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Procedures for public administration:

The method is a method of study by which content is determined and analyzed. {Each social science has its own methods of learning. Laik administration social science.

Included. So there are several methods followed in its study of social science. These methods are very important to know and understand the nature, purpose and nature of the administrative nature. In general, the methods that are studied in the Leak Administration study are discussed below:

Historical method:

Historical method occupies a prominent place in the Laik Administration search system. In the first half of the twentieth century, the people of the administration have not given much importance to the historical method.

However,In recent times, the use of historical methods has increased manifold in administration. According to this method, after knowing the history of origin, growth and progress of the administrative institution from the beginning to the present era, its present form gives the sense of appreciation.

It is not possible to understand the present nature of the organization if it was not known whether the birth of these institutions took place in some special circumstances or their special progress was made in any socio-economic situation. Of course, knowing the past depends on the understanding of the organization. Yet the knowledge that the past knowledge of different aspects of the organization is very important.

In the historic survey, the federal administration of the United States described the actual condition of the underground. Recently, the prominent administrators of Europ and American administrators used to convey a lot of relevance to historic events to solve various problems in the field.

Not only that they Through a variety of biographical and autobiographical texts, they have been trying to cast their eyes in the administrative organization. These books help in making theory of administrative development very much.

Scientific management system 4th is another important method of administering the scientific management system. This method has emerged from the scientific management movement. According to the scientific management system, the administration of the law

In addition to other social sciences, in the administration of the administration, the collection of data through data, classification of data and the careful evaluation of the projects were used. Scientific

Due to the efforts of managing the management work, the development of skills in organizing management, management, and income generation. Administration functions are separated from politics and mechanical regulations are strictly used in the field of investigation. At present, accounting and accounting etc. are determined and controlled based on scientific principles.

Experimental method:

In the Leak Administration study, experimental methods are being widely used. Each administrative organization and resources can be considered as a laboratory. In this laboratory, the new norms for introducing the principles of various social, political, economic, cultural and religious reform laws.

The implementation of the strategy was adopted. In order to build a developed and prosperous life, policies were introduced almost experimental at the time. Thus, in a country, a particular social Economic system and monetary or socialism can be established experimentally.

Legal method:

According to legal or law based procedures The Law administration is compared to one type of legal institution or person. In the countries which have long been the tradition of administrative law, the practice of studying the legal aspect of the administration in many countries (for example, France, Belgium, Germany etc.) is widely prevalent.

Administrative laws in all the countries is an important part of state law. In part and organizations and activities of government authorities, their relationship between them, their power and responsibilities etc. are assumed to be of the administrative law. So Since the administration is considered as part of administrative law. And since then the administration was educated from the legal perspective.

Due to the development of administrative laws and administrative tribunals in Great Britain and the United States, many thinkers in those countries have been interested in studying these tribunals and their administrative procedures. In this way many people take legal steps. Become a supporter of the practice of the administration. Wherever the government will take the welfare measures for the public, the administrative law and the judiciary will be established as much.

As a result, the desire to learn more about legal procedures will be clearly visible in order to study this aspect of administration. As the administration ignores the social framework of the legal framework of the country.

DESCRIPTION AND ORGANIZATIONAL METHOD 4 Expertise and organizational procedures are the most old in the administration to study and it is followed by most authors. In fact, the Political scientist. Starting from the scientific expertise of the expertise of the management, different types of educated people studied the lecture by this method.

Followers of this practice method regard the work of administrators as non-political or technical. According to them, administrative work only means to implement the will of the state authorities in a neutral manner. In this way, they are all sincere in trying to unravel the principles of administration.

This practice method is also called traditional method. Followers of this practice method adopted an experience based and practical approach in the initial stage. Their only goal was to present the description of such real information, no theory was formed. That is the main objective of this process to review the real situation of the administration. So this method is basically rational and realistic.

Political-based methods:

Due to the 60s of the 20th century, there has been a change in descriptive and institutional practice. Though the descriptive and institutional aspect of the practice method still exists, it is still more focused on the traditional or ideological aspects of the administration. Being and the administration is considered to be an element of political theory and conventional political value. The administration can be studied separately from its social and political background – like Rejected by followers of the political method.

In modern times, this argument has been strongly expounded that the good governance is in no way There is no substitute for autonomy and therefore there will be no restriction of good governance with the necessary conditions for autonomy; Therefore, problems related to organization, management, etc. should be exercised in the background of democratic ideals and goals and by this way these problems are the same. The solution needs to be found out.

Case study method:

In case of law, case study ‘or event study method is basically a historical study system. In this Case Study method, the American author’s special contribution in the administration practice process.

The reasons for the decision are described and the evaluation of the decision of the outcome of the outcome. According to this procedure, the study of any decision or problem of any particular question or problem for the purpose of exploring history-solove is based on the administrative decision.

The goal of such a method is to learn about any material or cause-political heck and economic affect, make an individual, or make an impact on the decision of the hacker-administrator, and learn about the process of decision-making or policy-making.

Research on the help of related documents, interviewing the concerned officers and taking help from other sources – the study of the Law was done according to the case study system. In different countries, National Institute of Loss Administration studied the administration of their respective countries in accordance with this method, and published such studies in the form of a book booklet.

Provide necessary information to the study person and the official file related to it. The case study depends on the prevalent chances of the practice process, as administrators are more willing to cooperate with him to allow recordings. Where administrators are unwilling to do this kind of work, it is not possible to apply this method.

