Socrates Theory of Knowledge | Conception of Knowledge and the Priority of Definition

Socrates Theory of Knowledge:

The foundation of Socrates’ philosophy is that it has occupied a special place in the history of enlightenment philosophy that all virtues and ethics originate from knowledge; ignorance is born of all kinds of ill-fame and prejudice. According to him, a person deliberately does not do evil; hence the main reason for ignorance is to acquire knowledge should be the main goal of a person’s life, the Socrates on Knowledge.

The realization of the virtue of Socrates is that it can be called the basis of Socrates’ philosophy. It can be called a good temple in culture. Knowledge is a wise one who understands what is wrong, and it becomes wiser. Good knowledge on Tuesday is the person’s virtues. The pursuit of achievement and implementation is to show the right path to the wise person.

Socrates divides knowledge into two parts Real knowledge is lost Real knowledge is temporary or variable but actual knowledge is permanent unchanging. This kind of virtue or Tuesday evolved on the basis of real knowledge.

It has become a permanent form, after that it takes a new shape and on the other, real knowledge The virtue that has been developed on the basis is permanent If there is no change in the change of the state, then there is no real change in the real knowledge.

It can be said that the uncertainty of all kinds of ill-conceived knowledge is not derived from ignorance, which cannot have the right knowledge. In reality, the nature of the real state of real knowledge is the nature of the human being.

Philosophical philosophers of the ideal state of Sleet have been formed on the basis of the ideology of Socrates of the entire political thought of the philosopher Plato, that the information that has been circulated is based on the Socrates’ policy and ideology, and has been attempting to try Socrates

Socrates believes that the overall knowledge of the best or the true knowledge is the generality of the quality of the people of any race or class like him, the total answer is the scientific, the real or correct knowledge of the object can be identified by the knowledge of the object, and the total wisdom And the source of proper knowledge is, in fact, the knowledge and wisdom of Socrates one and the same.

Socrates’ philosophy was able to attract a large number of people through the science of knowledge, especially in the youth of that country, he was attracted to philosophy by teaching them, and Socrates enjoyed enough to teach them, and they loved Socrates very much. Recounting Socrates considered being the most prudent, but Socrates himself did not claim to be wise.

I’m not wise in languages Mindfulness only Socrates made a special comment about her, thus the nature of Socrates went so beautifully to the OC and her heart was clear that whatever she had ordered was not in any way without following the instructions of her heavenly messenger.

Moral Education:

The knowledge of moral or ethics of human beings originated from knowledge, due to the absence of knowledge, and the real idea of ​​being wrong, the wise and wise person will not work in the past, every person will have good wishes, but there is no correct idea about the good people, because people are suffering from Socrates In order to teach knowledge, full education can be one and the full.

The idea of ​​the soul:

The greatest wealth of man is the mind or the spirit, all the qualities of honesty or product originated from the soul, so the spirit of the soul cannot attain knowledge and morality, and with the creator of Socrates, it is said that spirit cannot be seen as the body of the soul and the horror of the body.

The body is controlled by the soul because the core of all the rationality or the center is ethical behavior Socrates controls the soul’s spirit; Socrates goes to see the differences in the body and mind. It is the relationship between us whether this thing should be done with her.

It is a relationship with the soul. The care of the soul is good. Its care or service spirit is the man Socrates believes that the body is arranged but the soul there is no arrangement of spirit, invisible feeling and non-being.

The soul is at the bottom of the true financial knowledge of the person who is deeply rooted in the fundamental financial knowledge of the individual and the society, the power of the intellectualized moral person is expressed, peace can be rested.

Socrates has presented the spirit in religious reverence. Socrates’ policy seems to supplement the religious rule in many areas. Socrates did not establish any new religion or reformed the Greek religion.

The sophists’ mouse was different in the then society, she wrote a prayer to God for the devotion and family welfare of the world. He used to believe that God is omniscient and I He believed that the purpose of the existence of the secret nature of Malayalam purposes is common in the universe on the basis of general knowledge and wisdom of Socrates believed in the existence of God.

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