Types of Coordination | Types,Techniques and Principles of Coordination

Principle of Co-ordination:

The task of any large device will be shown that each part of the machine is doing exactly what is in line with the other parts. With one part of the machine, no other. This dependency of a part and the  keeps the whole machine running and its As a result, it is possible to produce something. But suddenly, some parts of the instrument showed . Or if the parts of the device become disturbed, the whole machine will be fluttering or the whole machine.

Fall off As soon as the production is stopping. This is from the experience of the machine. Clearly, the collective effort is essential to accomplish something smoothly.

So, coordination or syndrome is a special form of joint effort. Negotiations in the administrative organization are meaning. Work on the opposite purpose of the conflict between the organization and specifications from the administration. Extinction It is in many layers working in the organization. Assistance and Team Work Specialty.

Organizations without coordination can not be considered. If there is a lack of coordination any purpose. It is bound to become stale. For this reason, Professor Mani has considered the Coordination as the first principles of the organization and made other policies as subordinate to this policy.

Internal intentions of an organization are expressed through sympathy. The internal purpose of this Being able to work efficiently with coordination. In coordination staff work Helps To achieve unity, fellowship and general goals of the organization through gaining Yamagata.

When two people combine their efforts to achieve a purpose, adjustment is only possible. The principles emerge. If the first person completes the work independently from the second person, then he will.

The necessity of coordination:

Coordination is very important in the modern administration system. The size of the administrative organization The importance of coordination is increasing with the addition of coordination. Coordination is not itself a goal, but it is only one of the ways to achieve goals.

When the members of a large auditorium or organization are themselves When given permission to work according to the idea, different opinions arise naturally. This leads to the inevitability of the conflict. That is why there is a need for coordination with strong leadership.

Due to conflict and administrative work in the administration and according to the responsibility, 9 different types of jobs are employed. There is no hope of achieving solidarity between these types of work.

Companion competitiveness is largely dependent on the provision of unity between different types of tasks. Otherwise, there would be chaos in the organization. Therefore, integrity is essential in the activities of energy organizations. Bend in the case of discrimination and the same type of work.

The balance and the different employees employed in the same type of work are not the same; Someone is well educated and personalized, someone is weak and faint; Some people today uprooted. One can understand one thing easily, someone can understand later.

Communication protects the work by bringing the balance between inequality. The performance of the organization’s performance is so much stronger than non-indigenous personal achievement, in such a way as to facilitate the public and administrative efforts in the administrative organization.

That’s what the organization gets from being harmed, it is more than just a result of the personal success of all the employees. Coordination makes it possible to accomplish overall tasks rather than consolidation of staff parts.

Waste reduction and coordination agencies waste time and money, and expedite the work of the organization. The keys of other functions and plans, control, promotion, organization of the administrative organization.

The key to the work This plan is fair, the organization is strong and strengthens the control and gives way to implementing the objective. An essential component of the neurological organization.

Coordination Policy:

To satisfy the coordination, many need to follow the principles of the policy. The administrators of these policies Regular adjusting is to be adjusted in coordination. To strengthen the organization and to make the operation difficult, the administrator will be able to handle the problem. Need .. The procedure should be followed. That is to adopt the way of coordination from the time of planning

In view of the situation, the administrators are ready to change their policies and decisions. In that case the administrator does not run rigid. Because the emergence of a new situation in the company may require new decisions. Daily works include ..

Coordination is not a temporary process, it is an endless process. Organizations in the organization Many obstacles in the work are done away with. The solution can only solve the many misunderstandings found in the organization through witnessing.

Differences are observed from the field of skill, performance and skill, and they achieve more efficiency through the simulation. 4 persons can not stand in two different places at the same time, and the scope of the height is so extensive that a person is knowledgeable in his lifetime and that too.

You can get more clear idea about the ridge area. Take a look. Where there is a total of five employees and each of them is employed in a circle. In this case, every employee will first cut his metal, wear a wheel, apply tires and tubes, sit on a bicycle, break it and

But this work is again more easily and fewer in a different way. It can be done. And that is to divide the work in such a five-staff, so that a group of metal will be cut, the other group will only create frames, another team wheel. MET MULTIPLAYER

The other team will arrange the brakes, seats and the other one and the tire-tube = just put them in the box. If you adopt this final procedure, you will get two main benefits. S Firstly, ensure the skills and functional specialization of the staff and the normal jock or tendency. Secondly, this time and the waste of money will be used.

In this way, by any large organization of action departments and action specialization policy. Managed But it is not only work department. Appropriate loyalty is also possible to coordinate the divided tasks.

For the organization, the department of action is such as necessary and coordination is also indispensable. Because it is impossible to bring unity between various departments and different types of work without association. And the unity for any fair administrative organization is absolutely lax.

If it is indispensable, the combination of time constrained due to the lack of fair coordination policy. Will be wasted Besides, employees will oppose each other, they will fight each other and the necessary action will not be completed in due time. Therefore, the greater the separation of action the more chaos will arise and the importance of coordination will increase in that amount.

