Duties And Responsibilities | Difference Between Duties and Responsibilities

Duties And Responsibilities:

Definition of Duty:

The responsibility of the citizen to act in the light of the political system is to be active, vivacious and fair.

By fulfilling the duty, citizens make state life beautiful and glorious. To comply with the rules of the state, to pay regular taxes, to arrange children’s education. One of the duties.

Citizens’ Responsibilities and Duties:

The responsibility and duties of the citizens of the modern state are taken into consideration: the duties to the state and the duties assigned to a citizen’s state are as follows:

Accepting loyalty and adhering to the state is the main duty of the citizen. By demonstrating loyalty, the people of the state colluded with the state of solidarity. By accepting loyalty, a citizen considers the interest of the state as his own interest.

The State enacted the laws to ensure compliance with the law and the right to citizenship and freedom of the citizens. Therefore, one of the duties of law is to obey the law. A citizen can shy away from his rights by complying with the law.

Paying taxes and regular taxation of the citizen’s other duty. State The amount of money that lends itself to the management is of different types of taxes set on the citizen. So every citizen has to pay regular taxes.

It is a sacred duty of the citizen, to be honest with the use of freedom and freedom of the people. The representatives who are elected by the Vatat in the democratic state are the government formed. Do it. Therefore, in the case of prejudice of the property, the person should not be judged without paying judicial attention to the needs of the person and society.

Government officials and government spokesman It is composed of the people and their representatives. So people can continue to ignore the activities of the government. Therefore, it is the duty of all citizens to perform government activities fairly and with discipline.

Serving the state and serving the state is the responsibility of every citizen. The citizens should be done with honesty and devotion in any activities for the betterment of the state.

Teaching children and acquiring education by themselves and educating children. The duty of the citizen The educated citizen is aware of his rights and duties. = Pre-requisite for the success of democracy is the well-educated citizens.

The responsible responsibility of the citizen to perform duties and family duty to the family. There is a duty of duty to the family as there is a citizen’s duty to the state. It is the duty of the state, by performing its duty in its own family. Below are the layers

Family welfare and state welfare are dependent on family welfare. State welfare is achieved if family welfare is achieved. For this reason, family, g is considered an integral part of civic duty. It is meant to make everyone happy and to have a duty towards the family, the responsibility of the family is to ensure ease of living. Therefore, it is the family duty of citizens to make everyone happy in the family.

One person has to do many duties towards society and to perform many duties in society. Below are the following:

In order to establish social peace and discipline as a duty to the neighbors and to create a good relationship with the neighbors, the responsibilities, and responsibilities of every citizen.

Conservation and promotion of social norms and values in the form of social norms and value-added obligations of every citizen as a member of the society.

Provide happiness and prosperity to every citizen as a part of social service and social work. Revealing hope among the oppressed people and the people of all walks of life

Duties to other states and people in the present situation can not just be busy with their family, society, and state. Its important duty to other countries and to the world. have to do. There are also. Every citizen has to be motivated by worldwide and in the best of the world. He has to fulfill his duties. Attempts for establishing sovereignty and harmony among different nations

The importance of the duty of citizens is immense. A person’s personality develops by performing duties and responsibilities. Freedom, equality, and rights are not equally desirable for all states of fright. Confirmation is within the duties of the duty. The creation of a civilized, healthy, progressive and advanced society or state system is largely dependent on the conscious duty of the citizen.

When doing the duties, the hope of the right is certain. As one of the state and society. There is obvious responsibility for our rights as well. The right way to fulfill the duty is to open the door. In fact, rights and duties are tied in an integral bond.

Therefore, the importance of relationship and cooperation of rights and duties has been recognized in many constitutions. Rights and duties have a close relationship between apt-it and the rights and duties of the same currency. They are called the epitaph-operate of the same currency. Right, It is necessary to do the duty with fear. Because the rights are within the rights.

The tasks that are required to be performed are called duties. Such as the right to be educated and to teach the children. Within the right is the concept of duties existing and in the political sciences, there is a fundamental right in the rights and rights and duties associated with each other.

The people of society are demanding on one another. When Rights are created when the demands or expectations are accepted. And the meaning of accepting them Pledge to fulfill some responsibility or duties. Basically one of these demands is mutual. The right to move direction and the other side is the duty to move.

The scope of rights is limited by duty and rights cannot be free and unregulated. Renewal Rights If the right is free, then only everyone will be able to give up the right, and the weak will not have the right. Indeed, the scope of one’s rights in society, limited and confined to all others by its duty or duty. The right of the citizen is dependent on the duty of the state: the right of the country to recognize and preserve the claim.

The state creates human rights and provides for protection. This is the responsibility of the state. There is also the duty of citizens to the state. Disclosure in these duties, showing loyalty, regular tax payment, compliance with state law etc. In fact, the citizens cannot expect their rights without doing the duty to the state. Likewise Again, the state can not claim any duty to the citizens without doing its duty.

There is a close relationship between moral rights and moral duty related and moral rights and moral values. Old parents are unable to provide food to old age Right to the claim claimed.

Caring for elderly parents in the care of the child’s duties. In the same way, how appropriate is the arrangement for the upbringing of children in childhood, education, character formation etc? The right of parenting from the child is largely dependent on their duty towards the child.

The right of the duty to be relieved:

9 to obey the right to be observed, The rights cannot be frozen without doing the duty. According to Professor Laski / Laski, “The right to not do the duty cannot be frightened, one’s rights are vulnerable and dependent on the duties of others. If I want to wager, then I have to do my duties and create a sense of turmoil.

To achieve the right through the duties, and to acquire individuality the necessary rights. It can be achieved by performing duties. If I can handle the rights of others by carefully following the duties today, my rights are earned on the basis of the other taxes, on the other hand. If I claim the right to life from each other, I should not ruin the life of another. Thus, by performing duties. The rights are to be gained.

Right to fulfill the right to fulfill the duty and to fulfill the rightful obligation to fulfill the right. There are many duties and responsibilities of citizens towards their own families, society, and state. The quality of personality and personality of the people to fulfill all these duties properly. People Poetry rights for full development of personality That is, the duties on the basis of right-wing. Celebration of fame

Rights and duties for social welfare:

It cannot justify the right to personal rights to the public. No rights can be vigilant against social welfare. So, we have to be afraid of the right, so that personal and social welfare. The complete coordination is achieved in between. That is, with every right, personal welfare and social personal and collective welfare are achieved. There is welfare responsibility.

In the context of the aforementioned discourse, it is said that the right to revert to the sum of the different benefits that the society offers to them to develop their individual or collective personality and full life.

The rights are recognized and protected by the state and these are aimed at universal welfare. But the rights of the individual or the collective are assured through the duties or responsibilities. So rights and duties are related in many ways. In fact, there is a duty within the rights. Again, the rights cannot be lost without a duty.

So it can be said that the rights and duties are complementary to each other. There is a duty to protect others against the rights of my safety, unreasonable and unjustly.

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