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Political neutrality:

Although political neutrality in the modern law administration seems to be a recent idea, its practice or study is not new. Especially in addition to world-wide democracy, the concept

Strictly took office in the administration Political neutrality with the practice of democracy The context also inevitably comes parallel to its administration. In the high level of the administration of a democratic state, usually, two types of administrative management or structural arrangement are observed.

Namely the political regime and state’s permanent administrator class or bureaucracy. Very common They must definitely cooperate with the ruling party’s development plan or at all levels of the state administration, but it must be neutral.

Even if the standing administrators are ruling the political party of personal support, it also contradicts personal emotions. Neutrally state administrative responsibilities have to be conducted.

Because in the democracy no political party is permanently sustained by the government. But permanent administrator or bureaucrat is the permanent administrator of the state. As a result, there is a lot of difference between permanent and temporary administrators.

As a full and conscious member, bureaucrats like every human being must waive the right to support a political party. But it is his state duty or

Not published in this case. But in reality, it is a big question as to how possible or impossible it is before. In developing countries, the political neutrality of this issue is also realistic. However, the recent study of the Law administration will find solutions to all those things.

Definition of Political Neutrality:

The concept of political neutrality is a complex issue. So it can not be defined or explained in a few words. Different politicians, administrators and scientist The study has been published. They penetrate deep into the meaning of this meaning, explanation, and review.

General Meaning:

Literally meaningful political neutrality means the principle of being neutral in politics. But the meaning of the words of political neutrality is vast.

The main definition, and especially the political neutrality, refers to the neutrality of the government administration. That is the neutrality of administrative politics in the face of political neutrality.

Its main theme is the free and neutral politics of governing the administration of bureaucrats or state permanent administrators to a ruling party in a country. Political neutrality means a situation where the government administration is politically or otherwise. No subpopulation becomes the center of the distribution.

Or political patronage and grace Does not behave in a favorable way of political gain or is not involved with the initiative to retain or oust a political party.

That is, the idea of active politics-free administration is related to political neutrality. Political neutrality usually refers to the lack of political value among government administrators.

They are Although they are not actively involved in politics, they may have specific political values. However, in this case, the price is not worthwhile. So neutrality of government administrators means freedom from all types of political values and priorities.

The nature of political neutrality:

The state’s permanent administrators, in order to transform the party’s activities into reality according to the ideals, goals, and objectives of the ruling party, from the politics of change, It is to be taken effortlessly.

With the fall of the emergence of various political parties in the state power, the national The changes in the activities and thinking of the political parties also have to change the mindset of bureaucrats.

On the one hand, such groups have to work neutrally, and sometimes they have to engage themselves with different types of political parties in different political parties.

In all cases where the ideological difference of the ruling political parties prevails, government changes in bureaucrats in all cases. At the same time, they have to make changes in their own business.

Ideally, in contrast to the previous ruling party’s ideology and ideology, the hands of the present people have to prepare their hands. That is, when they are kept in the containers, they need to contain the colors.

Neutrality is a common and important feature of the bureaucracy. Bureaucrats are not desirous of the state government. As an administrator, their terms are not related to any political party or party politics. The political parties of the country have been in power, but they have to administer bureaucracy under the party government.

According to the general pattern of national norms, international political behavior, they have to perform their administrative responsibilities in order to maintain political neutrality.

The political policy of government policy, planning, distribution Regardless of the activities and overall activities, they are either by bureaucrats or government employees. Although influenced largely, they have to take part in the service of the party and politics from the top of the country.

Bureaucrats’ politics should be liberated. They will help all political parties in the ruling equally and with craft. In relation to their political neutrality, the bureaucrats in the halls are more concerned about the issues that they have emphasized.

Validity, the stability of the job, encouragement to work and promotions. Among bureaucrats In order to establish political neutrality, we should give utmost importance to these people. He said, the policymakers to achieve public confidence in the neutrality of bureaucrats. Bureaucrats should be free from politics.

For low-level employees, he did not recommend maintaining political neutrality. He noted that due to the discrimination of the taxonomic and the PEON, the magnitude of the appointment to the government office is not fruitful. That is why it is necessary for the bureaucrats to be neutral, that it is not possible for a minister to place confidence in the bureaucrats acting on the opposite political basis.

