationalism. When a group believes that their history and heritage are identical, they are equal partners, happiness, sorrow, joy, pain, pride, and glamour, and then nationalism is strengthened within that population. And nationalism is created.

Saturn Nationality is actually a thought-provoking concept, a mental feeling, a special mentality. If any people think of themselves as national masses on the basis of national sentiment, they are considered nationalism. Nationality is a matter of fact, a mental state; A method of living, thinking, and feeling. It is formed on the basis of tradition, culture and behavioral harmony.

The National Public Hall is mainly the result of historical experience and the artistic trend. In spite of external factors differences, National masses can be developed through unity. The foundation of the unity of the modern state is not external, but completely psychological. The nation is based on language, which is not political or biological, but rather self-conscious.

The end of the aforementioned discourse can be said that all the elements of nationalism help in forming the nation. The conceptual element in it is essential and the most important element.

In modern times, the political ideology of nationalism is a political model. It is the creation of nationalism in a wide-ranging populace. It became associated with the country as a political model and ultimately the nationality of nationality, nationality to nationality and finally it became national.

Nationalism in reducing the vitality of the nation and the identity of the national identity of the nation has become the embodiment of political will and desire. In this ideology, the population teaches to love each other and it becomes a matter of diplomacy. In the political field, the desire to gain full independence includes the unity of the people. Therefore, political ideology in the fall of nationalism and people inspired by this ideology want to live independently with self.

The basis of the desire for the establishment of man’s affairs and the establishment of autonomy; This is a great example by which people find salvation. People are ready to sacrifice their souls in order to improve themselves. It teaches you to love yourself. If you love yourself, it can not be an ideal nationalist who insults or humiliates others. Respect for yourself and will not show hatred toward you; this is the real nationalism. Taking the total of all the constraints, these eight nations teach the concept of self-realization.

Ideally, nationalism teaches them to respect themselves, as well as show respect to others. In the original talk, “let yourself live and let others live.” If we analyze the correct, then we can see that there is equality, friendship The original model of the three halves in freedom. These are ideal for the development and development of these ideal human civilizations.

So nationalism is an important political ideology in the theoretical framework of political science. At the Various arguments are presented in support of the ideals. The arguments are as follows.

Nationalism in a great ideology and national life is a great example. A deeper inspiration in this fall. Nationalism unites the nation with unity and inspires patriotism. The weather of this development is created. In the interest of the ideal country and the ten, the person inspires self-sacrifice. In this way, the nation’s all-rounders

Nationalism is a blessing for the incentive of the freedom struggle and the liberation of the country. For example, the history of the struggle for freedom in the struggle for independence of the underprivileged and the underprivileged nation is deeply motivated by nationalism. It is the status of an independent and powerful state. India and Bangladesh’s independence in this regard

Nationalism is human by developing talent. Enrich and enhance the civilization. All the nations of the world have some unique characteristics or characteristics. Remains.

Ethnicity, nationalism, and internationalism:

Supporting the climate of coitus and nationalism removes conflicts between the nations and consolidates coexistence and harmony. In spite of nationalism, there is a conflict of interest between communism and unity. These nations help in promoting the growth of the other and improving each other. Establishing natural relations between the ruling and governance and nationalism make the country’s governance smooth and smooth. Make the national prisoner relaxed and flabby. Due to nationalism, rulers and ruled in the country due to nationalism

One is simple and natural. Anything to obey the law and obey the law! There is no shelf. According to Burgess, “nationalism solidifies the existence and stability of the state so solidarity between sovereignty and independence”. The establishment of democracy and nationalism play an important role in the establishment of democracy.

After the ending of the dictatorship of the Taberna, the enthusiasm among the people was created to create democracy. There is no such precedent in history.

The nationality and nationality of the nation, its national character and individuality. As it proves to be inevitable, so is the motivation to maintain goodwill and harmony with the other nations. Do it. Fulfilling internationalism in the decline of nationalism The expansion of imperialism and colonialism and royalty and imperialism. Nationalist ideas can protect the world from the evil attack of colonialism. The nationalist ideology is to expose colonialism and the spread of imperialism in Asia and Africa. Has done and removed a lot.

Nationalism constraints

There are many arguments for nationalist support. Nevertheless, various scholars and thinkers have come face to face with nationalism. According to many, nationalism is an enemy of humanity and world peace. Generally, the following arguments are made against nationalism?

