Natural Law | Thomas Aquinas Natural Law Aquinas Law Theory

Thomas Aquinas Natural Law Aquinas Law Theory:

What is the most important factor in coordinating medieval religiosity with Greek state philosophy is that through the law theory of Aquinas, he has tried to reform his philosophy, but now he has tried to connect his nature and people through a system, The method is the legislation of its law The concept of law of the country about the law of the country is identified as one of the basis of state views, a special mention of the medieval political philosophy.

Eternal law Aquinas:

Therefore, the acquisition of the Aquinas state of the state has occupied a prominent place in the whole of medieval state principality, in particular, the world’s Greek philosopher Aristotle Roman law of science and the state of China’s state doctrine substantiated the concept of Equines’ law, extending from a substantial to a full-fledged modern era.

Definition of the law:

It has now come to be known as the rule of Bard rule, according to him, the ruler should implement this rule in reality for all the good and good for the welfare, but he could not deny the close relationship of law with divine law, but in defining the definition of the law,

He said that although the revelation of conscience-intellect The law enforcers are responsible for the purpose of destroying the responsibility of the society and the two vices of the law It is observed that the law is a conspicuous blend of conscience-intellect, one of the characteristics of the God-given nature. From this point of view, the law of conscience-intellect, according to Roman religion, is not the conscience-intellect, the expression of absolute power will.

But now Hassan is once conspiring to conscience and the will of the absolute truth, thus the law of the sky has been termed universal as indestructible and natural.

The class of law:

The concept of Aquinas’ law has become even more evident in the category of in that he has divided it into four sections in one of his texts.

  • Hascha Act
  • Natural Law
  • Aishwarya Law
  • Humanitarian law

Eternal law:

The highest law has been given in it; it has been governed by the world 703. This law is eternal and above all, the position of a703 is in fact divine harmonious plan, which is in harmony with the blessings of Allah, through which the entire creation of God has been governed according to the divine plan, it is also ruled by the eternal law.

Natural means and mother overall the quotation of the wisdom of the human beings is not against human beings, but people can participate in greatness with the knowledge of God through its limited knowledge, this divine bakhuda is reflected in people, even though people actually express only the perfection defective.

Natural law:

Natural inherent tendencies of human beings and not the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir natural law is a divine revelation. When the human beings reflect on wisdom, then we can identify them as natural or natural law. This law can be described as a reflection of God’s will in the form of a reflection of the will of God. Naturally, natural laws became evident, and people are naturally better Accepting and abstaining from evil.

protecting yourself and fulfilling life in accordance with the nature of its own nature, means to fulfill the life of this person throughout the year and with the help of natural law, it is possible for people to find the truth in living in society based on improved learning practices. The natural tendency of educating children to be included in natural law.

Aishwarya Law:

The divine or carving law, called the sinus house, is a collection of divine ideas or ideas, which is generally called the shop. This book is generally given through the church as a God-given hope or divine law, but it has been created by the grace of man, but his grace has been drawn through the grace of his ancestors. They send human beings, but they enjoy civil rights and.

Humanitarian law:

The law of natural law and divine law, though sometimes applicable to people’s life, was not fully applied to human life or it did not arise specifically to human nature that the law became ready for human beings, it is called the Aquinas Humanitarian Law, the creator of human law is the People who collectively introduced it through their election representatives.

Humanitarian law the whole masses collectively act as a result of their own well-being and by virtue of their approval, these good wishes are made by law or by the approval of the customs presidents who have been entrusted with the responsibility of the society.

Though there are four types of laws on Vanish seemingly different from each other, in reality, their source loyalty is akin to divine justice, through which the world and then the world is in control, different types of tree laws are different from this, especially in the inhuman act.

Notice that everything that is like heaven is governed by the law. One part of humanitarian law is not divine in this way Feeling that all the creation of the organism and organic inorganic humanitarian inhuman relations, created by the government of Aquinas Act, Article 4 Pagans.

Criticism of law theory:

The law theory of St. Thomas Aquinas is the basis of his state thought. This theory plays an important role in human welfare during the contemporary era, but due to some errata, the information in this report has been criticized in many ways.

The dance breaks the natural law by dividing the natural law into two parts, it has divided the law into four parts, and has left each other to open the way to the attention of critics. He has given the explanation of the natural law in the laws of the natural law; the divine law is acceptable to us. It is either a human law that dominates the natural law.

Finally, we can say that the concept of Aquinas’ theory of law is somewhat criticized, but in reality he has developed a special status of the entire state of his source through a common law theory.

He emphasized the establishment of a law-based government through fair coordination of natural law and humanitarian law that It will be loyal to establish the concept of a legitimate government They got the idea in theory combined with the philosophical ideas into the current period has been extended.

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