Politics-Administration Dichotomy | Politics Administration Dichotomy Essay

Politics and Administration:

Correlation of politics and administration is one of the important activities of government. Field Politics is a process through which people are based on their political ideology. Organize your own society. The aim of the political life to establish a better life. All matters relating to the good living of a well-organized and self-sufficient society are covered by politics.

Political opinion about the nature of superior life and its relationship with the digestive interests of politics. And the administration mainly refers to activities. It is a process that determines and explains the purpose of a group consisting of multiple types, and through this, the object is transformed into reality. That is the administration’s job to define policies and procedures and conduct tasks.

Through the evolution of time, relations between politics and administration have been developed. From the beginning till now the politician, the administrator. And it has got place as a controversial topic among the administration scholars.

Among the social sciences, the law is most concerned with the politics of politics. But remember this. Keeping in mind that both politicians and the government of the administration specialize in particular activities and special topics of study and study. Therefore, the relationship between these two must be judged by its activities and content.

Relation between Law and Administration:

Establishing relations between the administration and the politics is a complex issue of modern times. There are two mutually corrupt doctrines in relation to the relationship between the administration and the politics. First, the administration and politics are completely different from each other. Secondly, the administration and politics are related to each other. Below are two aspects of mutual-ism between the two

The first doctrine and administration and politics are completely different:

As a separate and independent education issue, the enthusiasm of the people is encouraged by the administration and the administration. From any thinker, the governor has differentiated between the administration and the politics.

US politician Layer’s administration and politics are referred to as two separate topics, politician Udro Wilson, in his 1887 speech. In the study, the first thing in this article is to explain these two issues as separate subjects.

Until the 40th decade, articles, books and other works related to the Law Department have supported Wilson’s doctrine.

Politics is a matter of outside the administration. Administrative question is not political question. Politics determines the administration’s work, responsibility, so the responsibility of the administration is not covered by politics.

He also said, “Although the role of administration and the politics of action is determined. Angina in the administrative office is inappropriate. The realm of administration is the real work place. Administration factions, conflicts and busyness, the administration is far away. In most cases the administration.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century Frank J, Goodness Politics and Administration, wrote that there are two distinct and distinct fields of life in the field of politics and in the field of administration. “According to him,” The impact of politics on government’s programs can cause considerable bad results. “All government programs He Delivered. Politics and administration divided into two categories and the work of determining politics and policies on some departments and the implementation of that policy on some other sections.

Advancing to differentiate between politics and administration. According to him, politics is a state function in matters of noble and universal affairs; And administration is the activity of private and small matters.

The administration did not just separate from the politics, but instead recognized the administration as the fourth organ of the government. He is the administrative branch of administration only. Restricted to performance. He distinguished between administrative power and executive power. Wilaybi mentioned the reason for separating the administration from the executive.

The United States Chief Executive is elected to the public, and he is not normally in the control of the legislative council. Therefore, the administration is under the control of the Legislative Council as the fourth organ. Will be there. Marking the fourth organ is a final opinion, but it is the result of the unanimous results of maintaining unity between the administration and politics wounded by Wilson.

The administration can not always be separated. However, it should be remembered that the traditions that have been formed in relation to two issues, which do not interfere with one another, will not interfere in any way, it may not be in any way disrupted.

It is worth watching. Tech and expert officials to keep party politics dissociated from the administration. The success of administrative success will also depend on the certainty of stability.

The division of politics and administration is mainly the division of the policy and administration. Politics refers to policy decisions adopted by the state.

The administration in the process of deciding the process of decision making. The difference between these two is a lot. Established centrally on the way. The goal is to bring politics, the way of the administration. Split in As a body, the executive body of the legislature and administration is involved in politics Political leader of politics 4 or else to do away. What do administrators do in administration?

Which has become clear in two aspects from this division of Hek Wilson. Such as What is said to be different from the administration is to be part of the party. Secondly, politics has been identified with policy formulation and it will remain in the future and work of elected representatives of the people in making this policy. The implementation of the policy is not the formulation of the work of life-giving (ws) government officials and employees whose administration has been formed.

That, as far as administrative process was under way of political patronage, the stalker became the victim of accountability and corruption. To get rid of this, Wilson has given so much importance on the uniqueness of these two. Apart from this, politics is at The characteristics of the administration vary slightly. Ability, emotions, power grab, behind politics. The strong will to do and protect it On the other hand, the administration has a calm, mathematical basis. And judicial stimuli, which is essential for the welfare of the people, production and service. Should be used for payment.

Under the opinion of the aforesaid proponents, it is said that between politics and administration. The following differences exist.

Firstly, the relationship between politics and politics, on the other hand, is the relationship between the relations of the administration. With That is, the technical or ethical changes in the preliminary results and the technical reversal of the next. Politics It is the special area of ​​the statesman’s movement. On the other hand, the administration is the area of ​​technicians.

Secondly, there is another important difference between the two – the power of achieving power is politicians. Main goal How to gain power, how to retain power, how to The opponents have to be removed from power and how the opponents overthrow them. It has to do – thinking about his work is his job. On the contrary, the administrator will take the power and he will Behind – that he was given or entrusted to him according to his status in the administration. He Not only does the power use power, but the power of public service is used.

