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New Trends in Public Administration:

There is a change in nature and content in the present administration. With the change of state’s motives, the governance aims to increase the governance of the administration and administrative work is increasing in numbers and in a big way. Alayk received new knowledge and experience by examining the administrative system of this neophyte. With the help of this knowledge and experience, the administration is exposed.

This new horizon or recent trend in the administration of the Law. The new lease administration is also a focus on change and centralization and in the western society, the administration is positive and active. By doing so, special emphasis is placed on the process for the oil.

In a particular year suddenly the new section of the administration was introduced. That’s not right to think. The end of the 30s is a transitional period of administration.

At that time the first seeds of new change were germinated, but by the 1940s it became quite clear In 1948, at the Senate University in Newark, at Minnebrook Conference Center, a group of young public administration and executive administrators were letting the administration evaluate the matter.

They were mostly under 35 years of age. This conference was called to know what they think about the administration, what to think. It is worth mentioning that exactly one year. In the episode, in 1947 a conference on the theoretical and practical aspects of the La administration was held in Philadelphia.

Most of the participants who attended this conference were between 50 and 60 years and none was below 35 years. The young scholars think that the traditional goals and objectives of the administration are efficiency and thrift. That is not as relevant as the situation.

Efficiency is not everything in administration or the only scale. Human beings are a complex entity, and this entity is not always operated by the economic law, whose ability to refine the symbol, is the center of all administrative activities. According to them, the role of price control in the leak administration must be present.

In the post-industrial society, people need to be relevant to the questioning, social equality to be ensured. Such thoughts are known as the new Laik Administration. Proponents of this doctrine are said to be new leftists to express reformative and progressive doctrines. Take a look at the different aspects of the administration of the conference.

New features of administration:

There is no theory in the administration of the neutral law that all the proponents of this doctrine have become one in this regard. Rather, the disagreement between their central theme and the main features has been created. Publications in the administration of the administration have become vulnerable.

This has three meanings. (A) They have rejected the definition of prudential sanitation, (b) humankind. Rejects the concept of rationalism and determinism, (c) rejecting the definition of the administration of law that is not relevant to the making of the policy. (As opposed to politics and administration split).

In view of the violent aims, the administration of the Law was restricted to the technical system. It means that. Human beings can not be called simply to the logic of machinery or system. The new law enforcement system is more or less restrictive of bureaucracy and pedagogy.

From the point of view, the new law has mentioned five administrative objectives and characteristics of the administration

  1. To achieve moral independence and to adopt a new law according to the doctrine of the people, regardless of being considered to be the stubborn cause of production. Possesses great potential to achieve moral independence. This idea is more or less about people
  2. Price and morality and individuals and organizations.
  3. Capitalism and nostalgia and the value and ethics of the organization are important. The importance of this doctrine on the role comes to mind. According to Will Bam, the new Laik Administration is clear in the framework and process of administrative effort and emphasizes its purpose and objectives. And this goal is selected on the basis of objective basis, conscious and self-motivated.
  4. Social justice and proponents of this doctrine think social justice as an important vehicle for human development and to take social justice

The purpose of the administration should be. Social justice is neglected in society;

The reasoning and new law administration is firmly logic. A significant amount of importance is given to those who are associated with this administration or to those who are called a service provider. Loyalty should not be accompanied by providing goods or services only to the service providers, when and how it will be distributed.

In order to achieve their participation in decision making process. | 5. New locks govern special emphasis on inventions and changes.

Four elements of the new law administration There is a relevance, price rise, social justice and changes in these. These are given in a meaningful description:

Relevance and Traditional Laiking Administration is a process to sustain the social system. Or as an instrument. From that point of view, the administration’s aim was to achieve efficiency and thrift only. The supporters of this new Laika administration movement thought that the administration’s role in the recent problems and issues was very small.

The management-centric administration administration is considered to be irrelevant, and the political and administrative significance of administrative activities is to make the administration publicly active or work-oriented for the fair. Claims are raised. Another aspect of this relevance is also related to the nature and nature of knowledge about the administration.

