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About State:

The state has been thinking about the social institutions of all important societies in all spheres of life. It is one of the reasons for people to think about the social life and through the process of progress and development of human life in the process of development of human life, it is possible that the people of this state organization Amman will develop its origin The state will develop the idea of ​​the state and its activities in the right direction.

In this process, state thought has developed. Even though the state and the people of all ages have controlled life, the thoughts of this organization have not always flown in the same sector. Various thoughts about the impact state As a result, various opinion and ideas related to the state arising out of it have been published.

State Principle and Definition:

Restraint a broad concept of a variable true sense restraint is about the state of various scholars of different views in different periods and other scholars in a variety of environmental impact about the state of the various types of thinking has resulted in several age rastracintara occurred variations rastracintabida these thoughts for ages their own variations of the history of the foot

One professor now says:

It is generally referred to as state-mindedness, that the state of the nature of the nature of the structure is discussed, that is the state thought

Professor Henry:

Without a political thought, the concept of a particular group of people in a particular time indicates the time of the world that the state is studied,

Helal of Professor:

Speaking of state-of-the-art memories industries in a very important way, the memory is generally called the state of mind

Although state principles and state doctrines have often been used in the same sense, the fundamental difference between them is that state-level political doctrine is a state of thought rather than a state

specific concept of thinking and thinking, while contemplating contemporary and contemporary state thought philosophies Collective form.

Political religion literary economics can not be considered as separate from the cultural traditions. The state of mind is based on the many intellectuals of many different political organizations within the state as human beings and social relations between the people and the people, J Touch the forest are all under intrastate.

The real and current customs of state thinking have arisen out of the present real problem, when the state was not able to reach the conclusions about these problems, in view of which no state can be universally, but it can not be practically ever seen, therefore, 10 can never be sitting in the camp. Moving through so much evolution.

Organizations are seeking to change the way of thinking:

In the present world, we can see only that we can not see it in one day. It is not possible to divide the history of entire philosophy into the history of different philosophies in different ages.

  1. Orientalism

2 western political thought

In the Oriental state of mind, the Indian Egyptian neighboring Arabian countryside is notable, but it can be termed as the European state of mind, mainly in the history of European states, it is divided into three stages.The state-of-the-art discussion is mainly limited to these three ages, and further details are discussed below.

Ancient era:

BC 469 to AD 26 countries in Western rastracintara onset is believed to be the earliest rastracintara in the history of the Greek state, the spectacular important Greek state philosophy Political better than that, so the European political concepts, the considerable influence of the Greek state, thought the most important contribution to the c Chen said the idea is still the sculptor rastracintara originated in the pages of history the Greeks, and it was limited .

Middle Ages:

Although there is a disagreement over what is called medieval in history, it is generally believed that in the history of Europe from AD to Fifteenth century, medieval times are believed to have originated from the medieval period since the fall of the Roman Empire, it is believed that this medieval separation from the ancient and modern era The effect of absence has been the views of the church and the state One feature of the universality of the resistor parallel to the religious feelings of the Middle Ages.

Modern era:

Throughout the fifteenth century the movement of the movement of the movement of the modern era was thought to have begun in the beginning of modern times that in the beginning of the century, the dominant power of the monarchy has been initiated in Europe. Since then, the secular national state has emerged to get the power of religion; from the light of modernity it is exposed.

Greek political thought:

In fact, what is meant by state-mindedness has arisen in the ancient Greek country, so it is said that ancient Greece is represented by the representation of Western states, China, India, and Egypt and ancient states, but what state-minded or political doctrine means, there was no existence of those states, and later many of the principals Think of the state of the country Although the development of development progressed, the league was able to occupy the second place in the unparalleled specialty of sedition, and it was said that the debate started until BC and AD.

Personal liberty Political authority was born in ancient Greece and created political activities State and the role of the person etc. The wise scholars of the summer argued arguably with some of the basics prepared, but there is a lot of controversy over these issues, but these basic ideas are completely excluded. Greek philosopher betting could not be done.

Since its inception in Europe and America, it has been a major development since then, in many countries such as China Egypt, Syria, India, the rise of state-of-the-art developments, and in those countries, the identity of the state is recognized as the reason for claiming the characteristics of Greek philosophy in oriental and exhibit, Comparatively, Greece has more political philosophy of the whole world In the context of the impact of the 19 works of the ancient Greek state for the status of political philosophy has earned tribute.

