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What is Political Liberty?

When we believe freedom is an essential element, then political independence is essential for a state. It is the essential element which provides natural opinion its independence. The right of a citizen’s right to get it is the political structure of the real citizen-state and will be able to contribute to the economic resources if he gets independence.

We can say that many more laws and regulations are the advantages of a large number of criminals, but not independence. It is the freedom to have a right to remain in a country of liberty, which is completely independent of the country, which is free to say, freedom is freedom.

Freedom is a free-thinking section, through which a person can freely participate in his opinion in a state, and in all his or her circumstances, without any obstacles. Generally speaking, freedom is what we understand it.

There are many moral and political views which according to their opinion they have mentioned different views on independence, and despite certain, there is a specific law.

For the following reasons, the idea of independence has been assumed with the advancement of the previous history. This concept may also vary, most of the laws are not against the laws of law enacted by the law.

In our own opinion, we can say from our own opinion that a moral viewpoint allows freedom of expression of freedom of every person in a state, which does not harm the independence of any other person, including a fair independence.

Many scholars have presented their opinions in different ways. They all agree on the doctrine that if a person cannot do any work according to his wishes, that means that he is obstructed by this work. In that case, we can never call him a freedom person. It is against anti-liberation.

Among the many concepts about a fair freedom, I want to say an idea that we observe different laws in our society. We think of each of these laws as a result of achieving independence. Some philosophers have given their opinion about this and I will also tell them the laws As a result of independence, some have denied some independence from any other point of view She has sacrificed their lives for the freedom to say what they mean is a freethinking independence.

Through which every citizen can live peacefully and fulfill their responsibilities as a citizen of a state, what we understand as freedom.

The meaning and definition of freedom:

According to various scholars and mentors, freedom is called the right to work in their own will. Right to do something can never be free unless there is a law permitting. According to the provisions of the law, if citizens can enjoy all the benefits they deserve, then there is the fact that the environment of freedom has been created.

So we say that independence is the emergence of an open thinking section when a person can fulfill all his opinions without any obstacle, and if he enjoys all the facilities he can feel full independence.

Theory of liberty:

The most important thing about the state of affairs is freedom talks. Eleventh fifteenth and seventeenth of the Spirit of Montesquieu’s book discuss independence in these four texts. The applied full idea about freedom, freedom has opened it to humans. Montesquieu gave a full clear idea of independence.

Nature of liberty:

By determining the nature and extent of independence by law. The object of freedom is to get rid of the arbitrariness of the ruler and the wheezing of the ruler. When a person is shown to the law without being shown to the person or organization of the person, then the emergency.

According to Montrachet, the authoritarian is completely opposite to his independence. Independence is achieved by allowing everyone to express their thoughts and express their thoughts openly. The State of Independence will write all that is written or written is not expressly banned.

Montesquieu believes that freedom is the highest human welfare. Those who are irresponsible and unlawful, without absolute arbitrary control, are authoritarian. If the nature and extent of freedom are not determined by law, the meaning of freedom is worthless. Montesquieu firmly believes that the law is indeed the promise of independence.

 Independence Category:

Two types of independence theory speak of two independence of a political independence.

The details are discussed below:

political liberty


Political Freedom:

According to a civil law, people can have the right to do so, Montesquieu is called political independence only. Political independence was born from the relationship that exists in man. This law of freedom establishes a single law. The complete opposite of the autocratic dictatorship.

Civil liberties:

The birth of good manners or personal freedom. Civil liberties arise from the relationship that exists in human beings.

Ways to Protect Freedom:

The highest policy of a state government is safety policy. A true government must be used for use. According to Montesquieu, the head of the head of the state to protect the independence of the first … Although the motive of the state is self-defense, Montesquieu means self-defense, not just the idea of saving a life.

All the government’s powers will be determined by the principle of self-governing and control and balance. The best way to ensure the true freedom of the people is to formulate the government’s power of governance in such a way that all powers cannot be centered in the same person and that one power can limit one’s power to another, it is from the opinion of Montesquieu.

The only way in which England’s cabinet system was developed during its time was considered to be against the independence of these two principles of England. It is fully preserved in the United States regime, so the current United States Constitution reflects the Montesquieu, Control and Balance policy.

Criticism of freedom theory:

Some of the criticisms of the theory that different people have mentioned in different ways, we have discussed below

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