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public administration definition:

Public administration and money, nature, scope and significance

Due to the unprecedented development of science, industrial revolution, innovation, innovation and rapid population growth, there have been a lot of complications in human life. The real role of the state has been essential to solve the complex problems of the whole life of the people. Modern state is such

In the past it was a private or private organization. Therefore, the work of the state is not limited only to law and order, prosecution, private property protection and agreements. With the expansion of science and technology, the purpose of the state. A revolutionary change has begun. Not a modern state and a policeman, a welfare state. So now the public welfare has become the main and main objective of the state. The state’s activities are being expanded and expanded to achieve the purpose of the state.

Recently, the main carrier of state social and economic change, the first proponent of national development and the stimulus for this reason, the control of the state authorities on the people is increasing and increasing.

The citizens of modern state are bound in many different ways in different departments of the government and the state regulations. With the huge expansion of the state-of-the-art sector, the importance of administration has been increasing with increasing importance. The state continues to perform its indirect activities through the administrators.

Administrators are currently people’s teachers, product makers, distributors of goods, products. Working as a facilitator, a facilitator and a guide. Efforts of administrators to perform state functions are very good. The aim of the administration is to eventually become a state motive.

Nowadays, the era of administrative state is called ‘the era’. Efficient administration machinery and manager is the main driving force of current countries. For the unlimited importance of the administration of the administration, modern administration in modern society is said to be the life of modern civilization.

Administration money and definition;

Vocal means that any type of management, management and service is considered to be in the administration.

To control and manage the structure and management of the mall, and to coordinate and control the work of more than one person and to coordinate their work. That is to say that the administration can be called a collective or team based work to achieve a particular goal. Administration It is the proper management of human activities His disciplined arrangement. Most of the people

As the activities are collective, therefore all major types of collective management systems will remain in the administration. In fact, the group of people working in such a group of people is seen as an art (administration of action), and the aim of achieving the goal is to bring the collective efforts of the people to a systematic administrative management.

However, all types of joint work cannot be called administrative work. If someone stole a house in a house, then it should never be administrative. Because this work is just and logical. Administrative work is a reasonable effort. Therefore, only the overall activities of such kind of administration, in which reasonable organizations, people have reasonable management of the property.

Apart from this, the management of various types of equipment and materials are also included in the administration. Reasonable work means the organization and management of individuals and materials. This is reasonable work.

It is noticed in any political institution, club, association, school, university or any government or non-government organization. The Administration’s seeds are governed by all this. The operation of clubs, organizations, private organizations or organizations is called the private administration. On the other hand, the activities of the central local, regional or government organizations of the state are called the leak administration.

Definitions and different thinkers have defined the definition of administration from different perspectives. The definitions are as follows.

The people’s affairs in the fall of the administration. Manage systematically and use resources in a planned way. The purpose of this is to get the results of our prayers and incompatible with our will. Restrain the emergence of the situation.

The administration is about to organize and direct human and material resources to achieve coveted goals. 2.

The word administration has two meanings in political science. In the narrow sense, the work of the executive department only means the operation of the administrative work. In general, the work of the whole work of the government, i.e. departmental work

According to the unbiased attitude of the administration, any physical, technological, technical and technical and managerial work is done to reach any objective target. Regarding the administration.

In order to achieve general goals, the activities of associate guides are included in the definition of administration. May go .4

According to the administrative attitude of the administration – administrative functions do not mean all the tasks that are being edited to achieve any objectives, but the functions of a particular category related to management are governed by the administration.

For the purpose of organizing people and objects and the use of the work is the administration of the administration. It is a special profession of managers: just like one. The engineer has an expertise in the structure of the orthopedics or the ability to understand human disorders. Just as the doctor has, there are experts in organizing and manipulating the people and objects in a very confident manner.

Administration is the organization of all those organizations. (Executive) people who have specific purposes. To provide guidance to united people for joint efforts, to take this initiative forward and take the responsibility of facilitating the process.

So, as a real practice, the administration is desperate to achieve the desired goals. All kinds of activities But if the administration is considered as a kind of skill or art, then it refers to the management practices, which are all collective or joint. Generally exists for work-seeking purposes.

The main definition and the administration of the law is a branch of administration’s vast array of small and large public libraries, clubs, seasons, associations, schools, corporations and nations everywhere. Rational activities related to asset management and management is found. So all of these the field administration generally exists. When the word ‘administration’ refers to the organization, organization and management related activities of any association, private business organization or organization.

When he is called, he is called a private administration. On the other hand, if the administration mentions the functioning of the state’s regional or central or local government, it is called the government administration or the administration of the law. Generally, the state has the power to govern the activities of the state. So the administration of the alike all the affairs of the state are implemented by the government. So, the government’s work-in-the-govern administration

But when the search is done, how many government jobs or government jobs are included in the administration, in this case different writers disagree. In a broad sense the government in the fall, an organization comprising three of law, governance and judiciary, comprises three. Laic administration.

The government is involved with the activities of these three departments, not only concerned with a division. Different writers raised questions about him. According to some authors, governmental government departments or departments, the entire government functions of three departments of arbitrary government.

Related to According to some writers, the government administration or the administration of the law only. Related to the functioning of the executive department or to the functions of the executive departmental type.

But to limit the administration of the administration to the government division only. Opposition writers paused the opinion that there are administrative problems in every division of the government. The law provides a very fine administrative style for raising and managing legislation.

Even though no case is conducted in the court, there is a need for a well-established quality administration system. Therefore, it seems that administrative problems exist within three departments of the government. So, the active government activities of the three departments are included in the administration’s administration. May be covered. All the works included in the actual activities of government affairs

Many people believe that if all three sections of the government are involved in the complex activities related to the people, then the problem will become problematic, which can lead to confusion about public administration.

Thus, in the narrow sense, the government administration constitutes the administration of the government on the non-governmental activities entrusted with the administration. Precarious primary organizations, charities, customs and methods for performing well.

In the political science, the leek administration is used in two ways. In general, regardless of the government’s branches, the general administration of the government administration is being conducted in general. In this sense, the administration of the administration and the special administrative branch of the government. It is also mentioned in the administration of law enforcement administration.

The Alike administration includes all such activities that the purpose of all the tasks is as appropriate. Authorities are implementing the government policy to implement or prosecute the injured government, so the administration does the work that the government does to implement any law.

Generally speaking, the administration of the law refers to the functions of the national, provincial or state and local governmental departments. The local administration is central haiku and the locally known as Hack, the administration associated with the government’s activities.

How administrators do their jobs and just how the public will for the formation of political science government policy The best way to look at it can be organized, just like the Lac administration. Find out how science can be best implemented in government policies.



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