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ST  Thomas Aquinas Quotes:

Some of the few who have been remembered for their contributions in medieval times are Thomas Aquinas, who was a great talent, he was a unique talent, while the medieval religious beliefs of the state philosophy were delighted, but he found himself to be a creative philosopher. He was able to provide a scientific explanation on matters pertaining to law and justice, and in the second half of the medieval period, he was the best person among the scholars to play.

Biography of Aquinas:

St. Thomas Aquinas, 527, was born in Rockiness, on the outskirts of Syphilis Campanile State, where he spent his childhood in a distribution family, and sent his parents to the high school under the dance two brothers, who sent him to the age of five years and sent him so that he could acquire the right knowledge. There he stayed for 12 years after the antic collapsed; he landed in Nepalese seminar during his stay there,

And he gave great memory to the depth of his knowledge that he had the power to realize the complexity of his life. There was no lack of full respect for his chances, but he never realized that he gave up the counting title voluntarily, at the age of 19. Jain joined the group of priestly monks against the wishes of their parents the team name was Dominican Gogh.

Teachers of various universities then Thomas still devoted himself to teaching professions; he went to Paris in the year 52, for the purpose of contributing in North Philosophy, contributing to the creation of the same Nasser scholarship.

To bring the success of his life to the top of success, the colony was sent as a student to the famous philosopher great, as well as not being there, he went along with Albert in the course of time, and soon after receiving the disciple of Albert, he learned the disciple.

He spent the rest of his time in Paris, practicing knowledge till the last moment of his life. From deep to heart, the deep affection for dance and philosophy was particularly energetic to all the scholars of the medieval period. His knowledge gained huge popularity across the world for the expansion of rain.

In addition to the university teachers appointed Lane he stayed for some time attended the event held there. The critics have compared the encyclopedia, at the age of 47; he got close relations with many relationships. He threw deep insight saw observation of events and helped to achieve fame as a teacher, finally he aimed at creating a common teaching Nap rosy left the Paris on the way but at the age of 47, in Naples Lines at the end of 1947, died on the way.

Written by Aquinas:

Some of the writings of St. Martin draw attention to everyone, in his short life, in which he wrote about 70 books in small and large books, he can be classified as part of his writings, related to rhetoric, related to the subject of politics, one of the topics related to pollution is commentary. Among the most notable of both his writings in his lifetime.

 The summat theological:

The great creation of St. Martin is considered to be one of the greatest scriptures of the medieval period, and this part is completed in 20 volumes. The number of preparations for the minimum is 10 laths in this book.

The vast Aquinas have published his detailed theories of the theory that Plato’s ideas were made by the father of political science, Aristotle’s state law, Roman law system and the Christian Bible Coreligionist He has tried to make an excellent combination, now he has discussed the law as well as the government and the government system, as well as the 15 pundits have discussed in detail about the ultimate fate of peace.

In this book, he has published the complete doctrine yet, he has written about the rule of the unfinished king about Aristotle. In this book, some questions have been formulated in the form of a question that any notable thing has been started. Each formula has been completed in the form of the question because the number of milk is questioned about him. It has given quotation from a book and it has been proved Says the proper answers to all objections have been raised about.


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