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Lock Administration Scope:

As different types of information about the nature of the administration are seen, similarly, the different authors are expressing different views about its scope. According to those who follow the ‘pro-panoramic viewpoint’, the leaking administration includes all the functions governed by the general purpose.

In this sense there are numerous functions of different types of administration. , Which do not have any ties or affiliations other than general purpose binding?

According to this view, all the activities executed by the subordinate employees started from the beginning of the work plan of the work executed by the highest level officers in a government office. Law is regulated in the administration. For example, postal and postal activities of the department started at the higher level of its division, to deliver postal content to the public. The work comes to the periphery of administration.

But the concept of administration of the law is clearly clear. Extremely vague and it is not scientific and if the idea is adopted, the development of the administration will be hindered as a separate study subject or science; Because of that result.

The extent of the administration of the Law became so enormous and obscure that it would be difficult to study and practice the Law administration. If we adopt this idea about the Laic Administration, then the Law administration will not be any other subject, but it will be divided into different sections, public health administration, public education administration, and the administration of Jagging.

All activities of an organization are not included in the periphery of Lectureship, but those activities are not included, but the administration of the law is the only good of those functions. By doing so, it is generally common to manage the management and therefore, in all cases, it is generally observed. According to this view, the organization of the administration and administration of the Law is promoted in a general science. In this case, the limit is limited to the administration of the administration.

This approach makes the study more systematic and scientific in teaching. But if this view is taken fully, the real situation will be denied in much the same way. In real terms it is seen that the administration does not mean only management techniques, but also policy and program advice. And the implementation of them also deals with the administration system. Apart from this, organizational and managerial problems do not arise only in the executive division of the government.

Otherwise, these problems are also seen in the other sections of the government. The problems that arise in the field of legislation, law enforcement, law enforcement, etc. are more complex than administrative or administrative problems of any other government office in the country.

The administration, to educate the people about the scope of administration as a teaching subject. Some problems in the field need to be mentioned. The problem of the administration of the five parts

General administration ‘- that is, how to organize the guidance, supervision and control of administration?

Service for organizing administrative activities. Useful measures who will be responsible for the management of various jobs and management? (D) Goods and equipment for the maintenance of the duty of the employees, equipment supply.

Finance does not inspire all the problems related to financing. Explore experiments, surveys and solutions.

Thus, the extent of administration of the law is – Problems of ‘cuss’ leaks, resources and methods’

While describing the extent of the administration of the Law, many authors are theoretical and theoretical. Referred to include in the context of the context. It’s about to get downstairs and

Theoretical or theoretical aspects

The administration’s theoretical aspect is largely made up of ‘POSDCORB’ and ‘Kishalgula’. These are generally common to all administrations.

All types of Negatives in regional or local administration and executive type or advisory administration The theoretical aspects of the administration of the government, the framework, organization, functions and procedures of government authority. Not only in the central government departments and local authorities, governmental bodies and corporations also have the theoretical side of governance.

Apart from that, various types of control systems implemented on the administration include administration theory. The administration and cabinet control on the administration, the control of the central government on the local government, the control of the ministers on the public corporation, the administration of the court and the administrative tribunals.

The control mechanism is controlled by the administration of the instrument, in addition to the control mechanism. Again merge, coordinate, authority centralization, financial control. Problems related to administrative tools, research, information and public relations services and voluntary administrative abilities, etc.

through the administration of the AAP, general service department, internal control of civil machinery, posting, promotion, retirement, training, role of experts in the field of administrative matters etc. Leek pre Saner comprehends the theoretical side.

It is not easy to describe a similarly comprehensive topic like the subject of practical or practical or practical aspects and the main aspects of the administration. The practical or practical aspects of the administration of the law mean the practical application of general administrative theory in various administrative areas like police service, public health, public education, agriculture, judiciary, defense, social welfare etc. Harvey Walker has tried to point out the practical aspects of administration based on ten main functions of the administration. According to him, the ten major administrative tasks of the administration –

(1) Political

(Ii) Legislative


(4) Protective

(5) Education related

(6) Social

(7) Economic

(8) Foreign

(9) The Panther and others

(10) Local.

