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John Locke Quotes:

One of the most famous books in the history of Murshidabad, 230 on civil government is the principles of the life of the people. It has been said that the main source of support for the state of art and the welcome of ascending the throne of William and Mary was written by the book.

In his state of mind, education in life wrote several books on politics and religious violence. One of the famous books written on philosophy is Easy to understand human understanding.

The main point of this book is the argument in favor of religion in another book, L topic. Presented the proposal for the freedom of faith of all religious brethren.

Preparation of Block for State Principles The identity of the people’s bourgeois attitude and liberal state of identity. The text is the reason for Christianity in the present context society is owed to the state system.

State Princeton William and Mary wrote the Lock book by welcoming who ascended the British throne. King of Political Science James II left France and fled to France, and the new regime began to get closer to parliament with William of Orange and Queen Mary.

The states of state and society believe that the state-of-the-art natural relations of state present different ideas of different minds by drawing frustrating images about the concept of people. In general, peace and harmony prevail.

The state of the state is an organization that wants to manage this organization, the right natural state environment. When all human beings have the right to decide solely on their personal issues and issues, by having complete independence. Without the natural law of the state, people cannot depend solely on someone’s law.

John Locke thinks there is a lot of difficulty in the natural king, the corruption of political science and the various forms of society have ruined the naturalism of the diverse society.

According to Locke, where people lived before the creation of the state, natural states were governed by the natural laws of the natural state that natural law relations governed the natural state.

There is a natural law and everyone under this law, John Locke, took up medical care at the beginning of his life. A seventeenth-century philosopher, we know that the father who wanted to appoint the state was the William of orange

At the age of 34 years, how did the famous state thinker agree that why people are contracted between themselves, because of the concept of divine property, and explaining the laws of natural law and not being the enforcement agency, the human nature of John Locke’s natural state was like how the natural state man is in control of mutual cooperation and maturity. Lived in People always took more time to work more activities.

Due to the agreement between the two agreements, the agreement was signed between the people and the people. Become a community or collective entity.

According to Locke,

the second agreement is related to the government and people’s understanding of the fundamentalism of K John Locke Block, the founder of liberalism, the government.

The main basis of the legitimacy of any ruler of the state of political science depends on the extent of the respected judges, depending on the extent. How people have created a personal property on the amount of labor of labor, connects their physical labor with the property,

What is the meaning of it is that the state has said that the government is called the father of parliamentary democracy, working to emancipate human rights through the emblematic property of freedom of life and global property? State-sponsored John Jan was the first proponent of the power self-governing policy.

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