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Nature of Public Administration:

Outside the general opinion of the Law administration, the Law teacher is instructed in the script. By accepting it, its nature can be included in two theories. Regarding formulating a doctrine on the basis of law, governance and judicial activities irrespective of the overall functioning of the government.

Leake administration services included. According to another theory, the Laiks administration is the specific activities of the governing department of the government and the management and organizational techniques involved. The first doctrine is the unanimous or integrated managementism of the administration.

Firstly, many people think that the type of activity that is carried out in order to fulfill certain objectives is that of physical, mechanical, mechanical and technical applications. All of them are integrated. Laik administration.

According to this, the Adali, the gatekeeper, the zamadar, the manager and the foreman are part of the administration of any organization. It’s an unbridled doctrine. According to the non-doctrinal doctrine, the activities of all the persons operating from the highest level to the minimum level are covered under this.

| Secondly, according to the second doctrine, only the activities of those people who perform the management related activities of an organization can be called as part of the administration. The administration is responsible for coordinating the management, maintenance, control and all activities of the administration.

There is a fundamental difference between the non-independence and the managementist doctrine. According to non-doctrinal doctrine, the entire organization of any organization has to be considered as a partner in administration.

Again, the administration system of different organizations is different according to the particular areas. For example, the administration system of education and health sector is quite different. On the other hand, the managerial Principles are used to emphasize the importance of the system. According to the opinion. The administration is responsible for the purpose of achieving a particular goal and utilization of assets and co-ordination

Ra It seems to be involved. With the principle of basic management in all areas of this theory, the administration remains intact.

It is not good to underestimate any of the non-deterministic and the mismanagement doctrines about the Laik Administration. Depending on the context in which the administration is being used, the meaning of the leik administration is: Summary of all the theories, he said that as a matter of instruction, the Law Enforcement Act enforces the law and examines every aspect of government’s efforts to enforce the government policy.

As a process, the leak administration is starting to take over the jurisdiction by an enforcement agency. Until the last step is taken

All steps taken by the agency This will include what the organization has been involved in implementing and implementing the program. As a career. The Laik Administration is organizing and managing the activities of others in a government organization.

A general science of organizing and managing the leak administration is a common science. Restricting the administration of the law is limited in the strategy of management. The activities of all the administrative organizations, especially Luther, their management, especially their management.

It is meant to formulate the rough outline of the activities achieved and the methods of achieving desired goals. The extent to which the whole work is to be performed through the kathamas, it is arranged in certain parts. What does it mean? Employee Nyeg means to appoint appropriate persons in various positions within the organization and to the entire staff management system.

Instructions are to make decisions for the guidance of employees and all these decisions. Decision-making is defined as giving the order. Coordination. That is to say that the different parts of administrative work are interconnected in a systematic way and eliminating confusion.

Reporting how the work is going on. In order to keep all the senior officials and subordinate employees informed about the arrangement of collecting information related to it by inspection, research and record-keeping. Means

Within the description of Latha Gulik’s management system, the nature and extent of the administrative nature is very clear and specific. So the administration related to the analysis is consolidated and scientific. In practice, the administration does not end up with the administration process, but rather the policies and programs

  1. Administration of government structures is a cooperative joint effort.
  2. The administration is involved in the government’s three-divisional work.
  3. The administration’s role in making government policy enabled. Part of the political process

This theory, as the theory and practical science, is influenced by the theory of human relations. 5. The leak administration is different from the private administration and the importance of the administration of the administration is very much. 6. The administration is closely related to the person or the gauntheyas associated with human welfare. Dimock and Dimon in modern administrative thinking. The sum of the elements given is accepted as the main nature. The components given by the demac and the deemake are as follows.

