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Jean Jacques Rousseau Biography

Biography of Rousseau:

The best thoughts of the 18th Century came in. Everyone was born on 18th June in a poor family in Geneva, Switzerland. His father was a producer, after his birth, at the age of 10, he was admitted to a school from his man and mama house, but the school did not have his fate. At the age of the year, he left everything for an indefinite life, so for a long time they are living creatures.

Rousseau’s writing:

Rousseau’s writings in the contemporary French society have been written for the purpose of solving socio-political upheavals. He emphasized on his life that he has a key role in the happiness and peace of society. Some great points in his speech include the remarkable discussion of Rohit’s discussion Political Economy The state is very beautiful about all the subjects in the book.

Rousseau’s idea about human nature:

In the opinion of Rousseau’s opinion, through the process of genuine analysis, the relation is very high in relation to the relationship between the people of the natural state and the people of the natural state of his life, he lived in peace. He did not touch any of his texts in the civilization. People in the natural state have a beautiful freedom. Made garlic pre the state was concerned about the feeling of happiness and self-centered full self-centeredness in his man’s behavior.

He stressed on the importance of his human behavior by appointing him. He was fully interested in the knowledge of the natural man. The natural work was so simple and simple that anyone should discuss the attack against anyone. Promising envy hatred among natural people It was here that every man had to cooperate with each other in the betting on his life.

Natural state people were very simple and all-envied feeling of the human mind was that there was no stable family system in the latent nature of the people because their heart’s emotional affection love did not develop as dry feelings in the country. The power of the greedy people of a human being is easy He believes that the characteristics of the properties of the human nature of all human life.

Russell’s idea of ​​natural state relations:

Russia’s theoretical analysis was initiated from the natural state to Rousseau’s imagined state as an outline guardian of his natural sexual imagination but he did not describe the natural landscape of his natural state. The natural state was a natural state. He said the creation of the state through social means that the natural state was the land of freedom.

Natural earth is the kingdom of heaven there was no heaven in which there was no influence. There was no effect on the life of the natural state. The people of the natural state were selfish, self-centered, self-centered, but Rousseau said that while the natural food image is alive in the hands of the people, the rationality of the amines tantric rituals was born only when it became engaged with the neighbor.

For people are desperate People started to interfere with other property to increase their wealth and to save it. The conflict created by human selfishness has become the only major battle. People of natural states can engage in other activities after the war, due to their lack of power, the fear of being killed in the war is awakening among them. Have not been afraid of becoming owners of property was not there.

Natural state has not done any work in the management of the management of any form of illiteracy in their behavior view. People of that time lived in a state of absolute state.

A person can be identified by some characteristics as a natural, and then they would think of themselves self-defense. But because of that, they want to hurt any other type it has not been seen that the natural state could not form any creative family of the people because of their affectionate love emotions in their hearts.

They did not have the opportunity to publish their human characters, because there was no affection for the love of people, socialism did not develop in the social life due to pre-societal socialism and hence conflict and turmoil could not be seen. Rousseau says civilization has contributed to the natural laws and principles because the people there had the right idea rakrtika natural ability was not entitled to judgment.

Those who live on the natural night, the two objectives were to protect themselves from any environment. Love tendencies were not harmful, but love loved each other; There was a lot of noise in between, and it is normal because they did not go away from it and did not broadcast on other TVs.

Needless to say, or it is fair to do any work Rousseau said that Rousseau said that people could not participate in the love affair with others on natural afternoons. They wanted to say that people of natural state are not the main reasons why they cannot be guilty for self-centered because it is normal and scientific. There is a need to center them in the center In case of being held.

If people of different levels of civilization judge the social status criteria, the fall of human beings at various levels of natural state government has reached some stage. Natural birth can be possible throughout the day, people are born throughout the day, but the latest in the above mentioned significance is that the natural state cannot be born in the civilized society because the successful people’s art And the advent of science is the car As a result, the freedom of human beings is destroyed.

On the basis of changes in civilization and natural Razzed equality, people form society in order to get rid of many such people in society, but in reaction to this, the people of the world in the very opposite of the true honesty, 2017 Friendship becomes the largest slave of themselves. Natural irregularities in the development of the National Raja Sabah These were some of the primitive society began to emerge was the end of life.

He called the people of the real-world kingdom as Rousseau, and demonstrated these resistant affection over reasonable people. Rousseau said about the natural reality that in the present system there is no existence in the past.

There may have been no days in the future, but he thinks that it is a historical concept on the total only psychological concept, so it is seen that the natural state civil society or the state had its natural ideal in the natural world than the political life.

Natural State Criticism:

Naturally, the Natural Juju information was criticized in various ways that the natural state enjoyed the eternal happiness of the people, but in his opinion the reason for the natural emphasis is on the underworld, who adopts the true religion, they cannot realize the freedom of accepting the Aria Samar and religion of the civilization of independence.

But the version is correct It is not considered by critics that the eastern natural raj of the formation of the state That was the political freedom of the people, but Russia’s concept is not correct. The lasting doctrine of the country’s natural night has said that the slavery of the civilization of humanity is wrong because the civilization was preceded by the creation of civilization, but slavery was the creation of a civilization of humanity, but its notion is not in vogue but in reality it is seen in the state system Organize people.

With the above discussion, it can be said that information about the natural state of Russia is important information that promotes natural great ideals through the Department of Supernatural, and it was funded by the great revolution of friendship of the era of the French Revolution.

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