Montesquieu Liberty | Two Concepts of Liberty in Montesquieu

Montesquieu Liberty:

Montyashnu’s Freedom Theory:

Freedom to Discriminate The Most Important Than State Representations Officially considered. According to many, Mont cans are given the law. Although he wished, he gave a clear opinion about independence.

If there is more depth about freedom then there can not be freedom

The meaning and definition of freedom:

Although the right to freedom of finance is to be called freedom, Montesu independence Pulled up a deep meaningful concept. He said, the right to do whatever. There can be no limitlessness unless there is no order of law. So it can be said. person to be waived.

It is the name of freedom to create an environment that is full of rights. ”

According to the provision, if citizens are able to safely subdue all the benefits they deserve. Bay said there was an atmosphere of freedom that was created there. Independence means the uncontrolled right to do whatever is the will of law according to the conformity of the law.

Nature of independence:

The nature and extent of freedom are determined by law. According to Montesquieu, the life of independence is being propagated. Get rid of the arbitrariness and frustration of the ruler.

He believes that when man’s loyalty is shown to any person or person without showing it to the person, then true freedom arises.

The freedom of his works at the core of all the works of Montesquieu Human welfare He said that because of allowing freedom of expression to every person and expressing his thoughts clearly, it is possible to subdue freedom.

Even those supports and preservation are inaccessible, so citizens the of an independent state will write or say, what is said or written is not expressly prohibited.

According to Montescope, the complete opposite of autocracy is the freedom. The directive of the person is completely arbitrary, irresponsible, irresponsible and illegal, so authoritarian.

True freedom does not mean to do what it wants. To do so means authoritarianism. True freedom of Montesquieu is within the control of the laws of the law.

Existed in existence So the freedom and the meaning of independence if the law is not determined by law means freedom. Becomes worthless. Montanque strongly believes that “law is indeed a guarantee of independence.

Classification of independence:

Montenegro spoke about two types of independence in his independence theory. Such as

(1) Political Freedom and

(2) Civil liberties

The right to do according to political freedom and law. There, people can do it with safety, Montesuq called him the political freedom. Political independence comes from the only constitution. The relationship between the state and the people prevails.

From this, political independence was born. This is the complete opposite of independence dictatorship. Such independence is established only under the rule of law.

Citizen Freedom and Montesuco said the behavior of the person. Depending on the birth of civil or personal independence. According to Montesquare, the relation between human beings and human beings creates civil liberties.

Citizens freedom is the opposite of slavery. In the absence of mutual relations, people become slaves. According to Montesquik, “Whenever people are respectful to the law, civil liberties will be preserved. When the ruler intervenes on the law.

The civil liberties will come down to the shadow of darkness. “He said civil liberties is the prerequisite for establishing a civil society. Montenegro did not feel the need for constitution of civil liberties. Civil liberties on people’s behavior, etc. He thinks he is dependent.

The way to defend the independence:

According to Montesquieu, peace is the first law. So the government’s top policy is in decline. Safety Policy Though the purpose of the state is to be self-defense, Montencu does not mean self defense but only the concept of saving a life.

According to him, the main duty of the state is to protect the freedom of the people. Montesuu said that a true government must necessarily be fully responsible for the full use of independence. And this type will be determined. By all the government’s ability to govern power of self-government and ‘control and balance policy’.

The best way to ensure the true freedom of the people is to rule the government. Placing the power in such a way that all power can not be centered on the same person.

One power can be limited and controlled by another. “Indeed, the principle of ‘ratification policy’ and ‘the principle of control and balance’ is to ensure independence.

During his time in England, he did. Vested in the hands of the king, the executive power is the responsibility of freedom.

According to this, only these principles are in the highest degree in England. It is mentioned that,

That cabinet system in England was considered to be against the independence. Montenegro thinks that the executive power of the government Should be vested in and the king will be free from the control of the legislature. He prophesied

If the executive power is entrusted to a few people elected from the legislature, then the end of power is imposed. “12 His testimony was not preserved in England’s rule. It has been completely preserved in the US regime of Perkins. So it can be said, currently.

State’s constitution reflects the control and balance of Montesquieu.

Equalization of freedom theory:

Mask independence theory has been adopted in a variety of ways. These are as follows:

Individuals are interested in freedom: Under the principle of independence, it has been said that the person was more interested in independence.

  1. Partition of power is not correct and according to Montesquieu, freedom divides the power. Will be saved on the left. But the reviewers did not agree with him. Archive
  2. Not entirely correct, and Montesquieu thinks the constitution is necessary for the individual’s independence. Not there. Individual independence depends on man’s behavior. But his idea is most correct. No, because today the rights and freedoms of all citizens are recorded in the constitution.
  3. The narrow theory and the fact that Montesquieu spoke about the political independence ‘and’ civil liberties, in its theory of freedom, there are many more types of independence. As a result, we can say that Montescu’s independence theory is misinterpreted.
  4. The complexity of the government and the control of Montanec’s independence is the control and balance of that. Speaking, the analysts said that due to this, the complexity of government activities in many cases has come.