The political activities of the administration include relations between executive departments and the legislature. Political administrative activities of cabinet or ministry, cabinet and permanent in the short term, the relationship between officials, etc., are covered by the survey of politics and administration.

Legislation for law enforcement means the legislation Administrative staff and branch of the proposal to pass the proposal and passage in the legislation. Prepared work done by But the legislation enacted in the power of the rest is also involved in legislative work.

The financial work of the administration includes the implementation of budget from budget to implementation, accounting, accounting, treasury management, and the entire program of financial administration.

Defense activities include military administration system. Educational administration includes education administration in a wider sense.

Social administration includes food, housing, social security, employment related activities etc.

The area of ​​economic administration is huge and broad. Industrial, agricultural conservation and encouragement. Equitable and stable economics, administrative and administrative activities such as managing foreign trade and business development, managing seven public utilities, governing governmental organizations, industrial control in the interest of customers, etc. The organs of economic administration.

Foreign Administration means participation in foreign relations, diplomacy, international relations management and administration of various international organizations.

Problems arising from the rule of a nation or nation over other countries and nations. Or in the administration of the administrative administration of the state-of-the-art activities.

Local administration is the only work of local administration.

As an example, it is difficult to determine whether the police or public works can be kept under any branch given by Harvey Wear. In addition, the activities of the economic, social, imperial and all other administrative divisions engage with one another. Going and tossing Algal. As a result, other efforts of field guidance in the field of administration are quite erratic.

Nevertheless, there are some flaws in the application of applied administration to the full governance and logic of the administration, but the major aspects of the study of applied administration are as follows:

In order to study the applied administration, we have several different countries in the world. Let’s study the existing administration systems in size.

Second, the main functional departments of the progressive countries of the modern world. The activity and techniques are studied in the applied administration.

In addition, in different stages of national and local government, the administrative organizations and procedures have been implemented

Fourthly, special educational institutions and processes of different countries of different eras of history have been studied in the administered administration.

Acting as a lecture, the implementation of law enforcement laws and implementation of government policies, involves taking all steps taken until the finalization of the work from the time the Act takes effect from a functioning branch of a lecture by (a) At the stage of preparation of the program Any participation, however, it is included in the administration) and the lecture administration as a profession or scholarship means to organize and manage the activities of others in any government branch.

So, it can be said that the entire governmental activities include the Laic administration.

Law related to governance:

In the light of various authors about the meaning, definition, nature and extent of the administration of the law, it became clear that the subject matter of this topic is only meant to the management work. Administrative managerial view is actually a supervisory activity. Management doctrine can be called the tool of the administration of the whole system, but these tasks cannot be the only content of the administration, or the administration of these matters is most of the administration’s content.

Not important parts. The government has been formed to complete all major and important works. All activities are being undertaken such as defense, maintenance of law and order, continuation of public health system, public health protection, expansion of public education and improving agriculture sector. Leica is the main subject of administration. The Administration is responsible for determining policies and programs for these fields and for preparing programmatic questions and staffing, coordination and budgeting.

It is true that management issues are completely in all sections of the government. May not be the same. Even we who are the common strategies of management Lets call them.

Categories may be different and may be different. For example, in the defense department of the country, the techniques and procedures followed in the organization are to be taken from the administrative techniques taken in the field of public education.

The subject of administration may be called administrative authority in the beginning of the subject matter. National heck, regional heck and locally heck, executive hacks and advisory god,

Self-discretionary power is the administrative responsibility. Responsibility to the public, public and public, and employees. The principles and concepts of management problems, planning, research, information exchange, public relations, etc. are also covered by this administrative theory.

On the other hand, the subject of administration may be called a practical or implemented law enforcement agency. The administration of the administration, administrative administration of the postal administration, revenue administration, etc., and their problems are considered under this administration.

