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Thomas Aquinas Contribution:

St. Thomas Aquinas’s contribution to state thought is very important, it is not only in medieval times that the state of the present day has deeply influenced it.

Coordination of Christianity with ancient era:

St. Thomas Aquinas wrote a number of books, in which he is summarized in his book: The essence of the ancient era, especially with the meditation of Plaster, the Roman law is an attempt to combine the best combination of Christian religion. It is found every year in his texts, in the form of the correct implementation of the theory of fundamentalism,

the fundamental philosophical rival Thomas has said that people have different termagant shows The mid-philosophy of those divided in the highest position is because it is a subject where the subject was discussed in a subject but now it is a step forward that says that philosophy is the branch of knowledge, then the apostolic Aristotle was Unicode why the ultimate findings are not enough,

but believe that Scenes To celebrate the natural world, have knowledge of theology Ramayana people protested through the sense of the divine message and its smooth implementation dharma-tantra What time is of the natural sciences and philosophy 4 dharma tantra reached the door of her success to gold.

The role of the state:

Aquinas believes that social welfare is essential for a beautiful and simple life and livelihood, social welfare is essential and its main responsibility is to ensure that the working environment of the President can be ensured for all the vitalizes of the state. As a result of the positive role of the state and four cooperation, citizen life is disciplined Forced Aquinas follow the path of the origin of the state,

but in the last stage, it is done by the message of Christ, he said that the origin of a natural body is the origin of human beings, the state has created the state for social welfare, this world can meet as much as the cause of the state, but For the life of the soul and the development of progress.

Tactical candidate has given the universal presidential identities, but the same Onassis has given space in the state to form universal society whose sketch arts is not representative of the state, but it is a supporter of state supplement.

Government classification:

An important principle of Aquinas is to follow the footsteps of the government in the category of government; Democracy is the best government in the restaurant. He believes there is reasonably to state the monarchy of special circumstances because he now supports the monarchy due to the beliefs of religion.

Come on one day dancing enslaved slavery believes that slavery is quite normal but he also said that the soldiers will become enslaved even if the war is defeated, but it is better to die in war with the soldier’s courage than to be bound by the discipline of slavery,

if the state has to improve his citizens morally and If you want to help profit for the purpose of life, only then According to the law, the power of the state is to be used or applied. Act is essentially the manifestation of energy.

Final causality theory:

St. Thomas Aquinas said that the world is not natural. The human society is following a set of rules. Under the rules, the lower class will obey higher orders. Control the upper class lower class. The worldly happiness can only satisfy the world, but the soul needs salvation. Not out Supporters of color in relation to the state charges could be free to determine the effects of single-Medieval Thought.

Okayed Ruler:

Now people have faith in religion and people believe in him and he has given a state power to the ruler.

He commands the people to be responsible for the welfare of the ruling state, but he has placed the public for the sake of the people. Can take away the key in the house and the nature He also said that to achieve the goal of a human being is the salvation of souls pure bliss.

Aquinas founded the proposal of Christianize as the foundation of Christian thought, but he criticized many criticisms that he could not rise above religions and jockeys and religious fanatics, every conceivable idea of ​​his orthodoxy was expressed, but none of his actions knew the three ancient Aristotle of modern Europe. He brought a mixture of Aristotle’s philosophy into Augusts’ ideal

Evidence of Equines State views:

Religious throughout the continent of Europe throughout the entire continent was present in a philosophy Literary Science Politics Economics Ethics Everything was controlled by religious thought consciousness; All these religions introduced radical ideas rather than the philosophical religions, and then introduced the new horizons of the political thinking of that era, called Thomas Aquinas Especially important during the toss Europe was the ultimate ruler of the spiritual world, with the expansion of philosophy of knowledge,

it was demonstrated in 34 of Europe, and was influenced by the philosophical philosophy of the great philosopher Aristotle of this time, especially in medieval Europe, Greek philosopher Aristotle of Europe, especially with 1017 rationalistic philosophies.

World Coordination in accordance with the principles of Aquinas and Greek philosophy, the beliefs of Christianity, combined with these two elements, began the form of state thought.

The same dance believes that the core of all human knowledge is that it is a kind of unified knowledge which he compares to a pyramid, each has a unique content, but it is not such a special form, because it is a logical method to visit the origins and places of all science.

Which sets the formula for all the principles of science and then on philosophy According to NASA’s theology is based on religious belief retina the full extent of the law?

But that is why theology is not logical, rather it is the argument that religious knowledge is formed by consolidating the argument whether the temple is developed or not. It is the main theme of the drama fish thief philosophy that it is a universal addition to the system of rectification system, whose main purpose is to provide the empire to God.

Natural Suitable enough in the infinite world, such a tainted head constitutes four secondary constraints, creating the whole humanity united.

Aquinas Medieval Aristotle:

Like most political commentators of St. Thomas Aquinas’s son, Saint Thomas Aquinas, like the most successful philosopher in the history of the entire medieval state of the 13th century, he coordinated between the ancient and medieval periods, he coordinated between the worldly and the untimely states.

Proponent St. Thomas Aquinas was a The Aristotle philosophy is rooted in the philosophy to develop the doctrine in order to establish the doctrine of doctrine in order to establish the doctrine of doctrine and to combine Athenian theories was not the best of the medieval thought of medieval thought; therefore, three maps of the medieval world of universal-ism were actually found in some areas of religion philosophy studies of the age, A little advance from supporting the case II expressed his doctrine of the Middle Ages, he is called to the following reasons.

Firstly, Saint Thomas Aquinas was influenced by studio philosophy, echoing his words. He also said that through a social organization, the person will realize in his great life, the state of origin of the state followed by Aristotle, according to the statement that the state is a normal self-sufficient missing organization and its origin is in the origin of its origin. Genuine social life is a standard of life.

