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Modern Political Thought:

The beginning of modern state of mind, a great achievement in the history of human civilization, the last sociology-economic situation in the medieval era, the changes that can be seen in the case of the modern times, the modernization of the state of the country, the freedom of religion is free from the bigotry, the people’s attraction towards the problems of life is not a centering concern.

Thinking about human problems No chrome propagation prepares everything for the modern era, and the church council, by engaging in the church council, the power of democracy and the religious beliefs of the minority and the movement of the movement, with the determination to re-establish the cultural administrative characteristics of knowledge,

The modern era emerges in the new age Outlook In the modern era, due to the new generation of ignorance and mysterious efforts to understand the people with increasing energy, the modern-day state-of-the-art targets are different from the ancient and medieval states, judging differently from intellectual perspective, progressive After centuries and centuries, the state of uncharted politics is the state Lara’s tendency to be noticed in the modern era is free from it.

The emergence and development of modern era:

The emergence of the modern era of statecraft did not occur suddenly, due to its long sequence of evolution, the beginning of the modern era did not center on any particular event or date. For many years, the history of Europe has been the first scientific state thought from the ancient Greeks in the Middle Ages, in the medieval period, in the Christian 50th century, the fall of the Roman Empire After extreme anarchy Missing from the Middle East to Europe has developed a culture.

Emperor two conspirators thought that the civilization of European Christianity under the influence of Christianity was prevalent in the social life since the medieval period; the need for the expansion of business-trade was seen in the context of centralized state power. The President class became the powerful force of the merchant class in the usual rules, in the future, Quantity made.

The beginning of the nation’s state declared the end of the medieval period and the new horizons of the modern era of state history were developed in the late 5S by the establishment of a strong central government during the establishment of a strong central government in the country, especially in the middle of the 50th century, the central government center’s most modern political thought. Force It can be said that the end of the modern era by the medieval position has begun to begin another chapter in such a critical, modern and modern era.

The scholars later called the medieval termination as the modern beginning, but in general the emergence of the modern era is responsible for the following developments that are discussed below.

The emergence of great divisions in Europe:

At the end of the medieval period, the Church of Europe increased to the luxury of luxury, behind these occasions, with the reduction of public support in secret, the influence of the capital of the whole of Europe, as well as the influence of the entire European capital, in many places in Europe, the party’s head decreased, and the place was lost in the religious world. Goes to her kindly intervention, as a result of remedies One of the biggest changes is the release of people.

Reformation movement of the church:

Before the end of the medieval period, there was an overwhelming decline in the church’s horizons and reforms; the referendum led by two reform movements of the history of England was acknowledged by the referendum, the leader of the rank of hero, Antarctic, has not admitted that the king’s reform has become necessary.

Movement of the Council:

The proposal for the formation of the council formed by the headquarters of the Oscars was followed by the launch of the movement in support of the weekly lungs, so that the movement of the movement in the movement of the movement increased, the beginning of the national nation, on the other hand, the movement that helped specially the people’s reasonableness and understanding was the beginning of the movement.

After the expansion of experimental science, the breakdown of medieval thought goes away. Since the start of science, people started thinking about the life and the world around them. The intellectuals were thinking that the belief in the ideology of the intellectualize of the ideology of politics has affected the impact of human science. The medieval times decreased their ability to be virtually b He noted that Bodhidharma Ann ear ride is free from human exploitation of the modern era.

Modern era characteristics:

If it is not possible to determine the precise timelines of the emergence of modern age, it can be assumed that from the beginning of the 16th century, the beginning of the modern era, through the failure of the fifth-century council movement, some common features of modern times are discussed below.

The person is dominated by dignity:

The whole medieval person who had been proven by churches and feudal masters did not want any freedom for religion, he wanted to have any kind of independence, and he feared that the feudal lord had almost belittled the financial situation. Landslide status was a little better than slaves but there was no chance of being free from exploitation. Not because of the emergence of the modern era Tire reasonableness increased political awareness and a lot of opportunity to position.

Establishment of social equality:

From the earliest times I was in a disorder of people who had misbehaved with the propaganda of the church. I have never felt any headache in the medieval social equality. It was distorted, but in modern times, people began to prefer the candidates in the shelter center, because of which discrimination among different people became the subject of criticism. The goal of a group of people in the society As a result, social discrimination is largely cut off armada.

Establishment of the sovereignty of the second state:

Medieval as if existed only in paper and pen, leaving the national president of the Guadalajara to get the opportunity to debut the chapters of the article, the entire history of the national state of the death of a real truth, and also declared the movement of the council declared that the person will follow according to his own logic, The role of the state will be developed as well as the role of the person.

