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The Laik administration is a cross-border issue. Today’s In this fast moving dynamic world, the system of religion and thought-consciousness is not considered to be unequivocal. Comparative administrative in the USA in 1960-61.

Ska is a gallery created by the initiative of the American Lecture Association. In commenting on intelligence and cognition, it is said that in the old days, administrative concepts are beyond the
, because they deal with the administration of its environment. Relation failed to explain Copper was stagnant, because they considered the basic organizational specimens of the social structure and those conditions that have been preserved, preserved or modified by those samples.

As a result, administrative thinking-consciousness also fits with innovation and changing situation. Aging career thinking is the most sought after. Through such administrative thinking and planning, a new administration system called development administration or development-oriented administration has been developed. So, this idea is not very old but rather recent.

Especially after World War II, the newly independent Asian, African and Latin American countries face complex problems, such as the reconstruction of their socio-economic and political status. In the national life poverty, illiteracy, loss of wealth, lack of skilled manpower, backwardness in agriculture and industry, and lack of medical system are seen by the government. These countries, known as the Third World, continue to be involved in the development of as much as possible. In order to develop an undisputed zygote in development and administration words.

Although the words were imported from the United States in a special context, Indian scholar Gesmbi first compiled the word ‘Development Administration’ in 1955. The evidence is available.

But the scholars of the pandit gave full and theoretical explanation of these words. They give too much importance to it. Non. If the information of the donor agency – if the efficiency of the public administration and the public resources of the organization does not increase, it will not be possible to accelerate the financial program with foreign aid. Therefore, the efficiency of the administration is increasing.

Definition of development oriented administration:

The name of the complex concept is the proposal of the development-oriented administration in the original proposal. As a result its definition is not easy. Development in a poor country means adequate economic development. There is a scale improvement in the growth of the zam production, the development of living standards, the increase in per capita income, the increase in the consumption of electricity and the use of vegetables. But the crisis of development in the underdeveloped country is not a financial crisis. This is an overall process, which is socio-economic, cultural, moral, political, education

Relates to the development of the relay. Development is a universal process that is more or less effective in developing, underdeveloped, developing countries. Generally speaking, developmentalism means the organization’s framework, the development of S behavior.

General definition:

The administration that fulfills the developmental work is called the development administration. Such development activities or industries in different fields, Koshi Ah The social infrastructure can be edited, edited. Some of the development-oriented administration, in particular, have meant agricultural development and rural development in the developing world. Development-oriented administration.

To say that someone again said about the increase in the efficiency of administrative organizations and administrative officials. But it does not reflect the correct idea about development. But modernization, socio-economic development and the formation of institutions are essential elements of the development oriented administration.

Although the standard definition and development administration are a complex subject, the scholars’ definition Tried to provide. Below are some specific definitions given:

In order to introduce planned changes in the economy (in the field of agriculture or industry or any one of the structures) or to bring some changes in the field of social welfare (especially in education and public health), the Promotional Administration in the Promotional Administration Development-oriented administration is going on.

New Price Carrier. Growth of national resources for the purpose of increasing national income. | But the aforementioned definition is narrow. Although it is a special purpose of economic development and wealth growth, apart from this, the development oriented administration has to achieve social, cultural development. Apart from these, the development oriented administration is far away.

Developments will be brought about such changes in the coordinated efforts of the administration. The government will become a major change in its meaning and its entrepreneurs and directors.

Development-oriented administration:

The aim of the deanmukhi administration is not only to save, but rather to the new. , The administration is not an advanced administration; Rather, the progressive administration.

Administration is clearly defined developmental political, social and economic objectives. The procedure for managing the administrative organization for the gradual implementation.

Development-oriented administration can be explained mainly from two perspectives.

  1. The development program includes administration and its implementation. And that is why it has to be kept in confusion with a larger organization.
  2. Regardless of direct involvement, the performance of the administrative system in perpetuity enhances the development oriented administration.

The two aspects of development-oriented administration, such as the development program and the development of the administration, are based on these connotations in very close to one another. Commenting on this, the development-oriented administration in Arbing Suwernela Mentioned as two tasks related to each other.

(A) planning and

(B) organization structure.

