generalist vs specialist | Generalist vs Specialist in Public Administration

Generalize and specialist nature:

Subject to the secretariat of all departments in the administrative offices in all areas. The heads of the Ministry are the General Administration Administrator and the head of the attached departments. Technical or technical expert. Standing stage of ministry or division of such experts. In between, he has to go to communication.

Their job is to provide technical advice or technical advice to the saddest persons in preparing the administrative policy, but they cannot formulate policies such as the secretariat or administrative head of the department. Technical experts are not considered to be the administrative heads of any ministry or department of government and experts are forced to go beyond the control of the general public.

Technical or technical experts, such as engineers, doctors, etc., often demand their proper recognition and dignity. They also vehemently opposed the ministry’s intention to prohibit their employment as the administrative head or administrative head. They campaigned that without giving them the main role in making administrative policies, they were given the power to perform secondary role in this regard, and their salaries were also less tea. And they get permanent status lower than general administrators.

Their point is that in the era of current technology and science, it is necessary to be aware of the special technical skills and complexity of planning, implementing and evaluating different development plans of the country. The administrative head of the general public of any ministry or department is not usually enthusiastic or informed about it. As a result, when sending various plans for the conception of the general public, the experts have knowledge and advice about their technical aspects.

They spend enough time and energy to pay. Moreover, when no the administrative chief went away elsewhere and replaced by another general secretary. , The experts have to repeat that knowledge and advice.

In this situation, technical or technical experts are not able to become administrative head. Because of that they are from subordinate to the common people, which make them frustrated. The experts demanded equal status as common people. The advice they give to the ministers is based on their professional, special and technical knowledge and experience, and to comment or review this advice.

Validity of any common sense there is no administrator. The chiefs of the technical departments feel that their ministers and ministers there should be no obstacles in the way of direct sexual intercourse or relationship. 7.3 Classification of administrators.

Special points or parts:

Functional Expert: They are working in technical or technological engineering, engineering, law, science and public health.Administrative expert and one of the administrations

Perform regular tasks on special systemic aspects of direction or section. Such as administrative matters, budget calculation and planning related.

Administrative general knowledge:

They are administrators of 9th standard. They are political officers or in the implementation and implementation of policy

Quote consultants. Their role is largely with political views and consciousness. In addition, a large number of employees are organized and managed in a specific way.

After reviewing various aspects of the administration, it is seen that the role of generalization at the senior level. It continued to grow. Appalled mentioned in this context that as much as any employee

The more time you get to the side, it becomes irrelevant to the previous experiences. Some highly trained professionals who have earned fame as administrators. Their experience is about

Relations between generalizations and experts:

In general and expert, the relationship between the two classes has become the subject of research as a problem in administration. In fact, this problem arose with the rapid spread of rapid typical of administrative work. The difference between general knowledge and experts is not basic, relative. “Senior administrators play the role of generalist. Policy their role in determining and decision making is pioneer. The Role of Generalization, Political and Specialist Roles, Particular, Technical or Technically

Most of the classical steps of administrative steps are in the possession of most of the general literature. General experts specialize in the administration. Experts rarely get the opportunity to represent the country’s highest decision making center. He does not look forward to the arrival of ordinary people. Because the knowledge of experts is considered to be the obstacle or obstacle of the general public in the matter of administrative opinion.

Political authority also questioned the question of expert knowledge and expert opinion on raising questions. Based on the well-informed opinion and support of these experts, the strength and existence of modern advocacy governments are largely dependent.

General Knowledge Arguments:

Generals try to traumatize the experts for various reasons. In this case, they make some arguments.

Decision Making:

In the first place, the generalists assumed that experts became narrow-eyed with the special knowledge of particular subjects. They have blind beliefs about anything other than the experts who have achieved their point of view. For example, engineers in Beale and doctors may not be able to sacrifice mentality for a moment, regardless of their status as high as they are in their respective fields.

In a method of deciding what kind of an expert Mr. To be accepted, think about that aspect first. But what is the goal or decision to take; His thinking about that subject is very low. In many cases, they are thinking that the high level of policy making in the administration is huge and widespread. There cannot be any such special 4 rigidity. Because high level policy making is not a technique and technology based.

