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Political Efficacy:

The Constitution of the United States called their constitution the power of self-governing doctrine. Manteca explains the principle of self-governing principles in the book. The book is called The City of Law.

It is observed that the principle of governance governed by the President is governed by the principle of policy, in which books support the self-governing principle. It is the history of ancient history

Political efficacy The United States Constitution is the most widely used application of power self-governing policies. It is used in the case of the president-ruled government of the state of the state. The principle of the use of power is the competence of the United States President-ruled government.

Influenced by the policy, this policy was enacted in the constitution, from the ancient times to the present world humanitarian United States, it seems to be the most effective way of implementing the policy of power, and for the sake of the state, the constitution creator, the United States Constitution is the power of self-governing doctrine.

This doctrine has long been called a policy of long writers. We know that in 1780, the United States’ match list has given the reality of the power of the constitution and the political power of political science is immense

This policy of power was not fully accepted in British rule. The particular use of this principle in state theory can be found in every country of the world, the power of the policy has no effect on which power, and on the less power, the policies of power, especially the cabinet dictatorship, guarantee the independence of Britain.

The regime of the United States The law is a separation of the law of dissolution. It is possible to determine the difference between the powers of the law. It is affected in the cabinet of the British cabinet.

Every cabinet in the world is independent of the parliament rather than independent and is responsible for the parliament and members of the cabinet must be members of the parliament and virtually the cabinet. Who is to be called a parliamentary committee?

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We know that in the ancient times the power of political science created the principle of self-governance, even though the theory was critically criticized, and many critics criticized the theory that full autonomy of power is not possible in the modern state system and it is not possible to separate each other from different departments of the new government because the government According to schedule We have to involve them in such a way.

Political science and power conservatism became inactive:

A large-scale scholar said that blunt solid gave an excellent example. According to him, the limbs of the organism are bound to be related to blood flesh with each other, so the state said that just like the creation of the political negotiation system, Work fine in the judiciary one man said that the government can do the job properly the functions of each department policy.


we can say that the power policy is a very important way to manage a government system in a beautiful way through which a government can fulfill its responsibilities properly and maintain its responsibilities with the benefit of the public, so we can say that one of the most urgent and necessary for the state.

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