ST Augustine peace and Plenty- inn ST Augustine – Peace and Plenty Inn Pet Policy

ST Augustine peace and Plenty- inn ST Augustine:

August, among the information provided by the state of affairs, peace is a very important information that has emerged in the context of Greek-Roman and civilization and civilization as a message of peace for the world’s people. In this context, the professor has said that he must be famous for justice. Are there.

Agustin’s idea about peace:

In our state it is generally found in the general sense of peace in the society. The conventional idea of ​​peace is the conventional concept of peace, giving it a negative conjecture. He points out that as opposed to the war; peace is possible without the partner of Milan.

Many more disagreements about peace policy made true justice Maratha is possible only in the world, true peace is not possible without the nation. The establishment of world peace is established in one of the most natural forms of world power. World peace actually refers to world peace in relation to Santa installment, no state peace was established in the pre-Christian era, but this does not mean that these states Aug. Radical has been keeping the peace is over.

In the famous history of Plato, one of the pioneers of the Greek state industry, says that the main objective of the person cannot be the real statesman of the war, and in the context of a lawmaker who does not have the lacuna of the war, he does not have the peace of war.

Plate again says that if all the states of the world become a full-fledged state It does not matter that Plato’s peace policy with Agustin Difficulty to take peace is enough, because there is no conflict between the people of different countries, peace is on the other side, peace is on the other side, it is the peace of peace and peace of all members, the Chief Justice of all the policies are motivated by the principle of love.

Augustine’s Peace Theory:

Peace Policy and Peace Information Criticism the importance of the army position has been attributed to them as follows:

Christianity and Agnostic’s Peace Policy:

The role of Christian religion in establishing peace refers to the fact that before the introduction of Christianity, the state religion has not been able to establish peace and peace in their own areas. If they cannot establish peace, they will not be able to establish peace. Only then is the introduction of Christian religion.

 Universal peace:

Information about the state of all the people of the state to ensure a uniform and dignified people to love each other through love, world peace was established.

The fundamental basis of peace theory in Pakistan is different from the 26 love that Tobago Augustine said about the world peace, he said that the people of the system are actively united for acting in seventy years, that the global peace of August is not a relation of their absence.

Criticism of military Augustine peace theory The President of the United States supported his state According to him, it is not possible to establish true peace without the state of the ruling. Candidates who exist in the state of secular state are not the only regional peace world peace, because of the natural stone, world peace cannot be established in the candidate’s state because self-interest Important He thinks that the true justice cannot be possible without world suffering but it is possible to establish true peace.

Respect for the charge:

Sent has established his peace policy with respect to the Augustine, 4g is the representative of the kingdom of heaven, if people obey him to follow the moon, then the world’s peace will be established if he fulfills the command of the moon. Peace and order discipline Kerr played properly follow the religion of peace and order in the state can be brought to bear.

Criticism of peace theory:

Justin did not give importance to his peace treaty, according to Augustine’s thought 89 Justin did not give importance to his peace treaty. He believes that the peace of the candidate is not possible, the peace of the candidate is prevailing in the world, not the world’s peace, it is a natural feature of his peace theory, In search of peace but in nature Apart from this, he did not think that the state could be established

He said that Shanty Data is very important in history because Christianity is now not known about the establishment of the world-wide world peace. People said that the United States spoke of the establishment of the world peace for its peace information. It is not possible to imagine the existence of the state in its entirety.


He said the same God love to establish his peace policy, but realistic love of God is not possible, so that this information can be said in terms of detailed discussion that it is observed peacefully, but in spite of determining peace of the state, this information is an invaluable resource, in contrast to the principle of this negative conception I basically said that he wanted to complain.

Augustine’s Slavery:

The earliest idea about slavery in the history of state Chitin is the famous editor of Political Science, which later gave the impression of Seven Augustine,

but the opinion that gives it similar to the doctrine of other Christian clerics, but he calls this slogan reasonable, though the President has been called worthy With him His dispute has become clear because in the meantime it is naturally superior to the other, on the other hand, in August 23, it feels equally favorable to all people equal to 23 bodies.

Augustan supported the slavery and justified that in the context of the fall of the people of the state, many people have said many things in this context that the unstable audience criticized that although it would have been possible to think of Desha more then maybe they could support this doctrine But it cannot be done anytime, but their personal sins The bond of bondage is bound to be fulfilled, and the sin that he mentions is the collective sin of all the people involved in Adam’s first.