On the one hand, to increase the performance of the administration, such as changing the social and economic environment, and on the other hand, the administrative system, in the interest of change of environment. Lack of performance and skill. Therefore, it is clear that the latest concept is completely different from the previous administrative system of development.

Features of development oriented administration:

Regarding the characteristics of development-oriented administration, George Gutt unambiguously said that the characteristics of the developmental administration are reflected in the administration’s objective, through the public viewpoint. The other scholars, including Gunts, who have made the development of the administration, have been described below:

To change the overall socio-economic changes in the face of many different problems of the country, due to the central or one of the main features of the change oriented and development oriented administration, to create administrative bodies in different areas and to organize and reorganize the organizations based on their actions. Current development oriented administration Therefore, this administration is separated from old age or law-free administration.

Ideal and universal development oriented administration is a common norm but we identify in the socio-economic development program. In essence, the main aim of the government administration is to ensure the overall welfare and services of the people of the country.

There is a need for long-term planning for seven overall socio-economic changes in planning and development oriented administration. Because the resources of the developing country are limited, but The number of social problems is countless. As a result, it is absolutely necessary to form long-term planning for identifying the problematic and appropriate solutions of Troubleshooting and reconciliation between the potentially limited resources. Generally, this type of plan is for five years. There is a five-year or five-year plan in Bangladesh.

Under the result-centric and five-year plan, the administration of the administration has become one of the prerequisites. Be objective or result-oriented. The result of the plan is scheduled here. To achieve. The administration of this administration will be directly related to economic growth, social and cultural progress.

Its target is to reduce the characteristics of targets and development oriented administration. This kind of The problems confront the administration of the limited resources of the country and ensure the best use. Try to achieve the goal of achieving the goal.

Delegate and Protocol Other important features of the development-oriented administration The pledge to fulfill the pledge within the stipulated time of the plan. To make socio-economic changes here, administrative organizations and officials have to be committed to the goals. That is to try hard to achieve the administration’s goal within the stipulated time. Will be Expressing solidarity with bureaucrats with the government, with deep emotions and feelings. Not able to achieve goals in time. Must be desperate to meet the goal. Because here the success-failure measurement is the specific

The development oriented administration on the people involved with the service administration and administration Special attention is to keep. For those who have created this administrative organization, for example – landless, marginal farmers, middle-aged peasants, etc., if they create any administrative organization for their wellbeing.

In the responsible administration system and the developmental administration system, the government employees are responsible or responsible for the general public. And the responsible administration means what he means. In all and in all areas, there are skills, right-wing and public welfare oriented.

An important consideration of decentralization and ensuring the spontaneous and comprehensive participation of people in all walks of administration is another feature of the development oriented administration. In order to make this participation of people in both numerical and qualitative aspects, decentralization of power will be introduced at different levels of administration. The other name of the decentralized administration system is the democratic administration.

At the root of the overall development of natural resources and the overall development of a backward and developing country. There is also the search of his natural resources, through the creation of wealth, the acquisition of wealth and the use of its use. Developing new administrative units for generating natural resources and generating wealth. They must be adjusted and sometimes they will be redistributed on the basis of desire and purpose.

Elite’s efficiency is enhanced and administration’s elite or elites are important. Part Therefore, they have to be skilled in modern science, technology and techniques. They make good relations and good relations with the lower classes in their urges

Have to take. With the socioeconomic changes of the elites, there will be changes in their thinking, consciousness and morale.

It is necessary to bring socio-economic changes as quickly as possible by eliminating the development problems through time-bound and development-oriented administration. The timeframe plays an important role in bringing about such changes.

All development programs have been formulated for a specific time and in the interest of the planning program, it has to be given its full form within a specific time frame. If the program is not completed within that time frame, many different ways to succeed in the program. Complications and obstacles will come. Therefore, the development administration has to give special importance to the timing of its schedule.

The relationship between politics and development with the politics of development is very close to the development oriented administration. It may seem apparently that in the development oriented administration. Loyalty to the management, rather than the politics, has to be given the maximum importance. But in it. The importance of real development-oriented administration is underestimated. The situation is getting passed from old days. Development

There must be a sharp focus on the framework of conflict between the different groups. Not only this, but this power will be used for the development of Kattacha. The politics and development administration are deeply related to each other. With policy formulation and implementation Development management or administration is essentially associated with the relevant political process.

