Elements of Growth of Public Administration | Elements of Development-Administration

Components of the development of the Public Administration:

The change in the era of human society has become very complex due to the change of the era. Because the population is growing and centralized, the work and the responsibilities of the government in modern times are growing unprecedented and continuously. As a result, the work of government administrators is very basic. Elements of Growth of Public Administration

For these reasons, the Laik administration has gained importance in the modern society. During normal and peaceful times, haik and wartime and fear remain, at any given time, the lecture has essential importance in studying.

The modern Laik administration has gained an unprecedented expansion. The situations and elements that are working on the development of the public administration are discussed below.

The origins of the welfare state:

As a result of the emergence of the concept of a welfare state in modern times, the administration of the lake has gained a new significance.

It is necessary to take an appropriate program for the social and economic welfare of the people rather than the current state and the police state. It has to perform customary functions such as maintenance of law and order, defense, justice, and justice.

In addition to this, responsibility has to be taken to perform social welfare activities, public life management, public health and public education system, provision of transportation and arrangement of arrangements, embroidery and social security.

Elements of Growth of Public Administration:

At present, the state has to work as an entrepreneur, director, and regulator of economic activities in all sectors of the country’s agriculture, industry, business, and commerce.

This resulted in changes in the nature of the administration of the law. In keeping with the efficiency and economics of those public functions, it is desirable to innovate new techniques, techniques, and organizations in the administration of the Law.

As a result, public interest and management are increasingly focused on the study of the Law administration issue:

Development of administrative machinery 4 The development of the administration has resulted in the development of state administrative machinery. At present. Many functions of the government are new types and most of these executives are newly established.

Often, the government’s progress in the division of the departments and the change in improvisation. Got a profit. At present, various new administrative organizations and organizations such as public corporations, bureaus, councils, commissions, bards etc. have emerged.

These organizations have to be formed according to the nature, quantity and goal of the government functions and new relations have been developed with the government departments, lawmakers, government services and the public. It was a loser. In view of all the circumstances, reviewing and reevaluating many of the administration’s governing bodies.

Importance of administrative problems:

Political philosophers previously dealt with the problem of political theory and political organization. They are in administrative direction or The administration has not given any measurements to the problem. But in modern times we are administrative. Encouraging the growing importance of problems.

The progress of civilization and administrative problems As a result of the acquisition, the administration of the Law has become very complicated and has been elevated to an individual science.

At present, the workplace of the administration is very comprehensive and to achieve administrative tasks, large and complex organizations and procedures are needed.

Modern problems related to administrative organization, administrative authority, administrative area, administrative procedures, administration and efficiency of administrators, decentralization, and decentralization, a delegation of powers etc.

I am considered to be at times and they are being seriously abducted. As a result, the expansion of the administration of the law is happening.

In fact, due to administrative difficulties being complex and technical, they need to be subjected to scientific and specialized knowledge and perspectives. The administration has become an expert in the profession and in this case, the needs of different types of expert people are inevitable.

Development of science and technology:

The discovery and development of science in the present and rapid development of technology and their effect on human life and their effect on state affairs are being implemented as an important component behind the development of the administration study.

As a consequence of the industrial revolution and the result of new and high levels of technical issues, expansion of the administration has made the administrative process so complex and specialized that it is general and uneducated. The people went out of the house. This resulted in the emergence of professional civil services.

The administrative efficiency and experience of the Civil Servants are gradual in terms of administrative policies and rules. Systematically arranged. Only administrators were concerned about these issues for a long time.

But when administrative tasks and procedures started increasingly influencing the daily life of the public, then the people outside the administration started showing encouragement to the problems and procedures of the administration, and the introduction of a theory based and educative approach about the administration.

Apart from this, due to industrialization, there has to be a great organization to build. As a result, the complex and timely problems related to social co-existence have arisen. If all these problems are not taken in due course, then our overall social life will be damaged and destroyed.

So scientific and technological. Following the discovery, we have been pursuing management and workforce, as well as for remedying and solving the socially related and humanitarian problems of the mechanical era. We have to give an equal measure.

The development of scientific discovery and technology has increased human power; But regarding our social organization and management, our If he fails to keep up with the increasing power of thought and workflow, then this scientific and mechanical invention will bring about a widespread benefit to us, rather it will ruin us.

So organizational and managerial problems are increasingly attracting the attention of the most thoughtful people in the present time.

In this way, science and technology are the keys to science and technology. Development as a study subject helped in the emergence of administration. The scientific management movement and the scientific management movement that began in the United States in the late nineteenth century also inspired the latter to pursue studies.

Unveils the era of scientific management era. The pioneer of this movement, Taylor, invented the single best way to cut steel. Then he used this inventory to manage the mind-subject in the industry. His followers used the principles of scientific management in the government departments.

In fact, the government’s organizational solution to solve the problem of scientific methods and principles, which is to uncover the horizons in the field of study and research.

In the process of expansion of international organizations and in the process of globalization, there has been a great development of relations between the countries.

As a result, with the help of the state administration, the people of the district have been able to re-engage in new designs, and with the help of efficiency and efficiency, the essentials of the people are essential.

Presently, due to the vast expansion of the international organization, the activities of the special departments of the National Government are being affected and the administration of the Law is largely leveraging internationally.

Presently, the world’s smallest country is feeling the need for international co-operation. The International Organization of Nations and its special branches are affecting the work of some state offices. For example, for the development of Bangladesh in the third world, especially in Bangladesh, UNESCO is expanding its education, health awareness, and other development.

The idea of democratic ideas and consciousness:

At the end of the nineteenth century and early in the twentieth century. Democratic ideas and consciousness continued to develop. The idea of becoming more powerful in sequence. Every aspect of life has been established.

This resulted in the administration of different countries of the world. Although there is no revolutionary change in the nature of the system, it is in the administration system. The radical change of character and consciousness is achieved.

Prior to the public administration and direct election system, public watchdogs are noticed. And in this way, the administration of the Law has gained democratic form in many countries.

In order to give the democracy of the people, to make the administration of the people, it must be compatible with reality and in reality democratic ideals.

Government administrators must acknowledge the sovereignty of the people and have their hopes and hopes. Pay attention to every regarding the policies and programs of administration in keeping with the people’s opinion

Social science study:

The contribution of social science studies is not less important in the development of the lecture administration. Important effects of the study of social science in the development of the lecture administration and the development of realities are noteworthy.

As a result, the administration of the administration, administration of administration and management also arose.

Due to the educational needs of the education department and its practical purpose, it has made great progress in the modern world as the text of the educational institution. In the Western countries and many countries in Asia-Africa, the higher education-level administration and recognized place in colleges and universities

Got a profit. In addition to university colleges, in many countries, some research institutes have also been set up to practice and conduct the lecture. In the University of USA, the Layer Administration has been given a distinct text and category status.


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