In the various stages of the government local, national and international administration) administrative organization and method of work also. The practical law covers the administration. Different views in different countries or different state views According to the conventional administrative arrangements and the generalization of the law may be considered under the administration’s control.

Considering the theoretical and practical aspects of the administration of the law, various aspects of its content are below. To be considered

First of all, the state or governmental organization’s administration covers the coverage or content of administration. Because the government organization and the law administration are used in the same sense. Government Administration of Leak Administration Studies Gives valuable knowledge about nature and activities.

How the government is organized; What is the government’s constitutional framework, whether written in the organization, not unwritten, well-educated or unconstitutional, centrally or federal and central and provincial or regional authorities; The power of governance is in the hands of the president or another chief executive or in a cabinet; What kind of relationship between the departments of the government, that is, the law, governance and judiciary;

Where the actual power of decision-making is entrusted and it considers the kings, the president, the prime minister, the other cabinet, the cabinet, the legislature, the political party, the political and permanent staff, the army, the well-organized professional groups, the organizational and the comparative dignity and power of the people. Secondly, include the contents of the administration of the administration of the political activities and the proper consideration of administrative activities.

The power to gain power and the use of power. Power is the main theme of politics. Someone will claim power, and others will support their claim. The government can never be separated from politics. Judged them, their influence on governance, their method of action and power of ruling classes

One of the main features of political activities is that they are party functions. On the other hand, implementing the government policy in the manner set by the legislature or the parliament by an administrator.

An administrator also has to perform some political functions, naturally when he manages the permanent program, and the permanent solution for the congressional reciprocity. Or take shelter of strategy. Not just from the legislature, an administrator has to get support from his own organization’s workers, from other government resources and from the people. It is therefore seen that the public administration has discussed political and administrative functions at one go.

Accordingly, money is absolutely essential for the implementation of any government work. Nothing can be done without money and the government cannot move one step beyond the meaning of money. Just like the oxygen for the Bayer, the money is used for the administration. So the administration of the administration and the administration of the law. Contents include. In fact, the finance administration is a devoted part of the procession. Administration and

The administration cannot be judged separately. They are closely related to each other; as his shadow is inseparably involved with humans. So it can be said that the spirit of money administration and it is an important part of the lace administration.

Included in the administration’s administration. There are several agencies in this finance administration. The finance ministry creates the budget and the cabinet or cabinet decides to thoroughly examine, supervise and execute the budget. Then it was presented in the law meeting and finally the budget review was held. The government’s calculation and accounting organizations keep an eye on whether the government money is being spent properly.

Fourthly, the government employee administration, in turn, was deployed in another municipal administration. Of course, the entire administration system relies entirely on a fair employee administration system. If the employee administration.

The system cannot be properly organized and if the employees do not save the interest of the organization, only their interests

There are also needle training systems for the kayoed staff. Apart from this, the general conditions of service of employees, their salary structure, promotion or promotion method, retirement allowance etc. are included in the administration. In addition, the affairs of the employees union and organizations are subject to judicial control staff administration.

The administration of Law also saw administrative administration. In order to accomplish any work in a systematic way, management means. The main purpose of the management is to coordinate between the government departments and the ministry.

Apart from this, administrative management plays an important role in reducing the problems of various government organizations. In addition, in the management of the officials of different government departments and agencies, it removes financial waste. In a word, the administration is responsible for the better use and management of the resources of the government organizations and organizations for the welfare of the people. The importance of administrative management in the administration of the Law is of much importance.

Planning is an important issue of administration, planning and administration has a very intimate relationship. Government administrators and officials make and plan plans. Thus, those who are employed to create and implement government plans. They are regarded as government administrators. Neutralize limited resources for the implementation of the people’s alternative needs and expectations based on priority funding of the plan.