With this decision, the social issues of the entire people of the whole country are intensely involved. So, in this case, a common politician will make its versatile experience more effective. For example: In different organizations of Bangladesh, many special features are visible. For example, the position of the Secretary of Health Ministry or the post of director general of the Directorate is elevated to any high-ranking doctors. In fact, the special professional-based expert will not be able to confirm that the person will be as successful as the administrator. The highest level administrator can be selected from any pay ur.

Experts typically become blind due to the special skills and knowledge gained in a particular field. The result of professionalism due to his professionalism is in his mind. A rigid mind-body is created about the special case. He remembered that he knew best about the methodology, better understood.

Expressing a great reluctance to choose another well-thought-out strategy for this. He only prefers statistical information to the occupation, and in such a case, one aspect of society to realize the importance of related human element. Failed. In this context, it is worth mentioning that the administration is a part of politics and on the contrary the greater.

Experts have got a kind of dysfunctional expert for professional reasons. Coordinating skills are not transparently lighted on their action efforts. Coordination administration is an important one. Direction coordinating position in the center of administration. It aims to summarize certain types of content so that they can work and plan and form a continuous process.

With significant increase in administrative complexity and specialization, the significant role of coordination increases. Coordination operates all the action range under a single classical control under the same class. The purpose of such control is to avoid excess coordination efforts.

An expert is a part or event that is a part of the overall event. Cannot be considered as an analysis, but rather an analysis of the incident as an isolated part. Because of a professional mentality, there is a spontaneous separatist stalemate in it. But in the administration, no work isolated.

To know the underlying relationship to big problems with the Shed hat problem. | It is not easy to find out which material or material results directly or indirectly in preparing the main government policy. In the administration, various local interests may be involved. A 4 expert cannot claim the opinion of his opinion. Hardly, there is no doubt that the government policy formulation is based on logistic facts or information. But the data or information is not the only element of decision-making. No administrative decision. Not only is there a need for expert knowledge but it is not as trained but expert.

Taxes are also considered deliberate. They (the person who is not an expert) feel the public’s expectation, reaction and consciousness for experience and training. When an expert is in charge of the management and operational relationship of an organization, he occasionally takes charge of the distribution system.

Show negligence:

In the second decade of the twentieth century, all American satellites were run by a doctor. In most cases he was faulty. There are a large number of doctors who do not have any medical degree, who have managed to achieve multi-purpose development. Many doctors who are not doctors are in high school in the National Public Health Department.

Similarly, it will be an engineer administrator, in the twentieth century it was a favorite idea. Nowadays, in the city reconstructive organizations – where millions of dollars are spent, the administrators In most cases engineers are not. The engineering, technology related questions, which are so well-connected, the engineer is the best who said that they are simply ignorance.

Do it. Since there is some technical expertise in the work, there is no reason to believe that the administrator has to follow only one correct method. Whatever the program is, to implement it, there is only a single experience of experience or versatile experience than training. More than enough. “4 clearly, it is proved that the responsibility of the organization of multifaceted programs. Should not be operated under the full control of the specialist.

The question needs to be judged on the issue of transmittal issues. No The expert will be in his own department or in the field of expertise in matters related to his own department or subject matter, although his unrivaled achievement will gradually make him famous. The aforementioned expert went so far away from his professional colleagues that he spoke about them. Do not understand

It is desirable that experts, as an expert, try not to interact with people who are in the general policy framework. Rather, there is a need for all those who have been trained by the expert on the department, who will be able to give their statements in general and more efficient in discharging their responsibilities than the specialists. Difficult Experts do not want to accept this situation.

Statistically there is no information or data that proves that mercantile people lack administrative skills in all the specialist and technology. It is unreasonable that a general kind of general education is better than an expert B-field related qualification. Rather, there is no knowledge or skills, as much as e.

The foundation of that will be stronger and stronger. There are many things that can only be analyzed in nature from 9 in particular. Rocket throwing in the Solar System is one of the highest. Expert jurisdiction. His dignity or the seat is very high in functional position. His recommendation will be accepted as correct.