There is no historical evidence for the creation of a state based on nationalism that will ensure people’s rights, public independence, and progress. For example: Despite freedom of people of different nationalities in Switzerland, there is complete freedom of the people.

Sometimes due to geographical reasons, nationalism cannot be supported. In many countries of the world more and more people are closely related to each other in a closely related manner. In these cases, each other plans to form separate caste chunks for each and every nation. Determining the outline is almost impossible.

Nationalism recognition is essential for the sake of democracy. There is a great deal of democracy in the United States, Switzerland, and many other multi-ethnic countries.

Fourthly, there are many established states in the world that in the implementation of the policy of nationalism all established states will be broken and will become small countless states. As a result, self-pity in the various forms, Prashutulilla, Prashashadhasrahaa etc. will be exposed intensely.

Smaller nation-wide states are more likely to be weak in economic terms. In global politics, if they want to become a powerful state for safety, international tensions will not only increase, but their own free will also be endangered.

Many policies have been abolished for many years to come back to the policy of nationalism. The nationalist principle is well explained in different ways at different times. Whenever a state is established after the mind-nationalist movement, the demand for nationalist demand at the absolute time is not tolerated. For example, the nationalists of the hand rejected Slavs and the nationalist claim of the Ramen.

It is not right to be less powerful than the one-nation-based state in multi-ethnic countries in all three ways. Rather than from the example of the United States of America, the United States of Savvy Union and Great Britain, it is proved that modern science, art civilization. And in terms of strength, multi-ethnic-state is better than a one-nation state.

Many analysts say that when a state of extremist nationalism is created, it is in the pretext of national security through arrogance and arrogance, intervention and military support in neighboring territories. Maybe in the attack. Thus, nationalism ultimately has to increase the imperial insatiability.

Nationalist extremism can create a nation-wide state, but if the state does not have sufficient economic resources, then this rampage is not able to sustain a nation.

There are some real difficulties in the policy of nationalism. The minority communities living in the territory of each nation-based state will increase the desire to move. can give; They may be persecuted and persecuted by extremist nationalists. It should not be a problem more.

The extremist blind nationalist attitude can obstruct the international approach to solve inter-state problems. That’s why overemphasis on nationalism.

Nationalism and Civilization

The people of various countries have inspired nationalism to be liberated as democratically democratic ideals. The great ideology of nationalism has opened the way to universalization, enriching it. Italian philosopher Mattasini, the best supporter of nationalism, believed in every prospect. Intrigue and weakness are due to this potential development.

He initiated the rancher into the mantra to be tied in a national unity. Through the development of literature, fine arts, traditions, and misery of the nation, the diversity of worldly civilization is enhanced and flourished. | But nowadays we have seen another horror of nationalism. Current

They face a special danger due to the unity of nationalism and state sovereignty. Blind patriotism, ethnic narrow-mindedness and opportunism, hatred of other people, living standards, the development of ethnic non-proliferation, and the rule of the nation for the protection of the nation.

Civilization crisis: On the basis of deep affection towards nationalism, knowledge of all things in our own world and the knowledge of everything else in the other world can be seen in the nation. A blind emotion is created in the nation and it is called extremist nationalism.

As a result of the nation’s mind. Pride about themselves and hatred towards other people. The healthy consciousness of the country is malicious. Thus, in a distorted form, nationalism creates a relationship between hatred, hate, and hatred among different nationalities. This resulted in the human civilization crisis.

Barriers to sovereignty and peace and extremist nationalism itself lead to disruption of the sovereignty and peace of the other country beyond the boundaries of the country. When the development of Tamil nationalism came to India, Indian Tamils in India continued to pressurize the government.

In the interest of the internal politics of Sri Lanka, for the sake of the interests of Tamils in Sri Lanka, India finally ended in Sri Lanka. Soldiers were involved in the war. In the emergence of counter-revolution in Sri Lanka, all vicious parties came even in the rise of nationalism. T. T. E. Till the withdrawal of Indian soldiers, the cooperation with the government. Do it. The narrow Tamil nationalism itself is the root cause of the conflict.

