Public Administration | Importance of Public Administration in Developing Countries

Importance and significance of administration:

In modern times, the leak administration has become an important factor. With the expansion of state affairs, the importance of governance and the importance of the administration is felt more and more. The modern state now only does not carry out police duty.

The state of the policemen has occupied the place of welfare state. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the state has been performing important social and public welfare activities. The main goal of the welfare state is to make the most of the welfare state. General welfare. And in doing so, the state’s activities have expanded and increased. On the other hand, increasing the scope of the work of the state, the administration’s role and importance of the administration is increasing at the same time.

The field of administration is quite extensive and practical. Because the government policy has begun from the international stage to the local level. The subject of administration is very specific. Because the law or the administrators are now involved in the welfare of human beings, their education, health, leisure, social security, etc., so the importance of administration of modern society can not be ignored in any way. :.

Role in civil life:

The Laiks administration is a creative element in citizen life, whose purpose is to make the welfare of the people in the role of administration in the life of the people is very extensive. Down This is explained in detail

A citizen in the modern Calcutta State has to depend on administration at every level of his life. The present era government also thinks for the citizens of the day. Through the establishment of birth control, maternal and child care centers, etc., there is a need to care for future citizens.

The government takes appropriate programs to improve children’s health and to educate them. In this way, the government takes a number of plans and plans to get the education done by the citizens. Even those Directly not government servants, in their work-time the government also has minimum wage law, labor. The law helps them with welfare programs and many other means.

The Lakes Administration is enclosed and active in all areas of life. Apart from the provisions of the  system, electricity supply, public health, vacation etc., the administration of the citizens. Eager to bring happiness and happiness in life. Even after the death of the citizen, he is abandoned. The administration serves it by giving the property to its successors and the shelters according to its will.

Scientific and mechanical discovery and impact of industrial revolution resulted in civil life. The administration’s role has become more important and there has been a great public gathering in the city. Due to these circumstances, citizens are forced to rely on state-to-law in relation to eliminating dangerous objects in their life and health and for fundamental and essential things for a happy and beautiful life.

Since the modern government used the administrative system as the main means of performing its daily activities, the administration of the administration has become increasingly the center of governance and management. So the effectiveness of the administrative machinery is the government’s. For the sake of success and thus great significance for the welfare of the citizen. It’s ours One of the biggest political problems of the times.

In developing countries where the government liberates the people from poverty, hunger, rage etc., they are very much in the effort to bring their happiness and prosperity, there is a lot of importance in the administration of the Law. No person The plan can not succeed, unless its administrative issues are fully realized and appropriate administrative instruments are developed. Administration is a moral act and administrator is a moral representative.

With the increase in the diversity, number and complexity of the work executed by the modern government, there has been an administrative backwardness, there is a serious imbalance between the expectations of the people and the need arising out of the accomplished work and the adequacy of the administrative framework of these necessities. This imbalance is a serious obstacle for national development.

If the modern-day state has to meet even a part of its increasing responsibility, it must achieve administrative capability to implement its economic and social development program. To make all the plans and plans that can be implemented and to implement the plans and programs that are being implemented, the state-level lawmakers use the administration as a tool or medium.

The administration of the Law plays an important role in saving the civilization and caste and maintaining and improving the civilization and culture of the country. The effect of this ideology on the public can be judged from the way the ideals are made in the way by which the ideals of a state are made as well as the ideals of a state.

In this way administration is one important. The social process becomes and a great goal is achieved. The distinguished nature of the citizens of any country is reflected in its administration and their qualities and hopes-aspirations become transformed into administration. This means that the administration of the country is not only a conservation of classical stability, but it actually serves as a medium of social change and progress.

Providing service and assistance and in the current era, the government has taken initiatives for growing activities in the economic, social, commercial and industrial sectors of the country. Thus, the administration of the Law in the modern Kalyanabati state does not protect the citizens of the country from being indoctrinated or internal disorder, but rather teaching them, producing them and distributing them among them.

And in different ways they take the appropriate responsibility to help them. Therefore, the welfare and progress of the citizens depends largely on the quality of administration. Remains. In fact, it can be said, if the law enforcement authorities fail to work, then our The entire structure of modern society and civilization will collapse. If our civilization fails, it will mainly fail due to the breakdown of the administration.

Regarding the formulation of government policies and rules and the new and widespread responsibilities of the state, the role of the administration of the government is of the importance of almost any department of the government. More importance and prominence spread.

Law administrators are not concerned with the implementation of the policies made by the law department, but rather by their special knowledge and experience. Help the lawmakers and ministers to make policies. They fulfill the rules by making rules. Successful actions of each government policy depend on the capacity and capabilities of the administrators. These are the skills and efficiency. Because of them, they have become the chief of public welfare in modern state.

Resolving all kinds of problems in the state and unprecedented development of science and technology World Changes the life system and life style of the community. This is due to the huge progress made. Massive art The concentration of production equipment has been centered in a handful of capitalist. Urban and urban areas have become crowded due to urbanization. This creates the result. Employment, health, sanitation, social protection, and education issues.

Multiple problems. These. To solve the problem, people have to rely on state administration. The state uses its own tool to solve these problems and it is the only weapon of the state. Administration The systematic arrangement of well-organized and well-organized law can be the most successful of the state. Solving and providing people a peaceful, secure life.

To maintain stability and consistency and to bring it into the society, the administration has a great economy. Energy and components. The importance and role of the administration in laying the society stable is immense. In the current democratic state system, the government often changes under public pressure. But in the administration Sudden and radical changes rarely occur.