In ancient Greece, a scholar of teachers and philosophers, they were extremely cruel to think about social and state-related posts, they were keenly interested in contemplating young people with a new kind of thinking. This scholar was known as Gush Sophist, especially for the youth, visiting various places. Rule of Law Trance Relationships etc.

The history of political thought originated in the world from the ideas that arise in the ancient Greeks are debated and debated. Controversy is composed in the debate, it is considered an example of the first state of the whole of Europe, and later the history of Greece’s political thought is more consolidated and made rich.

In modern times, politicians introduced different types of political thought in accordance with them, according to them, many judgments on issues related to the ancient science of science of ancient Greece, analyzed in many cases, have made considerable impact on the information-evidence of their discussion, critics have criticized the belief that modern political thinking Ode Saner are talking always has been introduced in ancient Greece restraint.

It has not been there that most political ideals can be said here

Long-term intervals and environmental conditions For different reasons modern state thinking must not be understood by the ancient social structure, the state of the ancient social structure, if the thinking and philosophy that took place in the ancient state system from ancient Greece could not be fully realized in view of the view of the audience in the modern scientific period. Slavery

Greek City State:

The history of state philosophy is an important chapter of the ancient city of the state of the ancient state of Greece. The state of the state was the exhibition. The state of the state of Radhanagar is the birth of the state of the state, the state that is thought to be present in the world, it has gained prosperity based on the thinking and consciousness of the ancient city of ancient Greece. Social organisms Nine methods have been established in the center of city-state, a familiar must

Introduction to the Greek State:

The city state was the basis of the Greek state philosophy. In modern terms, city-state refers to the city-states of ancient Greece, none of them were the modern city of London, the term kolkata dhaka, which means that the city’s life system was the office of the city, and the full personal life was not a family or social life. The citizen of the state is an integral bond of common goals.

The emergence of the Greek city state:

The history and evolution of the modern world state is the source of ancient Greek thought, which was formed in the center of the city, the emergence of state thought; The contribution of civilizations; Civilization is the world’s oldest civilization The small island of Mala, due to the ocean of the sea, settled in the history of the Greek peninsula early in the hills, mountains and polluted rivers formed due to the natural features of this island. The origins of the state and the political together with an area of ​​individual In order to protect the terrain, the army and the castle are needed and the protected areas are being developed in large numbers.

This control was developed for the administration’s administration. These were the majority of the inhabitants of the millions of residents, they were not real citizens; they were close to their relations and were admitted in the citizens even when the Greek city-state emerged in such a way that these cities, which are located in different parts of Greece, Was not there, but was separated from each other Forest livelihoods in the city-state was the result of the period as one when it was separated from the Asian Cricket

Greek state thinking A significant part of the Greek civilization, the state of the Oriental justice, the uniqueness of the judiciary was given to the society and the state, so it is said that the Greek state is characterized by various features.

City state centric:

Accepting the President in law politics and moral perspective, but all of Greece’s discussions have been developed on the basis of city-state, and here the whole state of the state thought that they did not forget the thought of the birth and development of urban state and the relation of citizenship Within the summer the state was bound to Greek At the time of the philosopher’s point of view, the State of the State made the state-of-the-state hope.

Priority to the argument:

The main characteristics of the Greek state thought were the argument of Greek philosophers. They believed that their life and the world are fully working on the logic of every incident of society, the logic continues to work, and after analyzing the facts in every argument, after deciding the judgment and deciding the policy, People prefer to confuse chaos They do not want to argue all over the world, so chaos cannot arise. There is no reason to deny the argument; therefore, the rationale was the basis of Greek philosophy.

Political institution:

The state was not considered as a politician in ancient Greek thought. It is considered as a moral institution. Technology did not think that the state was formed through the treaty. Naturally, the people of the country came fully to the morals of the country. They had the virtue of being virtuous.

Religious solidarity with religion:

One of the characteristics of the Greek state is that there was no specific limit to the specific film in religion and politics. There was a unity of religion and politics that the organization needed for the athletes, the state was trying to solve the political problem through ethics, because it did not think of separating religion and politics. Thought religion is of equal dignity in politics has received.

