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Socrates Contributions:

Among the philosophers who made the basis of the Greek state philosophy, the name of the Socrates is the most notable philosophical thinking, the beginning of a new horizon in the history of Greek state philosophy, which contributed to the philosophical thought that has contributed to its philosophy. In the whole world of knowledge, the name of the astrologer is shining even today.

Since the beginning of the first period of the Greek state philosophy, d Tea and the second era began Socrates, the main object of the Greek state was to explore how the origin of the world was discovered, but Socrates brought this philosophy back to Manometer from the physical world and established it everywhere, for the sake of reason, the scientist declared Socrates as the godfather of state theory.

View discussion method:

In this method, he used mechanical methods to discuss Socrates’ philosophy. He tried to bring out the truth through dialogue with the conversation; he used to ask more questions.

He said that the characteristics of this system are that he would go to the wise people and present himself as an ignorant fool and that the truth is beautiful Try to understand the meaning of the complex issues of fair injustice and welfare.

Importance of self-knowledge:

Knowing Socrates Knowing yourself as the first principal task of the Socrates is considered to be the wisest but she never claimed herself to be wise, she used to say that the nature of my world does not know anything about the origin and quantity of everything; only what we should do is how to excel the soul, etc.

His famous quote is to know yourself that spirituality is the ultimate part of the human being Marathoner gained a great spirit of Socrates dedicated his life.

 Ideas about knowledge:

Knowledge of Socrates is the basis of the philosophy of Socrates. According to him, knowledge must have a right foundation or scale, for it to establish knowledge on the right foundation. He accepted wisdom as the source of knowledge and shared the knowledge of Socrates in two categories.

On the basis of these two types of real and incomplete knowledge, all the two types of Mangle have been developed on the basis of the real knowledge that on Tuesday it is not a permanent form, but in new circumstances, it acquires new or new shape, but on the basis of real or complete knowledge it becomes permanent There is no change with the change in the situation.

Ideas about democracy:

Contrary to democracy, Socrates said that the best method of aristocracy opposed to democracy was a government, he was also critical of democracy, because it was assumed that any person could fill any position, Socrates said that the reason behind the conventional concept of other states in Athens is to teach physical philosophy. It would not have been the establishment of real knowledge.

Not deeply rooted, it cannot be called a proper regime. A system of experience based on democratic rule, Socrates could not accept it as a rule.

 Loyal to the law:

Socrates’ investigation did not agree with the democratic regime, but he was not biased to create chaos by opposing the law. He has been extremely cruel to civil service for the rest of his life, not only because he knew the death penalty by the nine courts, but he was convinced that he should oppose it. He did not say that he did not want to oppose him the law has not allowed the policy of disobeying the law.

Application of ethics science:

Socrates is not a special authority in terms of health, but it can be said that the originator of Socrates policy science was the key to discovering her knowledge. The reality is that immaterial wealth is the invaluable asset of human life.

Her moral knowledge is the knowledge of mathematical disciplines under all other moral knowledge, not much as Socrates Given importance is more important than that Socrates was the policy on ethical knowledge .


Socrates’ philosophy was limited in the field of ethical life, but he believed in the existence of the country of knowledge in nature. He believed that intelligent purpose is to create such a concrete way to achieve the fulfillment of the objectives of the various purposes of the world by gathering together for the purpose and the purpose of consolidation. Men’s because he acknowledged the achievement, Socrates was called the creator of objective explanations of world interpretation.

Ideal of human knowledge:

The ideal form of the Prophets was that Socrates was aware of the fact that Socrates Plato and desperate laughing out of writing did not have any patience and courage in her contemporary society, she was cold-tempered and hunger-thirsty,

and she had chosen to live the life of jealousy. In the power the programmed journalist was fortunate enough to lead a life after the death of unbelief Scholars donated the procession and new perspectives to enrich the philosophy of the new perspective.

 The immortality of the soul:

Socrates believed in a kind of birth and believed in the birth of a Socrates about the immortality of the soul. The soul of the soul was released from the soul after the destruction of the mortal body. The soul of the body is directly aware of the real knowledge, the real knowledge can be eternally eternal.

To get knowledge, get rid of the body There is no hope of getting pure knowledge for as long as the body is present, but in this life of death, we can practice daily death for a short period of time, but the world of eternal truth can do all this and thus can achieve immortality without body free.


Socrates had a custom of his belief that his creed was more influenced by the old miracles of religion. 17 The tendency of spirituality to religion can be seen, that he heard a new voice for himself, and that is why he often used to meditate and wanted to establish a new god of Socrates against it.

Besides, he was accused of atheism, Socrates’ creed and unexpected hunger growth and terrible realism and undecided criticism of contemporary local society could not cover the trend.

Father of the nation’s philosophy of technology is a special place in the house 24 it means that those who teach the best and the wise professional teacher in the knowledge-of-speech teach the technique of being a good politician. A3 80 Rack Socrates’ thoughts and problems as a mechanical method say It was mainly because the human problem was discussed in the context of morality and these human problems, Socrates did not think of wisdom as the source of knowledge to establish wisdom.

 Finally, the foundation of state philosophy is based on the foundations of the history of the state. It is a bright star in development.

He is still immortal for him. Two and a half thousand years after his death, he is one of the greatest philosophers of the world, known as one of the greatest philosophers and teachers of his philosophy.

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