  1. Organizations and organizations are inevitable in order to achieve administration and administration in a proper and systematic way. It is possible to express clearly within the organization of the authority and the responsibility of the person. Organization of the stable part of the administration. With the organization of the law.
  2. Employees’ relation with the establishment of staff management and organization is related to it. Efficient workforce for the organization to activate and activate any organization. The workforce is the only. The motive force to achieve the purpose of the organization Employees and management of the most dynamic aspects of administration.
  3. For the establishment of the necessary equipment and supplies and the establishment of the organization. The foremost places, home or buildings and various types of furniture. Desirable outfit. It is not possible to hold any organization without any building or house. Besides, to carry out the work of the staff, the required documents, pens, document files, type films and various types of stationary material. At present, computer administration has become essential material for management. Besides, fax, telephone, etc. are also inevitable for modern administration.
  4. People have to go through special rules from the beginning of administration and customs and human life to the end, ie, social life and state life. Thus, in order to accomplish the administrative tasks properly, there is no guarantee except using special practices or methods. To administer the administration, it is necessary to train the staff about the customs and procedures required. There is also a need for special training for special work. Whose As a result, sometimes the system and customs are also subject to change and change.
  5. Money laundering the fundamental key to the government’s financial system and the administration of all kinds of activities. It is not possible to complete any work without any meaning, and it is not possible to take any initiative to do any work. To manage government organizations and employees for the purpose of making specific objectives, firstly, the need for supply of the necessary funds is required. The amount of money allocated and the success of the kartama is largely dependent. The administration, on the basis of imitation, money supply and the right to spend the money properly and fairly
  6. Without administrative accountability and proper and consistent control, it is not possible to direct the administration to its core goals. Honesty and fairness in the administration are guaranteed by the administration’s accountability.

As a result of administrative accountability, the administrator is trying to develop his highest qualifications, skills and responsibilities.

He discussed the nature of the topic rather than defining it. And it is possible to get proper understanding about the administration of this nature. The local administration is implementing the policy and formulating policy.

Implementation of policy and policy making both refer to the functions of the administration. Implementation of the policy and implementation of policy in the light of one of the main tasks of administration. Be done This work is more related to the administration’s definition of law. The law enforcement system is implemented by the government or implemented and implemented by the legislature. The reason. If it is said that the government has taken a decision or legislation is made by the legislature.

Then it can be understood that this is nothing but a combination of printed paper, file or a clandestine policy. It has no value until it is implemented through state administration. And the important responsibility of this implementation takes over the administration. Administrators implement government decisions in a variety of ways. But in reality, implement the policy and implement the decision. The job is very complicated. There are several reasons behind this. The reasons are as follows:

  1. By implementing the policy, pressure on the public policy of most people has been pressurized.
  2. As a result of the implementation of the policy many people’s personal interests are interrupted.
  3. In order to take care of the taxes, rent, various types of Levies, government officials raise the people’s frustration.
  4. People are disenchanted with government officials because of obstruction in illegal and unauthorized work.
  5. The government does various other things like doing non-governmental organizations

Establishment of public school and college, bus and tram service, establishment and management of banks and insurance institutions are very laborious.

  1. Government officials complicated matters; For example: Foreign, Education, Defense, Public Safety etc. are busy with the work.
  2. Government officials have to take jobs in remote areas of the country or even outside the country, which are a lot of complicated and difficult tasks.

Not only policy formulation and implementation of policy, policy making is also important in the administration of the Law. Work The Constitutionally Recognized Legislature relies on the administrators of the law before making any law. Because members of the legislature are often not aware of the nature of the rules of the legislation, the administrative officers draft the legislation and send it to the Legislature. Government experts, technical know-how

People are less concerned with the administration of the law and making policies through them. There are enough reasons for this idea. Since these laws are taxed through the administrators, because they are more aware of their effectiveness and possible response, government officials are secretly participating in legislation but also contendably.

In addition, in the present time, the Chief Executive Officer rejected the Legislative Legislative Legislative Party and drafted its policy. So in this direction, the government officials directly participated in the policy making. It is therefore seen that government officials do not implement the policy only, but also their comprehensive role in policy formulation.

Another special nature of the lac administration is that the lak administration is ‘mass’ or ‘official’. So in theoretical sense it is distinct from the private administration. Functions, nature and purpose aspects

The administration is a public or a ‘public’. Fakler said, the administrative administration of the LAC administration Not like that. He also mentioned some differences between these two

Profit or profit and the administration of the administration does not consider profit making profit. The reason. Government profit does not have profits. One of the main goals of the administration is to provide services to the people and to make government facilities available to them. But the profit in private administration is the main goal; It does not stress too much on public service.

Political views: Laik administration is basically political. It is mainly related to political activities. The state rules are implemented mainly by administrators. On the contrary, the private administration is not directly related to the political policy.

Due to accountability and lax administration working for the people’s sake, these activities have the right to witness the people. So the administration is dedicated to the people in a broad sense; People are able to protest and act on their actions. But the private administration does not rely on the people’s evaluation.

So, it seems that, as the specific implementation of the official administration of the LAIC administration, it also participates in the formulation of direct and prudent legislation. Reconciliation of the concept of the administration again. Administration is different from the private administration. And here’s James W. Failure

Finally, the law is said to be a process and political subject. Changes and gradations are the religion of all social institutions. Laik administration. As the society and society are concerned about the people, work done under the law of human beings.

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