Seneca’s Concept on the Origin of the State | Seneca, Lucius Annaeus

Seneca’s Concept on the Origin of the State:

Seneca’s  idea about the origin of the state:

Seneca has won the theory that is known in the history of state china, Seneca of human nature and the origin of the state. It was a golden era in the natural state.

This golden age of people lived happily until they were innocent, they lived in a simple life, and they could not live in a pure divine purity of life. They did not have any personal property that is why there was nothing wrong with sin.

So then there was no need for the government of the law. They were naturally adept at being wise and respected by the people, so it is said that the state was in the golden era. According to the latter, the later period of the third period of civilization is almost natural and simple, Described as the ninety-nine letter of this kind, Rousseau said.

In particular, the natural image of Snicker’s pictured natural figure was achieved by the desire of the person’s covetous desire, and then he destroyed the primitive holiness above greed and lust, and there was no need for the government and the law as long as the people were holy, they were voluntarily motivated by the greatest person and the best-wiser Because of the compliance, the best wise people rule over the people Going on to do not want any difficulty in themselves but when the desire of the soul woke up,

they became selfish and the rulers became the rulers, with the progress of civilization, people became selfish due to the desire and corruption, and human rights to suppress these wrestling sins Laws and compulsions were needed to prevent corruption and the law enforcement agencies did so Thus the state of origin or to the state of human sin preventive crop.

Seneca was so frustrated by the moral turmoil of the Roman Empire that the human nature tendency has been described as insurmountable, and seen a frustrating view on political issues, he said that the world’s long-standing wisdom cannot eliminate the wisdom of a ruler who is able to destroy the wisdom of the ruler.

Seneca, which was described as the place in the natural state of Plato’s book, further expands those Seneca, that the creation of a civilized state based on imagery in the past has created the state that due to the creation of the world, sins and corruption in the human world have become manifest, and the environment of the society in an environment of political and economic distortion He was created by the greed of man for the fall of the Roman Empire, Calling altogether blamed.

 Humanism philosophy humanity:

Humanistic philosophy or humanism a key factor in the history of state Chin tan Seneca was always busy thinking about the overall welfare of the people. Therefore, in his writings, the state education has made significant progress in the field of human welfare. Seneca said that every person is a member of a state or a human being, Members believe that human society as a member, honest people should be given utmost satisfaction by serving human society.

He also says that people should not live in their human society only thinking of their own interests without thinking of the good of the people. According to him, the devil should be able to penetrate the state of the state and transform the large society into human welfare. So devoting ourselves to class philosophy and humanistic philosophy.

When problems arise, whenever there was a problem, he used to think about how to solve it; it could be solved for a person, so he wanted to maintain the sexual nature of the people because the next generation would be the future of the nation so to maintain the biological entity of the human being. Though he was the owner of Anil’s wealth, he was blessed with the foundation of his philosophy the actress has adopted the philosophy of humanism and follows the rules of life in depth perception.

This philosophy is divided into three parts by moral, natural and Vedic, and has chosen three different types of work, for which his philosophy is divided into three parts.

Ethical direction:

His moral philosophy used to evaluate the use of man’s behavior, based on this philosophy, he used to evaluate the conduct of man’s conduct and his ethical behavior used to control social justice and human behavior.

 Natural philosophy:

Discovery of natural disciplinary principles and causal relationships was to discover the nature of natural philosophy. Here the facts were found, because of the physiological and physical nature of these two types of physiological work.

Buddhist philosophy:

Even though the word is searched by the knowledge of the logic of the logic, the argument becomes the subject matter of reasoning. The basis of logic and rhetoric philosophy is through logical reasoning and rhetoric, discussing all the information about the books and books.

It is a precious virtue in self-restraint and self-examination in human life like Sleet, that is why he should study our own conduct before sleeping every night, so that the number of our sins will be reciprocated, so that there will be peace of mind, Seneca will not be able to stay away from the society or state of a wise person. According to someone, there was a similar opinion that any kind of service to society.

He does not think there is a need for a state or government official to work in public health. These works are not complete in any political scenario. Seneca could imagine the ideology of a system that did not require any lethal political type of state,

no job needed. For the new form of the request, people are two Jonson state citizen members of the largest state of civilized state cannot be considered as member of the civilized state, each person receives membership of the state for civilized citizens, and the largest state is made up of all the rational people so that they participate in humanity for the quality of humanity, The state is not a state but it is a society.

Seneca believes that the port of the state is not legal or political, but it is the moral and religious majority of the state and the people of the society do not enjoy political power, but Scientist is generally used to engage in psychoanalytic services. All and noble persons serve human beings at the expense of moral relation and even philosophical meditation- Concept.

They also provide service through wise publishers who can set the standard of human society in society, far more valuable than any political leader or worker.

Seneca has rejected the consumerist principle of personal interest, provoked public interest in silica, from all previous political societies, from the decimal point of view, independently, social service imagined that Snicker’s social system was not completely selfish, the greed of any national position does not work behind the hint of political interest, The state with thoughts The second religion in thinking enough matches found.

Concept about the classification of the government:

Seneca could not give any idea about the government’s free blog. He said that one type of government is not good or bad because it is good or bad because it does not have much power to do anything. He represents his government. He said that the government is dependent on the government’s keeper, The life and the spirit of the government are being created as a bridge between the creation of non-existent people.

Because the situation of the Roman Empire was overwhelmed by extreme frustration and hopelessness, he presented such a statement in nature and when the condition of the Roman Empire was ruled by the rate of literary mathematics in the 2nd century,

there was not a big question of establishing a government in the room, but what would be the big question The autocratic ruler or government relies on the dictatorship even in the people It was considered better than being relied on because it was almost impossible for a person to have done something good for a person who was very good at the time that people were very bad compared to the date on which the government did not give importance to the various classifications, but any government could do more. He was not a believer.

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