It has a list of the country’s financial resources and economic resources. It is necessary to do what is needed in the future by reviewing the past and present economic conditions of the country. Determines. Accurate accuracy and statistics are absolutely essential for any plan. In fact, the administration and the plan are closely involved. For the implementation of the plan, other activities of the administrative organization have to be executed.

Seventh, administrative legislation is another important element of governance law. The administrative law that is administered by the administrative authorities is the administrative law and the laws and regulations that make and enforce it are called administrative laws. Law enforcement and administrative law cannot be judged separately. Moderately administered administration. All laws related to it can be called administrative law.

Administration and private administration:

There are two separate doctrines on the question of the intermediary relationship between the Law and administration of the government. Doctrine indicates similarity and contrast between the relationships between the two administrations. Doctrine is as follows:

First Idea:

According to the first theory of the relationship between the Layer administration and the non-government administration, the administration and private administration of the law is one and the same. According to them, for the government organization, there is only one for Hack and non-government organizations, all the administration is one.

We do not see any other administrative science anymore; rather, we have an administrative science that is suitable for government and non-governmental issues as equally as possible.

According to the purpose of a particular organization or organization. Many authoritative authors attempt to split the administration or administration script as a wrong attempt. Regarded. 26 The intrinsic similarities between the law enforcement and the private administration. Based on this, the theory or attitude has been adopted.

Second Doctrine 4 in the administration and private administration. According to another theory, there is a huge amount difference between these two administration systems. Among the proponents of this doctrine are Paul Appleby, Herbert Simon, and others. Think of Simon Said that “the difference between the administration and the non-government administration is intensified in the imagination of the common man.

The common man thinks that the Law administration is politically, bureaucratic and long-term, and the private administration is non-political, free and business-minded. Of course, this difference is not fully consistent with reality, but in all aspects government administration And in the administration of the law there is only the difference of class, but not the class. However, even if ordinary people’s ideas are misleading, we cannot avoid the difference between the government’s administration or the government administration and the private administration.

In some ways, the leak administration is different from the private administration. Law administration. Some have ground features, uniformity, responsiveness, competence etc. The public administration is so different from all the other administrative functions in the manner that it is to be treated publicly due to its public nature, and that outsiders do not realize just a few.

An administrator is involved in government work with Deadhead and then repeatedly by newspapers and people who show interest in his life, personality and behavior. People often take this kind of enthusiasm in the details of administrative system, but details of private business details. The scope of the scope, the extent of the impact and the consideration of the scope, is responsible for the people. Provision and political nature..

The activities of large-scale trade bodies and non-governmental organizations, Is managed.

Planning for a fair administration of any public and private company. Organization, guidance, neutrality and control are essential.

There are many methods of organizing and managing both administration and non-governmental administration. The same type of case. | Sixth, there are many non-governmental and non-negotiable works from government agencies.

But they are not covered by the administration content. On the other hand, there are governmental goals. In spite of this, the voluntary charitable organization performs many welfare activities of the people. We do not consider them to be the administration.

Seventh, Fifañar said, in public corporations, in reality, the middle of the commercial trade and traditional government departments took place. Take it from the close relationship between the administration and the private administration can be realized.

There are many techniques of skill and methodology that can be applied both in the administration and non-governmental administration. Accounting, statistics, office management, uniform in private administration. Office procedures, purchasing and selling, stocking and various activities of the administration and administration

In recent times, the initiative and participation of the state in the field of industry and trade. As a result, the knowledge and experience of the private administration is used in the administration of the vast quantities. Employees of both public and private industries and business establishments are provided training from the same administrative college or institute. In the case of private administration, there are also:

Like the administration to bring people’s control over democratic power, like the administration

So it seems that there is a similarity between the administration and the private administration. In fact, as the concept of the democratic and the colonial state is spreading in the world, similarities between the law and administration and the private administration.

The more Government Administration the difference between the private administrations is now completely minor.