 Citizens’ participation in state affairs:

Since the person was considered an integral part of the state of the ancient Greeks, so every citizen of the state was involved in the work of small-town city in ancient Greece, there was no difficulty in participating in such a situation that this feature gave the Greek government the democratic character

Contemporary status dominates:

The contemporary situation in ancient Greece was developed to solve the problems that the Greek philosophers felt when the Greek city states were engaged in conflict between each other and they were divided into different groups. This led to the establishment of a stable government system in the country and the government. Mutual meaningful environment Ira philosophical and political differences in order to eliminate the chosen.

Religious Instruction:

Thinkers believe that the Greek society was a demonstration of religious religion. A special role of the country could be observed at all levels of the society. These religious rituals were to be subjected to the laws of the country to perform the legal work. Religious morality and the effect of religious rules were to be judged on all religious grounds.

The fullness of individuality in the state entity:

There was no opposition between the people of the Greek state and the state, but in the state 70, the perfection of individuality could not bring any conjecture to the people. They believed that the creator made the people reasonably well, and the full development of the argument was possible only through the state what the inhabitants loyal to the state Give him grace to improve Used to improve the individual and the state would not have to make any distinction between moral progress.

Society is not neglected:

Although there is a given importance in the thought of the Greek state, the community is completely neglected, it is not possible to say that the Greeks were temporary in the way of living life; They believed that in the continuous living, they met together by violating the justice of the society, together with mutual consultation, decided to maintain a harmony between the members of the community. Kept.

 Greek concepts about citizenship:

No one can be a citizen of that country only if living in a country. Whether the concept of citizenship is still present in the world, Greek philosophers go to make the path of democracy easy by recognizing the political rights for citizens.

State of individualism:

Philosophical Individualism was the reason for the welfare of the person, especially for the development of a person’s personality, and the Greek philosopher king, he believed that every person will decide on all matters according to their own thoughts and will not be imposed on any subject.

 Act prominence:

There was a supremacy of the law in the Greek political philosophy. The Greek philosopher believed that the law was the power of all power, not the government, but the government would have no difference between the law and religion of the religion-based state. My view of the law was in the era of monarchy but when the establishment of aristocracy When the change begins, the law is in the religion And the importance of human factors led to an increased  fact that there are reasonable

Give special attention to the mass opinion:

Greek doctrine-class importance is given to govern, on the other hand, special attention has been given to the value of the dewan democracy, has ruined the responsibility of judging the government’s activities, so modern democratic political thought was dormant.

Open political thinking:

The origins of the ancient Greek city state were from the state of ancient civilization, because of the convergence of the various governing councils of Greece with the different governmental states, their political experience gained richness and free independent political thought was opened.

Open-minded attitude:

One of the characteristics of Ancient Greece was the unimaginable view of religion. Their belief in religion was that they saw the natural element of the proper person’s conscience, and the reasoning and reasoning of this argument was that they were able to influence the influence of ishwaripur in their view that their view was independent analysis.

The world is creative:

A notable feature of statecraft is that the world is encouraged by creative reasoning and nature is not a bad thing, and it is not a bad thing to reciprocate. It is a good thing, the underlying element is the argument that the Greek philosophers had a difference between the many genetics of the human being,

Political and economic relations:

In the relationship between political and economic control and financial elements in economic activity, the realm of the state’s natural control, the Greek philosopher has specifically identified it in all sections of the society, only imagining the wealth of class struggle, he has realized that with political power economic empowerment Ruling class Philosophy can possess and society can not be established

Free state authority:

Since achieving the objectives of the people through the state only there is no need to limit them to any work, the state had the right to perform any work only if it was favorable to the welfare and interest of the people, since the individual and the state did not have any separate field in the common and private sector.

Democratic values:

The social and political life system of citizens called the constitution of democratic values ​​as democracy because all the decisions of the state were taken by the participation of every citizen of the government in accordance with the constitution. It was a Okayed Paris had and this council was the ultimate

 Natural law source:

Natural law was considered to be a natural law, so according to the Greek concept of the natural law of the people, the genius of nature’s law, it is logical and correct that people live in accordance with the laws of nature, the person who has given the power to every human being should give the human being its superiority by knowledge of nature Have been blessed.

Equality of Friendship Freedom:

The Greek state philosophy and realistic independence were proponents and idioms. They were transitional democracy and independence was temporary. They were interested in ensuring the participation and participation of the citizens. They were interested in the political independence of the people that is not seen in the eastern oriental state or later in the Roman Empire. Good luck! The significant fact.


