Evolution of the American Constitution | History of the United States Constitution

Evolution of the American Constitution:

The history of the United States is only two years old. The first origins of the political independence of the United States. Did not Political independence brought by the colonists to Europe.

On July 4, 1776, in the United States, the British colonized the freedom of British colonies, and this caused the birth of the US nation. England’s long-standing dispute with the Liberty Coalition colonies But in the history of the United States government in 1776.

It can not be said that independence has started with a cessation or started from the time of writing the constitution. Rather it is Saxon. The time has begun to develop.

Country and countrymen:

Other than the North American Indians, the country of the country or the immigrants coming to the United States from abroad, the descendants of the other living in the United States are coming from abroad.

Although there is a dispute about the arrival of people coming from abroad, Scandinavian vicinity at one point of the 11th century is the first to land on the new England coast. But they did not settle there permanently.

A few centuries later, a group of people from Spain came to the southwest of the subcontinent and Florida in Florida. They left their influence on some areas including New Mexico.

Then, people coming from different places in England, Holland, ¬†and Europes in the seventeenth century’s cave, formed colonies in the coastal region of the Atlantic Ocean. Many of these colonists get the permanent shape.

In order to protect the freedom of religious belief during the reign of James King of England, a group of England settled in Holland, many of whom came to America again, known in history. In 1620 they signed a new settlement called ‘Plymouth’ Thus, the certificate obtained from the King of England By the way in America.

The English colony was established. The first colony of Virginia was founded in 1634. As a result of most colonial English, the impact of English political and legal institutions on the lives and thoughts of America has become prominent.

The government was formed in Massachusetts, Virginia and several other colonies in imitation of the British government. The government was not formed in this way everywhere. Spanish and French influences were found in the Dutch government and other places in the New York government.

In the 13th colony of the Atlantic, on the north side of Florida, important political developments are observed. This political progress became a revolution in 1775.

This revolution resulted in independence from the British rule in 1789 and the United States was created. “The inhabitants of 13 colonies on the coast of the Atlantic were secluded from various places and settled in North America for various reasons.

As a result, the sociology-political and constitutional background of Britain influenced their lifestyle, but their views on government’s structural style were not uniform in all areas.

For example, the Puritans of Massachusetts preferred to apply religion to the public; Again, in the Virginia colony, there was a tendency to unite religion with political life, much less.

The climate of 13 colonies was not the same again. The trade and taxation are dependent on agricultural farms, colonization, and large-scale agricultural activities. There was variance in the visually dependent colonies.

As a result, Massachusetts and New England In the colonies, the government-centric government system is being developed, but in rural areas of the agrarian colonies, rural life-centric government. The system was trying to establish.

In the previous phase of freedom assault, there were similarities in some of the 13 colonies. In addition to a few of the 13 colonies, the rest became the royal provinces. Their governors were appointed by the King of Britain.

According to the King’s Charter, other colonies also started to become a royal province. Regional problems in every colony. Build a legislative assembly to resolve There were similarities between the 13 colonial courts and the law system.

The people of the colonies struggled with the same administration towards the administration of London. Their main goal was to protect the interests of their respective colonies; Britain’s loyal colony does not exist as survival.

Liberation of Liberation Background and Liberation Liberation:

A decade before the US Revolution or the Liberation War, the relations of the British colony with the colonists came in a critical condition. So if the clash between the British government and the colonies became inevitable, in the eighteenth century, the colonial powers of Europe in the economically viable regions of the world, in economically viable areas, The intense competition for the expansion of the colony was revealed.

Their goal was to bring the territories possible to expand trade and industry in their respective countries. The active role of the expanding bourgeois class in Europ. Accepted. In Britain, it has not been altered. Britain’s bourgeoisie class on one side of their own financial interests.

By increasing pressure on America’s colonies through parliament for increasing growth, they were trying to meet the demands of new markets for their products, on the other hand, America, from the other colonial power of Europ. To protect the colonists, they were seeking security. Colonial on the 13 colonies of America.

After the establishment of the empire, the interest and encouragement of the British government on this region increased. In order to protect these colonies from the countries of France, Spain, the British Government got into the middle of the eighteenth century.

Britain’s industrialist class at the time. The British government and the Parliament were pressing for the sending of troops to colonies. In the eighteenth century, during the special war between the British and the French, the British government was involved in the financial crisis.

As a way to escape from the financial crisis, the British government intended to collect money through taxes from America’s colonies. Some of them adopt special financial policies.

Regarding the regulatory regimes and financial policies of the British government in the colonies, the relinquishment of colonists. The right to trade in the free trade of the post comes down and they are severely damaged in economic terms. In the colonies, take a lot against the British policy.