Contrary to global peace, the narrow and vigorous nationalism is a major obstacle in the path of international cooperation and globalization. There is a group of extremist nationalists who have dominated the nation in the name of national sovereignty. The International Association Contrary to national independence and sovereignty. Besides, national unity, independence, and sovereignty

Contrary to economic interests and nationalism, it was the first measure of the alliance, 154, but as soon as it developed, as well as the interests of the interests of the interests of the interests of the interests of the interests of the interests of the interests of the interests of capitalists and colonialism, It can be said that the national trade fiasco of the Europian trade fiasco was the failure of the nation’s independence in Europe and the history of financial seizure in the nineteenth century, so the ideology of nationalism is great in their judgment, but in reality, international nationalism is the cause of conflict, war, and cigar.

The strengths of power are intensified: As a result of the expansion of nationalism, in any country in the world, its reaction is seen in other countries. If there is a beating in the Suez Canal, then its reaction can be seen in other countries, if there is anything happening in the Middle East, it is spread all over the world. As a result, the problem of power in the world is a threat to the world civilization, such as the darkest 18th of the 18th century in large power.

As a guide of imperialism and the development of nationalism, many nations themselves believe that they are the world’s greatest nation and the only God sent by God. At that time the Jews thought that they were the likes of Allah.

Germany claimed to be the world’s greatest man. In this way, the attitude of nationalism in Germany is to believe that they have the right to rule over the other nations of the world. As a result of this, nationalism has taken root and, as a consequence of the end of imperialism, it becomes a serious threat to war or civilization.

Conflicts and conflicts and nationalism in the present world is such a crisis. | Created the situation where there is only doubt and conflict. Every national state sees the neighboring national state as suspicious. For example, Kashmir problem in India vs Pakistan. But the same environment is contrary to the development of peace in the world.

In the development of human culture, barbarism and nationalism restrict the geographical boundaries and obstruct the way for the combination of different nationalities and cultures. But when the combination of different nationalities came in the mix of developed nations in the underdeveloped nations, the world’s nationalism has been blocked by the progress of world civilization in the direction of progress. Become glorious. This improvement is auspicious for the development of world civilization as a whole, but it is now vulnerable

Unlawful and extremist nationalism in internal affairs is not only a threat to the global civilization but also in the domestic field. As a result, the people of the country’s people completely ruined them, helping them in the development of individuality. There is no freedom to express opinions. As a result, the basic right in social life is the person who


Distorted nationalism creates blind emotions and unhappiness. As a result, everything in the country and the nation was guided to a specific path. In this way, external rages are special Knowledge science and civilization are blocked in the way of Alaska’s entry into the culture.

Nationalism is the stage of the development of fundamental strategies and fundamental resources. Using the bourgeois class as a tool in the form of the establishment of monarchy against feudalism. According to Professor Hayes, the artificial and false casteism in the century is a fall. It is not possible to adopt any oppressed nation.

Radhani propaganda and blind nationalism spread different types of internal affairs of the other state. By this dictation, by tyranny, tyranny, epidemic, and famine. It is not possible to avoid any other nation’s civil disobedience towards other civilized nations. International organizations and organizations for the humanitarian reasons of interference theory. After being reborn.

The imperialist forces are exposed to the source of the verdict and extreme nationalism. They are The law establishes authority in the political and political affairs of the states. The international law does not accept the extreme imperialist power of the person. The source of all kinds of wrong and evil. False nationalism

This violent, violent and awful expression of democratic and nationalism is contrary to democratic philosophy and the human spirit. In the words ofRabbinateh Tagore, “the civilization of the civilization of nationalism.” Undemocratic nationalism is manifested in an undemocratic nature. The national interest is not the right or the national interest established on individual interest and the state as its patron for national interest, personality, personality Keeps mask. That is, individualism is neglected according to nationalist opinion. Individualism is emphasized in democracy or liberalism.

Nationalism in nationalism as a theory of the origins and political independence of small states and political independence. Through the principle of control, the debate is made. But if the policy is completely redeemed, then every bigger one is bigger. The state is bound to be a divided state. Thus, the emergence of a small state will create many new problems.

The above-mentioned discussion clearly shows that ideal nationalism plays an important role in the development and development of human civilization. But narrow or fierce nationalism in imperialism. By transforming humanity creates a crisis. Thus, ideal nationalism is regarded as a great political ideology in terms of its welfare.

And the extremist or perverted nationalism faced intense criticism as an enemy of human civilization in response to its imperial influence. In its genuine nationalism, its faults and distorted nationalism have its flaws. If the ideals are corrected by the ideals of patriotism nationalism. It is a blessing for globalization and humanity.

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