Structural method:

One of the other methods of leek administration lessons. Structural system describes the administrative structure of the government agency. However, this method is not problem-free; There are two main faults in this. First of all, do not lick .. Apart from the administration’s workplace or environment, it is not possible to have an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadministrative clusters. Secondly, this method is not complete or complete. Because the human elements are properly accepted in it

Behavioral methods:

The use of behavioral methods is rapidly increasing in the administration of the lecture administration.

This process takes care of various activities and behavior of the people in the administrative organization. The main goal of this method is to reach out to ordinary sources by reviewing individual behavior in the organization.

Every person has a dual role in the organization. A role is observed in the organization, and the other is celebrated outside the organization. The first can be called organizational role and the second is a social role.

The person can not be indifferent because of this vomiting. How the administrative organization works, what is the tendency of a person to be aware of the usual tendency to be aware of behavioral procedures, and we can learn about the general principles of administration.

Laiko presented a strong speech against all the Sabayki methods used in the administration. According to him, in the organization, in the organization. Human behavior: The main theme of governance is the administration of human rights and the various activities of the organization. He also thinks that decision is the most important task of the administration.

Regardless of the question of administrative science, the importance of administrative decisions can be taken in the light of the fact. According to him, one of the characteristics of the behavioral system is its universality and its purpose is to reciprocate the interrelation between the individual and the administrative organization.

Comparative method and comparative method Historical methods can be considered complementary. In the political sciences, such comparisons are used in observing political events, as is the use of this method in administration too. According to this method, some of the current administrative institutions can be reached by observing relatively simple sources.

He compares to the 158 governance of different countries, and finally reached a general source, and the source of this revolution is related to the cause of the revolution. He came to the conclusion that a common cause of revolution is the widespread social and economic inequality.

At the end of the aforementioned approach, it can be said that in the aforesaid procedures of the Law. There is a difference between what is the right procedure. In fact, no one method is self-contained. However, for the study of the Law administration, there are several methods to help in achieving the goal firsthand. There is no way to specify them. Depending on them entirely on administrative culture,

The importance of study of Laik’s administration is very high. At present, the Laik administration has been established as an equal .. Science or Scripture. So the importance of the administration of the education system as the sending of the various educational institutions is increasing rapidly.

In the Western countries, the issue of administration is being recognized as a subject in the university. Not all of the developing countries of Bangladesh are lagging behind in this regard. It is, therefore, unquestionable that the inclusion of administration of education as a matter of study or study of education in different educational institutions of the country, which will bring good fortune to the youth of the country.

There is a wide conception about some of the basic principles established on the scientific investigation methodology for the study of the Law. These principles can be used to manage administrative tasks of modern government and to solve complex and difficult problems in some of them.

By studying the Laik administration, one can develop civil consciousness among the youth, on the other hand, due to its development and other programs in the proper manner. It will be easier for the administrators to participate and appear to be convenient. The study of this scripture will lead to the development of the knowledge, talents and attributes of the modern state government administrators.

Laik will prepare students for the government administration in the future for the study of subjects in the administration. The study of administration of political sciences, economics and other social sciences provides an inclusive and conceptualization about the organization and management of the state. Enabling them to work with efficiency and efficiency in the future administrators or other state posts.

By studying the Law administration, many administrative problems and situations of modern government can be studied deep and thoroughly. This can eradicate the various errata and methods and techniques of these Errata fixes,

Due to the study of this scripture, the development of administrative spirit among the citizens of the state. Will happen. As a result citizens will become aware of various faults and realize the preoccupation of many tasks of the government with their respective role of intelligence and neutrality. Be motivated to perform. To be taught to observe. Citizens are effectively exercising their rights and duties.

Individuals studying in government administrations and students in the University of Liech must be more involved in co-ordination and co-ordination. As a result, both sides are extremely Will be benefited. As a result, it will be necessary to play an important role in the ideological and practical aspects of the problem.

This administration is no more important than time. I think that the administration of the civilized government and civil society till the civilization, depending on the functioning of society, depends on our ability to develop science, philosophy and behavior.

The importance of studying the Law of the Bible in Bangladesh:

In the developing world, the importance of studying the administration of science is immense. However, the study of the leak administration in Bangladesh remains still in the initial stage. Lecturer administration has not yet received recognition in all educational institutions of the country.

The study is limited to the university of the prison. Tale’s popularity has become more popular in the Laik administration. Must; And because of that, it is not limited to theoretical knowledge, but more work to do. And to be practical.

As a result, today’s young people are not limited to only theoretical knowledge, but they get the right knowledge about hand-to-hand and practical governance. Be able to establish themselves as an appropriate administrator. With the help of the education of the lecture, the combination of administrative theory and practical knowledge can be adjusted.

Administration skills can be achieved through non-stop training. Administrator for professional, economist, social, industrial and employee related and professional in the field of current affairs.

At present, the University is an important one in respect of various social duties. The role has been revealed. The main objectives of the present-day Universities are to develop the potential of the citizens in order to develop the latent potential of the people.

In the context of the loss of society, the university’s judicial existence can be judged by how effective or effective the education of the University is. If the projects of implementation of these objectives are accepted by the universities, then in the context of different knowledge of Bangladesh, the education department needs to be reconstituted in the standard of demand and need of society.

In the advanced and development state colleges and universities as a text issue, the administration has been recognized as an attractive and mandatory issue. As a result, the study of the law concerning the administration of the University of Dhaka is comparatively nearer than the other countries of the world, but its magnitude has increased greatly.

A separate faculty has been set up for teaching these texts in other universities including Dhaka and Chittagong University. Rajshahi University Law Officer M. At the The last year has been spent. But hopefully. It is possible that in the near future, the lecture administration of this university will get the status of a separate faculty.


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