There were strong protests in the house. Colonials have long been independent of their own. They were quick to maintain the issues that were slowing down.

They challenged the jurisdiction of the law enacted by them and started against the British army presence. British colonies in the United States colonies

In the colonies of the dollar, the interests of the industrialists of the country are active. With the development of America’s colonies

The owners of the Spinal are organized and firmly determined to protect their financial interests. Colonists can realize that maternity leave

Understand that if the motherland cannot break off the rerelationshipith Britain, they will not have the freedom to develop financially. Because of this, they were united to descend on independence with Britain.

In 1765, the British government formulated and introduced the Stamp Act in the United States colonies and introduced direct tax collection. But simultaneously the storm of protest against the stamp law in colonies’

In this situation, the British government was forced to repeal the stamp law. But being aware of own jurisdiction regarding taxation. The residents of the colony did not accept the demand.

After this, the relations of colonies with the British government continued to dwindle. In the meantime, on the call of Massachusetts, in September 1774, the first continental Congress or conference was held for the abolition of the British government’s policy of 13 colonies.

In this Congress, the representatives of rebel settlers demanded the right of Britain to make all wrongdoing legal and adopt a comprehensive system of a boycott of British goods.

The British government did not agree to reconsider its policy of repressive taxation and repatriate tax system, and the 13 colonists’ war with the motherland was inevitable.

The second continental Congress or conference was called in May 1775, when the war started in April 1775. ” In 1776 the colonial leaders decided to have all relations with Britain. Second continental. On June 7, 1776, Richard Henry Lee of Virginia presented three proposals.

One of the important proposals was the demand for freedom assault. Massachusetts representative John Adams supports that proposal. According to a resolution of the Continental Congress of 1776, a Committee was formed with Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Riger Sherman, and Robert Livingstone to draft the draft of the Independence Censorship.

Thomas Jefferson was given the responsibility to draft the draft of the Independence Censorship The Committee on Freedom of Mortification submitted its report on June 28, 1776. 55 representatives of 13 colonies in America, on July 4, 1776, the historic censure of historic independence ‘.

Accept and publish. Representatives of 13 colonies of America, unanimously signed the censorship of freedom. Do it. That is why the 4th of July was recognized as the United States Day of the Founding Day. But in Britain, it is easy to seize freedom from slaughter.

Did not accept Britain tried to abolish the freedom of slavery with all its power. To protect the confined freedom, the army of the colony also surrenders. George Washington’s well-off leadership and 13 others in self-sacrifice. The glorious freedom struggle of the colony was finally recognized in 1783.

The background of state co-operatives and the composition of the United States Constitution.

After independence, Britain and the colonies started the war in ancient times. In the Second Continental Congress, the responsibility of the representatives of the 139 colonies was solidly coordinated by the unity of different colonies for the purpose of fighting the war.

When the governors of the colonies resigned and took shelter with the British military at the beginning of the war, an abrupt condition in the administration was created. From the Continental Congress, every rebel colony was instructed to say that according to his own requirement, the government must be reconstituted.

At the congressional direction of the Congress, the colonies used the word ‘state instead of’ colonization ‘to form a governmental government and formulate their own constitution.

Although the second Congress served as the government of the United States rebel colonies, it was initially a constitution. It was temporarily constituted in the wake of the situation. But when the war started, the prejudice of a permanent organization was particularly felt.

Then, on the Congress, the responsibility of forming a constitution was overruled. In November 1770, the Continental Congress wrote a number of paragraphs for state co-operatives. So, in the history of the United States, the state is referred to as the ‘collective paragraph’.

There was no federal or nondemocratic rule of governance in the state coalition; Rather than taking the state The provision of a loose state cooperative or confederation was made.

Sovereign power The rule of law is largely kept in the hands of the state. This’ State Cooperative Paragraph ‘becomes effective under the guidance of 13 states of war’ (colonization). This is considered to be the first United States Constitution.

According to the State Cooperative Article, proposals for the formation of one, the Congress, with the representatives of different states were accepted.

The Congress is entrusted with full responsibility for controlling foreign affairs, including warlordship and peace. If there are two-thirds of the state’s consent to decide on any important matter and to make the paragraph clear.

There was a need for the state’s unanimous acceptance. Success in the freedom struggle under any Congress by the State Co-operative Paragraph In spite of some constitutional progress, arrangements were made to supersede the state co-operative section.

Because the conflicts of commercial interest among the 13 states make the necessity of a state co-ordination paragraph inevitable. In 1785, some states called for a conference in Mount Vernon to try to resolve their mutual problems without having extensive plans and procedures to solve commercial problems.

