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Thomas Hobbes quotes:

In the advancement of state science, those philosophical ideas have reached the edge of modern times, reaching the edge of the modern world. One of your philosophical countries has been important in the history of state history, but it has made it clear that the reason why the judiciary is in short mindedness in the United States. I he thought Britain’s most basic concept is purely political point of view.

Hobbes Biography:

Thomas Hobbes was born in 1588. He had deep knowledge of the Bible Sea, but he was no longer interested in religion. At first he received a small town education. He took education in Oxford and later he took the job as successor to the naming buddy, took the job of the successor Chaldea Zia His intimate life is close to his life important Close family connections to the elite of England, he was year political priority has been the opportunity to be very close.

In addition to this, he got an opportunity to grasp the English writers of France, in these tours, he established a distinguished relationship by determining the way of thinking; He reads the literary philosophy books in this language and he used to make it suitable for political philosophy.

He used to make Hafiz’s Ramon this time, the introduction of new developments in philosophy and science But he returned home after seeing the birthplace of the household, Hub started writing with excitement in the new thought.

Later, he was attracted to political philosophy and needed to apply the new questioning method to solve the Nazi crisis. At that time, he had directly opposed the power of power between the President and the Parliament of Parliament, but he fled abroad for fear of the attacks of parliament and he was exiled for 11 years.

During this time, I lived He wrote two books, the only reason for his celebration was that he was closely related to the royal family; his opposition to the parliament in his writings was obvious since then, he would declare loyal to the government of the new republic and permanently reside in England.

Hobbes writing:

Philosopher, Thee writings began largely in England and the south of the modern situation and judgment in their power struggles between closely to reflect the politics of the thinking pattern of postmodernist writing civil war prelude exists collaborators established the transfer of all his personal interests towards all, he firmly believe The street was the biggest and Shiny.

He wrote more than one study of the state, against the state, the fraudulent back work has been done to solve the problem quickly with the help of the 93 scientific and scientific understanding of the problem. He said this in Hafiz’s reference to the different groups of people of the poem in 2009. He is His Politician many of the other texts have been distorted among them,

How far is the strong governance of England in which he said that due to the publication of the people of the society, this author is called the dictatorship, especially after the criticism of the parliament, how it is not grammar of the body and it is not appropriate for them to write English language about the general theory of politics.

Background of state:

The situation of England’s capital was not very satisfactory when there was a very chaotic environment in England’s politics, so many times in the country, sometimes in the country, in the country to come to the floor of the boys, every day, the full security of the sixth year was commemorated in the middle of the political situation,

There was some criticism in detail about the contemporary political situation. Some important events happen Referring to the situation at that time, we can say that on the basis of the topics mentioned above, we can say that because of the extreme political status of the right wing, there is an attempt to make all the efforts to establish local government system in favor of this king, Feeling the need for strong temporary freedom.

Why does not any government have the power to prove the validity of his extreme rights and he is pleased with the way he hates England and declares that the Christian nation is under the President and refuses to accept the decision, questions the country’s exiled political science, if he believes it is true Because of their election they have expelled them Strong discipline and permanent arrangement were needed to directly support their political stability.

Scientific materialism:

The only person to visit Dhaka in modern political science, who wanted to establish political science on scientific theory, is not only political science, but on the basis of all his philosophical thought, scientific theory depicts the civilization of philosophy, he deserves the disappointment of the hero of the Noemi story, rather he is completely dependent on his contemporary science.

The excellence of the world is like its natural social phenomena; its main work is that of scientific materialism because it is divided into three sections of the first of the three countries in the first place, the earth has a planetary satellite, etc. Every day, mathematical instruments, etc. In the third place, Ideas about me.

However, the mathematical geometry occupies a significant place in the scientific method of representing the state. In fact, the mystery of the laziness that he heard is that the scientific severity has come to the mind that the method can be applied in the entire scientific field, making science and society in the history and solving the problem possible. Not the help of the scientists logically advancing the whole process It is necessary for society to adopt this rule.

In fact, all of the interesting things of mathematics have been considered that he is akin to knowledge and science. He is particularly influenced by geometry, because he should use this method in all the sciences, the post on this political economy is more likely to be found.

One thing that exists in the world is that it consists of small minorities; he also said that the competition among the people is not destabilization, in which the artist is determined geometry of the country and the country. In the context of democracy, later he discussed more about right through Newton democracy; even among the people do not differentiate the difference.