They think that the neutrality of bureaucrats is nothing but a mask. Politicians can never be neutral in politics. From the experience, they have shown that the guards in all types of assorted societies are bureaucrats of vested interests.

The bureaucrats or government officials, as the main characteristics of the bureaucracy, stand in their respective positions. They deserve that position till a certain age limit. So, the change of government, the fall of the cabinet’s rise or non-partisan government can no longer affect the stability of their government employees. That means the government comes to the government and it does not matter to the stability of their position.

These permanent employees adopt government policies and programs – accepting self-employment in state affairs as their profession.

So, in the context of the success or failure of the moral party government, nothing or nothing in the name of the nuisance touches their coconut. These well-known names of the ruling government Ministers.

Regarding political neutrality, administrators have some kind of party role in some way. Not at all. They will work in the service of the state regardless of the party, regardless of neutrality. It is accepted as a primary responsibility of the senior administrator who is sensitive towards the humble.

And through all this, the administrator can know if there is any contradiction between the implementation, the significance, the importance or the organization of various schemes including economic planning.

In it, It is possible for him to recover from the weaknesses of the organization. Again public opinion on one subject. Whether it is the majority of the people or even the administrators should know from a human perspective.

The neutrality and professionalism of government employees

There must be two precise provisions for the public service of a state. The first provision of this law is to relinquish Civil Servants. The power must not be in the hands of the political executive. And the second one is Naygad to them.

In order to do so, the possibility of nepotism will be brought to the minimum level. Always Government Employees will also be cautious about their ministers, it is also their responsibility and the ministers will be responsible in some ways.

Government employees’ liability:

In the interest of the use of political neutrality, the issues that the Civil Servants should identify or manage, their organizations should govern or manage.

  1. The responsibility of the government officials is to the minister
  2. According to the rationality and law of all the government officials, all kinds of public events are also organized in both countries; Abandoning (Tough toll-like toothpaste)
  3. To obey or ensure the law, the duty of international treaty with the law, responsibility for the support of the fair administration

It is the addition of permanent administrators’ personal immorality or political neutrality. On the other hand, it is equally beneficial for the efforts of political administrators or groups to ignore the unbiased fertility and common public political neutrality and to bring their own parties through the various lingering proposals of permanent administrators in the interest of their individual or party.

Political administrators use bureaucrats to achieve their own political objectives. Again, the head of the regime often gives more importance to the advice and efforts of the bureaucrats than the political officers and ministers.

And those who are not loyal to ruling political parties or do not agree with their political ideology, the steam radar of that party continues to run.

Frequent transfers, under pressure. The fear of retirement, the denial of privilege, the principle of depriving them of political ends in many areas. That is, the bureaucrats are one or two. He was forced to take an evil or political prejudice to death by attempting to live a life of corruption and being able to remain free from corruption.

Every person has the right to confine individual independent thoughts, emotions, and supportive political ideologies which are also civil rights. Nobody can give an order to boycott the price. Or even if he is not obliged to accept him in his heart.

It is normal that bureaucrats will also cherish that price. As a result, it is not possible to perform administrative duties by excluding that price. Their political value, political loyalty, and the principle of political leaders everywhere is the path of bureaucracy politicization. Enlarged

It is possible to manage the defense of the interest: they are capable of governing the 9th of the bureaucracy dependent on the overall character of the apparent political system. The bureaucracy is committed to everyone.

The ruling class organizes their political, state-level development programs, bureaucrats in their own right way. In this way, they are seeking administrative work among the employees, and they are seeking political motivation.

As a matter of urgency, the ruling political bureaucracy is committed as part of the rule of the ruling class. Educational qualifications of permanent, administrators, social, economic, background systems often turn them into vulnerable occupations.

And in the Shamanic regime, they became the tool of the empire of the ruling party. They are n n Behind the neutrality is the role of the protector of the sub-caste class. Even ministers or political administrators like all kinds of corruption, crime, armaments, self-determination

Because of the abominable reasons, the question of any kind of illegality in the future, in the meanwhile, during the tenure of the government, all the Ayahs of legitimizing different strategies have been completed.