Two bilateral agreements were signed between them. But this agreement encourages other states in inter-state relations and commercial development. In 1786 Annapolis’ (Annapolis) – a conference was invited to send representatives to various states.

Only send representatives to five state assemblies. At the initiative of Alexander Hamilton, representatives from different countries decided to approve the state co-operative paragraph and prepare a report.

In that report, the discrepancy of the State Cooperative Articles was revealed and in order to resolve it, all states are invited to meet in a conference in Philadelphia next year (Philadelphia). Effective executive division or any type of court was not constituted. Each state could independently manage its own affairs.

After peace with Britain was established in 1783 after the victory of the Liberation War, mainly due to the weakening of the American state cooperatives to conduct freedom struggle, the colonists remained particularly vulnerable to its weaknesses.

According to Munroe, there was a lack of four main weaknesses or four vital power of the American state’s co-operative. It did not have the power to repossess the guardianship for the supervision and control of its tax, borrowing, trade, and trade.

As a result, the state co-operative and its governing body Congress were completely dependent on the state. Conflicts of independence and perseverance among the different countries were very strong. Inter-state trade was particularly hampered due to the protection and other obstacles introduced in the states.

Philadelphia Constitutional Conference, 1787 and the American Constitution Conformance.

Known as the Philadelphia Convention. It can also be called a ‘constitutional conference’. Because at this conference, the constitution of the United States was knocked down. The conference session was held from the last week of May 1787 to the middle of September.

74 people from different states Although the representatives were elected, only 55 representatives were present at the conference and 42 delegates were present at the conclusion of the conference. Only 39 delegates signed the final constitution. Participates in other state conferences except for Raid Island alone.

Representatives constitute a reference group or group. Thomas Jefferson described it as a ‘little goddess’. But in reality, this group is not a very human meeting, but people of all classes were present. There was a representation of all the opinions and members of all types of political doctrines.

George Washington was elected president of the conference. On the subject of the proposed new constitution. There is a strong difference between the state representatives. They are involved in a long and complex debate.

The main question was how much power would be given to the central government. Representatives of some states are the central government in the constitution. Express more like power. Again, other representatives want to save the rights of state and one. Calling the weak central government to do so.

The matter of vindictive interest between the big states and the state of Chhat state creates the most serious opinion. Representatives from the first-of-its-kind states claimed that small-scale states In comparison, their states will have to give greater representation to the Congress.

But representatives from small states of the state demanded equal representation of Congress for their states. As a result of George Washington’s firm efforts as the president of the conference,

It is feasible to adjust the two persistent perspectives. The representatives of that conference end up with them. | By agreeing on the main question of disagreement, a new constitution agreed.

On September 8, 1787, it was sent to a committee for the development of the constitution of the draft constitution. James Madison worked as the head of the committee.

On 17th September 1787, the constitution was signed by the representatives of the state present at the conference.

Those who have compiled the United States Constitution, they are USA Famous and important personality in history The references to them are: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, | People such as Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, They also achieved perpetual fame as Thomas Jefferson, the contemporary leader of the United States, as the founding father of the United States.

These individuals are involved in the formation of the US Constitution. Identified with skill and expertise that in the history of the United States, such talented people did not gather together again. In this context, Hathorn, Penniman and Farrow foreign government and politics-34 |

The Constitution of the United States of America, the constitution of Philadelphia After the Constitution became a law, it is desirable for the state’s conception of the state.

Soon after the completion of the Philadelphia conference, the draft constitution was presented for state conception. There is a strong debate among the state groups on the question of confirming the constitution.

Which state prevailed on the new constitution and campaign against it. As a result, Hamilton, Madison and John J. were responsible for responding to the constitution of the constitution and to highlight the new constitutional characteristics publicly.

Published a letter called ‘Federalist’. In these papers, they discussed contemporary problems and new rule framework and urged for the adoption of the proposed constitution. Philadelphia Conference. Immediately after the end of the constitution, the process of conception begins.

At last, the US Constitution has been ratified by the end of the first 12 and the end of the 13 states after much antitrust and Calzaghe. States such as Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, etc. quickly follow the constitution.

North Carolina and Raid Island agree with everyone at the end. After the ratification of 13 member states, the Constitution of the United States became effective in 1789. The first Wednesday of March 17th of March 1789 is settled as the United States’ founding day.

After the election of the new constitution, US election college ‘George Washington was elected the first president of the United States on April 30, 1789, he took charge.

Firstly, the United States was formed in 13 states after the new constitution was finally recognized by 13 states. But now the number of states has increased to 50. Of these 50 states, 49 are located in North America and the rest in Hawaii Islands.

The US Constitution of 1787 was adopted and ratified, with a suggestion and 7 paragraphs. After this, this constitution has become a formidable form of evolution.

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