Adar is not justified because slavery is the memorial of the first person’s sin, then the entire humanity should become slaves.

Augustine property concept:

Sent shows Augustine involvement in property, is not as obscure as the doctrine of his ancient Christian pastors, because his doctrine is very clear, he thinks how much money should be possessed by a person. Sienna Cochin says that God created all the property of the world for human consumption, To meet the shortfall, they have the necessary resources for these things.

The Augustine disliked, like other religions, about unlimited and unnecessary, but he was against the so-called equality principle of the Christian saints on the planet and supported the purchase of private property. Austin further said that the main responsibility for the maintenance of property of the people would be the state or the government.

Agustin’s state:

Augustine’s Christianity is a responsibility of the people of the people to believe in the implementation of the ideal body of the nursery n1 policy and to cooperate it, according to the responsibility of the state, the activities should be conducted and controlled according to its objective. Do not maintain the group

According to Agustin, according to the philosophical state, the supreme organization was not the existence of any organization, but according to Augustine, the objective of the state organization should be consistent with the provisions of the Sheridan devoted to the work.

It is clear from the fact that the state government is more than a Christian church because he expresses the position that the President has a good relationship with, but it is good for the state and it is good that the army casting gives more power to the church with its state of medieval state. To be operated On the basis of these opinions make sure to establish a strong position to become the details is discussed below.

Universal Christian society:

Analysis of the fall of the Roman Empire, a paragraph complains that Christianity was destroyed in the room. The presence of army during this time, as a fanatic Christian, tried to convince the people of his city of gold that the room for Christ’s religion did not collapse. The breakdown of the rule of the true religion had fallen.

It is the way to liberate the church. It is the way to liberate the church; it is possible to release human beings, and because of this, he seeks to strengthen the purchaser who calls the military charge as the symbol of the kingdom of heaven,

the only hope for the kingdom of heaven is the eternal hope, it is the eternal Christian 4. Therefore, returning to fate, he has attracted people to the eternal kingdom and found salvation when he believed that the history of human existence.

A there exists a shame that the state of the heavens is another of the earthly kingdom of heaven body and God is loyal to its properties, but the candidate of the Earth or the selfish assurance envy rich because the candidate state forever cursed the heavens blessed, where the worst 4k organization says the government to enter the church These are the worst of the state to which it will be possible motivators than the presidents of Austin.

Peace ethics:

Location said that the state will be based on the state of justice can be paid to those who do not believe in God, who do not believe in God, they keep themselves away from God and give God what they deserve,

so they have only believed in God except the present The ultimate maximum justice is one month It is clear from the state of the state that the conflict between the world and the state should be confined, but the citizens should think that it is better than the loyal to the state of the state, more than the loyal to the candidate, the army has said that before the introduction of Christianity, Unable to establish Shane.

Church best in religious matters:

Agustin clearly states that the state authorities do not have any right to interfere in religious matters, if the state intervenes at any time, the citizens should not admit to it, in religious matters, advice the President to make them strong, that the most important goal is to gain the blessings of the Kingdom of Mercy.

It is only by observing the sacred ceremonies of the church May be able to be able to get it possible, except Deign and formalities, except for the specially merciful ones, the member of the Church of the Church in heaven is one and the Vice-President of the same church, despite his closest real establishment, the church is not just a part of the kingdom of heaven, so the church is primarily engaged in the street Because of this, the party to strengthen the army The loss.

The highest peasant in the church:

He has put too much criticism of the many religions of Christendom or the role of the church, which he has put in a very high position. Austen has not considered any other subject matter as a genuine interest, therefore he thinks that he has given up the liberation over political social economic interests.

without any other organization It is not possible to be released, so according to this, all the church places in the society On Augustan’s thought section is an important aspect that he did not regard the church as a well-organized organization. It is not only this institution but also the strong belief that powerful Christianity is meeting the social status of all the social people.

The church can release a social union or the people of 1971, the people can enjoy happiness after being released from them. The role of church in the most sought after shoulder is important.

It can be one of the states to maintain close relations with the sadder, said the church can criticize the state for administration. And state affairs for good governance Later, however, to praise those abroad maintain peace and order in the state Kampala realistically for the state is a blessing.

Finally, it is said that the main goal of the political thought of the army position was to have everything centered on church cultivation.

The purpose of the position to strengthen Giza and to give him the power to stand on forever was the Ambassador, which in turn helped him strengthen his hand during the conflict, and he played a role in the formation of a happy terrorist state, it is still memorable to Christian religious people.

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