Legislative supremeity | A Legislative Conception of Legislative Supremacy

Legislative supremeity:

Superiority of law department : According to Locke, the Department of Law is the highest and the best division among the three departments of the government, because of the extent to which the work of the state’s community works and the security of natural rights is protected, the role of the final solution for the security of natural rights is to make the legislation important in the state functions.

No, normally the law division The power of dignity should be remembered by the highest power of the law, which is the highest power department in this matter than the highest state in the other than the highest state of the law department, the division, especially the executive department must be killed, the law department is relatively more than the other divisions There is some height in the people’s interest Mental power is in hand and there should always be a session in more than one hand, and the legislature has the highest power to reduce the time session.

Limitation of Law Department:

Although the power of the law department is superior to other departments, the department has some limitations. It does not have any limitations on the property of the law department in the power law department without the consent of the owner of the law department.

Destroy the property of the people using It may be the law of the law department to be lawful to run the legislation in accordance with the written law. It is not a duty of law to call anyone else. It is nothing but a big confidence issue of the law department. It will be the limit of power of the services department. It is said that the maximum law enforcement department 9 people were injured.

Power conservatism policy:

Three thirds of the lock said that their power has been reflected in the principle of self-government, but he did not give an explanation on his PC. The main proponent of the power conservatization policy Montesquieu collected the fundamentals of corruption, but it can be said that we can think of rape of the statement about power conservatism policy. The fundamental and difficult negotiations go to the government He did not say anything that’s critical role in the society.

Government work different departments are completely separated from each other and the driver has not been supported because coordination between all the departments is very important for proper management of physical work, so he said that in the case of hatchery division, if there is a close relation between themselves in the field of separate relief, In the sixth century, it is said that this is equivalent to the government.

Locked as the sum of parliamentary democracy:

In view of the following philosophers of establishing the rule of people of war crimes against the English philosopher John Jan, he had said that modern democracy could be observed in many different aspects of the very strong priorities, so it was termed as the father of the parliamentary democracy of modern democracy, to fulfill all the necessary rights of the father.

Later on, the basis of the government’s parliament was based on the assumption that the modern world was called parliamentary democracy.

Parliamentary democracy is the main goal of the highest mother can be found in the elected representatives of the people of the parliament and the rules and regulations of the government are obliged to accountability of the government. Parliament is the main foundation of governance in the government and people’s democracy is the people if they are the government. In view of the direction, the people have been called the father of parliamentary democracy Karan featuring modern parliamentary democracy was the brain-child talk.

Establishment of systematic democracy:

He said about the political philosophy of the people and the constitutional rule for the welfare of the state. He represented the constitutional democracy as the king. He denies the complete revelation. 1709 Explains as a strategy Describing the power of the power, The permission is to cancel the public’s permission.

Establishment of public sovereignty:

Demanding the question of universalism, he expressed the opinion of the public as if he was not from heaven, democracy cannot be successful, and because he has the potential to spread dictatorship, he has expressed the ultimate opinion that he opposes the unlimited power of the government, calling the majority rule as a military regime. He expressed his opinion that the government is for the sole purpose and the ultimate power of power can take the form of arbitrariness.

He said that the government was created by the agreement that the government has notified the birth rights of the people of Karol for the limited power of the government, but if the government and non-government identify the rights and failure of the people to develop the natural legislation, then the Northern Government They have to be uprooted and overthrown.

Individualism is an unbeliever:

He has given highest priority to freedom of people in a clash of independence. He is the President of the country. For the sake of ensuring security, the main objective of the state is to ensure the independence of one of the wealthiest people of democracy, to help develop the person’s personality by providing citizen opportunities and security.

Political thinker said in the locked state of welfare solidarity, that religion is a mere personal affair, according to him, creating a complexity of the United States, people make people unbelievable, and in a way the state can engage in anti-disciplinary activities so that democracy is in a democratic environment.

Tolerance For the protection of the democratic environment for the state, it is not possible to tolerate tolerance among the citizens of the state. It is not possible to build tolerance in addition to tolerance. Religious and caste, regardless of religion and caste, should concentrate on work from one bond only.

Rastranaitika philosopher of the laws of the state of matters in the seminary at nine, she legislature of the state’s agency described the culture of the 15 he has other departments take control of the argument made by the legislature of the state of the members elected by the people can be, the Legislature by the janakalyanamu Establishing a modern parliamentary democracy.

The importance of formation of government:

He emphasized the importance of establishing the government, as most people agree to form a government, all the powers of the society are entrusted to the maximum message, in this way, he has put the person in his political organization on the basis of essential democracy. That the role of the governing body of the law can be played.