Exceptions and leaks between the administration and the private administration. In spite of being well-versed in administration and non-governmental administration, they are not completely accepted as one and the same. Because the administrative pattern of both of them is the same. In fact, the contrast between the administration and the private administration is that the difference between mutual differences or differences is different. Existing, it crosses the analogy of both of them multiplied. Different approaches can be distinguished from both sides.

Below are variations or differences between the administration and the private administration.

The purpose of service and profit:

Leo’s absence is one of the features of the law. Laic administration is run by the people to serve the public. But the main objective of the private administration is to profit. That is, the private administration gives priority to profit and sees the principle of serving the public secondary. It is therefore obvious that the administrator of a non-government organization will not undertake any non-profit work. On the other hand, the government administration is so

Performs many tasks that are not only profitable in the business but also costly. Establish and manage hospitals, manage government institutions, etc. The objective of the public or public administration is not to gain maximum profit, but rather to the general public.

Financial losses and financial gains:

The state is not controlled by the market-rate in all the tasks it performs. In government administration, if the government is facing financial losses for taking and implementing any project, the government cannot suspend or stop the project. The government has to accept financial loss for the sake of public interest.

But it is not in the case of private administration. If there is a possibility of financial loss, private administration will stop the project. Will do it is not a matter of targeting the private administration whether the people will benefit from the project. The financial benefit of private administration is great.

Services and costs:

Only service for administration of law Necessary for payment is only done through Corrupted. There is a deep interrelation between paid service and public money collected. The money that is spent for the welfare of the people is meant to be born from the people through coronation. The direction of any government budget can be seen only because it is usually the expense That is, spending more than earning them. Income in private administration is often more than spending.

Political Instructions:

Another major difference between the law enforcement and the private administration is that the law administration works according to political or state order. But the private administration does not work under such political direction.

However, state instructions on private administration may be exempted in extreme emergency. The goal of the private administration that works for achieving is its own goals and is not dependent on state decisions, or it is not determined by it. On the contrary, an officer acting in the administration of the law must follow the instructions from the state executive and he has no self-power in this regard.

The low range 4 layers are very much in the job range. Extensive On the other hand, the job coverage of the private administration is very limited. With the increase in state affairs. With the increase of administration activities increased substantially.

Now the state and the police are not the state, the state is now the most coveted organization of the people. There is no aspect of person’s life that controls the state. Does not As a result, the state has become the most coveted organization.

Nature of Functions:

The administration of the LAC performs wider activities than the private administration. Laws are completed by the administration of very important tasks for the existence of life and property of the citizens of the country. Such as protecting the country from external attacks, maintaining peace in the country, protecting citizens’ health etc. On the other hand, the private administration remains engaged in relatively less important activities.

Such as textiles, sugar, paper supplies, small scale industries etc. Law enforcement often neglects monopoly power in various activities or in the provisional system. Such as: railway service, post and its services, electricity supply service, army. Maintenance, overseas trade etc. But for any person or private organization, It is impossible to take such initiatives and complete the activities.

Responsibility to the people:

The Laik administration has to be responsible for the people. Government employees are responsible for their activities. The answer is bound to be accountable. In the democratic government system, especially in the parliamentary system, people have to follow the details of the policy of being responsible for the public expatriates in detail and continuously.

People’s opinions and wishes published by the people’s representatives in the administration of law. According to the government officials work. The people’s will in their work. Detailed records and accounts are to be saved. Reflection takes place. Due to accountability to the public, the government administration has their functions

But in the case of private administration, administrators do not have to be accountable to the public. In some cases the private administration has to touch the margin of public opinion. However, the law administration is not responsible for the meaning of the private administration that is responsible for the people. Therefore it can be said that the administration of the law is directly responsible to the people, whereas the private administration is responsible for the people.

Compatibility and government-cum-lecture administration are always uniform and consistent. Following rituals and methodology. Employees have a specific policy and they always carry out all the work from that policy. They are not favorable towards anyone or they cannot be hostile to anyone.

But the private administration system is not well-versed in the uniform and consistent rituals and procedures. In private administration, many different types of special purposes and motives often deal with different people, but they do not cause mass protests or protests.