Thirdly, politics and administration like ala and shadow have shade on one another, especially at high level. This is especially true at the high level: Because at that stage politicians have the responsibility of taking responsibility. The ministers set the policy and played an important role in implementing policies in principle. High level government employees advise on policy making and grandson

Thus, the difference between the field and the circumference of politics and administration is as effective as the effective functioning and effective action of the democratic government of this era.

In the past, the administration of the administration reviewed the principle of separating the politics and the administration of the law and they were motivated to emphasize their importance on the intimate relationship between the administration and the politics.

In the context of separation of politics and administration, in the place of doctrine, it has now been expressed that no political system and administration of the country is temperamental or irrelevant to the system; Rather the law is part of the overall political process of the administration.

It is said that politics and administration are not independent, both are closely related. In fact, politics is a form of action, which is trying to control the Kriya rulers. With the development of democratic concept, the participation of the people in this regime greatly increased. Got profit. And its immediate result is the establishment of self-government. In this sense the politics The administration is not considered to be isolated from the administration and the administration. ”

Political administration division is a stray difference and the difference in the theoretical and working administrators feel is a stereotypical illogical belief. As Jedi Kingsley considers the administration to be a branch of politics, unanimity between politics and administration has become a living religion.

The government is a continuous process. It is true that there are various steps in this process. This step is a step in the way of the formation of the law and the administration. But these stages are mixed and no one becomes unpredictable.

Differences between politics administration are not important, because one or both of them can harm society. Neglect of difference between politics and administration, in other cases, is not even effective in the field of political and military relations.

The overall political process of the Laik Administration An important part is The Laik administration is not something out of the political system of a country, nor is it incompatible with the administrative system of a country, rather it is affiliated with it. In modern times, the Law administration is a very political theory.

At present, the length of the administration of the Law increased greatly. Now it has got some mechanical recognition. The rules are not restricted to tremors. It is currently a dynamic and dynamic process

Increasing the pressure of the government’s work, more decisions are being made for the sake of life. Instead of the political branch of the government, the administrative branch is being made. It is obvious at increasing rates. It is being said that all decisions of the government are being made in numerous administrative buildings or offices.

Because of the widely used analysis, these two of them are different from the separation of politics and administration. Between each other, there is a growing increase in the relationship between social and economic and technological developments in the field of technology and social development.

In cases where there is a need for considerable thinking, and that in order to have sufficient knowledge and skills, administrators have to make the policy formulas on the one hand, on the other hand, in the case of the prevalence of these new systems, administrators have to adopt the systematic system.

There are currently many types of organizations. Such as environmental protection organizations, natural disaster prevention agencies. They were tasked with formulating a comprehensive policy.

Finishing the responsibility of the agencies in formulating the policy. It does not happen, they have the responsibility to implement them, and various work-oriented initiatives to perform this duties. The steps are going to take.

Political work in policy formulation In a part of the division of politics and administration Politics formulates policy, enacted legislation or defines purpose. On the contrary, the administration is implementing the policy or implementing the law.

The purpose or purpose of the politics, and the process or the way to implement this objective or goal in the fall of the administration. In this sense, both of these have completely rejected the principle of self-rule, and emphasizing the relationship between each other and these two organizations are related and this is more acceptable.

Some scholars in the United States believe that if a government employee or governor has special powers, it can be said that he has no power only. Rather, he is also bound to decide the policy.

Like most scholars and before the modern political system, it is not possible to distinguish between policy formulation and implementation of policy. Such a doctrine is actually based on the obscure definition and inaccuracy in the use of administration and administration. Only.

In the realization of the difficult state of the modern state, the bureaucracy can not be strictly restricted. Political-governance divisions can not be used in the constitution, especially in the state of the constitution.

In the Western world, those who specially reviewed the difference between these two are unrealistic and illuminated. At the high level of the administration, in this society, this division is not realistic or not. This difference is a lot of artificial and, in fact, for the institutional facilities, the government is full of narrow and narrow and metamorphic, and it is aimed at measuring these short and broad directions.

So it can be said that in some way the administration is completely independent of politics and it is mixed with one another. Participation in government policy formulation 9 – Political work. Apart from politics, the process of acquiring and using the power and influence is understood and the administration is involved in the process.

The administration can not be accepted as a separate entity beyond the political scene. So the autonomic of D ‘is just a meaningless theoretical consideration from the perspective of administrative reality.

At the end of the aforementioned discussion, it is said that the two principles of the two principles that are related to the relationship between the politics and the administration of the law are one-sided. The real thing is that if the administration is fully politically feared, then the administration is totally unconvincing. But there is possibility of danger.

Although political neutrality in the modern law administration seems to be a recent idea, its practice or study is not new. Especially in addition to world-wide democracy, the concept

Strictly took office in the administration Political neutrality with the practice of democracy The context also inevitably comes parallel to its administration. In the high level of the administration of a democratic state, usually two types of administrative management or structural arrangement are observed. Namely the political regime and state’s permanent administrator class or bureaucracy. Very common

If the democracy is accepted, then the state’s permanent administrators or bureaucrats will not lean towards any particular political party, or with them, non-party neutral thoughts will be guided by all kinds of political issues.

They must definitely cooperate with the ruling party’s development plan or at all levels of the state administration, but it must be neutral. Even if the standing administrators are ruling the political party of personal support, it also contradicts personal emotions. But permanent administrator or bureaucrat is the permanent administrator of the state.


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