When the government changes with the previous regime Maintenance of the present system maintains the law administration. Not only in the democratic government system, but when the revolutionary changes took place in the elements and characteristics of the government, still the continuation of the administration or the government administration was carried out. The example of America has been observed.

Implementation of plans and proper management of social life and the assets of the country. The idea and practice of the plan has been adopted as a result of the state and government’s thinking for development. All the governments of this era have planned and plan-based initiatives to achieve the planned development goals.

As a result of the mandatory or deliberate plan, the extent of administration of the law increases; Because with the implementation of the plan, more control for regulating the rules, stipulation and bidding of private entrepreneurs and citizens’ activities under the framework of the aims and objectives of greater government initiatives management or planning.

War era and modern era era of all-round war. In order to wage war, the states have to bring together their entire wealth and resources. Naturally this is huge. Is formed on the administration of the law. It is seen in all countries that the activities and activities of private administration that are under control during the peace are in force during the war, administration or government. The administration came under control.

During the last World War, many people knew about the control, permit and quota that the governmental authorities had distributed on the distribution and distribution of goods and the promotional production, the control over normal trade and financing.

The main goal of the administration is to use the country’s natural resources and manpower. Public welfare through full and efficient use and distribution of the country’s natural resources and manpower. Their proper management is a very complex task. With the extensive expansion of scientific discovery and technology, the management problem is very complex. Employee administration is also an important issue of administrative management.

A fair management and management system in the modern world, the important role of management is increasing day by day. The existence of the administration system is observed in all spheres of society and state life. In the administration of the family, educational institutions, business establishments, hospitals, religious institutions, the administration of the government is fully aware of the administrative sensitivities. When people get valuable knowledge about administrative policies, methods and objectives, they participate in skillful activities in various state functions. Able to do. Expert and experienced employees are the key to proper governance.

Role as a subject of study:

Regarding the importance of administration as a matter of study and the importance of pragyaism is immense. While the administration’s medicine has increased in the lives of the citizens, the significance of study of the lecture system can not be denied at all. Education and teaching are now considered to be an important part of the education system of different countries. There has been an unprecedented development of the teaching process in the US.

There has been considerable progress in the administration of the Law in the European countries. The administration and knowledge of the administration of the Law will make the people of the country efficient and experienced in the administrative field and help to realize the proper functioning of the administration.

After the aforementioned significance and significance, it can be said that the leek administration is the heart of human civilization. Modern democracy welfare state The idea gave birth.

Sometimes people did not expect anything other than torture and persecution from the government authorities. Later, they remained lonely with the administration. There are more shades in the administration than they want, more services inevitably increase the range and responsibilities of administration. The only welfare of the people in the welfare state for the administration – ensuring a better life for the people as a whole.

Importance of Law in America:

America is a developing country

Over the country The British and the West Pakistanis have been colonized for years and colonized. And that’s why the administrative system of America is not yet unorganized and transparently motivated. From the experience of developing countries it became clear that the development of the administrative system. Without the economic development of the country is not possible. And the improvement in the administration depends on the efficiency of the administrators, mature experience, sacrifice and commitment. At present, there is a need for the administration to develop new roads. In such a situation, the importance of administration in America has increased considerably. Think about it below

To gain administrative experience and gain administrative experience, America has increased the importance of administration in America. With the abolition of the colonial rule of the past, the administration has to be rebuilt. It is necessary to make the whole system of governance beautiful, fair and meaningful in terms of new conditions, in the new condition. And for this the most prevalent lion. Educated manpower, whose administration has theoretical knowledge about the administration. Administrators can take a very important role in this regard. This is evident from the development experience

On the job It is up to us that the economic progress of the country is not possible without the improvement of the administrative system. And the improvement in the administration depends on the efficiency of the administrator, the mature experience, and the sacrifice

To become a public welfare state and to be known as a public welfare state in democratic states. America also believes in this ideology. In view of this, the administration has to take comprehensive initiatives to solve public issues such as public education, health, medical and zagazag system, housing and unemployment problems. Apart from this, the state is also in the traditional way.

Law and administration, meaning, nature and significance:

To maintain law and order, judicial proceedings, etc. have to be done in traditional manner. In order to overcome the challenges of many problems like industrialization of the country, green revolution in the field of education, healthy, creative and advanced education system, population control, resolving labor unrest in industrial areas, controlling capital, ensuring favorable foreign trade, and increasing the standard of living of the people, the government has multiplied the scope of administrative work Being able to grow. So the importance of the administration of the Law increased multiplied.

For the proper management and control, and now the government of Use has fully embarked on national reconstruction work. The administration has taken the new responsibility of reconstruction. Especially the importance of administration due to the government’s new program administration divided into four levels. Newly considered. Apart from this, the relentless efforts and efforts of the needy government employees to implement various projects for the implementation of various projects in the local area and for the proper implementation of the responsibility. Again

Only the government initiative is not enough, in this case the people’s active support is also essential. In addition, the government has nationalized many large industries in the country. The government controls the factories, mill-factory, bank-insurance etc. The economic development of the nation is also largely dependent on the proper management and control of these institutions. And the responsibility of proper management and control is fully implemented on the administration.

Role of the Law in America to implement the plan and implement the plan. Unlimited Basically, the responsibility of implementing the plan is entrusted to administrative elites and officials. They took a plan on government matters related to any important state and made every effort to implement it. The most important thing is to administer the plan. It is important to emphasize the importance of finding out the source of wealth, and the appropriate and appropriate resources available. Bringing equality between use and multicultural work.

Finally, it is said that the popularity of the Laik Administration in America is increasing now. Therefore, it is possible that there is enough prerequisite for governance in the development of political and economic development in America.


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