Socioeconomic changes:

In the modern era, socioeconomic and political changes are particularly noteworthy that in the feudal period, the composition of the middle class books of the feudal lord landslide appears very prominent but in modern times the use of the bourgeoisie is the ownership of the middle class society of the capitalist working class is killed annually, with the change of economy, social change begins.

State-centered political thought:

In the past, the state was lost in the face of many philosophical attitudes, but in the modern era, the state institution was dominant. It turned out to be a legal conception that every part of the politics became narrow and the people of modern age 15-17 were not power, the members of the state were politicized, social affairs, all sorts of thoughts and the concept of meditation rotates around the state

Rationalist logic establishment:

One of the characteristics of modern thinking is the establishment of rationalism. The explanation for state religion was very rarely challenged by the argument. The renaissance reform movement, above all, the reality of the science of science, a new perspective appears in the minds of the human mind, rationalism, the rationalism of the modern age changes heavily in the decision making process.

Not her In modern era, the main feature of a very modern era is that it was established in an extra time in the modern era, due to which the medieval society and state of the medieval society were weakened due to the central idea of ​​the medieval period, the rotation of the modern era is that they are attracted to the supernatural power. Here the state servant has 900 members.

The main characteristic of the modern era is the right of the hidden establishment in the modern era, due to which the medieval society and the state of the medieval period were weakened by the medieval society and the state where the issue was being circulated in the modern era, they are largely attracted to the folk artists, the President is more attracted to his colleagues.

The development of socialism:

One of the most important features of the war of modern times is that the organization’s innocuous socialism candidates take a new sun through radical changes in the medieval economic and social system. The social system believes that the consequence of this thought is to end exploitation from society and the number of people is deprived of the rights of the majority of the people. Worldwide The socialist society and the establishment of the state on the verge of the modern era has its consequences.

New innovation in science:

In the end of the fifth century, the discovery of America’s discovery of the sculptor of Uttamasha, and after the discovery of the printing machine, a new horizon was exposed in the field of knowledge and science. The ideas of the whole human world changed completely, in which knowledge of science and literature between different areas of the world was shared between the friends of the boyfriend without co-operation Knowledge with wisdom, the innovative technique behind the discovery of inventions is invented.

Nassir Husain’s NSI church in the country got the opportunity of analyzing the issue of independence independently from control of the so-called discipline and the independence of nineteenth century, was the livelihood of the nineteenth century, the birth of a national secular state, and the birth of a national state, due to its effect in the daytime Has become self-reliant and self-reliant The security men loyal to the state and federal started to see.

In short, it can be said that the contribution of awakening to the fundamental ideas of politics of political sovereignty and national state, such as freedom of democracy.

Sixteenth century political situation:

Church conflict with state power is the most memorable and detention event. In the middle of the fourteenth century, during the middle of the fourteenth century, there was tremendous spark in Europe throughout the whole of Europe, and in many places in Europe, where disagreements arose, the power of the church weakened, and the power and power of the church increased on the other. But the Security Council is particularly sensitive.

Kaiser supported the preparation of reform and joined the movement which was the main point of the movement called Paris had Movement, which is equal to all in the eyes of God and some will not be different from the ordinary viewer.

The slight progress made by the Paris had movement in the introduction of limited governance of the state, at the beginning of the 16th century, various states of Tripitaka fluttered the Kayak of the floods from the peace process, the session of the Black Boy will be held regularly, and the proposals that are implemented in the Eleventh Centers Council super Though it was held, it failed to achieve the main goal of the pay movement, but using it incredible tactics and taking longer depending on its capability, the monarchy was established in many European countries.

England France Spain How Strong State Class Eligibility Causes the Tomb of Samantha Paris had One day the powers that were entrusted to the Samantha chief were now under whose leadership the central leadership of the most powerful regime was established and the changes in the existing political institutions were achieved.

It is different from the politics of different countries and its way that the whole state of the medieval period is different from the political state of the country, and therefore, the state becomes a secular country, which becomes the secular country, which means that the modern national state of the state is 16 Since the beginning of the century, the nation felt The different states that took place in the country demanded full authority in its own geographical boundaries, to establish its demand for national road, its importance and contrast with neighboring countries were emphasized. In fact, since then we can be called modern secular national armed forces.

But this consciousness of nationalism and other European countries actively perceive but its exception is seen in ancient Krishna agar states, for many days there was a basis of numerous city states, and consequently there was no significant progress made in the process of converting them into a state of 16th century. In the first part, they are the ones to get it done the clue is now divided into one of the following nations.

By making them more prosperous, a great nation of Pakistan and the great ideals of forming a state like Micaville inspire all nationalist Sindbad, but these almost independent states remain completely or abroad, lacking a strong man to lead and above all obstacles in line with the regulations, Become a modern failed state Just the whole idea is to influence Abe.


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