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ST Augustine Justice:

Medieval Christian pastors believe that the state government is the result of the crime exemplary, in the presence of the crime, by the state or by the proper evidence of the government, when Adam Haw lives in heaven, then there was no sin there, because there was no need of the government in the sense that after the entry of this world,

Whenever there is a need to establish state government control ST Augustine or pastors, and he supported the reasoning of the crime and the government’s ability to apply for admission to evil were inevitable.

ST Augustine thinks that the government is not bad; the creation of the state from the bad evil tendencies of the people should be the reason why the President should show man’s loyalty.

In his mind, the Roman Empire is not included in the classical Christ empire of heaven, they are born. In this case, the question arises in this case why allegiance to all human beings Publish answers Agustin said that these countries

Agustin’s Leadership:

The first thinker of Greek philosopher Plato has discussed the basic information about justice. He has divided human history into two categories. Candidates of Heaven are full of selfishness and jealousy of the world, because of which state is temporarily cursed, and the country is forced to live forever. There will be a universal RAW.

Augustine’s theory of justice theory:

He also stated that August is not the only Christians can be effective in trial.The Internet Justice on August announced that when institutions of any organization comply with their own use, they are aware of the duties imposed by the organization that is governed by the institution, then justice has been established only because the institution is a part of the organization of the height of establishment of justice. Either it is not Justice cannot be judged but will be relative justice.

For example, a family can be considered as a part of the largest society and it can be considered that a family member maintains consistency with the family system and regulates his life and is aware of the duties imposed by that family,

it is said that the justice of the family has been established, but family society and civil society The family’s responsibility towards the system is to cut If the family does not do it then justice has not been established in that society and the members of the family who indirectly have not received the justice of the society,

in the same way that in the society in which the state is part of the higher society, the same applies. In fact, in August the highest universal The President is going to be the ultimate judge of justice in the context of any other society Not only about making the august nations also expressed their allegiance to the victim’s misrule does not apply.

Augustine’s theory of the theory:


After reviewing the information in Progestin, the existence of the institution became clear from the pratishthan miniature system, spreading to the greatest stage, such as the largest state in the nation from the family and the state of universal waste, he believes that justice is established in the society, Justice is not established

The era of stone eradication:

August defied the worldly state of the Internet and said that no social policy can be introduced by any state of the country. He said that this unjustified state would be comparable with the robbery, a special aspect of Augustine leaders, in which justice of the state was established and only when The different categories of the state and the Thudding believe the world with him In their lives, they fulfill their duties and publish a complete book for the state system.

State shelter:

According to him, the situation has gradually been given for the interpretation of the leadership, but according to him, the state is not the single largest state of the world, under his control and under the control of the world, he has developed a desire for universal discipline family city, he said that in the case of dialogue, citizens are more loyal than the vice president of the world.

Augustine night has considered the universal community as a job of entering the kingdom of heaven among them. He also said that if any anti-religion policy is adopted by the state, it will be a policy of anti-righteousness that can only be transformed into a state that according to the state’s interest.

Loyal to the Creator:

The Army’s best internet publication has expressed loyalty to the Creator, according to him, that the state of justice can be established only by the people of the state acknowledging superiority according to the instructions of the Christian Chary. He also states that there is justice in place; there peace prevails naturally, thus by fighting the Creator, Explain the principle of universal justice Edna.

Protect the property:

The President of the army must remain loyal to the people because the state peace and order is essential for the protection of the property, he protects the personal property, but he also said that no one should save anything beyond the necessity, but the extra should be distributed among the people as described as a kind of property.

Criticism of the theory:

Augustine Data has some criticisms that are discussed below:

The narrow army best internet has completely disregarded some of the things which are said to be the faultless errors of the institutional criticism from Australia to information in the organization. In this way, he has largely been confined to the organization,

Kaplan Biwa’s of August is evil, and he has established universal state justice. The difference is waiting for the state By contrast, it cannot be a universal real state or a state, and it is not possible to do the reality, because there is no evidence or document in the history of August.

Regardless of the above criticism, it is said that the policy philosophy of the regular program is not one of the fundamental characteristics of the state. The basis of the principle of the principle of protection of the lives of everyone is the dignity of everyone. According to the provision of punishment for each offense included in the army, it is important to include in the state philosophy that it was important that he tried to establish the justice of the state.

Comparison of Plato like Agustin:

Plato does not have much difference in the number of judgments in August, because Plato said that elections in the ideal world were established when the state expressed its loyalty to the state system by keeping its duties in line with their different responsibilities in the life of the President, and the philosopher Plato From her In the case of Nanas,

there was a great difference in the fact that the state’s highest organization, on the other hand, cannot be established in the grassroots state of the world war and the absolute justice of an independent state or any other state, or it seems that any dispute between the state of the world is in conflict The public and the United States The best seems to be more loyal to the president.

In the context of the above discussion, Datta was able to play an important role in the politics of the state. Train’s direct result is to write the difference between the religious lives of the candidate of the human life, which is not complete successfully from one another, but the data of the medieval religion-based state was sufficiently adequate.

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