In all cases, we see such a scheduled election, it is a memorable event used to determine the self-awareness of the people that he has predicted about them.

As an operator flows in control, the human society has been influenced by the behavior of the unique people, making a great difference between the behavior of the human beings, impersonate emotional attachment among people; people are excluded from the universality of joy, except for the mentality of the people. Called materialist, he walks on his way neither is realistic because first of all he believes that the science of humanism has been analyzed in the social sciences of humanity.

Concept of human natural:

Thinking in Natural Analysis An important aspect of its being is to identify the emergence of the natural environment of bourgeois society and civilization in the emerging society, and the vision of society and civilization, essentially the hope and desire of the people, as a satisfied selfish person, will be presented as a hope that people’s expectations will be very disappointing. Discussion about the idea He did not say when he went on to analyze the nature of India.

One of the greatest elements of human being is to identify the object and humanity of the human body. 2001’s tactics. What kind of man’s behavior will be in such a situation, then how much will be among the members of the conjugation that is a special additional head of the whole nuclear deal By working with reasoning, they think about the correctness of behavior like the following: May be

The nature, along with how many people behave in a number of ways, but the unreasonable voice acknowledges that the people of the age should be called for their demand, and the error of this accounting can be just two types, so there is some uncertainty in reasoning.

Desire effect:

He described the details very nicely. All the efforts of the people are to take away all the emotions and feelings of the people. The desire to be motivated by Mozzarella is the situation of the present situation. When there is a desire for something and the presence of human beings in any way, women in their country would have been equally hated about such things.

The man’s place is the mother to those things It can be done for the feelings of some people who feel attracted to the attraction of the womb; they will be happy if their desires are fulfilled in their religion, otherwise the animal is good for the people and the thing which is respected for human beings, the poem is different from the attitude of the evil person, the imitation and the welfare.

The main focus of desire is power:

Human nature has a few other features, though people are driven by desire but because of their desire only to increase, the main objective of the killings is to make the future of the country in the interest of power. In some words, people who are drug addicted to sometime do not target Khan, but their aim is to sit.

People want to protect themselves in any environment 262 collectors It is not desirable for any human beings, it is the mental distortion that works behind all the behavior of human beings, and therefore, on the basis of people’s struggle for election, for the sake of another self-defense, fighting for self defense is equally powerful How are the struggles involved in the death of eternal truth? In order to lead a normal life of a human being.

Cannot gain power:

There is no difference of difference between 12 percent and 20 percent of all people who are equally equal to the problem. This does not mean that people with physical and mental powers are equal in the sense that somebody is physically low, but they think they are more Some are notable among the people who investigate the overall mental health of the daily weak power of the Fatima book.

Popular and engaged in clashes:

Since everybody is equal in power, so everyone wants to get the same thing, not being able to acknowledge the attributes of one’s own self or another, etc. The attitudes of conflict from the attitude which ultimately leads to conflict, the establishment of the rule of anarchy society is unified. There are three reasons for dispute: self-reliance Aloha is one of the reasons why Bahia is involved with all of the people of the conflict, because of their conflict of interest.

 Peace and security people:

Because of its initial feeling, people think that depending on their self-reliance and security depends on the invasion of another, the fear of fear and doubt is the most needed to maintain peace and security of the society, but when it is later tested in its logos, it is distributed. It is not such a conflict, but in mutual cooperation and sympathy the establishment of security can be achieved.


The comments that Hobbes gave about the human nature are described below as detailed below It is believed that it would be beneficial for the people to accept the superiority of the human being because of the immateriality of human beings, because of the difference between the other religions and the organism,

the person’s knowledge of the intellectual property of the rich man has stopped the way for the development of the rich. Attractive attraction to the things that are unknowable If the hatchets hate hatred and dislike people, people are always guided by longing, people have been banned by the people.

From discussion and critiques, we can understand that Ghost’s idea about human nature is to reveal the unmistakable mood of human nature. He is not able to make a realistic analysis of humans like Hobbs and perfect psychological analysis.

The analysis of the words about human nature should be done to the present society. Reveal the attitude of humanity because it is always the civilized man has the ability to compete, as well as cattle competition contest success of the mutual spite and malice, etc.

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