Evaluation of Freedom Theory:

Regardless of the above-mentioned criticism, it can be said that Montescu’s independence theory has occupied one place in the history of the modern state.

Montescu’s independence theory is very important in protecting political and civil liberties by stopping the dictatorship of the government. Significant Montescu’s view of independence has gained importance in all political systems afterwards.

They are the most important in their respective constitution. Subjects have been recorded. So in both the countries, there is a clear reflection of the rule of regulation and balance policy and the principle of ‘power and independence’ in the rule of government for the protection of independence. And here in Montescu’s independence theory, which kept him immortalized in the history of the state.

In the end, it can be said that Montescu is the ever remembered in the modern state of affairs for all outstanding contributions. , Among them one of the most famous of its independence theory.

All the things that Mont’s great work has gained great importance in the history of political science. The importance of freedom can be given to the first place. Montesquin The theory of freedom is not limited to the boundaries of any country, time and nation. This is a universal theory ..

Mont’s idea about the government’s classification:

The organization which is responsible for giving leadership to the people living in the country, will be brought back. Government The government is an essential institution for all states. But the outline of the government of all countries can not be the same.

According to him, due to varying geographical location and natural environment, the government’s style is different from that. Montesquieu has classified the government based on two main components.

He thinks that the combination of both elements is strictly necessary in the classification of the government. Montendu government is divided into three categories. He said that three types of government systems are well-established since the era of Aristotle.

According to the nature of the government, the government is determined in the figure. But his characteristic goals and goals are determined according to the principles of ‘principle’.

Montesquieu said that the nature of the nature of the government is determined by the class, there is no argument or no novelty. That is why in terms of government, he is both more important in nature and policy. The material is already used, though it has many elements of ‘principle’ than nature’s components.

In the nature and nature of the government, the figure is mentioned below.


In the regime of which sovereign power is entrusted to the people, Montencu has called it the Republic. According to him, the republic may be of two types. Namely democracy and aristocracy. In the Republic when sovereign When the power is vested on all the people of the state, then it is called democracy. And that

The sovereign power lies in the hand of a few people, instead of the entire population. Monarchy: The government has only one person’s sovereign power

Who and he used to do it according to the prescribed order, the monarchy monarchy has been identified by him. A person in the monarchy exercises sovereign power over the whole people

When a person is governed by a person, when he manages to administer one of his government, one is placed in one’s hand


One out of lawless and unregulated power.

Or called the governed regime of Montenegro dictatorship. When the public interest is neglected by the sovereign control of his or her personal interests.

When the boycott, the government becomes dictatorial. So sovereign power in dictatorship Like your own wish.

The cheats are entrusted, but he does not use them in accordance with the prescribed law. There are also individual policies.

These are as follows:

Policy and Montesquieu said, one of the republicans, monarchies, dictatorships each.

The special policy of the Republic and the Republic is its political virtue. This virtue is usually expressed through patriotism and communism. There is an excessive amount of goodness in the system. But the arithmetic is its quantity.

Through the high feeling of the rights and benefits of each class or every person of the patriarchy. Get published In the republican regime, the identity of the people and the power of Gravitation is known. The feeling of equilibrium is stimulated. But in the monarch,y it is a special advantage and. From the feeling of self-esteem.


The principle of dictatorship is ‘fear’. The government There is no place of respect or honor in the system. Here the power of the ruler is in his own hands. When someone suspects someone’s possession and attacks on his power. Then he was severely beaten. 14

So each class of government guided by Montaneu has its own nature and principles. He means to interpret the nature of any government, or to the person who has the power of sovereign power. And the emotions that motivate the government to work best with the ability to work as well as possible to the government,

As the basis for dividing the Montek Government into three categories, firstly their nature and kathamas Discussed the topic. However, he expressed his fondness by focusing on the social and natural environment of close relations with the government.

According to Montesquik, the same regime is not suitable for all places and all people. Due to varying environmental and mental conditions, the governance of different places has different forms.

Lack of education system for the deterioration of the government of hell Not according to the government’s lust. Is different. The tyrannical rulers tried to keep the people uneducated and ignorant. John Suez, the dictatorial regime creates terrorism.

As a result of terrorism, the last ambition of the people has subsided. The education system of the monarchy, and the people of the state, gave me dignity. That is, if the people are enchanted with the desire of honor and they will be kings, their proper governance will be their proper governance.

In this situation lawmakers What is the proper governance of the people? When the decision is decided, the other political institutions will be formed. The education system of the Republic is united in the monarchy

So, if the people are eligible for the Republic, then in that case they must educate. Specially in the educational system of the Republic, instead of the rights of any kind,  However, Montescu believed that the excellence of every regime is generally not governed by any regime or ideology that governs the policy. When the transformation happens, the rule of governance is also transformed.

The nature of education on the other hand. People’s ignorance Become soft. The people of their system. If you get agile, then The non-makers understand. Reasonable about the regime when standing in the middle.Introduction to the education system. Instead of establishing equality.

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