Thomas Hobbes Contributions | Thomas Hobbes and His Contribution to the Constitution Essay

Thomas Hobbes Contributions:

The contribution of the modern Shcharansky is undeniable; he has gained fame as an invincible philosopher in the history of political philosophy. He will be remembered in political history. He has done an unfinished figure during the political world war. He mentioned that England first introduced a political philosophy system in the bus which is considered one of the greatest systems in history. Be there.

Scientific method:

The people became afraid of feeling human society, religion and ethics in all things, even the judge scale materialism.

Reasoning ideas:

In the individual part, it was not only realistic, but it was not rationality, and as a result, the state and the government were possible through social policy. In general, he argued that religious ethics generally and in particular the natural law analysis, he believes that births, births and natural laws, and the World Bank Cannot catch

Describing self-centered self as self-centered by the country, it is not completely false, but it is the idea that the modern-day state philosopher has rightly said that if he can proceed with it, then the civilization can be verified in itself, then after the correctness of the statement, There he is the reason for the logical ultimate consequence of the matter Have been.

Describe the state of nature:

In Europe, if the law was found in the law and order, their rightful possession introduced the natural food of the counters. Artificial control is needed in the work, because the state minister is able to introduce the state of human nature.

If the simple word should be nude, then the truth is also recanted. The truth is that there is no doubt about it. He’s disastrous England In the situation, the social contract has adopted the concept of civilization as the foundation of which every step for boys does not oppose to the government for the right person due to the right to govern them. But there will be conditions on the other side, For the security of peace K will be powerful.

The concept of sovereignty:

He has perfected the right to fight all the rights to the city, after Micaville and developed all the ideas, but the essence of the vowel has not been approved, and the biggest contribution to the state-of-the art power is his view of the law, Natural law is not really a law He is the Almighty who is the sole power to interpret the law of the genus, he describes.

Politics to religion and morality:

Due to philosophical theories, political religion has stifled morality. In the 16th century, daring writer Mary has secular protected the state of politics and independence, but she was brave to give up the power to the state that she started from religion morality in politics.

The Ambassador, in which all chaos in the conflict were made of chaos in a religious establishment under the King of the Church, with very cleverness, his statement about the religion was lost, the King was very careful about the rise of power.

Government classification:

The discussion of the class of the government is one of the principles of his state. He has divided the government into three categories according to the state of supreme power. The state of democracy is the monarchy; it is called the uncontrolled doctrine of dictatorial archetype. It is said that the modern system and democracy are deprived of it, they are called anarchy system.

The creation of the national nation:

Having made a significant contribution to the national state, after the day of Makiyevili, the national state has taken a certain shape from Seurat, it is said that the basis of the national rule has been confirmed, the independence of the state has become very clear, it was in fact 17th century Individualism or a Chief Representative.


The attitude of human behavior towards Vision is that the Prime Minister has behaved towards the behavior of the people and has kept them thinking about their peace. Therefore, the person’s president, self-centered self-centered people, wants to enjoy every joy and sorrow, and sorrow, justice can be imagined as a tool. The social contract theory will be observed As a result, he is known as behaviorist provided untamed

People are naturally delight-some and delightful English philosopher Keisha is called the father of utilitarian, people are contracted to get rid of the intolerable environment of the natural state. It is based on information technology based on the information technology, and it is useful for the people of the people who make it a state of the first realization. Therefore, we have sent Milan as the source of utilitarianism It is called the utility’s symbol

 Limitation on the State:

No matter how much influence in the history of state China 15-16, many of his philosophies have gone into hindering the limitations of serious inconsistencies, so his views have been criticized by various well-wishers throughout his life, with the number of critics being able to save more from the natural state war situation in Barista Are people

He has thrown a century in self-determination and has gathered himself to save himself from discipline; he is pleased with the lion in the air and even called him security.

According to the state that the state has highlighted through a tool of achieving the goal, the state policy has fixed a hundred cores of cores of this, according to the sources in the society, he believes that he has become a state religion on the basis of individual consent, but he has expressed some respect for the Sanity. State through Bataan district move Intimacy freed them from the hands of an organization that has given the country.

He followed the scientific method that criticized the political problem, and later it was not confirmed that in the days when the scientific method was followed by a method of geometrical methods, it has not followed any method other than the underlying method,

it is necessary to protect itself from contradictory hand. Must be noticed in many places where in many places He went into hiding in view of the opposition urethra Rastafarianism this elaborated .

One of the main objectives of peace security is that there is no clear suspicion but his state has multiple objectives. One other allegation is that he could not distinguish between the state and the government, the state government is completely different, and he thinks that the first president of the government is in the works. The President has done and its samples.

What is the study that explains the laws of natural law, there was no need for embarrassed people; He has explained the natural law in different ways. Never say natural law is a brutal instinct; Political ideology; If he does, he can see his philosophy who has the political head of the religious and cultural ethics has to be an atheist.

