Rousseau Political Theory | A Study Guide to Rousseau’s Political Philosophy

Rousseau Political Theory:

Rousse’s contributions to political thought are unforgettable. Although he is not equal to Hobbs and Locke in philosophy, he is well-respected in the fame of literary genius and thought. Earn. In the history of the state of Chin-tan, he has held permanent and respected seats. His main opinions are published in most of the texts.

As a result of free human rights, the interests of the people are full of turmoil. Forms the state.

According to some states and human nature and Rousseau, before the state was created, people were inclined to nature. The state of nature was like heaven.

There are no conflicts among humans. People happily lived in peace and peace. People were simple, simple, peaceful. And free freedom was wrecked. But population growth and the emergence of private property. Selfishness arises in the middle.

People are involved in conflict and conflict. As a result of the state of nature. Get up And to get rid of this situation, people are mutually agreeable.

Social Contracting Established Rausa’s thoughts. This direction is

One reference to the philosophy is the overall call of the people

Social engagement and social contract gained a new form in the writings of Rasta. Through the sermon, Rousseau laid the foundation of a systematic regime.

In this direction,n Narnia Thought is much better than Hassan Thought. Hubus founded the monarchy Ro Monarchy, where the rule of the people there in Rausa.

Die In this direction, Rousseau’s thinking is more democratic than Hobbes. General Wishth theory and Rasa’s common desire theory is his political. One reference contribution. Indeed, the general wish that he has said is in fact.

The book is the desire of overall welfare. In giving the principle of general will, Rousse said that the true will and genuine desire for public welfare is the will. Even though many people have criticized the doctrine of will, it is the general welfare and purpose of society. Win A new chapter in political thought by preaching his doctrine in Rousseau

Did the sympathy:

The state is one of the main tools of good life and political philosophy. The contribution of the wretched is that he is the state’s main condition for a righteous and moral life. Did the hobby. In this direction, he has a good life like the Greek philosopher Plato and Aristotle.

They are described as fifteen tools. In Rousseau, the first of the modern philosophers was able to grasp the state’s purpose. Later, German philosopher Kant and Hegel. And British philosopher Bladley and T. H. Follow the footsteps of Green Russa.

The idea of individual freedom and the symbol of personal freedom was in Rausa. He said, very few philosophers have been able to make such strong statements about independence.

He was equanimity, friendship and integrity of freedom. Supporters. Rousseau describes the welfare of the government as the true goal of the government. He firmly believed that the true foundation of political loyalty is acceptance and authority and independence. Accurate merger is definitely possible.

Rasa’s theory of sovereign power and the state’s sovereign power is his. His contribution is not less. He established the general will of the people as’ the sovereign power of the people and established the principle of sovereignty of the people in the state of the public. Have done His previous philosophers are very clear about the position of sovereign power.

Unable to give feedback. But there is a clear verdict about the proper position of sovereign power in Rousseau. handed over. According to him, the people are the source of sovereign power. Professor Hernesh said that “Rousseau describes the people as the ultimate source of state power.

The lawmaker and Roush mentioned the necessity of a general conspiratorial legislator to establish the state. According to him, the law enforcer himself is not embarrassed by any emotion. Understand the feelings of others and enact laws to seek the benefit of others. Rousseau Lawmakers are very great.

In the social religion and rausa, social theology was introduced in favor of the people’s independence. Opinions are expressed. He said, explaining social religion, it is such a one.

Unbelieving citizen beliefs whose rules themselves form sovereign authority and form them in the form of religious discipline, not in the form of social demeanor. Social in Without honesty, honest citizens or beliefs are not possible.

Father of Modern Socialism: David Thomson calls Roussek the father of modern socialism Regarding the description of the state of occupation, Rousse said that in the early part of the state of Occupation, There was an unlimited happiness.

But later on, it became uneasy due to the environment. Similar insights were found in the speech of modern socialists. According to them, the environment is to the people. Bad, so change the environment, people will be better again.

Rashey’s idea of independence and independence was firmly established in his thoughts. Rousse was rejected on the basis of property and birth-it should only delegate the right to political power. Hobbes and Locke’s thoughts about heritage The text can not be seen.