The aims and objectives of the development oriented administration

The goals and objectives of the development oriented administration are not conformed to any narrow boundaries. Its purpose is to plan for the socio-economic development of the country. Assessing and accelerating the implementation process. In order to ensure the welfare of all in the society, instead of changing the traditional system, the goal of the administration is to create a social change, in a short span of time, it can be said that in order to change the overall signature, new administrative bodies should be formed, created, operated, Expansion and development, excellence in culture, etc.; Regarding the basic aim of the administration and the implementation of these, the government will continue to be its most comprehensive 98. But if the specifications and objectives of the development administration are presented, then the following are included in the subject matter.

  1. Re-organization and reform of administrative structures and methods.
  2. Setting up development goals and formulating its policies.
  3. Program formulation and implementation and its overall management.
  4. Confirmation of public participation in development projects
  5. Strengthening and expanding the basis of socio-economic and political infrastructure.
  6. Introducing a fair and effective administration system to ensure national welfare in economic, social, political, cultural, environmental, or overall sense.
  7. Growing economic growth 8. Evaluation of results
  8. Food, clothing, shelter, education, medical, healthy living, drinking water, nutrition, transport. In order to expand the convenience of the facility, the Tehela activates the administration.
  9. To ensure the participation of the people, transfer power to the administrative organization. Accept the policy.
  10. To ensure the local needs and welfare, the priority program is to provide priority.
  11. To make the developmental administration system efficient, the government employees are skilled. Tela; Obtaining their loyalty and commitment to philanthropic activities.

Elements of development-oriented administration:

Milton Siemen’s four elements mentioned in the material which the scholars and researchers have mentioned about the components of development-oriented administration have achieved the highest acceptability.

Government policy set-up, implementation, program control etc. , Administrative elites are mostly in the government. They also do the development goals and implement the goal.

Social Political Extensive development plan in the country. Prior to its implementation, overall development, lax before all. And for him he wants. Agual and Strategic Skills. As a result, to improve the development work properly.

Nick Elite has no special expertise. So administrative elites are essential to have all the knowledge of the subjects.

India and Kshali plan will not be formulated, but to achieve its goal. 7c In the future, in the different sectors, the financing of all assets ensures maximum production

Be careful.

Manage the development policy for achieving planned goals.

Conduct audit and survey work of economic manpower and other national resources in the richness, expenditure, savings, wages, wages, imports, exports, population and labor force.

Other methods and programs according to the need to achieve the planned plan target. recommend.

Details and evaluation of any progress made in any particular part of the plan. prepare.

In practical terms, practical and strategic aspects of development-oriented administration are very important. Is considered. In most countries the number of skilled staff specialists is insufficient. Moreover, social. Political aspects are also very important for development oriented administration. The problem of development exists in every aspect of economic, social, and political. These are related to each other and affect each other.

(B) The objectives of the management component and the management component are to ensure proper implementation of the strategy for the development of the development program, keeping each administrative unit dynamic and making the system governing the system. And the steps that should be taken for the implementation of these are as follows:

It is particularly noticeable that the trust in the staff concerned should be kept in the administration. But in other developing countries, it is noteworthy. High officials in such an environment. There is not much confidence in the employees under their supervision. Officials do not trust their judgment.

It creates an idea that only the decisions taken at the higher level are accurate and unimportant. As a result, there is a lot of pressure in the administration center and for that reason. Concentration was established firmly. As a result, the real situation of the development oriented administration will be such. That would not cause excessive stress in the center and paralysis could not be seen on the edge.

Structured like the pyramid of the cathode, so that each single administrative unit has its own self-sufficiency.

The team can decide on matters related to their subject matter. “In this context, the administration should be adjusted in such a way that the specially responsible officer is able to make decisions through consideration of his affairs.

Lack of proper coordination among the large number of administrators and periods inspired by development efforts for developmental administration. In this case, the relationship between general knowledge and special relations creates many problems. If the people of general knowledge want to be concerned about the experts, the desire for the creators is much more. They are responsible for managing developmental activities. | 4. Under the developing administration, the government employees will be responsible to the people.

Because the irresponsible governance system donates for corruption, unnecessity and dissatisfaction. Moreover, the responsible governance system is efficient, fair and philanthropic. To continue the development process in developing countries and to accelerate it, administrative officials must adhere to the policy of duties.

