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Montesquieu Political Theory:

Those historians have been remembered for their contribution in the history of state-of-the-art, their Among them is the French philosopher Monte There is no such thing in human life, which has not got place in his study.

After Russia, Pentecost is the only nationalist who can understand the complexities of socialism. A political scientist said, “Fundamental thinking is the basic thought. In case of Rouses, Mont is to be named. “State’s explanation of the question of hail, law or independence, the main goal of Montescu was to save energy and to promote the unity or manifestation of the people, the nation and the society.

Perhaps this is why Montesquieu is called. One of the pioneers of the eighteenth-century French enlightened movement Consider all the things Montague has been able to contribute in history.

The method that has been followed in the process of study and analysis of Montessori state, is only sufficient to keep him immortal. By way of approach he Although rationalist, its logic is similar to the other logic of the other zodiac philosopher.

Amnesty has not been rotated in the center. Montesquieu rationalism is truly empiricism. Was founded on and he was empiricism by him in the analysis of the state. Conscious about the effects of social sciences, economics, theology, etc.

And this awareness. Because of this, he is proud to be the first pioneer of historical and compassionate methods in state history. Achieved .22 Many political scientists said that here his special achievement.

Theory of law theory and state theory is one of Montenegro’s important doctrines. The law was the center of his education. He is the first thinker who explains the law based on causal principles.

Generally speaking, the law is the result of natural relations resulting from the nature of anything. According to his opinion, as the materialistic world is governed by certain laws and the absence of law cannot be seen anywhere, human society is also regulated by law. No potshots or crazy places anywhere.

In general, the law is the reasonableness of man. He did not accept the law as the directive of the senior authority. The rules of human behavior Turnover law People are related to themselves as social organisms. So wherever the relationship is there the law.

The law governs relations. Montana was able to find that different types of laws were required for different types of state systems. In reality, we also see that the same law is not implemented everywhere.

With the change of habits, interests, and views of people. The law is bound to change. According to the wise explanations of the law, before any of Montessori, The Radical cannot explain so much clarity about it.

The most respected contribution to independence theory and state theory of Montesquieu Sovereign power could not attract him too much because the sovereign power is that.

Inconsistent with independence. Montesquieu stressed that when the control is over, the way of freedom is open. Montenegro was a devoted devotee. He explains how people can lose their independence

Recall. He has started the analysis of the nature of independence, by distinguishing between freedom of politics and independence, he is willing to do whatever he wishes. No anarchy comes from. She said freedom to act according to the provisions of the law.

There is no need for constitutional freedom for personal freedom. But there is a need for political independence. The objective of the Act is to increase the benefit of the person’s work and simultaneously control the adverse behavior.

Principles of power conservatism principles and power related principles of autonomy 9 Another important aspect of Monte’s state of mind The power of the government and the consolidation The idea that he had given to him was later followed by other philosophers and political scientist. He took the form of any democratic governance. Mont rose to power dictatorship

Possessor of Power and Guarantee. Montenegro believed that power was power. If there are a coherent control and control between the various capabilities of the government through ultraviolet power.

Only then can the person’s independence be guaranteed. From this point of view, Montenegro has made an everlasting contribution to the state of affairs. The US follows Montesquieu

Constitution experts:

The power of the autonomy principle turned into an integral part of the constitution. Influence of Montessori The US

The US Administrative Council and the Citizen’s Principles of Power Conservation

With the help of justice Not only the United States but also in the other countries of the world. Power utility policy has been pursued. Power conservancy policy to adapt Montanan’s special contribution to the state of affairs.

Another doctrine of the government related to the classical theory and state theory is the doctrine of the government’s classification. Before the philosopher Montenegro, many of the government’s government Categorized.

But Montenegro has cited the government from the point of view. Although some aspects of the episode class are consistent but not quite the same. Her government The basis of the classification is two.

The principle of a flutter and the other in principle. According to the elements of nature, the government is determined in the framework, but its character characteristics and goals are determined according to the principles of the policy. And according to this nature and principles, the government of Monte divides into the main three categories

Such as Republic, Monarchy, and dictatorship He divided the republic into democracy and elitism.

The concept about the impact of climate and environment on the society and the one aspect of the state-of-the-art views on Montenegro is the idea of climate and environmental impact on society.

Based on the characteristic characteristics of the people are determined. Again, the characteristics of the people are developed. The environment and the climate stream there.

In the case of human freedom, the nature of the government, etc. Climate and climate play an important role. Montesquieu had a rich knowledge about how he works, and the impact of the condition. In the math, the physiological explanation of this effect in the alkali science of the twentieth century even though it is not faulty.

And in the support of his theory, he has cited the history and observations of the information. Although it does not fit into the baldness of the analysis, yet it is true that the intellect and the emotional. The diversity of the population is visible in the context of weather conditions.