Natural Rights Information:

In the natural rights theory, the right to freedom of life is the right of property and the natural rights of society and people are essential for the existence of people as it teaches natural law, because the life of one another is equal to everyone’s independence. Health independence can not do any harm recently, it is important to help in the development of human personality. His property Through the process, he has considered the property rights of the people as a natural right. Recent information has been criticized, but he must acknowledge that through this theory he presided over the middle class.

The concept of power conservatism policy:

In order to ensure individual freedom, he mentioned the concept of power conservatization, according to him, the only independent tax determination can be achieved independence. He said that he has the responsibility of educating the government for three types of work to uphold independence; he has given an institutionalized form for democracy and the welfare of the people. The two institutions of democracy have been formed Ray then it will not come to the people’s welfare;

Radars have helped democracy to become dynamic; the rule of majority government has expanded the path of democracy through the local host on the general opinion of parliament, etc. He has been elected by the elected representatives of the people, by the elected representatives of the highest power department of the law department. Still what is called the father of parliamentary democracy?

Contributions to the state philosophy:

The father of the modern state philosophy has occupied a prominent place; the time has been the problem of state-of-the-art social events and the thinkers have recently made the people a realistic face. He has collected various types of material from the past and established the current connection of the province, Details were discussed in detail.

He did not give place to the order. He was a realistic philosopher, despite the problem of social status of the time, but he managed to find out among them that he was busy working to solve the real problems. He believed in a rationalist philosopher that he created the world for his various organizations. People have not been created for them.

He described the concept of property as a natural right of the public, as he described the right to personal property as a natural right of the masses; He achieved the latest popularity by reflecting the middle class of the society, but he described his personal wealth as a way of personal development, Labor has been invested The cost of which will increase the value of the amounts determined by the location of the information in the ashram worth an example of information to use later.

Chandragupta’s contribution in the political philosophy of India, determining the difference between the state and the government, determines the respected concept of honor in the English politics, the government is established on the consent of the people and the condition of the government as being the government has given these valuable ideas to narrow the freedom of the people or People from rights Or is mixed with the public.

To protect against the violation of the person’s independence from the oppression was the main instrument of the person’s only compilation. Among the modern thinkers, he was the first to advocate for the protection of human rights, the first person to be more important on the protection of freedom as a government goal, religious tolerance.

People’s secularism is not discussed or specially discussed later, to protect all interests in accordance with the well-ordered nature of the person. It was thought of as a distinct candidate for the person’s madras a person. It has been clearly identified as an independent candidate on the occasion of the declaration of independence of the United States, for the prevention of hearing the hearing from the United States Roe’s Constitution Specialist has contributed to the responsibility of establishing responsible governance; He speaks out against the monarchy; According to him, for the government’s program, the government should be deprived of being unable to perform the duties.

Promotion of the independence of the individual, the popularization of the freedom of independence, and later on in his way, the French philosopher Manteca has formulated the principle of power conservatization by supporting and expanding it. Power conservatism: The first page is poem for parliamentary democracy because he has proclaimed liberal voices that the government’s power.

State Representation Limitations:

Though it seems to be easy-to-understand with regards to the state’s views of the people, there is a deep impact that started thinking about the limitations of the inconsistencies and the freedom of freedom that had spread especially the 7th century political ideas, they wanted to make it good news from one place to another. Finally, his efforts were fruitful The result could be moved from the middle of the rastracintara discrepancies can be seen from the details of which are discussed below

Critics believe that the people’s reality was that the people had established the highest powers of the law department, and if it is, then the king and the person in charge under the law department are actually not able to do it. He has applied the same word differently in different meanings today. He did not hesitate to use it in different meanings, so this word is basically lost Empiricism has tried to co-ordinate the rationalism, but critics say that the relationship between them is resolved.

Recently, people’s ideas with the concept of modern Jog, sometimes the concept of this person, about this person, have a special role in the overall welfare of the society created with the brothel. He did not say much about the development of a well-developed coherent theory of Sharma; we should get the frustration of state government power or the ideas of all the people’s power celebrations etc. The rage was prevalent.

Assess the state view:

Hazard Shah’s inconsistency in the rule of the state has not been able to make the interest acceptable to the analyst, but he was not able to make the attraction interesting, but in the history of all the bitter world, he was not able to present new information in their case, but some people wanted to establish a respectable status that the constitutional government began to fall.

They were pre-existing with extraordinary skill, he was silent about progress in one place, and he gave some reader to the reader in brief. So, there is no fundamentality in his state, but for this work the state has demanded special status in the history of thought.

In the end it is said that his theory is very popular by which he has elevated the status and values ​​of the state to many important positions. He has contributed a lot to the history of the state of Chin tan. Individualism through his popularity parliamentary system, he has explained many things that we can easily understand many things. He was able and there he was the state of education in various aspects of the sequence.

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