Because the bureaucrats are more experienced and mercurial about this. As a result, they are not able to prevent them from stalking the law. However, in the permanent administrators and political administration, the interest of all the dishonest people is fulfilled. But the administration in the socialist system is fully committed.

And that commitment is not to the highest number of people in the society and to the interests of the mind, to the unprincipled society, to the dishonest or the poor. So it is said.

If there is a reference to the real need for political neutrality, it can be found in much of socialist society. In favor of democracy, the name of the existence of its existence in a favorable society depends on its existence.

Political neutrality is largely acknowledged today in the democratic world. That is, the theory has no effect, but some sections of them are using their interests in anarchy.

There is considerable evidence that politics is involved in bureaucratic formulas. Indeed, relations between bureaucracy and politics are very close in the underdeveloped and developing countries and in many cases, it is complementary to each other.

Not only the permanent administrators’ senior people who come in contact with their nearest political leaders. Instead, they continue to protect with the other political leaders (ruling or the Bobsleigh party) and influential members of the deceased.

Again There they have the basis of legitimacy and it is within their responsibility. Government development In addition to the economic feasibility in the lion’s share of the project, they have to know the public about the project especially the senior administrator.

Knowing that although the traditional rules politicians. Despite being in charge, today it has become part of the responsibility of bureaucrats.

If the political party becomes weak or the leader of the party is unable to experience the necessary knowledge and emergency issues. In that case, the senior bureaucrats or permanent administrators perform the duties.

When giving advice to political administrators on administrative issues, John responded. They have to be kept in mind and they have to give them the idea.

The administrators of this knowledge can achieve with the pragmatic attitude of the political party, even after saving them. But this comment is often expressed that no policy or decision will be taken or will be accepted.

Administrators have no jurisdiction to give advice to the political leaders. But the fact is true. As the administrator of the law becomes an advocate of morality, with respect to honesty and sincerity, any form of the state can advise without fear.

Moreover, no political party. Although they are very close to the group, they give advice on grappling, but there is nothing to say when they are not available. If you want to legalize it, you must have its constitutional basis.

Political neutrality and perspective:

India is a small part of the Indian subcontinent which is two hundred years old with India. Char acknowledges the unauthorized deprivation of legacy as a British colony.

And in India, the teachers, those who are trained in garbage techniques, excise or bribe, humanitarian tendencies, and the British are the ones. Over three decades, crushed Bangladesh has been suffering due to the unrestricted unrest of Pakistani rulers. After the success of their administration, the administration of this country has been built after independence in 1971.

At first, he had to step up front as a war-torn country of economics. But in the meanwhile. The country could see the face of its fierce development due to the fall of the military rule of the military.

Neither today In the greater part of the former Pakistanis, the bureaucrats of Haq, which were formed through the continuation of the administration here,

The condition of the administration of Bangladesh is so delicate that here at every level of administration. The bureaucracy’s affiliation to a political party or a special political party is a public issue.

Has turned into They often played the role of the spokesman of the ruling political party. Again, from the political administration, their strength, courage, support.

Publicly, As a result, corruption in this country has been defeating the world record. Amnesty International has identified Bangladesh as the world’s most corrupt country for three times since then.

So, it is very easy to imagine how far the political governance and political neutrality of the permanent government administration in are located. Therefore, the context in Bangladesh will be considered as a new topic of study. Here the practical value of this theory is far different.

Finally, the recent idea of political neutrality and administration of political neutrality. Though it seems to be practically moving forward in front of the world with democracy practice. Obviously illuminated or

Although the field of theory or the concept is not strong enough to be effective, the concept is very refined and open. However, the issue of political neutrality is not only nationally but it has been recognized internationally and has been especially emphasized on the continuity of observance.

As a result, it is necessary to explain in the international context of political neutrality. Such as world politics What is the evaluation of neutrality, where is the shelter, where is the United Nations or what the statement?

In the context of how much of its practice is done in different countries, and in some countries, it is also waiting for discussion. In this context, to ensure the good of the people of every country at least for the sake of special talk, the real prevalence of political neutrality theory.


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