Given the special preference of Ancient Greeks, the Greeks regarded Zeus as a symbol of universal justice, violating the prohibition means that the violation of justice was involved in anti-social activities, the famous poet mentioned in his poem the trial of the heroine

Greek contributions to state:

The world’s oldest state is in the time of the hijacking of the Greek state, those top leaders have emerged, their profound wisdom and foresight enriching the Oriental state philosophy has multiplied multiplicity in the Western countries, contributing to the development of specific nationalities, expressed a well-intentioned opinion that the information about omnipresence They have influenced our lives even today, even in the economy of the modern state. We see that many think professors

service law has its right, since the idea of ​​Greek thinkers about the affairs of the city-state of justice, most of the political ideals of justice independence, The contributions of the Greeks of Stichintra are briefly discussed.


A special contribution to the idea of ​​the Greek state is freedom and democracy. It is seen in the later Roman Empire, where the Greek inhabitants were very active in preserving their city-state as an autonomous unit, and because of the rules of political independence, they would call somebody their master.

Development of democracy:

As the contribution of all citizens in the development of democracy increased and the importance of the participation of all citizens in the state of the state, their social life system became the character of democratic character, the democratic system of modern times and the influence of the democratic spirit of ancient Greece.

Creative Worldwide as Wisdom:

The Greek people considered the entire world as a creative wisdom and reasoning, considered the main formula to be a special feature of the agarics’ political thought; therefore, in order to know the world, they go to the external world after searching for a regulatory policy, free from all prejudices. Think of their thoughts and their thoughts In order to mention various issues in a very wide range of thought, freedom of thought of democracy, skillfully, prepared a list of democracy revolutions in the list of politics.

Recognition for state needs:

According to the Greeks, keeping good with nature and living on the basis of right wisdom should lead a person’s life. By using the given nature of power, it is one of the most important tasks of human life. As people who are wise to develop wisdom, they must have a better life so that they need the most necessary social and political Life’s personality develops in the work of life This was the origin of the nature of the state and the need for adhere.

Enhancement of State Functions:

A special contribution made by the Greeks is that they have not imposed any restrictions in state affairs, they did not favor the limitation of state affairs, all work related to public interest seemed to work to them.

 Democratic governance and political tolerance:

Democratic governance and political tolerance is a key contribution to the idea of ​​the Greek state. Democratic rule means freedom of expression and freedom. Right in the later period, especially in the modern era, this issue has been considered with the utmost importance. The question of political tolerance associated with democratic governance is derived from tradition. Has been democracy Hittite developed democratic and political tolerance contribution to the Greek state.

 Loyal to state law:

The principle of giving loyal to the state is through the law of the most important contribution of the modern world and freedom through the law of liberty of the person limited by the law of the underlying government etc. The issues of ancient Greece have shaped the state’s life; its contribution is being complementary to the laws and independence of the present day.

Relationship between person and state:

Greek states and state interconnected bridge states would not have made any distinction between non-governmental activities, and the difference between the public and private sector of the Greek state is corrupted, and it has become common with society.

 Respect for the law:

Another special feature of the state of the state is to respect the law, to respect the law. Protecting the rights of the citizens, the procession did not create a completely unconstitutional legislation, according to them, the way of discovering the nature of the law of nature and the desire of human nature is not enacted by the state to implement legislation in accordance with the Greek concept.

 Free people freedom:

Because of the great importance of independence of the Greek state, dictatorship, wealthy tantra, where no special influence was possible, Aristotle said that if a person needs to progress in his final stage, then his free will be given freedom because no person without independence can develop fully. So even though the tea stall is the state the supreme body of the individual liberties of the citizens, however, he did not underestimate the

 Finally, it is possible that the contribution of the state-sponsored Greeks was immense but despite all these contributions, the Greek city state became increasingly exposed to the rise of British colonialism, which led to the inevitability of their decline. In 404 BC, the main reason for the decline of Athens was its imperial greed, hence many historian political scientists has described the reality There is no similarity.

We can say that we must follow the right path by acquiring knowledge about the very important issue in political science. The Greek state philosophy is known as the source of Western states. Pride of ancient Greece is seen in the early stages. In many countries, later on, the development and development of the state of thought, Greek kingdom Accepted as the first and foremost consideration of the philosophical views of the states

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