Much depends on the experts. For the strategic and scientific information and statistics that administrators use to implement, manage and implement policies, they have to rely on experts. Experts have come to know about the consequences of this process and what can be the reaction to the people.

Expert performs his search work. Through research, you can get to know this topic closely. If there is no expert help or support, then the modern society, on behalf of a government organization, it is impossible to penetrate deeper problems and bring them to the level of control. The expert’s side. It is possible because he dedicates his whole life to a particular side and is confused with it. Read the rest of this topic.

In particular, a specialist in the developed world is highly respected. He is the only one who knows everything in the field of knowledge. In this specialized knowledge, he does not have any supplementary or peer. Experts of any large complex organization can take the aim of a strategic organization. Have full awareness of Asmara and are active steps towards its development from the professional side

There is no universal proof that the expert’s perspective is limited to their professional and professionalism. In many cases it is clear that an expert is one. More imaginative and more socially better than general knowledge.

It is also not reasonable to say that the expert is a machine and there is no touch of human element among them. Experts neutralize their creative power and innovative power for human welfare. Era over the years, experts have not been convinced of their efforts to advance humanity in various fields. Have done A British writer said that I do not believe in anyone that a person

It is easy for him to create unity and homogenous mindset in this organization. To identify the problem very intimately with the individual problem. He encouraged the increase in the employee’s work.

At the end of the rhetoric, both the general knowledge and the specialist are in the class. G is the head of the public and is working as an advisory at the highest level and against.

The administrative system of Bangladesh, from the effect of colonialism of the mold

The Dogar administrative system is a reflection of British administration. Our administration is still not completely free from the influence of knitwear. Former techs are a strong, traditional, general-looking bureaucratic.

The system was adopted. There is no such administrative system in Bangladesh. The administrative system has not changed in any way. According to the traditional administrative structure, the policy in this country’s administration

The gap between forest and policy-making agencies is very sharp and clear. Most of the general public policies are held in the organization or secretariat. On the other hand, the experts are in charge of the management of the departments or related departments.

Generally, the officials of the secretariat are getting more power, dignity and other benefits from the competing officer of the concerned office. The role of the general public in the administrative system of Bangladesh is very comprehensive and important; their mobility extends.

Beginning of the Secretariat, the General Secretaries have occupied the exclusive (former CSP and EPCs) seats in the relevant offices, corporations, bards, and even regional administration. In most cases, policy-makers it is managed by the experts and these organizations are kept in full command and control of the Secretariat, the general public.

The proposals regarding technical matters were sent to the Secretariat. Officials, secretaries, secretaries, additional secretaries, joint secretaries or deputy secretaries of these secretaries took the final decision on these matters, though they do not know much about the contents. Although they played the role of the judges, experts were very curious. Because they are completely deprived of policymaking. The expert is the information.

The center of supply, but their role in decision making is very inactive. Here evidently they are underestimated or neglected. The idea of ​​modern tech and planning is to work on the stupidity of grasping that the person who does not know is not involved in anything and he is a good and successful administrator.

No help and practical guide to common sense. | There are many problems that fail to fulfill. The main reason behind this is that it is possible to realize that apart from special knowledge and training of that matter, it is possible.

Prior to introduction of new job kasha in the country, there were considerable differences between the two class administrators, in terms of salary promotion and job opportunities. Experts had long been paid in exchange for professional education and training and had to spend a little less on their professional career. There was no way for promotion of promotion. Pardon Sampan was less in terms of number, dignity and pay-order than the general public.

To reach an office of an expert, it would be better to work for a long time than general knowledge. There was no guarantee that the expert could reach the senior post. Apart from this, the engineering of various engineering colleges, technical or semi-technical departments, due to the generalization of the general public, could also reduce the chances of promotion.

After the independence of Bangladesh, due to the rearrangement of the administrative job structure, the conflict in the general versus expert conflict in Bangladesh has not ended. At different times, the members of the work-oriented job-related work committee against the general public have made a coordination committee and the Coordination Committee. Composed of 23 job-members. It is to be noted that the committee submitted its memorandum related memorandum to the Prime Minister on April 14, 1991, in response to their employment problems and pressures on the government to accept the demands.