Influence and from the ancient era to the modern era. The custom of changing contemporary systems and governance system of contemporary France.

The book is written with the goal. There is no such thing in the book, which comes back and forth. Did not Nathan has been translated into almost all languages in Europa and the book has been read all over.

Not only in contemporary, the book has inspired the next generation. The effect was immediate and comprehensive. In the two years of the book’s exit, its 22 editions are finished.

It is evident in the context of these contributions that Montesquieu was as liberal on the other side of the state, while on the other side he was a conservative, and seeing the characteristics of Montesquieu-talent, he was truly a ‘liberal conservative’ in the public beliefs of hatred towards purity and dictatorship, deep affection for individual freedom and Noble sugegue-sub This strange mix of strong feelings for religion, property, and class has been achieved.

his strange mix of hope for reform with historical awareness of future, with the concern of the future, with objective observations, Montesquieu can be transformed into one of the most influential political writers of the modern era.

Montesquieu is no exception. The main expedition against him – he too is in the cover of liberty like John Locke.

Against the adjutant:

  1. Montesquieu Boru’s emerging ruling Arthurian
  2. Montenegro’s Democracy Policy

     ‘3. Monte the eighteenth 19 French thought influenced                  

  1. He wanted to be controlled controlled Hayes’s aristocrats

Did not deny the equality of democracy or the democracy

But did not deny Nabbed. But he did not say anything about how he could be used in France in contemporary France.

Failure to bring about the statehood of the century. Contemporary It was largely free from its effects. But the Spirit did not understand the subject even after reading the spirit of law.

Tony wanted limited monopoly power and the tyranny of the king. By the Park aristocrats. In a word, Montesquieu spoke of democracy, but not democracy.

One such combination:

The aristocracy is considered to be the true alternative to monarchy. Not that the monarchy wanted to end the monarchy – elitism and monarchy

He wanted to make an arrangement that he should not be able to implement the ideal of democracy.

. What we mean by democracy means that the rule of elected representatives of the people, the rule of law, distribution of decentralized rule, none existed, in France during Montesquieu, we did not aim to rule and rule.

At the The concept that Monte Monte gives about can be called original or novel. No In relation to the concept of mixed state or class sorting of the government, his idea was presented with polysemous, followed by Aristotle.

The critics of the campaign did not have the honorable characteristics of England’s constitution. Seeing the power of autonomy as an obstacle and balance policy. Monte actually guarantees the interests of the capitalist class.

(A) His writings are very wicked in simplicity. He was totally controlled by the idea of the society and the government, so he did not seek proof from the real.

(B) He did not have the ability to transform the field that Montanan prepared for the theory of sociological and comparative interpretation.

(C) It is difficult to say whether he has followed any policy of the government class.

But the content of the book was very subdued and irrelevance was too much. The conclusion of Montessori’s decision was difficult, as it was not. Facebook relies on relevant events and issues that he obeys testimony to his dependence on them

His deep affection towards freedom can not be denied. His scholarship was also. Excessive, but judging in the context of the later witty society, his knowledge is sufficient. Can not be remembered. He can not be called a skilled observer like Machiavelli, Boda or Harrington. Although he himself demanded universal knowledge.

Assessment of Mont State:

Regardless of the above-mentioned contemplation, it can be said that Monte’s thoughts and opinions are political literature. Invaluable resources. According to Machiavelli, like Plato or Aristotle, he is not comparable to prison.

Praise is a tremendous tremendous exponent of Montenegro and 33 greatness of universality. The seats have to be set up. Judging by him is the same with Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Boda, Suarez and Puffendorf.

Not the proprietorship, Montague’s goal was to state the real political situation, the law and the constitution. Have an experienced analysis about. Observing power or keen estimation of energy lock or Mac Availability.

Than was less than that. In the case of the method, he was just like Aristotle or Soda. He said that he was not over-excited about the history.

Although the question of independence followed the rational and humanistic philosophies of Euro, but the liberal path of locks. Or Harrington was a traveler of constitutional democracy, though Montesquieu had some different characteristics.

He was not individualist. He did not support the person’s arrogance, self-esteem. He is not one of the rights of the people, but in the best interests of the government, and in the right way. Discover the real environment of independence.

The more the society will move towards democracy, the more they go forward. The real atmosphere of independence will be protected, slavery will be destroyed – Montesquieu urges the contemporary French society to take this path forward. Peace, independence and balance Montessori

A mixed relation about Montesquieu by Hussein Einstein’s interpretation Has gone. According to him, it is difficult to judge the character of Thurmond’s political philosophy. Whoever is the dictatorial and protector, whose vigilant vision towards individual liberty is noticed again.

In favor of Our, a conscious expression about special class and property. The reason behind the argument, humanitarianism is that it has become one of the geniuses of the Swami League movement, he does not want to forget the Omayyad, even the past organization wants to cling to it.


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