The founder of modern rationalism and many people of Rausa are the founders of modern rationalism. As it is called. Rousseau is the first philosopher of the modern era who is medieval religion based. Non-political influence made politics politically based on rationalism.

Finally, in Rausa’s history of political thought, for the aforementioned contribution. Have been ever remembered. The value of political philosophy has not diminished; Rather than study his philosophy that is. Among the political books, it is not the best and the permanent value of the political philosophy.

In spite of Rousse’s important contribution to the state’s view, contemporary philosophers, in spite of his political philosophy

Rasa’s writings are incompatible and incomprehensible to the ideas . and none of its writings. It can not be converged on the system. “For example, Rausa’s reviewers mentioned. His discourse on the Origin of Inequality, in the book “Rousseau”, said the property was the root cause of the maximum mischief, but he also

The article entitled ‘Discourse on Political Economy’ published in Encyclopedia is sacred. Said that they were tortured.

Lots of commentators about philosophy’s rationality and supremacy in Rousseau There is no disagreement about the effect of his philosophy, although the disagreement exists, there is no mention of the effect of his philosophy.

The ideology and thought of Rousseau who deeply influenced his contemporaries and later political and social events, is not a matter of study, it is a history of history.

The real fact is. Professor Daning said about him that Rousseau’s role in state politics Though there is no clear solution to the problem, there are solutions to it. . His imagination, his illusory reasoning and his silence, has enabled people to create more applications than Montanque’s wise observation and balanced logic.

Below are descriptions of the effect of Russa:

The influence of Russianism on Russianism and Germanism and Germanism is clearly observed. Gaitel said that although this effect had progressed in different ways, there is no way to deny it. German philosopher Kant himself confessed that.

While reading Rousse’s ‘Emile’ he appeared in some of the key conclusions about philosophy. Russa’s general is the original source of the German philosophers whom he called the people’s will. Wish In Rasa’s public manifestation, there was no place for an individual wish, nor was there any special status for the will of the people of Germany.

Not only was Russia influenced by Rausa and the English philosophy and simply German prophetic thought, but English prophets did not free themselves from the influence of Rousseau.

In this context, the name of Thomas Hill Green is most certainly to be done. Name of Green Sovereignty and People’s Occupations A chapter with his famous book has been discarded. 21 The inspiration of Greene’s prophetic thought.

Being the prophet’s thinking of Rousseau. Green said that the realization of the sovereignty of Rousseau is possible. Not. For this, a combination of Green Austin and Rousseau’s ideas has said that the law is sub-feudal. Dignity is not a general wish. The manifestation of public opinion is through law.

Rousseau and American Independence and Green said that those who are of America’s independence. The founder was very likely to influence Rousseau’s social engagement on their ideas.

At the Impact is seen in the Liberty Censorship and the propositions of the state. Independent

It is noticed in the thoughts. Russa’s respect for independence fascinated freedom fighters. The independence of the people so that they can develop well.

The freedom fighters had a special focus on that. For that, after the independence, they had tried to establish different types of political institutions in the country.

Rousseau and French:

That was simply the motivator of American independence in Russia. Not only that, the motivator status of the French Revolution was given to him.

He works to prepare the field of revolution. Went by Many people believe that two slaughterhouses of revolutionaries in 1789 and 1791 The underlying beliefs of those events were that of Rasha’s state concerns.

Rousseau and Marxian state and recently two Italian ‘Rousseau’. Marx has discussed the details of the loan. A hint of the revolutionary nationalism that started from Rousseau. We get a social contract.

Both have said that because of the development of capitalism, people have been disconnected from the society, Marx’s remarks have been said by Roussehi, and Rousse’s popular democracy is the Puruspuri predecessor of Paris commune. “25

It is said that this view of Rasa’s philosophy is victorious, and at the end of the discourse on the practical implications of philosophical philosophy in Rousse, and this timeless influence has given him a time-honored philosopher in history. As established.

This effect of Roussea was not only that, but also recently, its effect has not been relaxed for the time being in her contemporaries. Commenting on the influence of Rasa in nationalism, he has correctly stated that “his influence Talking about the death, it has been increasing day by day.

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