Human beings will be inferior to work, it is necessary, but it is necessary for the servant of Kinas, but he is a slave who disciplines the showroom of sin, which is a sinful act of their heresy, because if they are defeated in the war, the bondage of discipline will be tied up. This fear will be the defeat of a warrior who lives in the body T request as long as he remains in the world, but then there will be a heaven.

Aristotle’s city-state is a self-fulfilling organization of the city, but he still does not accept the state as the ideal. He thinks that in the form of the number of city-states, the formation of a largest state is the wife; the state will be more successful in universal welfare to prevent the attack of the enemy.

The difference in Aristotle’s philosophy with theology is that Aristotle, where philosophy has given the highest place, has yet to say that philosophy is not the last of all, but there is another level that is the main weapon of theology is considered to be the absolute goal of faith, but in the last one month, Otherwise it is also at a stage and it is For the release of souls,

the state must remain under the church for salvation, because it can be achieved only through the church, in fact, within a month, the whole human society is composed of two worldly elements and majolica of the material component of the worldly material.

We get from the state of Aristotle only the candidate’s Antarctic but from Aquinas, we follow an overall status of the candidate’s spiritual components, echoing that saying.

He also said that the purpose of this state or society is to lead a good life, People will participate in their own duties It will accomplish the overall welfare of the society by performing various tasks of different classes of society.

Aristotle represents the information related to the State of Aristotle in discussions of St. Thomas Aquinas Train, and based on Ariosto information; he developed a law related to legal laws. He argued that the world has created a world of nature and imagery in the class of nature, where the Almighty God starts from the lowest level of life till 21 Natural rule falls.

It is evident from the discussion that St. Thomas Aquinas did not immediately accept Aristotle’s philosophy, but it made the proposal of the Roman Catholic philosophy rather than a month of medieval period, there is no precedent for any major intellectual fulfillment on Christianity religion. Medieval Europe thought about coordination of faith awake flow of new sectors, and that is why he is called.

Comparative discussion at state-level:

In the history of Christian theology, Senate August insane Thomas Aquinas was the doctrine of the famous movie community, but it was the nightmare of Christian religion that happened with the original religion of Christianity,

which was the worst religion of conviction and love philosophy and rationalism or law. Close but Thomas Aquinas believed in love Grow up their organizational memory and legal frameworks. Prevalent superstition blind faith plays an important role in making the country useful for the welfare of women by eliminating pregnant conditions.

Sen. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas were the heads of state philosophy, but in the context of the prevailing situation, one of the philosophers of Philosophy preferred the philosophy of others, while reviewing both the philosophical states, some of them are directly related to their relationship.

The army ghost in a queen has expressed similar views about the origin of the state. Their idea is that the state was created due to the innate instincts of the people, but the difference between the two is that Austin state has been created to punish the people of the state as a punishment for the actions of the people It seems that the people of the state are born from natural societal instincts The achievement of social welfare of citizens of the state of life.

In August, he thinks that the role of the state is that his citizenship aspect gives way to the peace of life, and in this way the way of living in many ways is one of the reasons why the honesty of humankind, like the novel, can lead a devoted life, to make such social arrangements easier for them. There is no discrepancy between them in the state.

To establish religion and spiritual belief, whether he is giving a power to the hands of a ruler, he said that he should be able to gain the blessings of the people in the life of the human being, as the welfare of the people of the ruling people.

He ordered that the ruler should keep his eyes, and in this case he gave place to the pop empire, on the other hand August 3 Caller as the statesman’s representative As a result, citizens who did not obey his orders is essential for the Tripitaka.

The state has been divided into two parts; the ruler of the kingdom of the state has supported the responsibility of the statesman, and has always been given by the regime.

Based on Aristotle’s concurrence policy, 19 government has classified the monarchy as a good government, but he was in favor of reducing the power of the king, but in August followed by plate, he did not give support to such sorting, pay-tm has identified another religion as the state, The state has not considered justice as a direct result of justice According to the law of the rule of law, the ruler should make the rule effective for all Muslims,

but he could not accept the close relationship of law with divine law. He believed that the world is controlled by God in the world, under the rule of a great rule in all creatures and this He is no more part of the rule of law, he is in combination with Augustine leaders Tie gave a perfect look.

There is no disagreement in support of slavery on August 19, but in August, slavery is the consequence of a crime, on its other side, applicable to its social development, and yet, it is incomplete that the need for a social organization to achieve progress in the face of personal development in a month is justified.

If people have different types of sin ache He supported the privatization of the property recently, as opposed to the usual law, but natural law-abiding privatization made it easy to disrupt Augustan’s notion of property.

It is no exception, he thinks this law has recently been created for the lucky person, but he has decided to make people’s law the boy does not support He is the person who has received the arrow to the property of state-owned property.

The role of the church is an important aspect of Augustine’s thought that he regards the church as a well-established founder. Not only this, this role cannot be neglected by the fact that the genre of the genuinely powerful church is the source of social political and economic power, the argument that the church can only release people.

Reducing the narrow power of the church, the world is talking about the masses, he said that religion should be the control of all things, as well as the importance of social economic and political issues; he has described the church as the center of study of science and science.

In view of the broad discussion, it may be said that there is no fundamental difference between the state religion of the country’s august in Aquinas, but it has grabbed the root of some of the thinkers, but in this case, one has grabbed the root and the other tried to adjust the logic of the science of knowledge with religion, due to the consistency of one and the other.

But the goal was not because they are the time when the eyes of darkness in the eyes of the people of society have been working to remove the darkness; the history of state philosophy has existed in the quality of their talent.

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