Type of Ethical Theories | A Framework for Making Ethical Decisions

Type of Ethical Theories:

There are many rules and customs that control the behavior of man’s external and psychic behavior, which is morality, controlled by morality, Type of ethical theories social conscience and values, when away from morality, he becomes the worst living creature, through the moral of Aristotle, people are right-wrong,

evil-indecision The works of the whole world are sovereign and indeed the people in control These ethical values of every human being are inherently developed and developed in the minds of human beings from virtue of time since the times of morality in humans, those qualities are truthful to obey the elders who are helpless to help the helpless stolen from corruption, the supporter awakens from the moral sense of the people, The difference is both

There was no difference in mortality from the very intense and primitive of the world. The intimate relationships between morality cannot be denied such as the law of law and religion, and by the morality and morality of the people of the world, Helps and people’s goals and goals are good Morality is not dependent on one another

In this world, the anti-moral activities are anti-moral and anti-morality. Society cannot live in peace in a society that does not have morality. It is necessary to create happiness for a society.

Women’s education cannot be evaluated without the law of morality, as the laws of the state cannot be evaluated, without human development; it is not possible to do something good in society if society needs morality

If there is a morality among the state or if there is a close relationship, the superiority of life in society is attained. If the morality of the society is not high, the law of the country cannot be improved.

Morality is the quality of the people of the country, the ethical and the lowly dependent country, the help of the people of the country, morality, and morality. Future and relationships exist It is expected that the morality of human life caused by Ankara is clearly noticeable enough difference

The difference between the approval of ethics in political science and the difference between the existing government and ethnicity is established on the basis of public support. People do not accept the creation of anarchism in the world.

People do not want it to be morally needed to avoid human society, especially in religious affairs; people create many problems and then solve them.

Morality is absolutely necessary without ethics No one can bring a beautiful environment in the world. In every society, if the criminal is to be punished then the person in the midst of despair will have to accept the criminal.

Then morality will be manifested in the society, the demand for the establishment of justice and justice in the society, as always, prevents injustice and establishes justice, and is determined to establish morality. Will be

Differences between moralities among human beings are noticed because mankind should – the difference between the standards of impropriety, the morality of the morality as well as the standards, and norms govern the human behavior, because the state has designed most of the morals in terms of the criteria, keeping in view the advantages and inconveniences.

Differences from reality can be seen in the human race. The good aspects of human beings are in the same form, and sometimes it is seen that morality is a manifestation of man’s conscience and self-consciousness.

which is why it is said to be the true face of the political science, and the dream of every human being to fulfill the dream of mankind. Please follow a rule-rule for that.

Moral information:

There is a central utility matter in moral information Moral information is an intermediate subject that aims to make decisions based on engagement with everyone, and to solve various issues, it is necessary to evaluate the results of each action.

It is a part of the utility matter, based on the benefit of the practical work within this center on the results of each action. The decision to take any kind of action is taken A harmony of things.

Demonology information:

Demonology this information depends on your actions, believe that life should be done according to the favorable attitude of obedience. You have responsibilities and responsibilities. Everyone believes that responsibility is to be taken in the responsibility.

We can say that if any organization and place is in place of the responsibility of the place If we commit a crime, then we call it in the theory of reason because This information has the right to do this is in fact guilty.

Fulfilling a theory that moral qualities, other information from a complete moral state, is the objective of making the law of fame famous for the fact that it is a concept of full theory, although this information is preserved by achieving a fulfillment.

Waiting theory:

Waiting for a policy that will build your foundation on the basis of your moral obligation to live. For example, we can say that the morality of the society.

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