There is a variety of issues related to public policy and public policy and administration. The administration of the Laws followed the policy of informing and satisfying the people about its activities. And the private administration always buyers and buyers are theirs. Widespread campaign to attract products and products produced keeping the process of public use continued. Public administration in the field of law is not as comprehensive as the private administration. Public participation in public administration is felt more than the administration of law.

Neutrality and government bureaucracy are completely different from the private bureaucracy. Neutrality in the government bureaucratic system, non-partisan Functionality and anonymity exist. But these are not seen in the private administration system.

Legal Control

Legal nature of law is legal. It always performs the functions according to the prescribed rules. Laic administration. Always obey the law and how the law is excluded from the law as described by the private. Administrators do not have that much.


According to many, the private administration is more efficient and efficient than the Lie Administration. The excellence of the administration of the administration is lower than the private administration. According to them, the private administration is a businessman’s administration or a businessman who is well-respected. There is also the logic of this idea. In order to increase the production of the private administration, the unemployment rates of workers’ wages are introduced and in some cases more wages are provided.

As a result, the efficiency of the private administration is achieved in the excellence of politics. But the law enforcement officials are mischief, corruption of looting, mischief, corruption, and inadequacy. Individual owned non-government organizations are spreading their efforts to achieve greater profit and excellence in the organization for attracting people in all walks of life. But there is no such inspiration behind those who are in the government administration.

But it is also true that the private administration is not always efficient and effective. The quality of the administration of the private administration is always high and unnecessarily high standard of government administration. Not so. But if the government administrators want to make their administration efficient and productive and gain public support, they will be successful in improving the administration with maximum efficiency.

Money Control:

The financial system in the law is outside. To be controlled from. In other words, the executive officer of the finance department has control over the law. Finance is regulated by the country’s legislature. By passing the money allotment law, the legislature gives the government authority to finance the administration.

The governing body can spend all his or her wishes and expenses. No But the non-governmental administration has no such branch or organization outside of economic affairs. Not controlled by the person. In this case, administrators are controlling the financial system.

Exclusive and nonpartisan:

There are many functions in the government administration which are exclusively edited by an organization. There. There is no way to challenge or retaliate. Such as: railway system or postal system. Management Government administrations perform the duties assigned to them from the long periods of their jobs, from the backbone of the public education. Because they do not have public relations with them, they do not have to face their criticism for the sake of bad.

Width of circumference:

The range of administration activities is far more than the scope of the administration of the private administration. In fact, the functions of administrators of the law are more rugged and painful than the actions of private administrators. Maintaining law and order for the people, performing fire service, education, settlement of vacations, public health and social

To achieve other basic tasks such as safety provisions, agricultural research, provision of national defense etc. That is why the field of government administration is very widespread, because all these work has to be taken for the sake of meeting all the different needs of modern people in the modern society.

Social status and a government administrator are probably one. More social dignity than private administrators. Because of this, due to the fact that more employment opportunities are available to the public through public employment.  Since it is the main aim of the administration to serve the common man, it is necessary for all those people to be in administration. Those who are able and willing to save or work in public interest.

Public-minded: Regarding government and private administration People accept different types of advice. People are more inclined to enforce government administration than private business organizations

Although they are more inefficient in government and perhaps more corrupt. You can also think of it.

At the end of the aforementioned discussion, it is said that the field and environment of the public administration and private administration differ. However, there is a difference between the leak administration and the private administration. It seems, in reality there is less difference between them. In fact, the law enforcement and the private administration work in different fields.

Discrimination in relations and behavior, under the authority of law. Generally common people like taking initiative, taking responsibility, accounting for the people about the work, establishing the rationality of decision, financial arrangements and the well-being and doing the job.

The sources point to the difference between public administration and non-governmental administration and its prevalence is very limited. Or limited. In real proposals, public administration and non-governmental administration, there are two different types of administration. Direction However, they have special values ​​and strategies.


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