Connection ways:

It is necessary to coordinate the administrative organization. But achieving the adjustment is not the case. Generally, coordination can be done in two different ways,

Formal Ways:

Among the ways and means of coordinating the organization, the following are specifically mentioned in the following:

  1. One way to coordinate plans in planning and administrative organizations. Through proper planning, organization’s program, employee niyeg and governed by the administration) improved the administration system. The individual needs to achieve the desired goals and goals after the organization within the given time frame of the plan.
  2. Strong and strong organization and strong organization. A clear medium of coordination in the administrative organization. Senior officials in the strong administrative organization. Coordination can be achieved by giving authority and command to subordinate officers from near. Subordinate employees must comply with the orders of senior officials. Professor L.D. So that the work is distributed in a good way, so that the action can be doubled or Where there is no overlapping and where right authority is conferred, there is a need for coordination. 31. It is to be noted that coordination of actions and coordination of individuals in both organizations occurs. But individual coordination is always done before the coordination of action.
  3. Specially assist in coordinating organizational or institutional techniques and organizational or institutional techniques. In the organizational or institutional mechanisms of the convention, before the administrative work, the conference was simple enough. They were very less in terms of quality and numbers. As a result, most of the functions are the chief executive. The executor would perform. But most of the work is currently sent to concerned ministries by the respective divisional heads. First, the Ministers discussed mutual discussions among themselves. The task is to send them to their secretaries and finally, in the cabinet, complete all administrative tasks. Thus, the president or prime minister, the cabinet, the cabinet secretariat. There is a lot of help in coordinating the administration.

Organization policies:

Coordination can be achieved by the formation of regional councils in regional zones and regional zones of the country. This regional council was formed in coordination with representatives of different regional structures. Its main purpose is to coordinate the related regional on-the-counter activities. Among the administrative functions

One of the key ways to be coordinated is to concentrate the home maintenance work on a particular organization. Fifteen and Press

The administration generally includes equipment supply, warehousing, cleaning and maintenance of buildings, printing and transcription, sanitary control, central postal service, transport and food and telephone service to housekeeping problems.

According to the US First Horoscope Commission, according to the recommendation of the first US Hoover Commission, in 1949 General sa The office was established bhisesa Administration. The auditor general’s duty to audit the public accounts of government officials and employees Vested.

It is possible to coordinate easily through counseling agencies and counseling agencies. The staff agency always provides a good coordination among the employees of the organization by providing important advice to the chief executive.

Impact on the original purpose:

Coordination can be done by influencing its core motives inside the organization. The main objective can only be effective when the organization’s employees will be bound by mutual bonding of voluntary cooperation.

Coordination can not be possible if employees are only trying to fulfill their interests. Therefore, administrators should motivate employees to believe that they do not abandon the organization’s original purpose and avoid narrow outlook.

Different committees:

Different committees made an important contribution in coordinating the activities of the administrative organization. In the chairmanship of the Chief Executive, the meeting of senior administrative officials, meetings of subordinate administrative officers and coordination of the inter-departmental committees. Recognized as the means of achieving. In addition, some special co-ordinators can also be kept in this activity.

Simple and easy law enforcement is essential for the introduction of simple law and proper coordination. Laws and regulations to employees It should be easily accessible.

Informal ways:

In the administration time, in addition to formal methods or procedures, in some non-formal way of coordinating, informal methods or methods are effective in coordinating the administrative organization.

personal win between employees. Family and Neighborhood Relations, etc. also play an important role in coordination, besides interacting and interacting among workers in playground, club, restaurant, community meeting, library or library etc. At the Meeting and meeting discussions play a significant role in coordination.

Combination problems:

In recent times, the administration process is expanding very fast. A new administrative organization is being formed in terms of situation and perspective.

There is also a large number of employees going out of direct control power directly under an administrator. It is not possible to control its employees properly and fairly. As a result, 9 accomplishments of them are not done properly. Held the power of senior officials to the subordinates. If there is any reluctance, there are many obstacles or problems in coordination.

  1. Uncertainty about the future behavior of people and individuals.
  2. Conflicting and confusing ideas about the leader’s knowledge, experience, wisdom and characteristic determination and their purpose. |
  3. Human incidence of human imperfection and the lack of knowledge.
  4. The systematic approach to formulating new ideas and programs, adoption and better development. The lack.
  5. Size and complexity of administration and organization;
  6. Personality and political elements.
  7. Lack of knowledge and wisdom of the leader about the law and the lack of knowledge.
  8. Extensive broadening of the law administration at the international level.

So it seems that some of the problems arising in the coordination area are that they greatly limit the coordination work. All the problems mentioned below are:

  1. Limit the size and organization of the organization’s volume and size coordination. The problems of small organizations are not so complicated. The power of authority is relatively easy, and the main purpose of the organization becomes the foundation of authority and authority of every employee and becomes very difficult.

Time constitutes a great barrier between time and practice and coordination of the organization. It is commonly said that, by its habit, people are gradually being gradually developed, gradually gradually develops, their employees can be motivated, and problems can be solved if they occur. The coordination of the control range and control is limited to the radius. In short, the meaning of the control circumference is that man’s ability to work is incomprehensible

There are limitations of power. A caretaker employee can not count on countless people. Impossible. Carefully manage only a large number of people. The nature of the control is different from the nature of the organization and the size of the organization.

The organization’s work is almost the same and related to each other, there is a childish person who is able to supervise or control a large number of people; But where is it? There is a different kind of work and no caretaker there is a caretaker. It is not possible to control the work of some employees.

Nature of informal organization:

Reconstruction is again limited by the nature and nature of the informal organization. The organizational organization in which the organization usually operates in conjunction with the formal organization.

Coordination work is fast accelerated there. On the contrary, where non-formal organization crosses the formal organization, coordination is interrupted. In this way, the problem of coordination and non-performance depends largely on the nature and nature of the informal organization.

According to the plan and order order in the organization, all the tasks are being properly edited and managed. Control whether or not to see what happens. If a working condition is present, you can properly control its division or unit.

Planned to ensure the program, policies and procedures:

Based on a proper organizational system or the presence of kathamas and internal relations. Established. Availability of a large number of employees, money and other facilities; 4. Explicit instructions about performance.

Various aspects of control:

Regarding authority as the authority and often it is said that there is no control over the department or the office. In this case, the position of authority is meant. Authority and | There is a general relation between. The decision of the decision to act is to work


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