The question which was raised was to turn it down:

What is the knowledge of administration of law? The purpose of administration is to make use of administrative knowledge available to make political power available? In this context, some important questions were raised at the Minnebrook Conference.

These questions are undoubtedly very annoying but for the traditional conditions of administration. As challenging A radical change in the administration of this new movement is absolutely essential.


In the administrative analysis of the new law, Chintagasthi publicly declared the principles of ethics openly. In the political sciences, the behavioralists and management-centric law faculty who have taken the neutral position in the administration of the law, Rejected the new Laik administration supporters.

According to the supporters of the New Laureate administration. Neutral neutral administration is impossible, and according to them, the neglected and deprived population in the society. Loyalty to be shown by the new administration in the hope-longs, shortages, excursions.

Efforts are being made to seek free access to this doctrine about the establishment or implementation of the price through administrative actions, because in the case of real administration ‘neutral’ The position of the position will be highlighted and the significance of the administrative work and the results are evaluated. Will accelerate.

According to social justice and this theory, the distribution of administrative services to the establishment of social justice in relation to the law. The philosophy of the Dalit administration is very close to the new bomber.

According to the proponents, the aim of the organization is to reduce the socio-economic psychological crisis of the people and the people within the organization and reduce the psychological benefits of life. 19 According to him, the administration that failed to change could be used to harass these minorities. Frederickson said that the service provided by government officials is based on the status of the citizen.

20 Citizens who are entitled to socio-economic and political status, they will lose more services and better services. But according to the new administration supporters, the greed administration will be governed by the principles of pre-eminence and the difference in the frequency of services offered through citizenry must be avoided. Government officials will have to open the mockery of impartial neutrality.

Socio-economic and other activities related to the realization and preservation of digestive or class interests of the society, which are helpless, deprived and less accessible. They should use their conscience to implement it.

B-bureaucratic, democratic decision-making in administration to serve the government with human vision. Preparation and decentralization of administrative process should be accepted. The injustice of the society and the socially deprived population must stand beside the people.

To change and social justice, social change To begin with the awareness of the beginning and the change and the new creation will be the purpose of the new administration. Promoting interest in bonding chains of permanent institutions The administration does not want the new law makers to become the center of the eternal power of Gathu. Law in administration.

The campaign was launched against the people who have a traditional status and a strong interest in the locality, whose roots are rooted in permanent establishments. Meenabrück is the remedy for the bureaucratic tendency of a large organization participating in the conference and how. Thinking about the change can be institutionalized.

The recent publication of the Laik administration has been faced with the adoption of new legislation administration theory. Some of these doctrines have been criticized by theorists, sarcophores, and management. Just in terms of definition, the difference in this administration is visible.

Robert T. Gelbywasari Accordingly, the new law administration only achieved partial success. In large force the administration quits. And remember that the gap between the performance is being done. 22 He described this administration as a revolution or radical reform in terms of traditional craftsmanship and craftsmanship.

The critics of this doctrine mention that the administrators in the name of social justice. Can easily ignore the legislative and most opinion. Administrators new Many policies can be adopted in the implementation of the program, which may not be compatible with the elected representatives and the expectations of the people.

However, regardless of the level of criticism, it can be clearly stated that the new law is governed by the administration. The Movement Contributed Contributing to the Contents and Programs of Administration.

According to Nigro and Negro, Laik introduced a new trend in the content of administration. As a result of this theory, a constructive debate has emerged about the administration and the importance of the administration’s moral and positive aims has been given and they have permanent effects.

Since the introduction of the new law administration theory, the policy of pricing and ethics in the administration of the Law One important thing has been called. Take a special contribution to this gallery. They related the administration closely to political science and successfully deployed the administration with the fundamental principles of political theory.

In the new law administration, the importance of social justice and service-centric governance administration is very relevant to the administration and the practical aspects of administration in the third world countries. In the third world, the path of bureaucratic banning of administration for the basic and qualitative changes of the society in the Third World.

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