According to them, the cadre members in the Civil Service Administration are now occupying the secretariat and region-based positions exclusively. Their number of rank, promotion and number of cadre mats fast Has increased. There they are all in all. Coordination committee, in the excitement, said in the expedition.

The authors of the generalization

In support of this statement, for example, the position of the land revenue collector and magistrate in the post of the Deputy Commissioner. The importance of land revenue has been reduced greatly, because land revenue collection is much higher than land revenue collection. But the magistrates are waiting for a court settlement. The amount of work of the magistrate has increased in the case of huge increase in the case.

At present, the Deputy Commissioners are mostly responsible for protocol and coordination. Experts believe that such work of the Deputy Commissioner is unreasonable. Because now. For managing the affairs of the ministries, there are specialized officers of the department and district level experts.

The existence of the Deputy Commissioner is unpredictable here. It is better to give coordinates of district and thane level to an elected representative. It will not create ill-entanglement of envy and jealousy among the members of different cadre classes, but also the action revival will increase.

There is a great majority in the country. In addition, the senior service pool formed in Kershaw government period was abolished and according to the opinion of the committee, the BCS for 60% and 65% respectively for the posts of Chap and Deputy Secretary respectively. Seven) the decision to be reserved for the cadre is accepted. The government of Bangladesh formed a work-based single law service in 1980 through the re-organized job structure.

All the functional cadres covered under this service are decided on the basis of rank and status and in all cadres; salaries and promotion of the same form are promoted. The door of Kabana is unveiled. The purpose of the reformed job kathamma was to eliminate the dominance of the special cadre in the civil service and to give priority to intellectual, expertise, expertise and technical training. That effort has been very successful.

In 1975, the business policy was made in which the secretaries of the Chief Executive and Chief Accounting Officer were made. Besides, according to the 1986 march, the secretary was given 17th position and the chairman of the corporation 20th, 22nd the director general of the Directorate. Has been given In this place and rank format, it is clearly evident that the generality of the general public than the experts in Bangladesh is overwhelming and dignified. That is, one in the job field. The dominant cadre dominance is firmly established.

Therefore, the conflict between general knowledge and expertise has created a great obstacle to the administrative and overall development of Bangladesh, which is necessary to end it. In this regard, the expert council mentioned some of the recommendations. Recommendations are as follows:

Must be excluded from the classification of state job structure. Expert and general managerial administrators will have to eliminate the discrimination in the areas of salary, promotion of jobs, other facilities in the field of employment, dignity etc.

The general public must have a clear idea about the knowledge and skills of the experts. Currently, the expert opinion is to be examined by the junior officer of the secretariat. It has been said, that the name of Prahasan. Because one is an engineer or a physician or a scientist. How to check the general graduate or postgraduate officer of BIS administration. It must be examined. So, this should not continue in any way.

Unicameral officials’ monopoly in different types of senior posts in the Secretariat. Changes or rules will be changed. Here are some of the jobs. The government has prepared a single list of general public and experts of both the class. Which is known as Policy Paul? Enlisted by providing appropriate knowledge and training. After applying them to the people, they are required to fulfill the senior posts of the secretariat. That is, the high posts will no longer be reserved for any particular cadre.

If the job conditions are not completely rigid, then in some cases, the technical or strategic departments who are relaxed will be able to apply their special skills.

Finally, it is possible that the government of Bangladesh is very aware of the generalization and the expert’s conflicts. Recently, the High Secretaries of the Secretariat of the Expert are being given the post. This action of the government can be done to overcome a conflict between the administration system of Bangladesh in the near future and it will be able to develop a healthy development system.

Dr. Syed Abdus Samad, in a seminar, expressed the opinion that the elite material present in the business is present, it will remain in any form, and officials with sharp and provocative intellectuals, they are general knowledge, and the expert will give leadership to the administrative system. Matzoth, the administrative system of any country will have to coordinate the status and financial benefits of general public and special officers.


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