Demonstrate the correct representation of group or collective unity in development oriented administration. Again there is also a collective and collective process solving problem in the collective process. There should be arrangements. Therefore, the maximum number of jobs is united by uniting the job system. And it’s Unity in the case of salary, promotion, enthusiasm, and other well-being of possible only workers. By bringing If such a system is built, then the administration is established on a very strong foundation. And employees of all levels will be motivated to work responsibly. Developing There is a great difference between upper and lower levels in the countries. In India, the employees working in any administrative establishment are very consciously in numerous classes and in different places. It is seen that mutual contradiction and jealousy and suspicion in action. Jobs are appointed, and there are lots of differences between these classes and jobs.

For the proper development of the development goals, especially the middle-level trained high-skilled directors are required. Such kind of waivers in the Indian subcontinent are widely known.

There is no substitute for all efforts to build an institution.

In fact, apart from the widespread participation of the people of all classes, the development work may proceed in front. No Such as family planning, agricultural development, elimination of illiteracy, public health development etc. It is necessary to change the mental condition of the nose. And this is the only condition. It is possible to make innovations. But not only the public but also the change in the mindset of the elite or elite classes as well as theirs is also essential. Because the people who are in the management all their lives.

If they do not change their mindset they will not be motivated by the new ideas and ideas, and if they do not, they will not have any contribution in social change. As a result, in order to make the development oriented administration efficient and fruitful, it must definitely provide proper training to the administrative officials. They also have to change their mindset. Confrontation with new perspectives. Aggregate and spontaneously move forward. As part of this, about public relations. They must be skilled.

Political elements and political elements also carry equal importance in the direction of development oriented administration. It can undoubtedly be said that the development and management of the social and economic development is completely devoted. But before this, the political element was considered. Because the balance distribution system is essential for social and economic development

Political Political policies are determined through elites.

In developing countries, there are many obstacles in the way of social change and fair distribution. In these countries, social and economic policies for the welfare of poor people are mostly protecting the interests of high or rich class. In such a situation, to implement development plans and programs to the general public, the implementation will be done through their participation. In addition to political personalities, government officials must also be bound to the people.

Finally, the development oriented administration is basically a specific goal and purpose based governance system. | The four components of the Milton Siemann described above are the traditional administration system. In order to individually, a new section of the new administration has accelerated the advancement of the system.

Differences between development oriented administration and traditional administration:

Recently, the nature and characteristics of the development-oriented administration, the effectiveness and the possibility of the terms and conditions of numerous experimental activities and analyzes all over the world, researchers in the administration of the administration of the Law are exploring new problems for the problems of the changing society and solving them. In this society, the system, the culture and the values ​​are constantly changing and these variations have become their tea stools. This change led to the administration of the structures, operations and viability of the administration. That is why it is seen like the developmental administration and the traditional administration.

There is a great difference between the development oriented administration and the traditional administration. Differences divided into different categories, such as:

(A) environmental analysis, objective comparison;

(C) Regulatory comparison;

(D) natural comparison;

(E) Structural comparison;

(F) Process Comparison …

Environmental comparison:

According to the traditional administration there is no pw of people with the environment. So the environment does not affect the people. But in the development-oriented administration the environment affects people, and people also influence the environment.

The objective comparison and development administration is very interested in changing the socio-economic and political situation of the country in a planned process. On the other hand, under the condition of the traditional administration, It is managed to maintain that condition.

Due to the multiplicity of the systematic comparison and development, the expansion of development administration is widespread. It is about the different views of the society, politics, economy, administration and culture. Indifferent .. Made of The traditional administration scope is particularly narrow. The traditional administration is basically about this

Innovative unit and development oriented administration are innovative in nature. It is observational and to perform customary duties of the administration. Related to creative ideas But the traditional administration is concerned about any such positive thinking. The administration is seeking the satisfaction of the fictitious ruler’s gallery.

Welfare and development administration welfare of common people. There traditional

Troubleshooting and development administration thwart reactionary mind. That is, when problems arise, they take steps to resolve it. On the other hand, the traditional administration is conservative .. When the traditional administration accepts the problem, it takes immediate steps to solve it.