Despite some inconsistencies in the state view, his philosophy is an invaluable resource in the history of political theory. First of all, scientific scientist can judge political science from the point of view of modern retreat. It is easy to write English language – the state-level palazzi is now far superior to clear and constructive obscenity.

Omnipotent plaintiffs and individualism:

Many of the ministers of the time have mentioned Haq as the highest speed. His operation will be the latest speed motion dictatorship.

Modernization of terrorists has given a written logic to the number of casualties given by the number of casualties of a person who is related to Mona Lisa, with the public having the technology to surrender their natural rights. They have acknowledged that they have their own work, that all power is their own power.

The power of the state, through the social agreement, has emerged, in which the public has performed themselves among themselves and handed over to the ruler of the United States.

The person with the power will not be liable for someone to be careful for the welfare of the person.

Describing J7 directly, it has invented the omnipotence of the government and governance system through the social agreement, the people have signed the agreement with each other, and there is no clash between the government and the government, because the government has the power to stand against the government and the government. Being responsible for them was not always responsible for the civilization Will.

The government that is talking about governance explains law enforcement legislation that rules the government will be forced to accept the country as a public law. It means that the law is a violation of the law, which is the reason that the ruler will issue it to the peace and safety of any citizen. The citizens cannot disobey the ruling of the ruler.

Astrakhan meets the explanation that he is in position while he is above the law, he can not violate the law as if he had not been able to remember the power of any law, nor can the power of the law be enacted, not by the law of the natural human,

But instead of how many times He wanted to change the power the teacher was able to think that the public activity can be divided into different departments, but the work continues, but if all power is shared then its effectiveness will be lost, the strength of his mother-in-law will certainly be of any merit.

His ruler, under the control of the ruler, has all the powers, and even explains his purpose, they are free from religion morality, and they will not be held accountable for any of these Buddhists.

By accepting the decision of majority of the majority of the majority of minorities, by accepting the majority of the minority’s people’s rights to oppose the ruling, they can not oppose the rule of the majority and if they declare the majority agreement then they will have the right to make the right of the administrator To judge the standards of justice The actions will not be done at all.

Although criticism is considered to be the highest tone, he actually analyzed the House’s recent interpretation of the case by playing a person independently and brought the person to the stage in politics, because of the motivation and active role of the state. Miraculous power cannot be said to be existing.

This proves that the hot sex came out with the man in the state of the state of disaster. Rescue the person who was related to the rights and dignity of the man of the UN, presented him with the complete control of the president’s president, with absolute unrest, the fact that he gave an analyst to the person He said to strengthen the hand of fish to influence independence and personality.

Whatever he has done, he did not aim for the welfare of the people, by arguing with the power of handing over power, he actually tried to secure the safety and happiness of any property in Radar.

He pointed out that he cannot do all the work with the greatest power of the person, cannot do any of these things, the contract of sale and the contract between them cannot be obstructed by the power of any other work. There is no mention of any subject that no person can interfere in the matter, because of which individual is called individualism.

The people did not give the right to oppose the government, but the people were given the right to oppose the ruler in the matter of preserving life. It is a matter of fact that the first people of all types of doctrine were described as a sign of the search for the people, firstly, the participation of the people’s politics has been mentioned as The formation of the state was all possible The main principle of the system was to identify him as the person’s individual candidate for this reason,

according to the people’s consent, the people have made the supreme power of the people through the agreement, the government has given the responsibility of governing the state government, the power of the people, the people of the whole house are not given such importance The title of the Caravan was the material of the people It has been called as the president today.

Philosophical haste political person in the person of the connected person in a clash late company loyalty has shown in his famous philosopher as president of personal thought is remarkable, but the truth all sorts of ideas at the heart of the people fruition tranquil provisions, and from here he Mahabharata truthful rationalism .

Evaluation of state views:

A leading philosopher of the best political as the political philosophy of the seventeenth century, the political philosophy of the first in the ranking of the early political philosophy in many ways has been criticized, but later thought in Europe, the political history of the enormous impact of modern thought explains the various community philosopher has admitted his person at all times Bad paw He came out of modern ideas and said that he spoke of the scientific reality that democracy.

Later on, Newton discovered that the basis of the theory of the dynamics of the leader, he will remove the limitations of the family economic government to the human nature of the natural constitution, but it is possible to make the biggest Eid day in establishing dignity He is from that direction Edna greatest

The state-based person who has created an analysis of the analysis did not think that this endless evaluation was very easy because we were not long before the end of the medieval period, but the state-of-the-art ideology could not be fully liberated since independence continued for a long time.

The following has been, if not political is a distinct honor to have another scientific survival would be early showed religious prejudices, and politics were removed from the system simple English in Calcutta political politics Eniwetok reason to rely not historical another major and Nadia Hague reasonable a priority Gave it Thought has brought a revolution in the world.

Finally, it can be said that all the information about the soldier is qualitative and acceptable, which has many similarities and problems with the present age, so from this we can apply our education to our country and accept the acceptable ones which cannot be avoided. This is a very important issue.

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