Always keep distance from ordinary people But gradually the development of the administration is observational and through innovative efforts, gradual welfare of the society

Bureaucracy role

The role of bureaucrats in the traditional administration is autocratic. On the other hand, today the administration does not accept it and seeks the general support of the common man. This administration system is biased. In the midst of the development oriented administration, the economic, political, and social goals of the realization of its aim is to implement it properly.


It stays in no way resisting the stability of any kind of society. The uninterrupted administration is dynamic. It always keeps pace with the administration’s dynamism.

Characteristics of Responsibility and Responsibility of Development Administration Always to the people Think of yourself responsible. On the other hand, the local administration itself is in the interest of the representation. Do not think responsible.

Structural comparison:

Structure is the structure or outline of a system. There is also a difference between the traditional and the development administration from the standard to the traditional. Such as:

Due to the liquidity and complexity and policies and activities, the general administration framework is very general and specialization trend. On the other hand, the development administration has complex strings and The trend of specialization is low.

Structural and general administration of the general administration is done by divisional framework. Is managed. On the other hand, development administration is run by joint stock companies etc.

Local Structural Participation and Development Administration constrains the self-governing local government system so that people can take part in administrative work. On the other hand, the traditional administration. People’s participation does not matter to the matter.


There is no need for organizational change in the traditional administration. On the other hand, development administration was planned accordingly. | (F) Process Comparison: Traditional and development administration also differs from procedural point of view. It is as follows. | 1. Leadership

The traditional governance leadership type is highly authoritarian. Development on the other hand. The administration exercises democratic leadership on a legal basis by legal means.

The ability of decision making and decision making is centralized in the administration. There is no public participation here. On the other hand, decisions in the development administration have been accepted in participatory and decentralization.

There is a large number of zygazages in the zygazagag and development administration. On the other hand, there is no such arrangement for Zygazyag in the traditional administrative area.

Coordination and development administration katha complex So all its work is not possible. But due to the shortage of traditional administration, there is no crisis of coordination. Budget and accounting budget is adopted in the local administration. The cost of deficit is M.M. On the other hand, two types of budgets were seen in the Unani administration. All the budget and development budget. Repression and traditional administrative civil surgeons are encouraging people to punish or fear as a condition of peace. But in the administration of administration, it is not sent by intimidation, but it is sent through action sessions.

Development administration, developmental, democratic s, welfare oriented. But the traditional administration is conservative, undemocratic and its coverage is narrow. The administration of the country for the development of the country can achieve success in administrative, social and political aspects, including administrative arrangements, hoping for this administration. Therefore, for the purpose of human welfare and all these efforts, both the administration should have a joint effort.

Most of the people of this country still have poverty. Lives down the line. The population of the country is more likely to suffer from the problem of population. Much more It has its unemployment problem. People from rural and urban areas of this country. There is a wide gap between living conditions. Among the elite or elite and ordinary people. The difference is far more. Meanwhile, it is the matter of the administration that its administration here. We have to try to uncover the matter.

Take the high level of this society. Such as middle-level land owners, industrialists, emerging businessmen, government officials of two levels, military and civil bureaucrats, intellectuals etc. That is, they are elevated to higher level and elevated in rank. Among them, those who are from middle class stage

Their numbers were very few, but the higher and the upper middle class were more. They were displaced soon after the condition. Because one of them is kind. Parents have expressed their sense of humility.

Uninterrupted, they understand what they mean – economic growth. And for economic growth. Most lax savings and savings; Equal distribution of wealth, growth or income does not get much importance to them. Instead, they prefer to hold back the institutional strings of the colonial period rather than adopting new perspectives and resolutions. They want personal well-being and self-motivation rather than state and ethnic development. More tempted and encouraged to every one. Again, those who have emerged in different branches of administration as well as their descendants, are also unwilling to deviate from the selfish attitude of the elderly.

At present, the officers of the new era are governed by the administration of the country. There is no visible change in the larger. Education, social and economic work environment and independence in the background, mainly administrative officers and elites, through the words, views and values ​​of former colonial India and officials. Very energized Their idea is that most of the people of this country are still illiterate, ignorant and uneducated.

As a result, it is not possible to raise their responsibility like administration. Thus, as long as the meditation and mindfulness of the mind and the selfish and selfishness of the selfish class is in the hands of the class. The administrations of the administration will not be logical as long as the administration is in control.


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